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Chapter 190 Magnetic control and lying flat

Magic world.

on the wide green grass.

Lu Ning ran a few steps gently and then jumped up. He didn't jump high, less than half a meter.

his body began to roll up and down with inertia and fell sideways.

but it is strange that his body did not fall to the ground with the gravity.

Yes, he has the ability to levitate by controlling metals.

his body slides quickly on the grass, changing various movements from time to time, rolling and rotating in the air less than half a meter from the ground.

extremely smooth.

Lu Ning closed his eyes tightly and let his body slide on the grass at will.

this moment is like flying in a dream, unreal and real.

unconsciously, his body flew over a lake.

Lu Ning suddenly sank and fell down.

he opened his eyes and stopped when he was only a few centimeters above the water.

'very close.'

he stood up carefully and walked slowly on the water like a child learning to walk.

tread lightly on the water without sinking.

the lake surface rippled under his feet. Soon, he walked from the bank to the center of the lake.

if this scene is seen by people on earth, it is not certain that Lu Ning is performing any magic.

but this is not magic. It's Lu Ning who controls the four metal rings on his body to make himself levitate.

two wrists and two ankles.

also because of the four metal rings, it is difficult for him to control his movements.

he found that every time he ascended a little, he would spend more energy and magnetism.

the harder it is to control.

now his magnetic control ability is not strong, and it is his limit to be able to levitate half a meter above the ground.

if you really want to use the magnetic control ability to fly, you may still have a long way to go.


this month, Lu Ning copied the Snake Girl aza Mulan. He was still not confident that he did not copy the other side. Although he may not get the ability of the other side, aza is also a high-level sacrifice. Now he is the highest combat power except Lu Ning.

is a bodyguard for Porto.

Lu Ning has been waiting for the orcs to come these days.

if the orcs learn that their army has been defeated, they will definitely send more troops.

to Lu Ning's surprise, the other side has not sent troops again in the past ten days.

'it's not a problem to keep waiting like this.'

he was afraid that if he left for a while, the orcs would come.

but waiting like this is a waste of his time.

'I can't always protect portua in the future. I have to find a way.' Lu Ning could not help thinking.

in this world, besides orcs, there are also powerful elves, dwarves and dragons.

Lu Ning felt that he could find a way from these three races.

'we can consider catching a few giant dragons to guard the city. Giant dragons are not good, and Bimeng is also good.'

Lu Ning thought happily.

with his copying ability, if he can copy successfully, he may really hope to do it.

'it's better to make trouble with the Yellow Dragon and directly copy the king of the orcs!'

Lu Ning's eyes glow.

this is the best way to solve the problem once and for all.


since the other party does not come, take the initiative to attack.

'no, no, it's too dangerous.'

but the next second, Lu Ning turned to give up his rising idea.

it is unwise to attack rashly without understanding the specific combat power of the other side.

he still knows very little about the strength of the orcs, and most of them are from aza's mouth. He can't joke about his own life.

the magic world may have other special means.

having had the experience of the missile attack on Earth Star, Lu Ning knew that he could no longer be so rash.

you can only have one life, and you can't do it indiscriminately.

'check around portua first. If you don't find the orc army, go back to earth first.' Lu Ning thought.

on the earth, in ancient times, when marching ten miles, people would have a rest, eat thirty miles, and stay sixty miles. Therefore, the infantry's March distance in a day was about 60 miles (30 kilometers).

if you want to March here, it should be similar to the ancient earth.

in the next half day, Lu Ning toured 60 kilometers away from Porto.

this is his first time to inspect the environment around portua.

during this patrol, no Orc army was found, but he found other things.

there are other Orc cities!

about 100 kilometers away, Lu Ning found two Orc cities.

its scale is similar to that of Porto.

this is not good news for him.

a bed lying on one's side will not allow others to snore.

'I'll write it down sooner or later.'

but I'm not in a hurry now.

after making an inspection tour and confirming that no Orc army was found, Lu Ning returned again.

he called the Snake Girl aza: 'I'll leave for a while. Look after Martha.'

'good God.'

aza waved his tail and said respectfully.

Lu Ning called ande and Bourne again, told them a few words, and told them to step down.

a gate of time and space, Lu Ning returned to the earth.

after returning, Lu Ning looked at the familiar and peaceful world here with incomparable emotion.

the drought of the blue star and the terrible situation of human beings in the magical world make Lu Ning feel that it is better to live in his own country on the earth.

this is really good.

there is no war, peace and tranquility, and there is no need to worry about life being threatened.

'pingpingfanfan is also very good.'

at this moment, Lu Ning deeply felt the value of ordinary.

although the present day seems ordinary and ordinary, it is the day that many people dream of.

how many people can't eat enough in blue star.

how many people are enslaved in the magical world.

'when the magical world is officially settled, maybe we should lie flat for a period of time.'

'lie flat for a thousand years.'

Lu Ning thought with amusement.

now he wants money, people and people, and he also has an incomparably long life and strong physique.

has already reached the peak of life.

especially after experiencing these several worlds.

understand the value of ordinary.

Lu Ning's soul was also baptized.

it's better to live in seclusion in the mountains and enjoy life.

he has nothing more to ask for.

'well, Huaxia is my country, and now everything that is so beautiful and peaceful is due to the strength of the country.'

in order not to break this beauty, Lu Ning plans to develop his country more in the future.

it also depends on hard power that a country can speak equally with other countries.

this peace and stability must not be undermined.

no matter how many other worlds open up, it is also another world. Lu Ning has no sense of belonging.

in the final analysis, this is his root.

we are all proud.

at this moment, Lu Ning's psychology changed again.

'Ding Ding.'

when I came back, the information on the phone kept ringing.

looking at the messages sent to him by familiar people, Lu Ning replied one by one with a smile.

'Professor Ma, you don't need to ask me about this kind of thing in the future. I've told you many times. You can solve it yourself. You have this power.'

Lu Ning talked with Professor Ma Guangke for a while and then called the National Academy of Sciences: 'graphene aluminum batteries have been manufactured. I'll take them with me.'

'I'm really busy these days. I'll go out with you when I have time.' This is Chang Yonghao's invitation.

'Nu Wa's character seems to have changed a little recently. It seems that she has reached the rebellious period.' This is a message from Yan Xuejun.

made Lu Ning puzzled.

he also saw many messages from Nu Wa, most of which were about him.

'my husband misses you too. OK, I'll go home tonight.'

after returning information to his two girlfriends, he went to the base of the National Academy of Sciences at the first time.

go with graphene aluminum battery.

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