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Chapter 178 The terrible situation of mankind

The werewolf who was first knocked unconscious by Lu Ning woke up.

he was trying to escape when Lu Ning appeared in front of him.

gently deliver a punch.


the werewolf's body is twisted, turned into a pool of mud, and collapsed on the ground.

several humans have also awakened. When they see the corpses of werewolves all over the ground, they look panic stricken.

'I prayed to God, and God saved us.'

'he is God.'

Ender came to them and explained.


the people and ande walked to Lu Ning in fear. They looked at Lu Ning's tall and powerful body, white clothes and perfect face. Everyone couldn't help feeling ashamed.

'thank God for saving us.'

they all knelt down toward Lu Ning without any doubt and looked serious.

the greatness of God is deeply rooted in their hearts.

Lu Ning ignored them and set his eyes on the farm further away.

he heard a scream over there.


in the pigsty of the farm.

this place is surrounded by iron fences. Instead of pigs, live people are kept inside.

these people are obese men and women.

human meat is incomparably delicious to orcs, not only with less hair, but also fresh and juicy.

people who grow meat fast will be treated as pigs.

fatten them and eat them.

the environment here is dirty, and the stench of excrement and urine is constantly coming out.

there are five or six iron fences, each of which houses at least five obese human beings.

the human being who is imprisoned here as a pig is full of round meat, and he has been too fat to move.

at this time, they were lying on the ground one by one, numb.

a wolf headed man holds a wooden bucket and pours out sparse food from the bucket.

pour food into the stone trough.

several people who were unwilling to move their bodies slowly crawled over, put their mouths into the stone trough and began to eat.

after feeding all the humans in the iron fence, the werewolf dragged a huge human out of the iron fence.

this is a man.

he was put with an iron chain around his neck, and then followed the werewolf man to the outside and went into the special slaughtering shed.

the man's legs trembled, and his numb face became extremely scared.

as he walked, he looked at everything strange around him.

in his life, this is the first time he has stepped out except for the iron fence.

every step he takes, he walks very hard. His heavy weight presses him, and the bones on his body creak. It seems that he will be crushed by the fat on his body at the next moment.


he walked a little slower, and the werewolf took a whip and whipped him severely.

although I was afraid, I even vaguely felt that I was going to die.

but men don't know how to resist.

he didn't know anything when he was raised as a pig.

I can't even speak.

the only thing I know is to listen to the wolf man.

next, the man was taken to the slaughterhouse, and instincts began to make him afraid.

human limbs and viscera are everywhere.

he was shivering all over, and then the man watched helplessly as the werewolf approached with a knife.


a knife wiped the man's neck, and blood spattered.

the man did not resist all the time. His fat body fell heavily on the ground, and after a few convulsions, he completely stopped moving.

the wolf head opened the belly of a man. Soon, the hook and the table were full of human flesh.

at this time, wolves howled outside.


the werewolf here also howled, but he didn't go out.

after howling, he felt that the beast in his body was excited.

he returned to the pigsty and dragged a fat woman out of the iron fence.

this fat woman was dragged into the slaughterhouse. Soon, there was a woman's scream inside.

after a while, the woman's scream stopped abruptly.

when Lu Ning arrived, he saw a werewolf slaughtering a naked woman. The woman's limbs had been dismembered and her head was hung on an iron hook.

seeing this scene makes Lu Ning's pupil shrink.

at this time, he was hidden, and the werewolf didn't find him at all.

he came to the back of the werewolf, held his fist, and hit the werewolf's head.



powerful force, let the head of the werewolf fall directly into his neck.

blood slowly overflowed.

a tragic death.

the wolf head man's body fell on the ground.

Lu Ning glances at the woman's head hanging on the iron hook. The other party's eyes are full of blood, and his face is full of fear.

he went out of the slaughterhouse and came to the iron fence where human beings were kept in captivity.

a pungent smell rushed into his nose immediately.

he frowned and stopped breathing.

Lu Ning was moved again when he saw the naked people locked in the iron fence.

this is really a pig.

the men and women in the iron fence showed curious eyes when they saw Lu Ning.

several fat women with excited eyes climbed up to the iron fence and waved their arms to Lu Ning.

'the situation of human beings in this world is so bad.'

Lu Ning was shocked when he looked at the people here who were insensitive and had not developed their minds.

what kind of world did he come to.

in other worlds, although human beings fight internally, at least they dominate the planet.

here, human beings have become the most inferior existence.

it seems that it is not a day or two.

his heart sank.


ender, seeing Lu Ning who suddenly disappeared, were immediately enveloped in a wave of anxiety.

several people gathered together to talk about God's affairs and think about what to do in the future.

'God cannot always protect us.'

'we can escape into the Taklimakan Desert. It is said that many escaped humans have gone there.'

'but we don't know how to get there.'

several people said.

'ender, where do you think I should go?'

they couldn't help turning their eyes to Ender.

Ender is the hope of all of them.

