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Chapter 187 Go ahead!

Lu Ning came to the magic boundary and touched it curiously.

the magic enchantment presents a translucent color, just like a cover, which covers several people inside.

the boundary is like an elastic ball with amazing elasticity. If you don't exert yourself, you can't get in at all.

'interesting.' Lu Ning gently pressed it and felt the amazing elasticity.

'who are you?' General Vernet, the tiger man, glared at Lu Ning.

others coveted Lu Ning and surrounded Wei Nei in the middle.

it is not necessary to know that Lu Ning is the culprit of all.

and Lu Ning just dropped from the sky with a Griffin and killed all the flying Griffins.

how did you do it.

Lu Ning didn't answer his words, but began to tap the magic boundary.

he wanted to try how much power he needed to smash the boundary.

'fool, this is a magical boundary released by four high-level priests. You can't break it.' Weiner saw Lu Ning's behavior and directly sneered.

it takes a long time to break the protective boundary released by the joint efforts of the four priests, not to mention the human beings in front of us.

several sacrificial priests and swordsmen share the same idea as weine. They feel that even if Lu Ning just behaves extraordinary, it is impossible to break their boundary with the human body.

Lu Ning gave Weiner a cold look, and then slapped his palm on the magic boundary.

in the hearts of several people, the incomparably strong enchanted boundary could not be stopped for a moment. It turned into fragments in an instant, and then disappeared into a little star light.


general Vernet, the tiger head man, has grown up.

in the shock of the people, Lu Ning's body has become an illusion.


the head of the tiger headed general Verne has exploded like a watermelon.

head difference.


Lu Ning only uttered a sentence at this time.

let others react when the rabbit rises and the crane falls.

'kill me!'

all four swordsmen rushed at him.

among the four swordsmen, two are Xiong swordsmen and two are fox swordsmen.

four broad and thick giant swords roared at Lu Ning's head.

although Lu Ning was strong, he even killed their general at once.

but the human race and the beast race are immortal.

even if they surrender, Lu Ning will never let them go in their hearts.

it's better to fight like hell.

the two bear Swordmen have great strength. The roaring sound is formed when the giant sword is wielded, and the air seems to be cut.

the other two fox swordsmen took a light route. They were flexible and stabbed Lu Ning from behind.

facing the joint attack of the four Orc swordsmen, Lu Ning went straight over!

bang bang.

with the first punch, Lu Ning smashed one of the xiongzu's heads.

the second punch, together with the big sword and the head of the bear people, smashed.

the third time, a savage collision broke the bones of the fox swordman's whole body, throwing his body out, and his breath was gone.

the fourth slap, the last fox swordsman's head is 180 degrees, and one end falls.

just finished solving the four Orc swordsmen. The four Orc sacrifice here have finished singing magic.

four animals recognize sacrifice, two are male fox people and two are female Swan people.

two huge arms composed of rocks tightly grasp Lu Ning's legs.

Lu Ning only moved his legs slightly, and the rock broke.

followed by freezing magic, which completely froze Lu Ning. Ice crystals covered his whole body.

he raised his hand again, and the ice crystal exploded.

then there are wind blades that cut violently. The wind blades across the sky are like tornadoes, completely submerging Lu Ning.

although the wind blade is fast, Lu Ning has disappeared in place.

the powerful tornado blade cuts back and forth directly on the ground where Lu Ning originally stood, and soon forms a huge pit.

the sand covers the sky and blurs the human eye.

'get away, he's over there!'

the last fox sacrifice looked to the left, and then a huge Fire Dragon flew out of his magic wand and rushed to Lu Ning.

facing the fire dragon coming again, Lu Ning dodged away.

the four sacrificial priests lit up defense magic instantly to protect them inside.

one is composed of rock head.

one consists of ice.

one is composed of wind blade.

the last one is composed of flame.

each defense magic presents an oval shape, protecting the four people inside.

but as Lu Ning approaches.


the rock collapses and explodes into rubble.

show a frightened sacrifice inside.

his head had been smashed by Lu Ning before the sacrifice came back.

before two seconds, he rushed to the second sacrifice.


the defense magic composed of ice also explodes.

once the ice is broken, then the head is broken.

the third and fourth, one is the wind blade and the other is the flame, which covers a wide range.

