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Chapter 111 Renzhuang little girl

In the hospital.

Chen Ruolan keeps staring at her mobile phone.

the mobile phone is the chat interface between her and Lu Ning.

Unfortunately, the message she sent was like a stone in the sea, and no response was received.

'I don't deserve you, you should have better.'

Chen Ruolan opened her photo album and looked at the photos of herself and Lu Ning in the photo album. Her eyes were filled with tears.

she has scars on her face. Now she sells several houses in her family for the sake of her mother's treatment. In the future, she will only become poorer and poorer.

she has nothing to give Lu Ning.

when I saw Lin Meiqi that day, a voice kept telling her that the woman and Lu Ning were made for each other.

you are not worthy of Lu Ning.

to truly love a person is to let him go to a better place.

her tears kept dripping.

then she sent a message to Lin Meiqi.

'I have broken up with him.'

after sending, she couldn't help but run outside and cry.

on the other side.

Lin Meiqi, lying in bed, received the message from Chen Ruolan.

she got up from bed at once.

she looked at the news, her breath was short, her face was uncontrollable, and she slowly smiled.

she opened wechat to add, looked at Lu Ning's head, and was about to click Add.

but suddenly, she stopped.

'no, no, if he loves me, he will come to me.'

she reluctantly added, put her mobile phone aside, and didn't look at Lu Ning's portrait.

but after a while, she took the phone again.

'take the initiative. There must be many women around him. If I don't take the initiative, what if he becomes a man of other women?'

she wants to press her finger on it again.

'no, No.'

'if he has me in his heart, he will naturally come to me. If he does not have me in his heart, it is useless for me to find him again.'

Lin Meiqi threw her mobile phone aside again.

but after thinking for a while, he picked up the phone again.

in this way, I kept repeating and hesitating.

this night, Lin Meiqi tossed and turned again, unable to sleep.

but in the end, the slightest pride in her heart still didn't let her add Lu Ning's wechat.



unknown space-time.

in the county, a village specializing in human trafficking.

the war is in chaos. Many people can't afford to eat. They can only sell themselves or their children to be slaves and maids. This Zhuangzi is the one who sells live animals.

this kind of Zhuangzi is called Renzhuang by the local people because it is hung with straw rope at the door.

those who are sold have no dignity to speak of, and their low status is frightening.

beat and scold at will, disobey and suffer torture.

sometimes I can't eat a meal a day.

sometimes, it will disappear suddenly at night.

in the room.

a toothbrush in red and green drags a little girl to the ground.

she has a horse face and a black mole on the right corner of her mouth. Her face is acerbic.

she took off the silver hairpin on her head and forcefully inserted it into the little girl: 'it makes you disobedient!' 'I have to treat you!' he said fiercely

in a short time, a shrill scream came out of the room.

the toothed woman came out with a proud face.

in the room.

the little girl curled up on the ground, her hair scattered, her body trembling.

'I spend money to buy you, feed you and live you. Who dares to escape for me! Who dares to escape? Tomorrow, I will buy the old lady into the human meat market!'

the toothed woman yelled at a dozen boys and girls outside.

everyone dared not look at her.

the next day.

some people will enter the villa to buy people.

'master, choose me. I eat less. I eat one meal a day. It only takes half a Wotou.'

this is a little girl with yellow complexion and thin skin.

'master, choose me. I can work. I can do anything with strength.'

this is an equally thin little boy.

more than a dozen male and female dolls waiting to be sold compete to recommend themselves, hoping that others will buy them.

only the little girl who was beaten yesterday lowered her head and did not speak. She was unkempt and could not see her face clearly.

a few moments later, several masters came in, with their servants.

the toothbrush gave warm reception.

for a while, Renzhuang became lively.

the little girl, who had not moved, suddenly took the opportunity to escape.

originally, there was a rope tied under their feet. I don't know when the little girl's rope was cut.

she ran to the gate of Zhuangzi. Two men who were responsible for guarding the gate were rushed out by the little girl before she noticed.

'ouch, the stinky girl ran away again!'

'don't chase me!'

'if I catch her this time, I'll sell her to the human meat market!'

the toothed woman chased to the door of the house and shouted at the little girl who slowly disappeared at the corner.

'what do you think of useless things just now?'

the toothbrush scolds the man who guards.

the man didn't dare to reply and bowed to the toothbrush.

at this time, another man has chased the little girl and disappeared around the corner.

at the other end of the corner.

the little girl's mission is to run, and from time to time she looks back at the man chasing her.

the man was soon out of breath.

they are like wolves catching rabbits.

the wolf did his best.

but the rabbit is running with life.

the little girl knew that if she was caught again this time, she would be dead.

more than an hour has passed.

the two gradually left the county, and the more they ran, the more desolate they became.

finally, when the little girl looked behind her, the man had disappeared.

but she did not stop and continued to run.

ran for more than two hours before she slowly stopped.

at this time, she was tired, hungry and thirsty.

especially thirsty.

the little girl felt her throat smoking, and her lips were dry and peeling.

at this time, she passed a village. Looking from a distance, there was someone fetching water.

several men gathered near a well.

some villagers would go to the well for a drink after they went there.

but the water is not allowed to be taken away. I can only drink it with a ladle.

the villagers who drank the water hurried away.

the little girl swallowed her saliva and walked slowly to the well.

she also plans to queue up for water.

her arrival attracted the attention of the villagers and the men standing by the well.

several men sat on the stone beside the wellhead and looked at her from time to time.

there were seven or eight villagers in the queue, but most of them were old people or skinny men. She was the only one with a child's body.

under the eyes of those people, the little girl felt strong uneasiness.

she looked at the well reluctantly, and then turned away resolutely.

there are five men sitting at the wellhead. At this time, one of them gives a look to the other two men.

glanced at the direction the little girl left.

two men understand, get up and chase the little girl in the direction of leaving.

the little girl who had always been vigilant soon found two men close behind her.

she did not hesitate and started running again.


the two men knew that they were exposed, and they did not hide it. They tried hard to catch up with the little girl.

however, the little girl is running hard and faster.

the three soon left their village.

the sun sets in the west, and the night begins to fall slowly.

the two men gave up after all.

they glanced at the little girl who had fled to other villages, cursed a few words, and then returned the same way.

now they dare not go to other villages at will, otherwise they will not know how to die.

the little girl did not know how long she had run.

because it was night, she couldn't see whether she was chasing people behind her.

she kept running, kept running.

even at night, she still runs.

passing by some houses, she was even more afraid to stop.

she ran up the mountain, to the desolate place, to the place where nobody was.

the next day, when the sun comes out.

the little girl fell on the ground.

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