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Chapter 133 Form a militia

After buying the people, Lu Ning went to the market to buy a carriage and a horse.

then he took the ten people he had just bought and went to order two clothes for them.

the shoes that fit the feet are not left.

all of these ten people sell dead deeds. Now all the deeds are in Lu Ning's hands. In the future, they are all his people.

Lu Ning is naturally generous to his own people.

'someone who can drive a carriage.'

'master, I will.'

a dark man came forward and bowed back.

'what's your name?'

'the little one is Wang Sixi.'

'on the way back, you'll be in charge.'

'Er, good master.'

on the road.

eight people sit on the carriage, and Wang Sixi acts as the groom.

Lu Ning is riding a horse in front. There are two girls riding a horse with Lu Ning.

on the way back, people stopped to look at them from time to time.

the two girls sitting on Lu Ning's horse were flushed with shame. They often closed their eyes and did not dare to glance at them.

wait until Zhuangzi.

a group of people rushed into Lu Ning's house, which scared old man Liu, Zhang Hengsheng and ah Hua.

why did so many people suddenly come in.

until the three saw Lu Ning, they were relieved.

'come here, you come here.'

Lu Ning called old man Liu and the three of them, stood beside him, and then let the new ten people stand opposite him, just like military training, and began to speak.

'since you have followed me, you must have some rules, not the same as before.'

'in the future, it will be up to you to do the laundry, cook and mend the clothes, and be responsible for everyone's three meals a day. This is Zhang Hengsheng, who will be in charge of you in the future.'

said that Lu Ning pointed to Zhang Hengsheng on the left.

Zhang Hengsheng nodded with a smile of embarrassment.

unexpectedly, he was promoted in the blink of an eye.

'you three, who will be responsible for cleaning the yard and who will be responsible for the night shift in turn, and Lao Liu will be responsible for it.'

he pointed to the old man Liu on the right.

old man Liu was at a loss and nodded to them with a smile.

'four little girls will serve me in the future.'

'pouring tea, pinching shoulders, pounding legs and warming the bed are all your jobs.'

'also, this is the eldest lady in our house. You should treat her like me. Do you know?'

Lu Ning picked up ah Hua and said to them.

'yes, sir.'

everyone at the bottom nodded.

'I understand your suffering. You can rest assured that since you are all your own people, I will not treat you unfairly in the future. As long as you do well, I will reward you. It is not impossible for you to start a new family in the future.'

'but I'll tell you my dirty words first. You're not allowed to eat inside and eat outside.'

'if anyone is talkative and restless, I will send him to the bandits' den and let her keep company with the bandits.'

'do you hear clearly!'

'listen clearly.'

everyone bowed their heads.

Lu Ning smiles on his face and is satisfied with their attitude. It seems that these people have been worn away by life, and they dare not have any stings.

very servile.

he walked to the front, in front of the four teenage girls: 'how old are you, what's your name, where are you from, and why are you sold?'

'my name is Li Hongxiu. I came from Qilu. I had no food in my hometown, so I came here to beg for food. My family could not survive here, so they sold me.'

what Li Hongxiu said was straightforward.

but in a few words, it shows the hardships of life.

'what about you?'

Lu Ning looks at the other three.

'my name is Shi pinger, and I came from Zhongzhou next door. Later, my brother became ill, and the family sold me to cure my brother.'

it turned out that they were also refugees from Zhongzhou next door.

old man Liu, Zhang Hengsheng and even ah Hua gave her an extra look.

it's also pitiful to sell my sister for the sake of my brother's treatment.

selling elder sister to save younger brother shows how serious the situation of men being superior to women is.

Lu Ning looks at the third.

'my name is Ming Hanqiao. I'm from this county. Because my family can't afford to eat and feed me, my father sold me to the toothbrush.'

'what about you?'

Lu Ning looks at the last person.

'my name is Yu Chunyan, and I'm also from this county. My father is a gambler. He sold me to repay the debt.'

are poor people.

fortunately, it was not sold to the kiln. Otherwise, I would have cried without tears.

'Lao Liu, take them to take a bath, change their clothes, and then arrange a room for them.'

'good Lord.'

old man Liu excitedly took the ten people down.

after watching Lao Liu take them away, Lu Ning said to Zhang Hengsheng: 'ah Sheng, go to an mansion and invite an Yanguang to me.'

'good Lord.'

'can you ride a horse? If you can, you can ride a carriage at the door.'

'master, I don't know yet.' Zhang Hengsheng showed an embarrassed smile.