Lu Ning glanced at his clothes and stopped outside instead of rushing in.

as a God, you should be decent and your clothes should not be damaged.

he opened the door of time and space and took two throwing knives.

looking at the magic barrier formed by the wind blade and flame not far away.

two throwing knives were hurled by him.

with two puffs.

although the wind blade and flame are strong, they are still penetrated by powerful throwing knives.

the remaining potential of the two throwing knives does not decrease and disappears in the blink of an eye.

the wind blade and flame are extinguished, and the two corpses fall to the ground.

Lu Ning looks around and finds that there is still a fish in the distance.

is the fox woman who used to serve the Hutou people.

the other side has run more than 100 meters.

the fox woman's face was extremely frightened and she kept running.

Lu Ning kicks hard at his feet, kicking on a long sword.


the long sword leapt out with a swish.

the long sword turned into a streamer and quickly caught up with the fox women.


the running fox woman was pierced by a sword. The powerful power carried by the long sword made her fly all over.

seeing that the fox woman was shot, Lu Ning took back her eyes after landing.

so far, more than 10000 Orc troops have been destroyed!

a pride spread in Lu Ning's heart.

wipe out ten thousand people with one's own strength.

one man is in charge of the gate, and ten thousand men cannot open it.

he wanted to shout out who else!


the door of time and space opens, and he asks everyone in the Taklimakan desert to deal with the corpse.

people who were still at a loss were shocked when they saw the orc corpses all over the ground.

God killed the orc army.

shock is followed by ecstasy.

in particular, looking at the corpses of wolf headed and dog headed people, it seems that there are no other wounds except seven holes of blood. It is also a miracle of God.

our God is great and omnipotent!


after the orc army was destroyed by Lu Ning, all returned to portua.

firewood chopping, water boiling, stewed meat stewing, air drying.

Orc's clothes, armor and weapons are all stored in the warehouse by category.

the grain and dry food carried by the orcs were also distributed.

we have food, clothing and money. Everyone has made a fortune.

everyone's faces are full of smiles.

Porto falls into a carnival.

but they know that this is a gift from God.

everyone became more religious and respectful to Lu Ning.

but Lu Ning, who is the God in the minds of these people in the magical world, is not happy now.

'there is no magic ability to copy to ander!'

a month has passed, but to Lu Ning's surprise, he has not awakened any magic ability.

I can't feel the magic elements that Ender said.

finished, losing money.

'is it because this is the reason of the magic land?'

the world rules are different.

'or because the awakening of magic is on the spiritual or soul level, it cannot be copied.'

the essence of soul is different.

Lu Ning couldn't figure it out.

but now the facts are in front of him.

in fact, when the orc army came, Lu Ning had already faintly felt it.

at that time, more than 20 days had passed, but he had no sign of awakening magic.

this is also the reason why Lu Ning killed the orcs to sacrifice.

Lu Ning comes to the master's manor.

let the Swan girl and the snake girl out.

the two are still tied with iron chains, and their original bright appearance has become a little sloppy.

'I give you two choices, surrender or die!'

since the ability of the other party cannot be obtained by copying, the help of the two Orc sacrifices to Lu Ning is very limited.

Swan girl and snake girl look at each other.

'we are willing to submit.'

the two knelt down toward Lu Ning.

I'm quite smart.

Lu Ning calls ande and asks him to take the two to wash.

snake maiden is a high-level sacrifice, and her strength is OK in the magic land.

although the strength of Swan woman is weak, she is a swan. She has a pair of white wings behind her. She looks like an angel. Maybe she will be used in the future.

keep it for the time being.

although the two people don't need to be locked in the dungeon anymore, Lu Ning will still send someone to follow them. If he finds out that they have any other ideas, don't blame him for destroying the flowers.

Lu Ning suddenly thought of the death of the Griffin, and felt a little regretful.

the mount just died.

although the Griffin's speed is not as fast as that of him, it's still OK to make do with it.

'no, you can't rely on foreign objects. You must learn to fly by yourself!'

he can control metal. As long as his ability is slightly improved, he can fly by metal.

'God can't fly.'

this is not to push him down.

then, Lu Ning adjusted his focus and put it into the exercise of metal control ability.

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