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Chapter 130 Yan Hongmei's requirements

The bandits in Yinshan are vast and mighty.

the villagers of Yuntai town along the street are all watching from afar, and most of them are afraid.

before long, the people and horses arrived at the gate of the ancestral hall in the town.

the mayor and anfuxing are waiting here.

in addition to them, there are naturally some 80 members of the people's army.

when they saw that the Yin Mountain bandits had brought so many people this time, they were also a little flustered.

an Yanguang dismounted and quickly walked to the mayor and said: 'the stronghold leader of Yin Mountain bandits was worried that we were cheating, so he didn't come, so he sent the second stronghold leader and his daughter Yan Hongmei to discuss this matter.'

'OK, I see.'

the mayor nodded.

he immediately greeted him with a smile: 'the second stronghold leader and the first lady are coming. Please come in. Please come in.'

yuan Dabin and Yan Hongmei got off the horse and followed the mayor and an Fuxing into the house.

only six of them approached the ancestral hall, and the rest, including an Yanguang, were left outside.

there is a table in the ancestral hall. On the table are fruits and cakes.

'please sit down.' The mayor was very polite to them.

you're welcome.

with so many people, we can bring them all.

'we won't say much nonsense. It's OK for us to join you in exterminating Bao'an bandits, but I have one condition.'

Yan Hongmei just sat down and drank a cup of tea in one gulp, then looked at the three people and said directly.

'what kind of conditions, miss, you can't tell us first. We will give you a satisfactory answer if we can meet them.' The mayor and several others looked at her expectantly.

'let the man named Lu Ning marry me.' Yan Hongmei said directly in front of the crowd.


let the man named Lu Ning marry her?

everyone was confused.

the matter of how to suppress bandits suddenly comes up to the matter of marriage.

what the hell is this.

'Hong Mei!'

yuan Dabin next to her couldn't see any more, so he pulled her sleeve.

'this is my business, you don't care.' Yan Hongmei brushed away his hand and said something casually.

'Miss, can you speak more carefully? We don't seem to understand what you mean.' The mayor asked cautiously.

'I seem to know.'

an Fuxing suddenly smiles and looks at several people on his side.

'what do you know?'

the mayor and two other people look at him.

'wait a minute, I'll call my son to ask.'

an Fuxing left, walked to the door, waved his hand, called an Yanguang, and then asked in a low voice.

'did Yan Hongmei meet Lu Ning just now?'

'yes, Dad, how do you know?'

'Yan Hongmei now says she can promise us to suppress the bandits together, but she has a request, that is, to marry Lu Ning!'



so fast?

sure enough, being handsome has the advantage of being delivered to the door.

an Yanguang suddenly felt jealous.

this is very similar to the drama of ancient emperors robbing peerless beauties.

after an Fuxing asked, he knew clearly.

know what's going on.

after he entered, he whispered a few words in the ears of the mayor.

several people's eyes widened.

'Keke, this, miss, we have no opinions on the marriage you mentioned, but we also need to ask the parties' opinions. If you say yes, you can't buy or sell it by force.'

the mayor discussed with Yan Hongmei.

it's the first time he has encountered this kind of thing. It's a bit difficult.

'OK, now, go and ask me immediately, and give me a clear answer. If you don't agree, we won't agree to suppress bandits together.'

Yan Hongmei sits on a chair, eating cakes while saying nothing.


the mayor and an Fuxing look at me and I look at you.

my face is a little sad.

what is it called.

'I'd better send someone to invite Lu Ning over first.'

'yes, ask him if he agrees with me.'

'when he comes, let's persuade him together. After all, this is a safety issue related to our town.'

several people nodded.

then the mayor said to Yan Hongmei, 'wait a minute. We'll call someone to you and ask him for his opinion.'

everyone looked at Yan Hongmei.

don't mention that Yan Hongmei looks like a middle-class girl, and her face is full of heroism, which is quite like a heroine among women.

Lu Ning may or may not agree.

but not everyone can live in such a woman.

a female tiger is designated at home. It is impossible to steal.

an Fuxing goes out and asks an Yanguang to call Lu Ning.

