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Chapter 131 Refusal and threat

The two shared a horse.

Lu Ning sits behind an Yanguang, who takes Lu Ning to the ancestral hall in the town.

'it seems that I will buy a horse in the future. This is really inconvenient.'

sitting behind the other side, Lu Ning felt a little uncomfortable. He had planned to buy a horse to take the place of him in the future.

upon arriving at the ancestral hall, Lu Ning saw the crowd outside at a glance.

the crowd is obviously divided into two groups. One group is a civilian group, with ragged clothes and a dirty face.

this group of people are Yin Mountain bandits, all of them are fierce, have a bandit look, and have fierce eyes.

in front of these mountain bandits, the members of the militia all bowed down and bowed their heads. They dared not breathe.

Lu Ning's arrival attracted everyone to look at him.

an Yanguang hurried in with Lu Ning.

'brother Lu Ning, I brought it.'

'I'll leave it to you, brother Ning. I'll go out first.'

an Yanguang glanced at Yan Hongmei and them, whispered something in Lu Ning's ear, and then withdrew from the ancestral hall.

upon Lu Ningyi's arrival, Yan Hongmei immediately moved her buttocks from the chair excitedly.

'Tut, not bad, not bad. This is my ideal husband for Yan Hongmei.'

Yan Hongmei keeps looking around Lu Ning, with a satisfied expression.

'sister Hong, you can't decide your marriage by yourself.' Yuan Dabin couldn't help but say something to her.

Yan Hongmei did this to his face, making him feel green on his head.

yuan Dabin also glanced at Lu Ning. He can't deny that he is really fucking handsome.

however, a little white faced was afraid that he would kill him if he could not pass one move.

Yan Hongmei ignored yuan Dabin.

all she sees now is Lu Ning.

the more I look, the more satisfied I am.

this is her dream lover.

only such a man is worthy of him.

the mayor of the town looked at Lu Ning, and their eyes showed clear expressions.

then the mayor said: 'this is Lu Ning's little brother. He is really a good-looking person. Ha ha.'

he laughed.

no wonder Yan Hongmei only looked at the other side and wanted to take him back to the stockade.

'this little brother Lu Ning is really handsome.' GUI Changhong, a rich man in the town, nodded in earnest.

'yes.' Su Quanjin, another tycoon, also nodded.

as men, they can see that Lu Ning looks extraordinary.

'my name is Yan Hongmei. Remember my name.'

Yan Hongmei looks straight at Lu Ning with aggressive eyes.

'this little brother Lu Ning, an Yanguang should have told you about the big miss just now. Look, what do you mean? Give us an explanation.'

the mayor looked at Lu Ning and asked.

'little brother Lu Ning, this is a matter that concerns the lives of all the people in our town. I hope you can agree to miss Yan's request. You see, Miss Yan is so good-looking. She is the daughter of the stronghold leader. It's a great thing for you to marry her. In the second half of your life, you can eat and drink without worry.'

GUI Changhong said solemnly to Lu Ning.

he doesn't know much about Lu Ning, but he thinks that for the sake of the people in the town, Lu Ning should agree to this request anyway.

this is not a good thing for Lu Ning to die. There is nothing to consider.

'yes, brother Lu Ning, whether you can successfully suppress bandits this time depends on your words. You should seriously consider it.' Su Quanjin, another big family, also said.

'don't scare Lu Ning. Lu Ning, this is your own life-long event. I won't say anything more. You can decide for yourself.' An Fuxing glanced at GUI Changhong and Su Quanjin and then said to Lu Ning.

after all, Lu Ning is his son's friend. It's better to let Lu Ning decide this kind of thing.

he also glanced at yuan Dabin. He naturally saw the subtle relationship between yuan Dabin and Yan Hongmei. He believed that Yan Hongmei was just self willed, but I'm afraid she could not decide on her own life.

everyone is waiting for Lu Ning's answer.

Lu Ning glanced around them and then focused on Yan Hongmei.

the other party is really pretty good, compared with Ruolan who has no scars.

if the other party is not a mountain bandit, Lu Ning will marry him.

but now the identity of the other party is mountain bandit, which is not in Lu Ning's consideration.

'I want to say that your vision is very good.'

'but I'm sorry, I can't promise to marry you.'

Lu Ning smiled and looked at Yan Hongmei calmly.

hear what Lu Ning said.

the expressions on the faces of the mayor and GUI Changhong changed and some of them were ugly.

yuan Dabin smiles at the corner of his mouth.

Yan Hongmei's face did not change. She also looked at Lu Ning with great interest, looked him in the eyes and asked, 'Oh, why?'

