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Chapter 126 Research breakthrough exposure

The sun is shining brightly.

on the balcony of Lu Ning's house.

'why does it listen to you so much? It won't let me touch it.'

Chen Ruolan wants to get close to the golden carving, but the golden carving is very proud and charming. As soon as she gets close to the golden carving, she walks away.

and the gold statue is just like a human spirit. Wherever Lu Ning goes, she will follow her wherever she goes. It is even more sticky than her girlfriend.

'it's more related to me.'

Lu Ning touched the head of the golden carving.

like a kitten, the golden carving rubbed Lu Ning's hand with its small head, which was lively.

'Lu Ning, can you let me touch it too?'


'Xiaojin, this is your hostess. You should also listen to her. Go and let her touch you.'

Lu Ning waved at the golden carving.

Xiaojin is naturally the name given by Lu Ning to the gold carving.

Jin Diao shouted a few times discontentedly, but he still listened to Lu Ning's words and walked to Chen Ruolan with his paws.

'it really understands what you say. It's amazing.'

Chen Ruolan looked at the golden carving that came to her and said in surprise.

it was the first time she saw such a obedient golden sculpture.

'don't bite me.'

Chen Ruolan slowly reaches over and touches the body of the golden carving.

touch my little head and touch my wings.

the Golden Eagle held his head high and did not squint at her. He looked down on her.

'ah, the feathers are so shiny and dignified.'

Chen Ruolan praised Xiaojin while touching her feathers.

this is the first time she has been so close to this kind of Raptor.


in April 2024, Lu Ning once again copied a top American scientist.

that is, this month, his nano research made a breakthrough.

Lu Ning created a nano immune insect based on Dr. hameson's nanotechnology.

as the name implies, this is a kind of nano robot used for treatment.

this nano robot is injected by a needle tube and enters the human body to act as the human immune system.

when it finds that there are bacteria or viruses invading, it will send an alarm at the first time, and then call more nano immune insects to come and destroy them.

these nano immune insects will break the atomic structure on the viral molecular layer, making the virus unable to replicate, thus inhibiting the development of the disease, and then gradually eliminating the virus.

it is now possible to remove bacteria and toxins from the blood.

the next research direction is to conquer cancer and repair the damage caused by daily exercise.

'test as soon as possible and put it into use.'

Lu Ning said to Professor He Wu and Professor Dong Sixuan.

this laboratory is set up for Lu Ning alone. He usually only communicates with two people.

'is it published in your name?'

'no, in your name.'

it is naturally impossible for Lu Ning to stand in front of Taiwan.

'how can this work!'

Professor He Wu looked surprised.

this nanotechnology was created by Lu Ning alone. How can it be written in their names.

'yes, when it is put into use, the income will also enter my account and Professor He Wu's account.'

Dong Sixuan shook his head.

this means that Lu Ning works for them.

finally achieved results, but they were intercepted by the two people, and all future income will go into their pockets.

this made her feel a little ashamed.

'in my capacity as a sponsor, you can give me some shares. This share does not need to be too much. As for the future income of this technology, you can also put them into the research of the laboratory as much as possible.'


Professor He Wu and Professor Dong Sixuan, you look at me and I look at you. I don't know how to answer.

they didn't expect Lu Ning to hand over such important matters to them.

however, after discussion, the two finally did what Lu Ning said.

three days later.

a paper on nano immune insects was published in science and technology journals and news in various countries.

domestic shock, even other countries are surprised by China.

although this invention is not as influential as the previous starch synthesis, it is also a small milestone.

as inventions, Professor He Wu and Professor Dong Sixuan enjoyed great fame.

the nano immune worm began to enter the testing and experimental stage.

the main function of nano immune insect is that it can act as the immune function of human body.

restart autoimmunity.

let some people with low immunity say goodbye to many diseases.

people with low immunity are most likely to suffer from viral infections, such as frequent colds, warts, herpes zoster, bacterial infections (boils, folliculitis, oral ulcers), and fungal infections (tinea pedis, i.e., beriberi, which causes systemic fungal infections).

and from a macro perspective, people with low immunity are more likely to cause tumors (if the immune system fails to clear tumor cells in time, such as the collapse of the immune system caused by AIDS, patients may die of tumors).

is also more prone to aging (aging cells cannot be removed in time).

for example, the most common small cold is a cold caused by virus invasion at first, but when your immune system fails to act, you will continue to be infected by bacteria and develop pneumonia, and even endanger your life in serious cases.

this nano immune insect is equivalent to a new revolution for all human beings.

the revolution to improve the resistance to the outside world, which in disguise has extended the life span of mankind.

