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Chapter 140 Second assignment

'Lu Ning, I will get married in a few days. You must come.'

Lu Ning just came back and received a message from her first love Lin Yuting.

'to tell you the truth, my girlfriend is strict with me now, so I won't go.'

Lu Ning returned the information in the past.

this is naturally his excuse.

where does Ruolan care about him.

he has not had much contact with Lin Yuting for a long time, and he does not think it is necessary to go too close in the future.

'why is this so? Many former classmates don't come.'

Lin Yuting, lying in bed, is a little sad.

in fact, she really wants to let her family and friends meet Lu Ning. Lu Ning is so handsome now. She will have more face when she goes to her wedding.

even if a girl friend asks, she can introduce her former boyfriend.

let others know that she has made such a good-looking boyfriend.

'although people can't go, the money must be in place.'

Lu Ning didn't pay too much, so he just sent a thousand, which can be regarded as a small sum of money.

'when you get married, I don't mind if you invite me. I'll give you the money back then.'

Lin Yuting accepted Lu Ning's 1000 yuan. She was a little happy. Finally, she made a funny expression.


Lu Ning made a perfunctory remark.


since Zhang Mingwen returned from the United States with his sister, he did not immediately give up his sister's treatment, but still had the last hope.

Unfortunately, the expensive medical expenses eventually became the last straw to crush him.

Zhang Mingwen has already made this mental preparation.

but the most chilling thing for him was that at this most difficult time, there was no one around to help them.

when they first came back, their relatives thought that their two brothers and sisters had developed in the United States and would come to visit them.

but as soon as they heard that they did not make any money in the United States at all, and even came back because they had cancer, everyone shunned them for fear of borrowing money from them.

all the relatives and friends hid.

Zhang Mingwen tried to borrow money several times, but all of them met with a brick wall.

everyone preyed on him.

'their two brothers and sisters have no prospects, and they have not made much money when they go abroad. What's more, in the future, once the money is lent out, it will never come back.'

'that's it. It's not our fault.'

accidentally passing by the village, Zhang Mingwen heard other people's private comments on them.

he finally couldn't stand it and was depressed.

his world is grey.

he decided to die himself after his sister left.

there is nothing to miss. The world is too cruel to the poor.

seeing that his sister's illness is getting worse day by day, Zhang Mingwen knows that his sister is running out of time.

he began to arrange for the future

for both of them.

'ha ha, what's good to arrange?'

he mocked himself.

if there is no family property, his family will only have the last private house in the family. It is only a small bungalow without decoration on the first floor, which is worth tens of thousands of yuan.

besides, his parents have already passed away, and he has nothing to explain to his relatives.

he began to recall his short life.

I always feel like he died a long time ago.


it should be the time to go begging in the United States.

the moment he lost his dignity, he died.

in these years, I just dragged the corpse alive.

'Alas ~'

Zhang Mingwen sighed deeply.

thinking of begging in the United States, he suddenly thought of Lu Ning.

'maybe you are the only light in my life.'

thinking of Lu Ning, Zhang Mingwen rarely smiles.

Lu Ning is the only one who has no interest in him. He just helps him.

thinking of the scene when he met Lu Ning in a foreign country, it seemed like a fresh spring flowed into his dry heart.

for a moment, the green shoots of life appeared again in his mind.

is so warm.

he couldn't help it. He picked up his mobile phone and began to send a message to Lu Ning: 'Lu Ning, I always wanted to invite you out for dinner, but I didn't think it took so long.'

'my sister is leaving. Before leaving, my sister and I want to invite you to dinner. I hope you must come.'

after sending the message, he began to patiently wait for Lu Ning's message.

originally, he thought that he could repay this kindness again in the future.

but things are unpredictable.

he plans to give Lu Ning his small bungalow after the meeting, which can be regarded as a reward for Lu Ning's unrequited kindness.

on the other side.

Lu Ning, who is doing research, soon saw Zhang Mingwen's information.


'maybe I can save his sister's life!'

Lu Ning thought of his ability and immediately returned the information: 'OK.'

two people make an appointment to meet at the time and place.

the next day, the three met at a restaurant in the county.

Zhang Mingwen smiles when he sees Lu Ning.

but his face was haggard and he felt a little forced to smile.

as for his sister Zhang Yijing, her face is dark and pale. It seems that she will soon die.

'thank you Lu Ning for your help at that time. For me, it really saved our lives. Thank you.' Zhang Mingwen once again thanked Lu Ning.

sincere expression.

'yes, thank you, brother Ning, for your help.' Zhang Yijing shows a pale smile.

three people ordered some dishes.

the dishes are quite rich.

however, Zhang Mingwen and Zhang Yijing did not move much, and Lu Ning only took a few bites at random.