'because you are a bandit, you will be taken away by the guards sooner or later.' Lu Ning said frankly.

hearing Lu Ning's words, Yan Hongmei smiled.

'it's a joke. They have this ability. It's been more than ten years. We haven't done well yet.'

'yes, I was fine before, but that doesn't mean you will be fine in the future.'

'can I take this as your excuse?'

Yan Hongmei is close to Lu Ning. The distance between them is only ten centimeters. They can even feel the breath from each other's noses.

Lu Ning is one meter eight, and Yan Hongmei is one meter seven. The other side just looks up at Lu Ning.

both of them looked at each other, and neither of them stepped back.

'you can think so.'

Lu Ning's subtle way.

since the other party does not believe it, he has nothing to explain.

'if there's nothing wrong, I'll go first.'

Lu Ning glanced at the people and said a word, then turned around and walked out of the ancestral hall.

he has already given a lot of people face.

now that I have finished speaking, there is naturally no need to stay any longer.


Yan Hongmei did not stop her. She looked at Lu Ning's back as she walked out, and a smile of interest appeared on her lips.


the mayor and an Fuxing, GUI Changhong and Su Quanjin looked at each other.

some do not know what to do.

'since little brother Lu Ning refuses, why don't you change your request, Miss Yan?' The mayor said to Yan Hongmei.

Yan Hongmei did not speak.


Lu Ning left the ancestral hall.

'brother Ning, how about it?'

an Yanguang immediately came over and asked with a curious face.

'I naturally refused.' Lu Ning replied.

'take me back, but give me a horse.'

'you really refused! Alas, if it was me, I would have agreed. In fact, brother Ning, you have thought too much. For so many years, the guards have nothing to do with them, and I think they can't be wiped out in the next few decades.

if you can become the son-in-law of the Yin Mountain bandits, you really want what you want.'

as he spoke, an Yanguang led two horses back.

take one horse and leave from the gate of the ancestral hall.

on the way, an Yanguang kept nagging.

when arriving at Lu Ning's house, Lu Ning dismounted.

'brother Ning, do you want to think again?'

'not considered.'

'if you change your mind, remember to tell me.'

before leaving, an Yanguang did not forget to remind him.

when Lu Ning entered the house, an Yanguang rode one horse and pulled the reins of the other horse back slowly.

after returning to the house, Lu Ning went in and accompanied ah Hua for a while.

someone knocked at the door again.

'bang bang.'

the sound of knocking on the door is very loud.

'master, I'll open the door.'

Zhang Hengsheng next to him immediately took the initiative to open the door.

'ouch, my mother!'

Zhang Hengsheng was startled when he opened the door.

the door is full of bandits with guns.

the first two are riding two big horses.

'master! Master! Well, many people with guns have blocked the door of our house. It seems like bandits!'

Zhang Hengsheng trembled and his voice stuttered.

'don't worry.'

he guessed that it should be the Yin Mountain bandits.

Lu Ning comforted him and was about to go out, but Yan Hongmei swaggered in.

she glanced at Lu Ning's house and immediately saw Lu Ning, ah Hua and Zhang Hengsheng.

'I'll give you three days to think about it. After three days, you can come to Yin Mountain stronghold to see me.'

'don't force me.'

Yan Hongmei walks to Lu Ning and looks at him with a smile on her face.

she couldn't see enough of this face.

I have decided in my heart to tie the other side to the bed for a lifetime.

as for Lu Ning's refusal.

she didn't feel at ease at all.

'I won't go.'

'you will go.'

Yan Hongmei deliberately glanced at ah Hua and them, and the meaning in her eyes was self-evident.

'you threaten me?'

'so what? Even if the man that I Yan Hongmei likes is tied, I will tie him to a mountain stronghold!'

Yan Hongmei speaks boldly.

it looks like you've settled on Lu Ning.

'no one dares to threaten me.' Lu Ning also smiled.

it seems that he is too low-key, making it seem that anyone can bully him.

in my opinion, too low-key is not a good thing.


Yan Hongmei laughed directly at Lu Ning's words.

hearing this, people who do not know think Lu Ning is a big man.

Yan Hongmei only thinks Lu Ning is interesting and doesn't care.

although Lu Ning's house is large, there is only one old man, one male servant, and one little girl. None of them has a gun.

no one can take it.

she did appreciate Lu Ning.

if I were a normal person, I would have been scared to see the bandits with such a large group of people blocking the door.

how can I be as calm as Lu Ning.

she was more and more satisfied with Lu Ning.

'remember, I'll give you three days.'

Yan Hongmei gave Lu Ning a smile and turned around and walked out of the house.

for her, Lu Ning is a fish stuck on a board.

three days later, he will go up the mountain and marry her.

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