'today I brought back a carriage and a horse. When the carriage is free, you can let the new Wang Sixi teach you to practice. As for the horse, don't move. It's my mount. You should take good care of it. Do you know?'

'yes, sir.'

'OK, go.'


Zhang Hengsheng left the house.

about twenty minutes later.

Zhang Hengsheng came in with an Yanguang. He was gasping. It seemed that he had just run away.

seeing that Lu Ning and an Yanguang have something to talk about, he consciously took ah Hua down.

'brother Ning, what are you looking for me?' An Yanguang asked.

'I'd like to ask you where you bought your guns. Can you help me buy a batch?'

'did I hear you right? Not a few, but a batch? Brother Ning, you don't want to do arms business, do you?' An Yanguang looked surprised.

'no, I intend to form my own militia.'

'to form a militia? Brother Ning, why did you suddenly have this plan? You should know that the cost of forming a militia is very large. It needs a lot of money to support those people, and it is not useful in ordinary times.'

Lu Ning replied: 'bandits are in power now, and you have seen what happened yesterday. If I don't set up a militia, I'm not sure.'

that's right. An Yanguang probably knows what it means.

he also listened to his father about yesterday. It seems that brother Ning is not going to spoil those bandits now.

even want to establish a safe place in this chaotic world.

'brother Ning, how many people do you plan to pull and how many guns do you want?'

'I set the number of people at 200, and naturally one gun per person.'


hearing Lu Ning's words, an Yanguang directly took a breath of air-conditioning.

there are so many people, which is more than the number of the militia formed by his father.

'brother Ning, are you going to fight Bao'an bandits with my father?'

'I don't plan to suppress bandits, just to protect myself.'


'there are so many people, I'm afraid it's hard to get together.' An Yanguang pointed out the difficulties.

after all, the people in the town had been harvested by his father's militia.

'money can make the devil grind, so you don't have to worry. I hope you can help me get guns, and then help me release the recruitment information.'

an Yanguang said: 'my father's side, I heard that those who join the militia will be given 2 yuan a month and two meals. Brother Ning, if you have less money, I'm afraid no one will go.'

two dollars a month plus two meals, which is a very good job in the town.

if his father didn't call the militia to suppress bandits, I'm afraid he would have to break his head for such a good job.

'on my side, if you join, you will receive five yuan a month.'

'so much! Brother Ning, it's a thousand dollars a month. If you add in the guns and ammunition you buy, I'm afraid you won't be able to pay 2000 dollars a month.'

an Yanguang was also startled by Lu Ning's big pen.

I didn't expect brother Ning's family to be so rich.

he did not guess wrong before.

'Yan Guang, you don't have to worry about money. You can do it well for me, and I'll let you be the deputy commander.'

'let me be the deputy head!'

an Yanguang's eyes lit up immediately.

his father is now equivalent to a deputy head of the regiment. He is only a deputy head of the regiment of 120 people, with a maximum of 40 people.

if he becomes the deputy head of the regiment, but the deputy head of the regiment of 200 people, he will be even more powerful than his father!

Moreover, the world is so chaotic now, and the most authoritative force is the troops with guns.

look at those mountain bandits. There are only a few hundred of them. They can act as domineers in the county. Even the guards can't do anything about them.

it's not because they have real guys.

if he becomes the deputy head of 200 people.

just thinking about it, an Yanguang was excited.

'200 people are nothing. As long as the development is smooth in the future, 300, 500 or even 100 people will not be a problem.'

Lu Ning continued to agitate.

he did not cheat an Yanguang on this point. He did think so in the future.

the greater the number, the greater the strength.

the greater the power, the greater the influence.

with its own power, not only outsiders dare not provoke it.

you can do what you want to do.

'brother Ning, please give me the gun and people. I'll do it for you in a few days!'

an Yanguang clapped his chest and promised.

five dollars a month.

with so much money, if he can't recruit any more people, he won't have to work in the town.

'I only give you two days.'

Lu Ning said to him.

after all, Yan Hongmei let him climb the mountain in three days.

he decided to pull out a team within three days.

'no problem, brother Ning, I'll go right now.'

an Yanguang left the house in a hurry, and his face was flushed and extremely excited.

he felt that he was going to make a fortune, and his era was coming.

Lu Ning looks at an Yanguang, who is going to work, and his mouth smiles.

five dollars, which is a lot of money for ordinary people.

on the earth, even in modern times, there are still people willing to go abroad as mercenaries for money.

it can be seen that as long as the money is enough, I am willing to let you die.

what's more, the militia formed by Lu Ning is different from that of an Yanguang's father. It only protects itself and has no plan to suppress bandits. In this way, membership will certainly not be a problem.

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