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Chapter 188 Deformability

The army of more than 10000 orcs has been completely destroyed by Lu Ning. The orcs don't know yet. The king in the palace is still waiting for the good news from general Vernet.


on earth.

Chinese Academy of Sciences.

in a huge base.

at this time, a sci-fi robot is in front of everyone. All scientists are smiling when they look at this robot.

this is the individual combat mecha that they manufactured according to Lu Ning's design drawings.

the mecha is 1.95 meters long and almost as tall as people. It is customized.

the whole body of the machine armor is covered with thick armor, the color of the armor is green, and the part of the rotating shaft is black.

the head is also completely wrapped in a hard helmet. The ultra-thin bullet proof lens replaces the face. The whole mecha is cool and full of technology.

the shell of the mecha is made of the strongest Aerospace metal, which is resistant to high temperature, low temperature and high pressure.

in order to meet the requirements of Lu Ning's design, it can be said that the resources of the whole country have been used this time.

this mecha is the crystallization of all the technologies in China.

'now we only need energy.'

people looked at the robot in front of them, and their eyes were full of love.

the other side.

in a huge factory.

overclocking helicopters are being assembled.

outside the factory, another helicopter is flying.

it can be seen that it moves flexibly, just like a sprite jumping in the air, constantly flying up and down, and displaying super-high movements.


Yan Xuejun's laboratory.

the brain on the plate, that is, Nu Wa's brain, has now become larger, with a diameter of one meter, and it seems to breathe, playing one by one.

the water in the tray disappears quickly.

on the network.

Nu Wa is chatting with one of her netizens. Her voice is like an ordinary 18-year-old girl.

'Nu Wa, I think we can talk very well. When can we come out and meet?'

in the urban area, in a room of a residential building, a boy is sending a message with his mobile phone.

his face is smiling and somewhat expectant.

there is no doubt that he regarded Nu Wa as a normal girl.

little did she know Nu Wa's real identity.

'no, my father said that chatting on the Internet is OK, but we can't meet offline.'

Nu Wa replied.

'ha ha, what your father said is right. Nowadays, online dating is really unreliable. You may think it's a girl, but it's actually a picky guy.'

the boy was embarrassed when he was rejected. I want to ease the atmosphere.

'hum, you're the one who picks his feet.' Nu Wa was angry.

although I don't know whether the boy intends to, Nu Wa is very unhappy when she thinks of her own body, just like a goblin found by humans.

'Nu Wa, don't be angry. I didn't say you.'

'my father said that the boys he wanted to meet were all bad guys. I won't talk to you anymore. Goodbye!'

after Nu Wa sent this message, she immediately deleted the other party's account.

the boy in the room was worried. 'How can this happen? I'm really kidding.'

the boy keeps asking Nu Wa to restart his friend application, but Nu Wa has already pulled him black.


in a luxurious villa.

MA Guangke is drinking afternoon tea leisurely.

suddenly a phone call came in saying, 'Hey, old ma, how are you thinking?'

it was Ding Guangyuan, the leader of the domestic mobile phone industry, who called

what Ding Guangyuan said was that he hoped Ma Guangke could sell them new graphene aluminum batteries.

the performance of that new type of graphene aluminum battery is simply cross generational. If it can be used on mobile phones, it can completely innovate mobile phones.

however, Ma Guangke always said that he was considering it, which made Ding Guangyuan anxious.

what is good to consider in this matter? We can do it together.

time is money.

'don't worry. I can't make enough money. I'll think about it again.' Ma Guangke replied without haste.

the main thing is that this kind of thing needs to be reported to Lu Ning, so that Lu Ning agrees before he dares to make a decision. Now Lu Ning has not returned any information and has not answered any calls.

MA Guangke has always been careless.

'are you going to start a new mobile phone brand yourself, Ma?' Ding Guangyuan asked tentatively.

if this is the case, their group will face the biggest enemy.

'we are a graphene manufacturer. We only focus on new energy. It's OK to make batteries. Where do we think about making mobile phones? Don't think about it.'

hearing Ma Guangke's explanation, Ding Guangyuan was relieved.

the two chatted for a while, and Ding Guangyuan told them a few words before hanging up.


earth star.

the Internet is still full of all kinds of news about cosmic merchants.

many countries and forces want to cooperate with space merchants.

'the cosmonaut is busy. I, the president, can't find him if I want to.'

'should I leave a phone or something next time?'

in the president's office, Petrie leaned against the window to smoke and thought.

like many countries and forces, he also wants to find space merchants.

after all, he has always been the leader.

those people can't contact the cosmonaut themselves, so they all call him.

but he can't reach me either.

this made him feel helpless.

'elixir of longevity.' He took a puff of smoke and muttered.

for the elixir of immortality, those countries and individuals that were originally hidden are all like crazy.

this shows the allure of longevity for these ordinary people.

rich and powerful people, what they need now is a healthy and long-lived body.

in modern times, people with money and power can live forever, which is the same as ancient emperors.


oriental country.

a remote village.

Pan daze is just an ordinary farmer. He is 40 years old this year, but he is still single. Why? Because he is not only ugly, but also has no money at home.