'that's it? OK, I'll go.'

an Yanguang's face is happy.

saying this, he mounted his horse and ran to Lu Ning's house.

land house.

these days, Lu Ning is immersed in experimental research and only comes here once in a while.

after these days of understanding, he finally has some understanding of the history here.

this planet is called blue star, which is somewhat similar to the historical trend of the earth.

but not parallel space-time, there is no relationship between them.


Lu Ning touched ah Hua's small head and smiled at her.


ah Hua's face is very happy.

at this time, she was holding a piece of chocolate candy in her hand. The chocolate candy was wrapped in sugar paper without obvious packaging.

is only authentic chocolate, not cocoa butter.

girls always like to eat sweets. Since Lu Ning brought her chocolate, she has loved the taste.

'ah Hua, you are 8 years old. I should consider letting you go to school.'

we still have to go to school. We can't leave our children alone. Otherwise, it will be bad for our children to become illiterate in the future.

even if she doesn't go to school, Lu Ning can raise ah Hua all her life.

but only when children go to school can their wisdom be opened.

for the sake of ah Hua, Lu Ning still plans to let her go to school.

'I'm afraid of going to school'

ah Hua holds Lu Ning's arm and looks scared.

'don't be afraid, I have a brother.'

maybe because of her previous experience, ah Hua seems to be afraid of strangers.

and the world is not safe now.

these unsettling factors are also the reason why Lu Ning has not made a decision.

now I go to school, I can only go to the county. There is no school in the town.

it is still necessary to cultivate ah Hua's ability to get along with other people, or it will affect her when the child grows up.

'bang bang!'

suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

'Ning Ge! Ning Ge!'

an Yanguang shouted outside.

Lu Ning opens the door and lets an Yanguang in.

'what's the matter? You look worried.'

Lu Ning glanced at him and asked.

'don't say anything. Brother Ning, hurry with me.' An Yanguang pulled Lu Ning and wanted to take him out.

'what the hell is it?'

Lu Ning shook his hand with a gentle shake.

'brother Ning, you're lucky. Someone likes you and wants to marry you!'


Lu Ning is a little confused.

is his handsome already known to everyone.

'didn't I walk in front of you with a team? They are the Yin Mountain bandits near our town!'

'you can see the woman who was riding beside me before. She is Yan Hongmei, the daughter of the leader of the Yin Mountain bandits. Now she has a crush on brother Ning!'

an Yanguang began to explain to Lu Ning.

and said that their town plans to join forces with Yin Mountain bandits to fight Bao'an bandits.

'so, you want me to marry her. Only when I marry her, will she agree to fight Bao'an bandits with you?' Lu Ning understood.

but he smiled bitterly. What's the matter.

it's just that he is so handsome and charming.

'I won't agree to this. You'd better let her change the terms.' Lu Ning thought for a while and refused.

'why?' An Yanguang was puzzled.

just married a wife, and the other party is the daughter of the mountain bandit leader. If you marry her, you will be rich.

if you are an ordinary person, you can't wait to agree.

'I'm a bandit. I can marry a woman like that. In the future, these mountain bandits will be suppressed by the officers and soldiers. I'm afraid that I will be implicated by then.'

mountain bandits are a curse.

at present, those warlords have no time to take care of them, but when they feel better, they will be attacked.

how could Lu Ning, who came from the earth, not know the fate of the mountain bandits.

so now, if you can keep a distance from them, keep a distance.

he didn't believe that the mayor and an Yanguang's father would not understand the truth.

I'm afraid they want to sacrifice Lu Ning in exchange for the help of Yin Mountain bandits.

an Yanguang seems to be sober when he is told.

'that's what I said, but brother Ning, can you go with me? If you refuse her face-to-face, I can give you an explanation. You can rest assured that with us, they don't care what they do.'


an Yanguang's flattering way.

it's Lu Ning's job to refuse. He is only responsible for calling Lu Ning.

'OK, I'll go with you.' Lu Ning nodded.

what is he afraid of.

he is afraid that others will eat him.

if you really dare to start with him, be careful to break your teeth!

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