'God, God has not left. We will wait until God comes back.' Ender said to them.

when Lu Ning left just now, although I didn't say anything to him, I gave him a gesture, as if I wanted them to wait here first.

people naturally have no opinions on ander's words.

now Ender is the closest person to God.

they guessed that it was probably because of ander's awakening magic that he was favored by God.

sure enough, Lu Ning reappeared in front of the crowd soon after.

they were both respectful and afraid of Lu Ning. One by one, they bowed their heads piously and dared not even look at him more.

he took the six villagers to the farm and showed them the human beings who were imprisoned in the iron fence.

however, to Lu Ning's surprise, they seem to be used to looking at these humans raised as pigs. They don't even regard them as the same kind, and their faces don't show any sympathy.

'God, what do you want to tell us?'

ande approached Lu Ning and asked.

he didn't know what Lu Ning meant by bringing them here.

Lu Ning thought that they would release these people when they came, but he didn't expect that these people would be indifferent.

Lu Ning took them to the slaughtering area and pointed to the wolf headed man's body.


Ender and the others understood, immediately lifted the body to the table, picked up the knife and began to break it into eight pieces, peeling and cramping.

after killing this one, they also joined forces to move in the corpses of the dozens of werewolves outside.

Lu Ning frowned at all this.

he wanted them to deal with the wolf head man's corpse, but he didn't ask you to kill him.

however, this also enabled Lu Ning to quickly understand their culture and habits here.

it seems that it is normal for you to eat me and I to eat you.

more than a dozen werewolves were all skinned and cramped, most of them were hung up to dry, and only one werewolf was cooked by several people.

Lu Ning watched them busy.

in the evening, rich and delicious food has been served on the table.

a large pot of werewolf meat, some bread and vegetables.

in addition to these, there is a large amount of turbid wine.

the restaurant is a little shabby.

at the long table, Lu Ning sits in the upper seat, six people sit on both sides, and the oil lamp is lit on the top of the head. The light is dim.

six people, including ande, looked at Lu Ning with respectful expressions.

Lu Ning did not move his mouth, neither did they.

Lu Ning took a piece of bread in his hand at random. It was very rough and ugly.

he tore a small piece, put it in his mouth and chewed it a few times.

dry and tasteless.

however, after chewing for a long time, there will be a trace of natural sweetness.

this is the taste of protein mixed with saliva.

he took one bite and didn't eat any more. He motioned to several people.

everyone looks at ande, who is only nine years old. In addition to Lu Ning, ande is already their main focus.

seems to let Ender distinguish the meaning of God.

'God wants us to eat. Let's eat together.' Ender understood what Lu Ning meant and said to the others.

after hearing what Ender said, several people couldn't help themselves any more and began to scoop up pieces of werewolf meat with wooden spoons and eat it.

there is a person who likes to eat eyes very much. The two eyes of the werewolf are full of juice.

seeing them wolfing down, Lu Ning didn't want to look again, left the table and went out.

it is already dark outside.

the distant mountains are quiet.

within a few hundred meters, only this small farm is slightly bright.

Lu Ning looked up at the stars in the sky and found that the arrangement of the stars was indeed different from that of the earth. Although they were equally scattered, the familiar Big Dipper and Orion could not be seen.

for him, the most important thing now should be to understand what kind of world this is and how strong the ceiling of the world's highest combat power is.

although he is very strong now, he should still be in awe of the unknown.

if you want to understand the world as soon as possible, you must first learn the language of the world.

although he has only recently arrived, his brain is extremely developed and he has the ability to remember.

he remembered all the words that the little boy had said to him once, and the contents of their conversation.

in a moment, Ender also came out from inside.

it seems that you are full.

ande respectfully came to Lu Ning's side. He didn't speak and seemed to be waiting for Lu Ning's instructions.

Lu Ning took him aside and sat down, and then the two began to talk.

'can you understand what I said?' Lu Ning asked.

this is the first time that Lu Ning speaks in front of ande.

his words immediately surprised Ender.

looked at Lu Ning in amazement.

'God, are you speaking divine language?' Ender's face was blank and full of doubts.

see the expression on Ender's face and his answer.

Lu Ning knew that the other party could not understand.



Lu Ning pointed to himself and ande.

'I, ander Sears' ander pointed to himself and said.

but he dared not point to Lu Ning.

refers to Lu Ning's disrespect for God.

two people begin to practice dialogue in this way.

Ender heard Lu Ning's words in a fog and didn't understand a word.

but being able to get close to God and listen to God's words makes Ender happy.

looking back at Lu Ning, he understood the meaning of every sentence ande said, mastered the pronunciation, and quickly mastered it.

whether it is Chinese characters or English, as long as you understand the meaning of the source, the pace of progress will naturally be faster and faster.

if language is compared to a martial art.

Lu Ning is like a master who can get through the two veins of Ren and Du. In less than one night, he has stepped into the palace of martial arts and achieved little success.

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