Pan daze thought that he would live a lonely life like this.

but that day, he suddenly changed.

the mutation is too sudden, and there is no sign.

in the bathroom, naked pan daze began to change his appearance in front of the mirror.

at one time, he will become his handsome neighbor, and at the other time, he will become an old man who buys vegetables.

he became more and more excited.

Pan daze's face was wearing an obscene smile, and his body slowly wriggled. In a moment, he turned into the village flower of the village, Luo Wenqian.

Luo Wenqian is the only female college student in her village. She is not only knowledgeable, but also beautiful, and has a very good figure!

I saw 'Luo Wenqian' in the mirror, constantly looking at her body, touching here and there.

his body was ready to move and his heart was beating.

at the beginning, pan daze could only play with himself in a place where nobody was there.

but with the passage of time, he finally couldn't help it.

one day, he saw brother Wang next door leave the door, and he immediately changed into brother Wang.

thinking of what he would do later, he calmed down his breath and excitement, and then touched the next door.

brother Wang next door is married. Although his wife is not as beautiful as Luo Wenqian, she is also a flower in the village. He and sister-in-law Wang usually just greet each other casually, and there is not much communication at all.

Pan daze, no, it's Pan daze, who has become brother Wang. He naturally pushed the door and walked into the next house.

houses in rural areas are generally unlocked, so they can enter as soon as they are pushed.

'eh, why are you back again?'

'you didn't seem to be wearing this dress just now.'

when Mrs. Wang saw that it was 'brother Wang', she didn't doubt it, but she felt a little strange.

Pan daze was always guilty of being a thief. He was even more nervous when asked.

but when he thought of his purpose and looked at Mrs. Wang, who had no doubts about him, he felt like a wild animal coming out of the cage.

he held Mrs. Wang and chewed it.

'silly, that's why you came back. It's in broad daylight.'

Mrs. Wang was also confused by the operation of 'brother Wang', but she felt her husband's warm kiss, and her eyes gradually blurred.

Pan daze immediately took Mrs. Wang in.

on that day, pan daze, who had tasted love, began to be more and more daring.

he constantly changes his appearance and has relationships with other women in the village while the men in the village leave.

within a month, nobody doubted it.

even if some people wonder that their husband suddenly becomes enthusiastic, they do not think about other aspects.

even if the husband doesn't remember what happened that day, the wife will only treat him as having a bad memory.

although there are more people suffering from disasters, pan daze's desire here is growing.

'they are all other people's wives. No, I want Luo Wenqian!'

people's desires are unsatisfiable.

after tasting all kinds of women, pan daze doesn't want to play with old women and other women any more.

he knows that Luo Wenqian has never had a boyfriend before, and she is still a friend!

now Luo Wenqian just likes Xiaolin in his village.

Kobayashi is also his neighbor. He graduated from high school.

although Xiaolin's diploma is not as high as Luo Wenqian's, he still has some skills. Now he has opened a pig farm in the village, and his annual income is hundreds of thousands of yuan.

the key is that Xiao Lin is handsome. He still has a rural villa at home. No girl wants to marry him.

as Kobayashi's neighbor, he naturally saw that the two were getting close recently.

this made him feel bad.

'even if you don't belong to me in the future, I will get you for the first time!'

one night, pan daze finally took a risk.

while Xiao Lin is out, he asks Luo Wenqian out alone.

the two of them had a barbecue together. He tried to fill Luo Wenqian with wine, but failed. Luo Qianwen didn't drink at all.

when sending Luo Wenqian home, he took the opportunity to sneak in.

he wants to have a relationship with Luo Wenqian.

Luo Qianwen naturally rebelled violently.

the reason why Luo Wenqian hasn't found a boyfriend for so long is that she is very conservative.

but the little rabbit is right in front of us. Pan daze is lustful. How can he miss such an opportunity.

this evening, he is a beast and intends to use it.

'in any case, it's not going to catch me.'

he thought so.

so he had a forced relationship with Luo Wenqian despite the opposition and crying of the other party.

at night, he had several relationships in succession, and then slipped away contentedly.

the next day, he heard that Luo Wenqian had sued Xiao Lin.

there was no accident. The police came to the village and took Xiaolin away.

innocent Xiao Lin looks confused. It's useless to explain.

just when pan daze thought he could hide the truth, a group of police came to the village again a few days later.

the policeman walked straight to his house.

'bad, exposed!'

Pan daze saw this scene from afar and was immediately scared and ran away.

he knows that the police have something to check who is a mutant.

the other side.

Pan daze's escape was quickly reported to the Provincial Bureau.


'do you want to give it to the cosmonaut in exchange for important technology?'

someone suggested.

it is good news for them that there has been no mutant for so long, and now it is hard to find one.

means that this mutant can be used to exchange high-value things with the cosmic merchant.

especially the elixir.

'replacement is allowed, but it must be replaced after punishment.'

'we must account for the victims!'

an older officer said.

other people couldn't help nodding after listening.

as state organs, they must be responsible for the victims.

those who commit rape are generally sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years.

Pan daze's plot is abominable, and he has harmed most of the women in the village. He will have to spend at least ten years in prison first.

'the most urgent thing is to catch him first. He has the ability to change the appearance of others. It's difficult to catch him.'


several people began to specify the arrest plan.

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