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Chapter 167 Electromagnetic gun

When Lu Ning invaded the Milliken national network and learned about AVA, AVA had been hiding in the Rocky Mountains for five days.

it's winter now, and the mountains are snowing.

the mountains are covered with snow.

AVA has been hungry for five days. She doesn't know how long she can last.

she knew that if things went on like this, she would either be found or starved to death sooner or later.

on the other side, Lu Ning, who learned that there was a new mutant, rushed to the mountains at the first time.

'female mutant with stealth ability.'

from the intelligence bureau, Lu Ning obtained information about the capabilities of the new mutants.

this made him eager to save her.

this ability is very convenient whether he copies it himself or lets the other party do things later.

at that time, he will have another general under his hand.

in recent days, he has been fully familiar with the use of sarcoma ability.

now, he can not only detect the mutator through this ability, but also bind his own unique magnetic field through this ability, so that the alarm device of Millikan can not detect him.

now he can walk on the street with dignity.

Lu Ning grabbed a sports car and headed for the nuclear bomb city next door.

his speed is very fast.

milican is a good country with few people and wide roads.

with super vision and reaction ability, Lu Ning's speed is maintained at about 300 kilometers per hour.

sports cars are fast and fast.

he can handle all kinds of difficult movements like drift.

helicopters roared past Lu Ning from time to time.

however, the soldiers on the helicopter just took a casual look at the sports car underneath, didn't care, and only thought that Lu Ning was an ordinary person.

it's only half an hour since we got close to the nuclear city.

to avoid exposure, Lu Ning gets off.

he completely hid himself in the mountains and began to pulse toward the Rocky Mountains at full speed.

it is obvious that the cities and mountains surrounding the nuclear explosion have been screened. Therefore, even if some helicopters were left alone, Lu Ning was not found.

Lu Ning, who is running at full speed, has already become a streamer.

every step is 100 meters.

it is impossible for ordinary people to discover.

according to the map in his mind, Lu Ning advances at full speed according to the route.

his figure is just a trance, leaving a black shadow in the sky, and it has disappeared in place the next moment.

one step, and the ground under my feet collapses.

step again, even the rock will break.

sometimes in order to see the surrounding terrain clearly, he jumps directly onto the big tree.

one vertical body.


the big tree was crushed by direct violence.

on the top of the tree, Lu Ning's body was like a sharp arrow.

his chest heaved violently, but his breathing was smooth.

after landing, you will cross the mountains and forests again. The takeoff and landing distance is very long, just like flying.

as he approached the Rocky Mountains, his figure began to slow down.

here, we can see many helicopters hovering above.

Lu Ning has excellent eyesight and sees five armed helicopters in the opposite mountain range.

'it seems that the mutator is near here.'

it is only a few kilometers away from the helicopter.

has been in the attack range of Lu Ning.

Da Da.

Lu Ning, who was staring at the helicopter, saw the helicopter firing underground from time to time.

he guessed that the mutator might have been found.

Lu Ning is right.

AVA was found again and was submerged by fire.

but this time, to her surprise, the people on the helicopter clearly found her and shot at her, but it seemed that they did not want to kill her directly.

'they want to catch me back for research!'

AVA looks up at the helicopter in the sky, and this idea immediately comes to her mind.

she had seen rumors on the Internet before.

it is rumored that many mutants were captured by the government and then forced to do experiments.

no matter what the experimental results are, no mutant can come out of the laboratory.

ordinary people want to get the ability to mutate from them too much.

for so long, AVA has not found other mutants. She guessed that those mutants should all be killed by the government.

'do I have to fall into this fate?'

AVA stood there, her face despairing.

I haven't eaten for several days. She can't resist now.

she can't even use her own abilities now.

looking at several armed men planning to get off the helicopter, AVA stopped fighting.

she has lost hope.

I didn't expect that after hiding for so many years, I still didn't escape.

but at that moment, her eyes suddenly shrunk when she looked up.


in her eyes, a helicopter in the air was suddenly attacked and suddenly exploded violently.

several people who were about to jump off were blown out with the explosion.

I haven't waited for her to react.


another helicopter was hit again.

two helicopters broke into several fire masses and fell from the air.

secondary explosion occurs after falling into the nearby mountain range.

this sudden attack not only surprised AVA, but also other people on the helicopter.

they immediately checked the radar and kept circling, hoping to see the attack target.

'we are attacked. The attacker is unknown for the time being!'

there are three helicopters in the air to report to the headquarters at the first time.

although they were attacked, they did not give up their plan to catch Ava.

five people quickly jumped down from a helicopter and the parachute opened.

five people began to fall slowly.

