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Chapter 180 Lu Ning's bloody outburst

An open-air restaurant.

at this time, a feast is being held here.

several Tauren captains warmly welcomed a Hutou man.

every Hutou, in the orcs, is not only a strong man, but also belongs to the royal family.

is the existence of the pyramid layer.

Hutou people hold important positions in any city.

for example, the tiger head man is the captain of the city of portua.

every month, the Tauren captain at the bottom will treat the Hutou guard leader in this way.

and the things they entertain are human children.

children are arranged from one year old to ten year old.

all ten children were caged.

the fate of these ten children is very miserable, because they will be pried off alive.

human brain is the favorite of orcs.

not only because the human brain is delicious.

also because of the legend of the orcs.

according to the legend of the orcs, eating human brains can not only make them smarter, but also make them stronger.

therefore, on all important festivals, orcs should treat them with their brains.

the children are locked in cages. They keep staring at the orcs around them with confused eyes.

they don't know their situation yet.

soon, the children were savagely fixed with their heads by the beasts.

at this time, the children began to cry loudly.

beside the child is a boiling oil pan.

before eating human brain, pour a spoonful of hot oil, which is more delicious.

the Hutou man has saliva in his mouth. He can't wait.

'please wait a moment, sir. I'll open the celestial cover for you.'

a Tauren flattered.

after that, he gently lifted the first cage to the Hutou man.

it is the human baby in this cage.

the baby's whole body is smooth and smooth.

seems to melt at the entrance.


the tiger head man who watched swallowed.

the Tauren picked up a small hammer next to him.

the baby's head is now fixed with a ring of serrated iron.

with a light hammer, his celestial cover will be neatly cut open, and then the fresh human brain inside will be exposed.

an experienced Tauren can even open the celestial cover so that the baby will not die.

this is a great test of ORC skills.

but now this Tauren is obviously confident in his own technology.

some watching orcs gathered around.

although they can't eat such a feast of eating human brains, they can still enjoy it by watching the Hutou people.

seeing the Tauren captain raise the hammer, the hammer falls.

at the critical moment, a dark figure jumped in and hit the Tauren's head with his fist.

incomparable power falls.


the crisp sound of bone fracture sounds.


the huge body of Tauren was shot out at once.

his body flew more than ten meters away like a rag and hit the stall on the street.

after landing, the Tauren's head is deeply recessed. Without half of his head, a big eye directly bursts out.

crimson blood flows out of the seven holes of Tauren.

I can't die anymore.

Lu Ning is the one who plays the flying Tauren.

the black robe on his head has been blown off by the wind.

at this time, his chest heaved and he looked at the orcs here with cold eyes.

if he saw that human beings were kept in captivity as animals from the beginning, he would feel sad.

after entering the city, he was angry when he saw that human beings were being vented wantonly by orcs, even kneeling on the ground to pick up excrement and hold urine.

now he can't help seeing that the orcs are cruel to eat human babies and children raw. His heart is like a volcano.

blood burst out completely at this moment!

'human, it's human!'

the orcs around are noisy. They look at the flying Tauren. Lu Ning, standing in the crowd, has an incredible expression on his face.

they looked puzzled. How could there be human beings escaping alone.

and the captain of the flying Tauren is so powerful.

'I can't imagine that there are still strong people like you in human beings, but it's like asking for death to disturb me to eat.' The Hutou man didn't stand up. He waved to the remaining four Taurens.


four Taurens have rushed up with big swords.

Tauren is a burly man, and the sword in his hand is like a broad gate.

but they came quickly and went back faster.

bang bang.

Lu Ning hits four punches and blows his head.

the last punch was directly hit on the other side's long sword, which exploded with the Tauren's head!

the bodies of four Tauren fell down.

ground vibration.

the surrounding orcs scattered, their faces frightened.

was frightened.

at this moment, in their eyes, Lu Ning suddenly became a monster.

'you! You are a swordsman among mankind!'

the Hutou man can no longer sit calmly. He suddenly stands up and holds a big hammer in his hand.

the tiger head man is tall, not inferior to the tauren, and his muscles are bulging, which makes him more flexible than the Tauren.

the powerful Lu Ning began to make him pay attention.

this kind of strength is no longer ordinary human. Only swordsmen among humans can achieve it.

Lu Ning didn't answer his words and walked towards him step by step.


the tiger head man roared, and the big hammer in his hand immediately came out.

the hammer was thrown out by him, turned into a fast streamer, and hit Lu Ning directly.


Lu Ning reaches out his hand and takes it gently. He holds the huge hammer in his hand.

when the Hutou man saw this scene, his eyes were as wide as brass bells. He dared not go forward and turned around and ran away.

can catch his hammer with his bare hands. He knows that he can't be Lu Ning's opponent.

