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Chapter 177 Magic land - God

Kambia continent.

this is a magical land, on which many powerful Warcraft live, but it is not humans but orcs who rule this land.

among the orcs, there are not only ferocious Bimeng, but also powerful sacrifice.

a hundred years ago, mankind was defeated in the war with the orcs.

since then, the magicians and swordsmen in human beings have been slaughtered, and human beings have become slaves and rations of orcs.

for a hundred years, the human world was dark and suffered.


kambia continent.

portua City, lux Town, Ville village.

only one human being was wearing ragged clothes, which were only enough to cover the main parts of his body. They were busy in the fields.

at a glance, there are almost six or seven people.

among these people, there are few young men, only one or two, mostly women and children, and none of the elderly.

in addition to humans, there are two orcs standing in the field.

these two are the werewolves in the orcs. The body of the wolf is strong and strong. The upper body is naked and the lower body is surrounded by broken cloth strips.

in the Terran, they are called werewolves.

at this time, the two werewolves were holding whips and whipping the humans working in the field from time to time.

laugh while whipping, and take pleasure in it.

a werewolf, looking at a woman working in the field, suddenly showed greed and involuntarily drooled at the corners of his mouth.

he was a beast, and he rushed at women.

'ah, save the people!'

the woman shouted, her eyes filled with fear.

she knew that she would become the food of the wolf headed population just like those who died.

in kambia, orcs and humans used to eat each other, but since human beings were enslaved, orcs have kept humans in captivity, and human beings have completely become Orc food.

there are countless human beings who are suddenly eaten in the course of their work.

seeing that women are about to die in the mouth of werewolves.


a little boy next to me shouted and was excited.

he said a spell, and immediately a ball of fire appeared out of thin air and shot at the werewolf.


the werewolf's body was hit by the fireball, and he was shot out at once.

he screamed in pain and rolled on the ground.

when the flame on his body is extinguished, he is already dying.

'ender, run!'

the woman over there glanced at another wolf headed man near the field, and regardless of her own danger, she immediately shouted at the boy.

the boy is her child, named ander Sears.

the most important thing is that he is the only magician in kambia. He has only just awakened a few days ago. He will shoulder the hope of mankind in the future and must not die here.

the werewolf over there saw ender, who was emitting fire magic, and his companions who were attacked by magic, and immediately reacted.


he immediately raised his head and howled.

sound diffuses out.

he rushed to the little boy ander with a huge stick.

werewolves are extremely fast.

ander has just awakened to his magic. After a spell, his body has collapsed.

'ande, run!'

when other human beings saw this, they immediately ran over and shouted.

a slightly stronger man stopped the Werewolf in front of him, trying to buy ander time to escape.


but just once, the stick in the hands of the werewolf hit the man. The werewolf was very powerful, and the man was beaten to the side at once.

after the man fell on the ground, he had passed out.

several other humans also rushed up together and stopped in front of the werewolf.

'ender, run!'

they didn't have weapons in their hands, even farm tools, so they rushed to the wolf man and shouted at ander as they rushed.

in the face of the future hope of mankind, their death is nothing.

even if they don't die today, they will also become the rations of the orcs in the future.

as long as Ender can escape, they are worth it.


one by one, humans were knocked unconscious by the werewolf and fell on both sides.

when the wolf man became fierce, he even bit a woman's throat.

'you guys!'

Ender looked at me and was moved with tears in his eyes. He staggered back.

he must not let everyone's efforts be in vain.

the strength of several human beings was too weak. The werewolf pulled and bit them at will, so he pushed them away and chased Ender fiercely.

in front of him, this human has awakened his magic, and we must not let him escape.

ander in front didn't escape far because of his casting.

seeing the wolf headed man landing on all fours and rushing after him, Ender's face showed a cruel expression.

'if there is really a God in this world, please help us. I swear by ander that I will serve you all my life.'

'please God save us.'

looking at the oncoming werewolf, Ender knew that there was no hope of escaping, but he didn't.

he stood where he was, his hands folded, his mouth muttering, and his expression was solemn.

'die for me!'

the wolf head man has a ferocious face and his legs trample on the ground. When he was still six or seven meters away from ander, he suddenly jumped up and lunged at him.

Ender is in front, and the werewolf seems to see Ender's throat broken by him.

Ender's face was full of despair at this moment.

just then.

suddenly, a door of time and space appeared in the middle of werewolf and ender, near Ender's position.

is right between them.

Lu Ning, who just stepped out, saw the wolf headed man at a glance.


with a slight lift of his foot, he kicked the werewolf back.

before he understood it, Lu Ning had been lenient, but even so, the werewolf was like being hit by a behemoth. After flying backwards for a few meters, he fell to the ground.

passed out.

the door of time and space closes, and Lu Ning immediately finds ande behind him.

'you, are you God?'

Ender's face is tense. He looks at the wolf headed man who flew backwards and fell into a coma. For a moment, he can't believe what he sees.

just after he prayed, Lu Ning appeared and helped him defeat the werewolf.

and the main thing is that Lu Ning's appearance is like a god descending from the sky.

is it really his prayer that works.


Lu Ning did not answer ande's question.

because he can't understand Ender's language.

'great God, thank you for saving me just now.'

'please help us.'

ande thought that Lu Ning would acquiesce, and knelt down toward Lu Ning.

Lu Ning takes a look at ande and the surrounding environment.

two humanoid werewolves, several wounded comatose humans.

is this the world of vampires?

before he could react, a dozen werewolves had rushed out of the farm.

at this time, Lu Ning and ande were still standing here. As soon as the dozens of werewolves came, they rushed at them without saying anything.


several werewolves have ferocious faces and open mouths full of fangs.

'great God! Please save us!'

when Ender saw so many werewolves rushing towards them, he instinctively became afraid and shouted at Lu Ning, hoping that Lu Ning could protect him.

bang bang.

Lu Ning didn't let him down.

his movements are very fast and become an illusion.

the dozens of werewolves who rushed up were beaten out one by one by Lu Ning without even touching their clothes.

every punch of his is like a big hammer, with terrible strength. Just a touch, the wolf head will break his bones.

this time he didn't keep his hand. The wolf head who was hit by him either broke his brain or his heart.

no wolf can take his second punch.

the corpses of more than a dozen werewolves were thrown out. After landing, all of them died.

the whole process is just two breaths, crisp and clean.


ande, standing behind Lu Ning, was already staring at him.

this is really too powerful.

he, who has been tortured by werewolves, deeply knows the power of werewolves.

six or seven humans are not rivals of a werewolf.

I didn't expect that the originally powerful werewolf would be so vulnerable in Lu Ning's hands.

he was trembling and excited.


this is the power of God.

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