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Chapter 179 The terrible situation of mankind 2

By asking ander, Lu Ning had a general understanding of kambia.

this is the world of magic. There are powerful human magicians, ORC sacrifices, dragons, elves, dwarves, and even legendary gods.

the elf people love peace and live alone in the elf forest.

dwarves live in a corner. They are simple-minded and do not like human intrigues. They only have some contacts with the elves.

the giant dragons are rare and live deep in the forest of Warcraft.

the mainland was occupied by humans and orcs, but since humans were defeated by orcs, the rulers of the mainland have become orcs.

among the orcs, there are many races.

for example: tauren, lion, snake, bear, dog headed, wolf headed, Centaur, tiger, fox, wolf, sea, gray eagle, swan, Bimeng, etc.

the most powerful bimon can even rival the dragon.

among the orcs, there are half orcs in addition to pure orcs.

almost all animals have one race, and there are also half humans and half animals, which makes Lu Ning confused.

ordinary animals, orcs, orcs and humans.

there is some confusion in the relationship.

but it seems quite normal to think about it. If it is said that humans evolved from monkeys, then other animals also evolved intelligent life, it seems that it can be said in the past.

as for orcs, are they the hybrid of humans and animals, without reproductive isolation.

he knows a little in his heart.

Lu Ning asked ander about the origin of these orcs, and ander said: 'it is said that the goddess of life created them.'

well, asking is equal to not asking.

just like on earth, it is said that human beings were created by Nu Wa.

thinking that this is a magical world, everything is possible, Lu Ning no longer tangled.

Lu Ning asked about the magician.

he didn't ask about God. After all, Ender has regarded him as a God and has no concept of God at all.

and although there are legends of gods in this world, no one has really seen gods.

in addition to gods, the most powerful in the human world are the Dharma saint and the sword saint.

the most powerful of the orcs is the sacred sacrifice.

however, there are no Dharma saints and sword saints in the human world now. Besides ander, it is not clear whether there are other awakened magicians.


the world of magic makes Lu Ning feel strange.

after learning that ande had awakened to fire magic, Lu Ning immediately copied his ability.

'after awakening fire magic, you can see fire elements in meditation and communicate with them.'

'they are like lovely elves. I like them very much.'

when it comes to fire elements, Ender smiles.

according to ander, all spells are taught by fire elements, which is natural.

this makes Lu Ning look forward to it.

however, knowing that the world had high combat power, Lu Ning decided to stay with it for the time being.

no matter how strong he is, he is only a person. If he is besieged and runs back to the earth, he will lose face as the first person on the earth.

don't lose face.

is a must.

people of different races must have different minds.

as a human being, he can't let the human beings in this world be slaves and animals all the time.

however, everything will wait until he has a clear understanding of the situation.

Lu Ning asked ande if there were forces gathered by human beings.

Ender told Lu Ning about the Taklimakan Desert. 'I heard that many escaped humans went there, but we don't know how to get to the Taklimakan Desert.'

'usually they would take the slaughtered pigs to the city to sell.'

'there are still some orcs living near this village, but generally they will not approach here.'

this is equivalent to the pig farm on the earth, slightly away from other orcs.

after getting to know ande clearly, Lu Ning told them to stay in the farm for the time being and not to walk around.

he is going to the nearby big city alone.

ande's knowledge is limited, and they don't even know the situation of the nearby cities. Lu Ning plans to go to the city to understand the situation.

at least get the map of Taklimakan Desert and the distribution map nearby.

we should also find out how many orcs are strong in a city.

with the ability of invisibility, ordinary people can't find him at all.

the next day.

Lu Ning is wearing a black robe, and his body is completely covered under the black robe.

I am wrapped all over, and I can't see him clearly from the outside.

this is ander's suggestion. Some orcs or sacrifices will wear this.

in addition to clothes, Lu Ning also brought coins from the farm.

there are three kinds of coins here, copper, silver and gold.



the huge wall is no less than ten meters high, and there are orcs coming in and out at the gate.

a strong bull headed man and five dog headed men are responsible for collecting money at the door.