'in fact, I know some Chinese medicine. Let me take a look for you.'

seeing some cold scenes, Lu Ning said to Zhang Yijing.

this is his main purpose.

'brother Ning, I'm hopeless. The doctor said that I only have a few days to live. Let me eat more food I like.' Zhang Yijing smiled bitterly.

Lu Ning left her seat and came to her side.

'I have seen many medical miracles, which may happen to you. Come, let me have a look.'

Lu Ning reaches out to her.

Zhang Yijing naturally did not refuse. She put out her hand and let Lu Ning feel the pulse.

Lu Ning sits beside her, holding her pulse.



a faint blue light appears on the bracelet and flashes away.

Lu Ning feels numb, and then a current flows through his body and begins to flow into Zhang Yijing's body.

he pretends to see a doctor, but in fact he has given Zhang Yijing the ability of an elephant.

Zhang Yijing immediately trembled.

'there seems to be static electricity just now.'

Zhang Yijing smiled.


Lu Ning nodded and withdrew his hand.

'I don't know what you see, Lu Ning.'

Zhang Mingwen is still thinking about how to tell Lu Ning about the house delivery. Seeing that Lu Ning seems to have finished reading it, he also asks curiously.

'yes, brother Ning, I don't know if you can cure my disease.' Zhang Yijing joked.

naturally she knew it was impossible, but she also wanted to hear what Lu Ning said.

'don't believe what I'm saying.'

'when I felt your pulse for Zhang Yijing just now, I found that your pulse was weak on the surface, but there was a hidden blood flowing inside. There is hope.'

'if you believe me, you will not die!'

Lu Ning looks at Zhang Yijing carefully and affirms her.

now the elephant's ability has been given to the other party. If there is no accident, the other party will surely recover slowly.

'won't die? Really!'

Zhang Yijing was surprised when she saw Lu Ning's affirmation.

she doesn't want to die. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, she will seize it as a straw.

'Lu Ning, does my sister really have any hope? Don't lie to me. This is not a joke.' Zhang Mingwen looked at Lu Ning seriously and asked.

his expression became somewhat unnatural.

you know, he is ready to leave. Now Lu Ning tells him that his sister still has hope.

if this is true, it will disrupt his plan.

'one month, as long as one month, the answer will naturally be known.' Lu Ning looked at them and nodded solemnly.

one month?

'OK, we will trust you, Lu Ning. By the way, do you want to take any Chinese medicine?' Zhang Mingwen asked.

after all, if it is Chinese medicine, it needs to be conditioned.

Zhang Yijing on the side is also looking at Lu Ning, expecting him to say something about Chinese medicine.

Lu Ning shook his head: 'it's not necessary for the time being. You just need to be at home. Your body may change in this month, but it's all good changes.'

thinking of the changes after getting the elephant's ability, Lu Ning specially warned.

before leaving, Zhang Mingwen shouted Lu Ning aside.

'Lu Ning, tell me whether you are trying to make us happy, or do you really see that my sister still wants hope.'

'at this juncture, I naturally can't cheat you.' Lu Ning still replied affirmatively.

'OK, I believe you.' Zhang Mingwen nodded solemnly.

for Lu Ning, who selflessly helped him, he still trusts him.

it's just that this kind of thing is too weird.

after all, the doctors said there was no hope, but now Lu Ning told them not to give up.

'apart from inviting Lu Ning to dinner today, I have another thing to tell you.' Zhang Mingwen suddenly said.

'what's the matter?'

'if my sister dies, I want to go abroad to relax and do not plan to come back. I still have a private house in my family, and I want to transfer it to you at that time.'

when saying this, a trace of ambition to die appeared in Zhang Mingwen's eyes.

death ambition flashed by, but Lu Ning keenly caught it.

he was shocked.

when we just came in and had dinner and chatted, he found that Zhang Mingwen was not normal.

in this case, Lu Ning can confirm his conjecture.

he immediately said: 'don't worry, your sister will be fine. Believe me, a miracle will happen to your sister.'

'also, if, I mean if, if your sister really leaves, I hope you can help me.'

'help you?'

'yes.' Lu Ning nodded.

this is only the worst plan.

if Zhang Mingwen's sister leaves, he can also stop doing that stupid thing.


Zhang Mingwen hesitated for a moment.

on the one hand, he has considered it well. After his sister leaves, he also leaves.

on the other hand, this is Lu Ning's request, which he cannot refuse for a while.

'I'll talk about it later.' Zhang Mingwen did not immediately agree or refuse.


Lu Ning smiles and nods.

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