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Chapter 156 Mildun

On December 21, 2012, Mir Luther, like many other powers, mutated uncontrollably.

at that time, Mir was only 13 years old. At that time, he was playing football on the grass. Suddenly, various colors of light appeared in the sky, and red fog appeared around.

the most important thing is that he heard the voice that shook his heart.

at that moment, his body could not move.

when he came back to his mind, he found that his legs had fallen into the mud.

I didn't wait for him to react.


his body actually sank deeper and deeper, and he cried out in fear.

hand and foot dance.

however, the imagined suffocation did not come. He found that his body had an energy that directly isolated the surrounding land.

breathing is extremely smooth.

he began to walk carefully in the rock and soil.

soon, mill found that he didn't have to move himself, and the soil would automatically move away, pushing him forward.

this is really very interesting.

from then on, mill knew that he had awakened his ability to walk freely through the soil.

mill dare not tell anyone about it.

he just sneaked out at night.

he uses this special ability to sneak into other people's manors and swim in the pool.

as he slowly tested, he found that even cement and steel bars could not stop him.

he can even walk through the wall without hindrance.

this made him more and more bold.

he began to sneak into the supermarket and steal the things inside.

even from the internal floor of the bank.

as soon as he entered the bank, he saw a lot of gold.

he began to wantonly raid the bank's property.

the bank has become his back garden. He can come and go whenever he wants.

he put all the stolen gold and money into his base, a cave 100 meters underground.

after being rich, mill lived a lavish life, buying cars and houses.

sleeping with many women.

but such days ended with the launching of a nuclear war by Shein Nicola.

on TV, he saw giant mushroom clouds exploding in the big cities of the world.

'great, that's right. We are the rulers of the world.' Mill also cheered.

the days when he got the ability have already made him extremely inflated.

he thinks that they are superior to others, and ordinary people only deserve to obey them.

but Sean Nicola failed.

then, mill's nightmare began to come.

he also slipped into a bank as usual. Unexpectedly, there was a direct explosion in the bank, and one of his legs and one of his arms were broken.

the whole person is in direct coma.

fortunately, he finally woke up before the police and bank personnel arrived, and launched his own ability to dive back into the soil.

he returned to his secret base with his seriously injured body.

after returning, he passed out directly.

it was several days after he woke up.

since then, he has been disabled for life.

even worse, the world began to hunt down mutants.

he also finally learned that in order to hunt down the mutants, the state has developed a special device to detect the mutants.

this device will give an alarm when there are many people.

when there is only one mutator, it will explode immediately.

from that day on, mill was no longer as spirited as before.

he dare not even go home.

he is afraid of death.

at first, he hid in the sewer pipe and lived on catching mice.

later, he found the approximate installation location of those devices.

not all places have installed such devices. Only some large shopping malls, banks and streets have installed such alarm devices.

some small shops and residents' houses have not been installed at all.

the first time he went home, he missed his parents.

outside the yard, he met his mother, whom he was thinking about.

'Mom!' Mill got out of the dirt and came to his mother.

'Oh Mir! My child, what's wrong with you? How did you become like this?'

when his mother saw that Mir had lost one arm and one leg, she held Mir and cried.

mill told his mother what he had been through these days.

made his mother feel very sad after listening.

'mill, go quickly. They already know that you are a superpower. Don't come back. They have installed that kind of thing in the house.'

his mother touched her tears and glanced around. Fearing that Mir would be caught, she hurriedly reminded him.

sure enough, not long after his mother finished speaking.

the alarm sounds here.

a red alarm on the roof of the house makes a loud sound and flashes red light.


although he was reluctant to give up, mill left with tears.

not long after he left, a large group of policemen came to his house.

mill never came back.

after knowing that not all places have installed alarm devices.

therefore, when the night was still, mill would sneak into some residential houses or the kitchen of the restaurant to take some food.

although he is not free, at least he is not afraid of not eating.

this day.

mill was walking downstream of the ground when he suddenly felt a huge vibration from the ground.

the shock was so great that he wondered whether the city had encountered a nuclear bomb.

he recognized the direction and immediately knew that it was from the police station.

he knows several detection devices near the police station.

he used to mingle with pedestrians to test the position of the detector.

he controlled his ability and hurried towards the police station.

when he poked his head out of the ground, he saw at a glance that the police station had been blown into ruins, and even a few hundred meters around it was also a piece of rubble.

the flame is still burning.

there is no one around.

no, there is still a figure.

mill suddenly saw a figure standing slowly from the ruins of a building not far away.

but after a while, the figure fell down again.

mill slowly approached and found that the man's body was covered with blood and wounds, but to his surprise, these wounds were slowly healing.

and rapid scarring.

is a power!