'stop, enter the city for a copper coin.'

everyone who enters the city will be charged a copper coin entrance fee.

Lu Ning looked at all this from a distance.

he suddenly felt that he did not come to the magic world, but rather came to the demon world.

just after watching it for a short time, I saw tauren, lion, snake, bear, dog headed, wolf headed and Centaur entering the city.

Lu Ning kept invisible and went straight in front of the Tauren.

after entering the city, he found that the environment inside was similar to that of the human world. There were shops along the street, and there were hawkers everywhere.

from time to time, a group of Tauren in charge of patrol can be seen passing by.

much more harmonious than Lu Ning imagined.

of course, this is relative to orcs.

for humans, nature is not so friendly.

in an open-air market, Lu Ning saw human beings being trafficked in public.

several naked human beings, like commodities, were dragged onto the stage for sale.

there are men and women in human beings. They are well proportioned and good-looking.

a male fox tribe is touching the woman's body with his fingers, and sometimes opens her mouth for inspection.

it was the first time that Lu Ning saw a male fox tribe. The other party was the same as human beings. Except for a pair of ears, it was almost indistinguishable from human beings. Moreover, it was very handsome.

the only thing that makes people dislike is the fox coquettish smell from the other party.

even across the distance, Lu Ning can smell this pungent smell.

'this should be a ORC.' Lu Ning said in his heart.

most of the people here are orcs, and few are orcs.

orcs obviously know more about etiquette and dress more like humans than orcs.

judging from the attitude of the orcs towards the fox orcs, it seems that even their identities are higher than those of ordinary orcs.

after a while, Lu Ning saw that the human woman was bought by the male Orc of the fox tribe.

Lu Ning leaves here and shows his body from the corner.

even if he can be invisible, there is a time limit.

for the longest time now, he can maintain invisibility for 20 minutes.

he was covered in black robes and continued to wander around the city.

entering an alley, Lu Ning saw a disgusting scene again.

the orcs who paid the money trampled on several human women in the humble hut.

several women are obese, and they are obviously raised as pigs.

now, in addition to being treated as pigs, they are also treated as vent objects.

that's a human being. Lu Ning felt bad about it.

looked again and found that there were men in addition to women.

standing in the distance, he could vaguely see the movements and groans inside.

'Damn it.'

his mouth began to open and close, and invisible infrasound waves were sent from his mouth.

for the first time against orcs, Lu Ning tried for a while before finding the same frequency vibration.

in a moment, several orcs who were still moving suddenly fell to the ground, bleeding seven holes, and died directly.

screams come from here.

Lu Ning did not stay and left here.

at a street corner, he saw a dog headed man shit.

orcs obviously don't pay much attention to etiquette and hygiene.

as she walked, Lu Ning could see some excrement and urine in some corners of the street from time to time.

Lu Ning was wondering whether they never practiced hygiene.

then, he saw several humans sweeping the street in front with brooms.

are six men and women in their twenties. They are wearing shabby clothes and chains on their legs. At this time, they were bending down and trying hard to clean the street.

the broom is used for sweeping the floor, but there is no dustpan, and a dustpan is used.

they cleaned the excrement and urine of the orcs together, and then used a dustpan to put the excrement and urine into a leather bag.

several werewolves waved whips, and from time to time several whips fell on them.

when they are busy, they often lie on the ground and catch the excrement and urine with their hands.

a handful of excrement and a handful of urine.

when facing werewolves and other orcs passing by, they looked humble, tried their best to please, and were extremely careful.

they had a lot of companions, but in the past, they would be eaten a few every day.

one advantage of using your hands to catch excrement and urine is that at least the orcs will no longer be interested in them.

in particular, if they are contaminated with the urine of some tiger people, they will be safe for a period of time.

this is the survival experience summarized by several people.

is also the reason why they can live so long.

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