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Chapter 155 Super grade and crisis

A large number of armed police quickly arrived at the scene.

this is the nearby patrol team, and more police cars are also driving here.

'mutant, raise your hand!'

the police surrounded Lu Ning and pointed their guns at him.

Lu Ning glanced at a policeman who was obviously the captain and said to him: 'I am not a mutant. I want to see your director.'

he can escape, but he did not choose to escape.

he has another purpose.

with the bracelet, he felt that he could leave at any time even if there was danger.

'don't try to resist!'

the sheriff shouted with a horn.

he made a look at several policemen. The policemen understood and immediately fired at Lu Ning.

bang bang!

several anesthetic bullets were fired and shot at Lu Ning rapidly.

Lu Ning only shook his body slightly, and all the bullets were lost.

seeing that all the bullets were dodged by Lu Ning, all the policemen were shocked.

this mutator is so powerful.

they rarely see mutants who can avoid bullets.

they are only patrol teams. Apart from guns, there are only some grenades left.

all policemen can't help looking at the sheriff.

wait for his order.

the sheriff is also a little uneasy. Facing such a strong mutator at such a distance, he is afraid that if he can't fight, he will irritate the other party. He will die in vain.

'I have no malice. If I want to go, I can go at any time. You can't stop me.' Lu Ning said to the sergeant lightly.

he stood still and spread his hands.

'take him to the police station.'

in the national monitoring center of milijian, a general looked at the screen and ordered.

at the same time, the commander's headset received the instruction.


the sheriff nodded.

he said to Lu Ning: 'yes, please follow us to the police station.'

the sheriff opened the door of the police car and waited for Lu Ning to sit in.

Lu Ning looks at the policemen who are facing the enemy and smiles. He goes to the car and sits in.

all the policemen were relieved to see Lu Ning getting on the bus.

the police get on one by one, and the police car goes to the police station.

on the way, the police car that came to support also received the order. There were ten police cars, all following Lu Ning's car.

soon, the police car brought Lu Ning to the police station.

in the police station.

several policemen tried to bring Lu Ning into the room of the felon, but Lu Ning refused.

for a time, the sword was drawn again.

this world is not an ordinary world. Lu Ning naturally can't let them mess around. If he follows them in, he can't tell where he is locked up. He can show his sincerity by going to the police station.

seeing that Lu Ning refused to give in, the police around him received the order and slowly withdrew.

only Lu Ning is left in the field.

a screen appears in front of him, and a person appears on the screen.

is a white policeman in his fifties.

'I'm the chief of this police station, mutator. What do you want to say to me?'

the director asked.

'I'm not what you call a mutator, but I come from other worlds, even other universes. I'm a businessman walking in the heavens. I come to your world just to do business.' Lu Ning's words are amazing.

this is also Lu Ning's intention.

with the door of time and space, his safety can be guaranteed.

if you can get the support of a country, then his gold will be endless in the future.

the dialogue picture of the two people has been transmitted back to the national monitoring center of milijian in real time.

all the high-level state leaders present heard the dialogue between Lu Ning and the director general.

not a person in this world?

merchants walking in the heavens?

this makes everyone look at each other in surprise.

their first reaction was naturally disbelief.

this is too absurd.

the director in the screen also looks at Lu Ning with a shocked face.

'ask him how to prove.' Said the general of the national monitoring center in milijian.

the director nodded and asked, 'how can you prove that what you said is true?'

'as long as you can afford the price, I can give you more modern technology. But first, I won't accept the money on your planet, I only accept gold.'

'if you can find a mutator for me, you can also use it as a bargaining chip.'

'the best proof is that I am not restricted by your planet. I can travel through time and space at any time, for example.'

said that Lu Ning raised his left hand to the side, but the imaginary door of time and space was not opened.

surprise immediately appeared on his face.

the door of time and space can't be opened!

is it to open the space-time door of the world and use up all the energy accumulated before.


