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Chapter 132 Sell and buy

In the county, Caifa pawn shop.

'ouch, you are here again!'

the shopkeeper recognized Lu Ning at a glance.

after all, Lu Ning made him a lot of money last time.

'I'm a little short of money recently. I brought a baby here specially. This time, the baby is unusual. Please give me a hand.'

said that, Lu Ning took out a bamboo box and put it on the table to indicate to the shopkeeper that he could have a look.

the shopkeeper immediately got excited.

while calling the waiter to take the copper basin, he said flatteringly: 'this is a good baby. You can't use it easily, otherwise it will be dirty and pleated, and the guests will not be spared.'

'shopkeeper, here comes the water.'

the young man is an apprentice. He is only 15 or 16 years old.

the shopkeeper washed his hands first and then wiped them carefully. Then he opened the box carefully.


as soon as the box is opened, the shopkeeper takes a cold breath.

into the eyes, there is a wooden box in the box. Inside the box is an 8-inch-high white jade Guanyin.

'good baby, rare!'

the shopkeeper didn't dare to take out the white jade Guanyin. Instead, he took a magnifying glass and stroked the jade while carefully observing it.

seeing the shopkeeper's appearance, Lu Ning's mouth slightly cocked up.

I think I have a bottom line.

this jade Guanyin is a high-quality imitation made by him at a jade shop at a cost of more than 10000 yuan.

is a highly imitated Hotan Yangzhi jade.

although jade is synthetic, it can not be distinguished without modern instruments.

no matter the material or the degree of fineness, it is no different from the real Hotan Yangzhi jade.

'shopkeeper, are you satisfied?'

'satisfied! Satisfied! This is the best!'

the shopkeeper slowly took out the white jade Guanyin, and carefully pondered in the sun: 'things are good things, but the carving is not enough, and the fire is poor.'

'if you carve it slowly for three or five years, I'm afraid it will be another treasure.'

shook his head with regret.

Lu Ning looks at the shopkeeper's self directing and self acting, which makes him want to laugh.

the other party said so, but he didn't want to lower the price.

'shopkeeper, you've seen it too. Let's make a price.'

Lu Ning sits on the chair, takes a sip of the tea cup on the table, and speaks slowly.

'change tea, go and change good tea.'

the shopkeeper waved his hand to the waiter. After the boy left, he stretched out five fingers: 'how about this number?'


Lu Ning was unmoved and shook his head.

'if the shopkeeper doesn't have sincerity, I'll take it as if I haven't been here today.'

said that Lu Ning got up.

the shopkeeper looked at it and was worried.

he did mean to lower the price just now. After all, the last time Lu Ning came to sell jewelry, he didn't mean to bargain.

I thought I could make a fortune this time, but Lu Ning suddenly became shrewd today.

'if the master of jade craftsman took action, this Guanyin could be worth 100000 yuan, but it is not. The fool destroyed this treasure.'

'you are too few. If you go elsewhere, I'm afraid there are few more than 60000.'

'as you can see, there is chaos and chaos outside. What is valuable is real gold and silver. Antique jade is not very popular. Unless you meet someone you really like, you can't pay this price.'

60000 oceans?

Lu Ning frowned slightly.

this is not consistent with the price estimated in his mind.

according to the shopkeeper, 60000 ocean is basically his limit.

however, Lu Ning has also heard about the water depth in antique jade, and is ready to take another hold of it: '80000 oceans. If I can, I'll leave it. If I can't, I'll go back to Daxing and have a look over there.'


the shopkeeper clenched his teeth and smashed his palm. It seemed that he was really bold: '80000 is 80000. You wait. I will go to raise money for you.'

seeing that the other party was so straightforward, Lu Ning was stunned.

good guy.

look at this, he is less than 80000. The shopkeeper has at least tens of thousands of profits, otherwise he would not be so happy.

fortunately, it seems to be true. Lu Ning also made a lot of money.

ten thousand is sold for 80000, or 80000 in this age, which is already a huge profit.

'don't play tricks, or I'll smash things and not sell you.'

'ouch, I was afraid you'd run away with something.'

'please sit down and wait for a while. Please wait until I come back.'

the shopkeeper is even more anxious than Lu Ning. He went to explain to the waiter and told Lu Ning what to eat and drink and to treat him well.

then he ran out of the pawnshop in a hurry.

in the shop, the young man pestles beside Lu Ning and respectfully waits for Lu Ning's assignment.

Lu Ning eats snacks and drinks tea, and is calm.

after a while, the shopkeeper came back.