Lu Ning dodges one by one and comes to the Hutou man. He swings his arm out and uses a sledgehammer from top to bottom.


destroy the dry and destroy the rotten.

the Hutou man's head first cracked and burst into blood.

click click.

then, the bones broke.

the powerful force caused the body of the Hutou man to be almost split in two, and only the flesh was still connected.

after the body fell to the ground, it had become a pool of minced meat.

this scene can frighten the orcs from afar.

Lu Ning looked around, and all the orcs withdrew their heads at once.

bang bang.

some shops are closed directly.

the orcs in the street have become birds and animals, and they have all run away in the vast land.

all at once, there is no animal in the air.

in an orc room.

'Mom, humans are terrible. Will they come and eat me?' A little ORC was shivering in his mother's arms.

'in the future, you should be obedient. If you don't, your mother will eat you up.'

scared the child to sob immediately.

the emergence of human strongmen, killing Tauren and Hutou in the street, is a big deal for orcs.

soon, two orcs who were nearby arrived here with several tauren, as well as a group of werewolves and dog heads.

two orcs, a male fox and a female swan.

male fox people hold swords, while female Swan people hold a magic wand.

'human, you dare to kill our Orc royal family. It's really damned!'

the male fox man looks at the tiger head man who has become a pile of broken meat, and his face is angry.

the Hutou are the royal family among the orcs, because it is not easy to reproduce, and the number is very small.

each death is a great loss for their orcs.

'I didn't expect that there would be such a fish as you in the human race. Today, you will be judged.' The female Swan swung her magic wand and spoke the truth.

the orcs surrounded Lu Ning, one by one like a formidable enemy.

Lu Ning takes a look at the female Swan tribe. The other side has a pair of white wings behind her, and even her hair is white, which makes him feel interesting.

somewhat like western angels.

'you talk too much nonsense.'

'today, you are all going to die!'

Lu Ning's eyes are extremely cold. He glances at them and moves instantly.

'water barrier!'

seeing that Lu Ning started, the Swan woman immediately released a magic.

what she woke up to was water.

this water barrier can form a protective barrier for them.

the water barrier is a transparent circular barrier formed by water, which immediately envelops her and the male fox people.

the water barrier has a fast casting speed and can be formed in the blink of an eye.

at the moment of its formation, Lu Ning's fist had arrived.


Lu Ning bombarded the water barrier with one fist.

the water barrier burst in an instant, and it was impossible to resist Lu Ning's fist.


the fox man didn't even have a chance to draw his sword, so Lu Ning smashed his head.

the Swan woman stared wide eyed and looked frightened.

too fast.

Lu Ning's speed is too fast.

and it's too strong. Her defense magic can't stop Lu Ning's punch.

she wanted to sing magic, but Lu Ning choked her.

'I can be your slave. Please don't kill me.' The Swan woman raised her neck and spoke with difficulty.

the human beings in front of her made her feel extreme fear.

she really felt that her death was near.

Lu Ning's eyes are cold and he is hesitating. Just now, the other party knows water magic, which is useful to him. Moreover, he doesn't know much about this big city.

'go ahead, go ahead!'

just when Lu Ning hesitated, the Tauren opposite trembled, slowly backed away, and then shouted.

a group of werewolves and a group of dog headed men immediately jumped on Lu Ning.

even if these werewolves and kowtows saw Lu Ning's strength, they still had no fear.

they howled with red eyes and open fangs, trying to tear Lu Ning into pieces.

'get out of here!'

Lu Ning yelled at him.

strong infrasound waves are constantly emitted from the Luning estuary.

the wolf headed man and the dog headed man who are running haven't taken a few steps yet.


blood quickly overflowed from their seven holes.

the expression of several wolves who rose from the sky gradually changed from ferocity to pain. The next second, they all fell at Lu Ning's feet, twitching a few times and losing their lives.

in the houses around the street.

'Mom, I feel so bad.' A young werewolf cub covered his chest with difficulty in breathing.

'children, children, don't be afraid, mother will...' his mother still wants to say that mother will protect you, but she has bled to death from seven holes.

the two bodies were held together and died silently.

Lu Ning on the street is constantly striving to emit infrasound waves.

the infrasound wave has a great killing range and spreads to half of Porto.

even the orcs hiding in the house are not immune.

several Taurens were scared to death when they saw the wolf head and the dog head. They turned around and ran away.

Lu Ning didn't chase. He turned the infrasound wave and switched it to the Tauren frequency.

werewolves and dog headed humans are similar in frequency.

the frequency of dogs tested on earth is similar to that of Lu Ning.

Tauren has the same frequency as cattle on earth.

with the continuous issuance of Lu Ning's infrasound wave, several Tauren who had not yet run far also fell to the ground one by one.

every Tauren bled to death from seven holes.

a sad death.

although several Tauren in the distance died, Lu Ning's infrasound wave did not stop.

circles of powerful infrasound waves continue to wash the city of portua.

the city of portua was soon covered with corpses.

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