Lu Ning's behavior makes the people on the screen and those behind the monitor confused.

it seems that it cannot directly prove the so-called space-time travel.


the general quickly defined Lu Ning.

after all, many mutators will have a series of problems in the process of mutation due to the so-called mutation reasons.

this has been confirmed in today's research.

the so-called evolution is actually variation.

imperfect individual mutations.


extremely dangerous.


the general said a little.

followed his voice.


there are many armed policemen around, shooting at Lu Ning.

not good.

seeing the bullets, Lu Ning suddenly moved.

kept dodging bullets, but the bullets were too dense, and many bullets still hit him.


bullets were shot at Lu Ning, which could not break his defense. The bullets were crushed into scrap iron and fell to the ground.

'he can defend against bullets!'

'this mutator is so powerful!'

everyone who saw this scene from the monitoring was extremely shocked.

but this strengthened everyone's determination to kill Lu Ning.

if such a powerful mutator does not kill, it will be a disaster.

must not be left.

'stop it!'

Lu Ning shouted around.

as he shouted, huge infrasound waves swept around.

circles of invisible infrasound waves are like dropping a stone on the lake.

take Lu Ning as the center, turn into ripples and quickly spread out.

the police's bulletproof vests can not block the infrasound wave attack at all, and the infrasound wave directly penetrates through their bodies.

the residual potential of infrasound wave does not decrease and continues to penetrate the wall.

all the layers of walls were penetrated and then spread to a kilometer.

at the beginning, the police did not listen to Lu Ning and continued to shoot.


even after seeing that the bullet could not kill Lu Ning, he threw grenades one after another.

Lu Ning dodged, still emitting infrasound waves from his mouth.

slowly, the attack became weaker.

the police no longer rushed in. They covered their stomachs and began to retch. They were weak.

Lu Ning stopped, but his chest was still undulating. He opened his mouth, and the silent infrasound waves continued to emanate from his mouth.

'ah! Help! Help!'

the policeman who is close has fallen down.

their expression is uncomfortable, like a fish without oxygen.

seems to have a chain reaction, like tarot cards, the police began to fall one by one.

within a radius of several hundred meters, all human beings begin to be paralyzed and lose their ability to move.

milijian national monitoring center.

'risk assessment, upgraded to special level.'

the sound of system machinery comes from the hall.

on the big screen, Lu Ning's whole person was marked with dark red.

a big exclamation point constantly flashes in the city where Lu Ning is located.

'withdraw and launch missiles!'

the general's face suddenly changed and he immediately gave an order.

Lu Ning's threat level has been raised to the highest special level.

this is the same level as the former mind controller Sheehan Nicola.

such a level indicates the possibility of harming the world.

although it is only a possibility, it must be strangled in the cradle!

when Lu Ning walked out of the police station, the ground was full of policemen.

these policemen are still alive.

I just fainted.

Lu Ning saw that there was no external attack and was about to receive infrasound waves. At this time, the spider senses a strong alarm.

all the pores on his skin stand up.

it is like facing a life and death crisis.

Lu Ning instinctively raised his head and just saw a huge missile, like a meteor, hitting him in this direction.

'I'll go!'

at the moment of crisis, Lu Ning's life speed broke out, and his body jumped rapidly toward the distance.

just at the moment of jumping up.

the missile exploded behind him.


the fire is burning to the sky.

the police station was instantly leveled.

a huge explosion accompanied by a strong shock wave swept around crazily.

the shock wave was too fast. Lu Ning was still in mid air and was caught up by the shock wave.

first, a huge gas burst caught up with Lu Ning. When he was touched by this energy, his body trembled violently, which reminded him of the scene of falling from a height of kilometers.

and it's still the kind of cross jumping repeatedly.

his muscles were torn and crushed.

however, even such a violent energy shock wave could not damage Lu Ning's body.

fatal is the high temperature that follows.

extremely high temperature.

the high temperature burned Lu Ning's hair and clothes in an instant.

his skin quickly hardened and dried up under this high temperature, then rolled up and finally ignited.

just as Lu Ning once put his hand on the gas stove to do experiments.

the difference is that this time it is no longer an experiment.

and the temperature is higher.

soon his skin was bleeding.

his eyes were directly blind and turned into two blood holes.

the whole person of Lu Ning was hit on the wall of a house in the distance by the terrible shock wave.

the wall collapsed, and Lu Ning's body was like a rag. He smashed two walls in succession before he stopped.

Lu Ning, who fell to the ground, has already become a blood man.

he was dying, and his life was hanging by a thread.

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