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Chapter 171 Philanthropist


the next day.

there are a group of ragged people standing in front of the land house.

there are almost 30 or 40 people, mostly old people and thin young people, with few women and children.

at this time, these people were stopped by Lu Ning's militia.

'where are you from, beggar? Do you know where this is? Lu family mansion, get out of here.'

Xu Guoyong drove away.

'we are not beggars.'

an old man came out of the dozens of people and shouted: 'we are the tenants of Mr. Lu's family!'

'tenant, tenant who rents our head Lu's family?'

'yes, yes, we specially want to come here today to thank Mr. Lu. Please let us meet Mr. Lu.'

'please, let's meet Mr. Lu.'

people behind the old man also shouted in twos and threes.

'you wait.'

when Xu Guoyong saw that it was not the beggar but the tenant of the Lu Ning family, he did not intend to drive him away.

he said a word and went into the house.

in the house.

Lu Ning is writing with ah Hua.

ah Hua lives at school now, but she will come back in two days.

today's little ah Hua has a clean face and is a little fatter than before.

Lu Ning is checking ah Hua's study.

now ah Hua only knows some simple numbers.

'regimental commander, thirty or forty people came outside. They said they were your tenants and wanted to see you.' Xu Guoyong said to Lu Ning.


Lu Ning knew that it was the rent reduction yesterday.

he touched ah Hua's head and walked out with Xu Guoyong.

'this is our leader, your Master Lu.'

as soon as he came out, Xu Guoyong introduced him to them.

Lu Ning saw dozens of ragged people in front of the house at a glance.

'Mr. Lu, thank you for your kindness.'

when the people saw Lu Ning standing next to Xu Guoyong, they all knelt down at once under the leadership of the old man.

Lu Ning reduced their land rent from 70% to 40%, which for them is like a Bodhisattva who helps people in distress.

when they got the news, they came overnight.

'old people, get up.'

Lu Ning felt bad when he saw so many poor people kneeling down for him.

he used to help the old man up and asked, 'what are you looking for today?'

'we are the villagers of Xiaoping village. We have come here to deliver you fruits.'

the old man untied two rag bags from the little donkey on the roadside and said attentively: 'in the morning, a dealer said that you would reduce our rent. We all came to thank you specially.'

after that, he opened two broken cloth bags to reveal wild walnuts, longans, wild dates and so on.

Lu Ning was half moved and half sad: 'I know that Xiaoping village is a half mountain village. Most of my 10000 mu land is on your side.'

slightly paused: 'but I remember that Xiaoping village is more than 30 miles away from Yuntai town. How did so many of you come?'

the old man replied: 'we are countrymen and have fast feet.'

at a glance, people's faces are covered with wind and frost.

they only have a small donkey, which is still used to carry cloth bags and dry food. They have to walk for three or four hours for more than 30 Li.

and he said only yesterday that they would come today.

those wild fruits are still fresh. I'm afraid I will pick them in the early morning.

'they are all loyal people!'

if you say thank you, it would be nice to have one or two people as representatives. I didn't expect so many people.

Lu Ning is also a face.

'Guo Yong, go and ask someone to put ten kilograms of white flour on each of them.'


Xu Guoyong will arrange it immediately.

when generations of white noodles are delivered to villagers.

'ouch, I can't do it.'

the old man waved repeatedly.

old people dare not move, and others dare not accept.

even if they look at the bag of white flour, their faces are eager.

Xu Guoyong also looks at Lu Ning helplessly.

'old people, don't refuse. It's a guest far away.'

Lu Ning spoke again, which finally made them accept these white faces with trepidation.

'Mr. Lu, you are really a living Bodhisattva and a good person!'

the old man kowtows to Lu Ning again with the crowd.

in these days, food is life-saving.

there is no greater grace.

Lu Ning is not stopped.

otherwise, I'm afraid they won't be at ease.

after thanking Lu Ning, the faces of these people showed an expression of great joy.

they look at the white face in their hands as if they were looking at the most precious thing in the world.

later, the old man did not dare to stay any longer, for fear of delaying Lu Ning's time. He quickly took them away and turned back three times at a time.

watching the people leave, Lu Ning said to Lao Bai, 'didn't I get some grain seeds? I'll send them to Xiaoping village tomorrow. When the harvest of this season's grain is over, I'll let them plant the grain I gave them.'

'yes, Mr. Lu.'

Lao Bai responded respectfully.

Lu Ning enters the house again. Xu Guoyong follows him and conveniently brings in the two bags of wild fruits.

after Xu Guoyong put down the bag, he withdrew.

'come on, everyone's out eating fruit.'

Lu Ning said hello.

he can't finish eating so many fruits.

when the people heard that there was fruit to eat, they immediately swarmed out.

old Liu quickly beckoned the rough emissaries to wash wild jujubes and longans.

as for wild walnuts, they are put aside separately.

wild walnuts have not even been peeled or dried. They are still fresh and can't be eaten at all.

but there are dozens of pounds of wild jujube and longan.

several plates of washed wild jujubes and longan are immediately placed in front of Lu Ning.

a few peaches and pears are scattered in it.

Shi pinger, Li Hongxiu, Ming Hanqiao and Yu Chunyan, four little maids, are sitting next to Lu Ning with stools.

Yan Hongmei is not here. She has been in the military camp these days.

mill is not here either. He has gone to the casino.

AVA didn't go to play and was sitting next to Lu Ning.

three rough ambassadors, three rough ambassadors, Lao Liu and Zhang Hengsheng.

almost everyone is here.

'come on, eat.'

Lu Ning hands the longan to ah Hua and throws one into her mouth.

not to mention, this wild one is quite sweet and has a small nucleus.

with the start of Lu Ning, others also started one by one.

either sit or squat and eat happily.

fruits are rare these days.

not affordable to ordinary people.

they ate more than half of the dozens of pounds of fruit.

a satisfied smile appeared on every face.

in the end, a small half was left, and no one moved again.

they dare not eat any more.

especially those peaches and pears.

'save these for you guys to eat tomorrow.' Lu Ning rubbed ah Hua, looked at Shi Ping'er and said to the four of them.

'master Xie.'

several people showed sweet smiles.

'who among you can read?' Lu Ning looked at the four and suddenly asked.

everyone shook their heads.

his face is even more silent.

they are all people who have been sold. Where have they gone to school.

I have been busy working for my family since I was a sensible person. In the end, I couldn't continue working at home and sold them again.

Lu Ning's words remind them of the hard life before.

'then you will learn from ah Hua in the future.'

'ah Hua, every time you come back, teach them to be as knowledgeable as you.' Lu Ning touched ah Hua's head and said to her.

'good brother.' Ah Hua smiled and nodded in reply.

after ah Hua began to learn, she suddenly became different. She was more cheerful and polite, completely different from before.

this is also the reason why Lu Ning plans to let the four of them study together.

Lu Ning is often not at home. These people are very idle at home. They are also idle. It's better to find something for them to do.

so as not to be illiterate.

'good Lord.'

several people naturally have no opinions on Lu Ning's arrangement, and fully agree.

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