'please look.'

the shopkeeper took out a stack of silver tickets and said with a beaming smile: 'Zhongshan ticket No. Rishengchang, eight 10000 ocean silver tickets, which can be redeemed throughout the country.'

Lu Ning also knew about silver notes in advance. I think these silver notes are not fake.

'shopkeeper, it's not convenient for me to use this silver note. You can exchange some big goldfish and ocean for me.'

'I happen to have some ocean and big goldfish in my shop. How much do you want to exchange?'

Lu Ning calculated in his mind that if you exchange 30 oceans for one or two small goldfish, 80000 oceans for 2600, that is 2600 Liang.

if you change a large goldfish, you can also change 260.

one Jin for each piece, equivalent to 260 Jin.


made a big profit.

and don't worry about not having gold to charge the bracelet.

'first change the big goldfish of 10000 oceans, then change the cash of 1000 oceans, and there are 9101 small bills. A total of 20000.'

'you need to change so many.'

the shopkeeper was surprised. He didn't have so many big goldfish in the shop now.

however, he was not worried. There was a bank in the county: 'I don't have so much money in my shop. Please wait a moment. I'll go to the bank to exchange it for you.'

the shopkeeper naturally dared not bother Lu Ning, and went out again with two ten thousand silver tickets.

when he came back again, he was already carrying a package.

'look, there are 10000 big goldfish, 1000 current oceans, and 9101 small tickets. Have a look.'

the shopkeeper unfolds the package on the table to reveal the golden bars inside.

Lu Ning glanced casually and counted the number. He was sure that it was right: 'mmm.'

when the shopkeeper saw Lu Ning repackaging the package, it seemed that he was going to leave. He hurriedly asked, 'I don't know your name yet?'

'my surname is Lu and my name is Lu Ning.'

'it was Mr. Lu.'

'Mr. Lu, if there are still good items next time, I will never let you suffer if I take them to our store.' The shopkeeper smiled and promised.

'yes, I can.'

the transaction was pleasant, and Lu Ning nodded.

after leaving the pawnbroker's door, Lu Ning came to a deserted place, took out some oceans and small silver notes from the package, opened the door of time and space, and put all the other gold bars and oceans into the door of time and space.

on the other side of the gate of time and space is the second floor of his house, which has now officially become his storage room.

after finishing it, he made sure that there was no one around, and walked out of the dark again.

however, he did not return to the town immediately, but turned to the Renzhuang of the market.

these days, he has felt the situation in the town and the county. He knows where to buy and what to sell.

people come and go in the street, and many small vendors are quite lively.

hang a straw rope outside the Renzhuang.

at the door stood two strong men with guns.

the people outside all avoid this Zhuangzi.

Lu Ning glanced and went in.

after entering, I saw a dozen people whose feet were tied with ropes. These people were all children.

there are men and women in their twenties and thirties who are not tied by ropes.

there are even old women in their forties and fifties.

a toothbrush in red and green is talking about the price with a gorgeous man.

soon the man led a girl away.

'Sir, choose me. I don't eat much and I'm good at working.'

this is a little girl with yellow complexion and thin skin.

'master, choose me. I have the strength. I can cook by fire and raise cattle and chickens.'

this is a boy.

'master, choose me.'

when these people saw Lu Ning, they tried to sell themselves one by one.

seeing them like this, Lu Ning could not help thinking of ah Hua in his house.

at the beginning, ah Hua was supposed to be like this.

'ouch, sir, tell me which one do you like?'

'there are all kinds of people here, boys and girls, younger ones, older ones, those who can cook, warm the bed, cultivate the land, and wait on people, everything.'

the tooth lady came to greet Lu Ning after she was busy there.

looking at Lu Ning's noble demeanor, she knows that he must be generous and thinks that this transaction is inevitable.

Lu Ning had money in his pocket, but he was not polite. He said bluntly: 'there are three rough envoys in their thirties.'

'ten year old servant girls, if you want to look good, four.'

'a man in his forties with good legs and feet, give me three.'

Lu Ning asked for ten at one go.


yapo is very happy.

I'm really going to make a fortune today.

'master, I've prepared all the people you want, especially the four little girls. Can you see how they look

in a short time, the toothbrush commanded several strong men to bring people.

it is needless to say that the coarse women are all middle-aged women in their thirties.

several men have dark skin and long cocoons in their hands. They know they are good at work.

the four teenage girls are all at least middle-class. Some are afraid, some are expressionless, and some are fatalistic.

there is no light in my eyes.

most of these people came from famine, and only a small number of them sold their own food at home.

are all miserable people.

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