AVA, who was waiting to be caught, seemed to see hope at this time. She continued to run towards the mountains and tried to hide.

on the other side.

Lu Ning puts down his left hand.

with a smile on his face, he hit two helicopters and was satisfied.

his hard training these days is not wasted.

I'm not joking.

he glanced at his left and right hands.

the left and right hands have not burst like the first time, and have begun to adapt to the intensity of the electromagnetic gun.

'very good.'

Lu Ning looks up, turns his eyes again to the three helicopters still circling there, and then starts again.

he turned into a streamer and ran toward the mountains.

the helicopter was shot down by unknown forces, which made the president angry.

he first thought of those radicals.

are those who stand on the side of the cosmic merchant.

'stupid!' He swore loudly.

he thought that when the matter was over, he would arrest them all and put them in prison.

but the urgent task is to catch the mutator.

he immediately ordered reinforcements.

as his command was issued, the nearby helicopters began to approach the Rocky Mountains.


Lu Ning quickly arrived at the mountain forest where AVA was.

he happened to see AVA surrounded by five armed men.

Lu Ning takes five throwing knives from the gate of time and space.


the five flying knives were projected one by one by Lu Ning at a distance of 100 meters from them.

the distance of 100 meters can be reached in the blink of an eye.


five armed men who were trying to get close to AVA were all hit by flying knives.

powerful force, even throwing their bodies out.

all five people have become corpses after landing.

Lu Ning came to AVA in a few steps.

when Eva saw Lu Ning's appearance, her face immediately showed an expression of great joy.

'are you here to save me?'

'yes.' Lu Ning nodded to her.

but before AVA was happy, a helicopter in the air had come to their heads.

Lu Ning's eyes coagulated and took out two pieces of ocean.

hold one first.

electromagnetic excitation in hand.

from the perspective of several people on the helicopter, Lu Ning's hand suddenly lit up.

the electric light flashed away and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

they saw something shooting at them.


I didn't wait for them to react.


the fuselage of the helicopter was violently attacked and exploded.

another helicopter saw me and was trying to escape.

another electromagnetic gun caught up.

similarly turns into a fire.

the helicopters were all monitored. The scene of Lu Ning attacking two helicopters was immediately sent back to the headquarters.

'the mutant!'

'they are a gang.'

then they soon saw the scene of Lu Ning attacking the helicopter.

with the explosion, the picture becomes snowflakes.

'what is that!'

'what kind of attack is that!'

everyone in the base was shocked.

what a powerful attack.

two helicopters exploded on the spot, and there was no time to resist.

although they have seen the mutants who control elements, the gap is too big compared with this.

it was the first time for all of them to see that such a powerful attack came from a human.

even if the other party is a mutant.

but it is still too strong.

'it turns out that the previous attacks did not come from other forces. Those attacks all came from this cosmic merchant!'

at this time, they understood that the other forces that they mistakenly thought were done by one person.

such a powerful attack should come from one person.

some people have begun to believe that Lu Ning is a cosmonaut.

even the president was shaken.

is really too strong.

the picture is lit up again in front of the military base and the Presidential Conference room.

a helicopter hovered over the mountain forest.

the picture is transmitted back by this helicopter.

but something more shocking happened to all of them.

an incomparable science fiction portal appears under the mountains and forests.

then they saw the space merchant walk in with Ava.

then the gate of time and space disappears.

Lu Ning and AVA also disappeared with the gate of time and space.

seeing this scene, the military base was boiling again.

'this! This is the gate of time and space that the cosmonaut said at the beginning!!'

'that should be right. After they went in, they disappeared directly.'

several generals and officers looked at each other and were all shocked.

the president in the conference room naturally saw this fantastic scene.

he sank into a chair.

'is he really a cosmic merchant?'

at this moment, even he began to feel a little uncertain.

a little flustered.

before, he was not afraid of Lu Ning because he thought Lu Ning was at best a more powerful mutant.

I don't believe that Lu Ning has the ability to destroy the world.

but it's different now.

if it is confirmed that Lu Ning is really a space merchant.


think of those radical remarks on the Internet.


the president could not help swallowing his mouth.

just when he was worried, a phone call came.

call after call.

asked him what to do next.

on that day, his phone was exploded.

at the beginning, he would still answer, but later he simply did not answer any.

he lit a cigarette and came to the window. After taking a sip, he stared at the scenery outside in a daze.

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