'conservatively estimated, it will extend the life span of human beings by at least 20 years.'

this is a report on nano immune insects by an authoritative scientific magazine.

half a month later, after the end of the trial phase, this nano immune worm was put into use in major hospitals in China.

however, the only drawback is that nano immunity insects are extremely expensive. A tube of nano immunity insects costs 300000 yuan, and it is temporarily impossible to popularize them.

is still not affordable for ordinary people.

and nanoworms can only stay in the body for a few days. After that, they will die with the cleaning of bacteria and will be discharged from the body due to the circulation of the human body.

if you want to completely improve the immune capacity of the human body and completely kill all bacteria, you need at least three to four injections of immune nanoworms.

Lu Ning read the report sent by Professor He Wu.

even if it is so expensive, there are still many people flocking to nano immune insects.

and its main population is the rich in various countries.

'sure enough, the top resources will be occupied by the rich.' Lu Ning sighed with emotion.

the current production can not keep up with the demand.

in a short time, the orders received reached 200 million.

give money first and then goods. Many people are waiting in line.

although Lu Ning emphasized that he should be given less shares, Professor He Wu and Dong Sixuan still gave him 50% of the shares after discussion.

they dare not be greedy.

the Huaxia Xiehe company, which was originally named by them, accounted for less than 10% of the shares.

as for the remaining 40%, they only took 5% each, and the remaining 30% will be used for future research and development in the laboratory.

remove production input.

after tax deduction, Lu Ning received a transfer of 8 million yuan at the end of the month.

instantly changed from a poor man to a small rich man.

'finally began to step into the normal.'

Lu Ning dared to be so willing, naturally because he was more comfortable with the two people, and also because the research direction of this laboratory will be dominated by him in the future.

in his mind, he is more prepared to promote the development of science and technology in China.

next, in addition to his previous research, he plans to enter the aviation field.

energy, biology, computer and aviation.

these are all within the scope of his consideration.

he always remembers his goal.


when Lu Ning was still at home, several policemen came to the door.

were five plainclothes policemen. As soon as they opened the door, they showed Lu Ning their police cards.

'Hello, are you Mr. Lu Ning?'

'yes, it's me. May I help you?'

'yes, we are from the investigation section of the Provincial Public Security Bureau. We have recently found that there is a big change in your account. Through our investigation of your information, we have come here to learn about the situation.'

'please come inside.'

Lu Ning invited several people in and poured tea for them.

'if you have anything to ask, just ask.'

Lu Ning didn't do anything wrong. He was upright in heart and naturally fearless.

'we found that you only have a high school education, but under your name, you are the major shareholder of two domestic companies, and the amount of property evaluation has reached hundreds of millions. Can you tell us what is going on?'

the captain with a flower on his shoulder asked Lu Ning.

'although I only have a high school education, I always prefer to learn by myself'

next, the sheriff asked and Lu Ning replied that the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

half an hour later.

'thank you for your cooperation. We also have a routine check.' The Captain stood up and shook hands with Lu Ning.

in fact, before they came here, they had investigated Lu Ning in detail and found that Lu Ning had contacts not only with several domestic scientists, but also with several foreign scientists.

his identity is not much.

however, they are worried that Lu Ning is a spy sent from abroad.

in particular, Lu Ning, an ordinary person who graduated from a small high school, has suddenly risen to become a shareholder or a major shareholder of two top enterprises. This is really suspicious.

although knowing that it may offend Lu Ning, for the sake of national security, we still need to come here for routine inspection.

'the two companies in which you participate are making contributions to our country, which we all see.'

seems to be worried about Lu Ning's wishful thinking. The captain also explained.

'maybe we will investigate you later. If you have any questions in the future, you can call me.'

the captain and Lu Ning added a phone call, and Lu Ning also knew that the captain was named Hu yongxue, or captain Hu for short.

watching captain Hu leave with the police officer, Lu Ning closes the door and exhales.

is worthy of being a policeman in China.

work efficiency is high.

still did not escape the fate of inviting tea.

fortunately, Lu Ning is a good citizen who abides by the law and discipline, and his mind is also focused on national development and construction. Otherwise, he might have been caught for slicing and research.

'it's all right now. If you get into the eyes of the state, you don't have to worry too much about being sneaky in the future.' Lu Ning smiled at the corner of his mouth.

he has an open mind and a clear conscience.

as long as he is bent on developing the motherland in the future, the state has no reason to stop him or even open a back door for him.

this investigation is a good thing for him.

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