Mill's face was shocked, then happy.

in the past few years, mill has not seen any of his powers except himself.

this made him even wonder whether all the powers in the world were killed.

I didn't expect to meet a special person today.

Moreover, he looked around and had a terrible guess in his mind.

Mir approached Lu Ning and reached for him. Their bodies slowly began to sink into the ground.

Mir shuttles underground with Lu Ning.

his speed is not fast at all, but now he still has one person with him, and his speed is even slower.

and his ability can only allow him to walk underground for five minutes. After five minutes, he must stop and rest for a while.

mill did not take Lu Ning to his secret base, but to an abandoned basement nearby.

he has been idle and bored for years. He has already walked through the city. There are many abandoned basements like this.

there are beds and other daily necessities in the basement, which seems to have been used by the owner of the house to escape.

mill put Lu Ning on the bed and turned on the light.

Lu Ning's whole body is scarred, as if wrapped by a layer of deep red skin.

especially on the eyes, it can be seen that a lot of blood has flowed out.

mill dare not move.

did not call Lu Ning.

in the next few days, he would come here every day to see Lu Ning.

on the third day, Lu Ning woke up.

he rubbed the skin, and the scar on the body's epidermis immediately fell off, revealing new and tender skin.

but he didn't open his eyes. His eyes haven't grown well.

however, although his eyes did not grow well, he still saw clearly the Mir who saved him here through the ability of ultrasound.

'thank you for saving me.'

after the two introduced each other, Lu Ning thanked him.

'you're welcome. It's the first time I've met someone of the same kind.' Mill replied with a smile.

he likes the word 'like'.

seeing Lu Ning wake up, he found himself very happy.

he was no longer alone.

he is of the same kind in this world.

'am I the first mutator you met?'

Lu Ning was surprised.

could it be that there are fewer than he imagined in this world.

or have all been killed.

'maybe they were either killed or they all hid.' Mill replied.

after all, if you don't hide, you will face death.

'what are your abilities?' Lu Ning nodded and asked.

'you can shuttle through the rock, soil or even metal at will.'

as for the first person of the same kind, Mir trusted him very much and did not hide it from Lu Ning.

Mir's answer surprised Lu Ning.

isn't this a place to escape?

is really a life-saving ability.

I want to come to the other side because of this ability, so I can hide now.

'did you do the damage to the police station?' Then mill could not help but wonder.

'they fired missiles at the police station to kill me.'

'you didn't die under the missile attack. Your ability must be very strong. What is your ability?' Mir looked at Lu Ning curiously.

Lu Ning's answer confirmed his previous guess.

at that time, the surrounding area was a sea of fire, and several hundred meters near the police station were blown into ruins.

this made him extremely curious about Lu Ning's ability.

such a powerful attack did not kill Lu Ning.

Lu Ning's ability must be extremely strong.

'give me your hand and I will tell you what my ability is.'

Lu Ning did not answer immediately, but extended his hand to Mir.

Mir looks at the palm of Lu Ning's hand, thinks about it, and puts his hand on Lu Ning's palm.

feel mill's hand.


Lu Ning copied his ability for the first time.

after copying, Lu Ning said: 'my ability is to copy.'


'you can copy my ability!'

Mir's startled breath.

he looked at Lu Ning strangely.

the body could not help shrinking back.

'yes.' Lu Ning nodded.

Mir, who has been copied by him, is no longer worried that the other party will betray him, so there is no need to hide it.

'how many abilities have you copied?' Mill continued.

he thought that Lu Ning must have copied the abilities of many powers because he could not die in the violent explosion and had such strong recovery ability.

he is eager to learn more about other powers from Lu Ning.

however, Lu Ning's answer disappointed him.

'I only copied you.'

'it's impossible. How did you survive the big bang and how did you have such strong recovery ability?' Mill asked in shock.

'because in addition to the ability to replicate the powers of the powers, I can also replicate other humans, even all animals and microorganisms on the planet.'

'for example?'

'such as ants, flies, fleas, electric eels and even water bears.' Lu Ning answered lightly.


mill looked at Lu Ning and was shocked and speechless.

he looked at Lu Ning as if he were looking at a monster

and his face was unbelievable.

how can you have such abnormal ability.

this is not what you want, you can have!

why does he have the ability to awaken.

when Lu Ning saw Mir's shocked expression, he could not help but smile.

this is also the first time he told others about his abilities.

Lu Ning was amused to see such a surprised Mir.

pretending to force really makes people feel comfortable.

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