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Chapter 191 Storm battle armour

The base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


'Hello, you are Professor Lu Ning.'

a large number of scientists came to the gate to meet Lu Ning.

because Lu Ning is a national innovator of science and technology, he has been employed as a distinguished professor by the National Academy of Sciences.

although it is an honorary title, it is also the greatest recognition of Lu Ning by the state.

'hello hello.'

Lu Ning shook hands one by one.

'this is Professor Gan Guoquan, President of our Academy of Sciences.'

on such an important day today, pan Liangjun naturally accompanied Lu Ning.

he introduced these scientists to Lu Ning one by one.

everyone is very warm to Lu Ning, making him feel at home.

after a few pleasantries, they led Lu Ning into the base.

Lu Ning saw the individual combat mech he designed at a glance.

his smile is even worse.

the technician installed the graphene aluminum battery brought by Lu Ning into the mecha.

a man from a distance walks over. The other side has a firm face and walks very calmly.

'let me introduce you. This is Professor Lu Ning, the designer of the mecha.'

'this is our mecha pilot - Wu Jinglong, the king of the storm team.'

'Hello, it's my pleasure to operate the mecha designed by Professor Lu Ning.' Wu Jinglong took the initiative to extend his hand and squeezed a smile on his resolute face.

even Wu Jinglong, the king of war, was excited for a long time when he learned that he could become the pilot of the first generation of individual combat mecha.

every man has a special love for mecha, and he is no exception.

'it's your pleasure to drive it.' Lu Ning answered with a smile.

'by the way, Professor Lu, you haven't named this mecha yet. Why don't you give it a formal name today?' Gan Guoquan, the president next to him, suddenly said.

'yes, Professor Lu, today is a good day for testing. As a designer of the mecha, please name it, so that we can have a title.'

the other scientists looked at Lu Ning and said expectantly.

although the mecha has been designed, Lu Ning is the designer of the mecha. Naturally, they dare not take his place.

seeing that everyone was expecting so much, Lu Ning didn't put on airs.

he took a look at Wu Jinglong, the king of war, and immediately said: 'since you are from the storm team, this mecha is called the storm mecha. It just matches the name of your team.'


Wu Jinglong was so happy to hear that he named it 'Fengfeng mecha'.

other members of his storm team will be very happy when they know.


other scientists also think this name is very good after listening to it.

Pa PA.

let's applaud together. The name of Fengfeng has been completely determined.

after naming, the test shall be formally started.

the wearing of mecha is different from that in sci-fi movies, and it does not need to be installed piece by piece by machinery.

Lu Ning, however, considered that she would wear it for Yan Hongmei of blue star in the future, so she focused on the nested design.

graphene aluminum battery provides sufficient power.


the upper part of the chest is opened, and the person slides in directly. Then the upper part is closed tightly. The mecha is officially dressed.

this mecha is tailor-made for Wu Jinglong. Wu Jinglong is 1.8 meters tall and his armor is 1.95 meters tall. After entering the mecha, his body is tightly wrapped.

after seeing the mecha controlled by Wu Jinglong, everyone was excited.

'take a walk.'

Lu Ning said to him.

this single soldier combat mecha uses the latest somatosensory control device, which is not much different from wearing a coat, and can be fully used at will.

the most important thing is to be flexible.

under the control of Wu Jinglong, Fengfeng battle armor slowly walks in the base.

at first, he walked slowly, but gradually, his speed became faster and faster. Finally, he even began to run.

Dong Dong.

the heavy mecha steps on the ground, which vibrates the ground every time.

the storm armor is light in shape, with perfect movement connection. It looks no different from running.

but this is just a small dish.

next is the main play.

speed test, reaction test, anti strike, anti explosion test, etc.

the defense of storm battle armor is naturally no problem. Unless the latest armor breaking shells are used, ordinary attacks can not break the defense at all. Now, the most important thing is to test the anti-seismic ability and the impact on operators in the process of hitting.

after a test, the results are satisfactory to everyone.

all indicators completely exceeded expectations.

'the vibration inside is very small. I don't think there is any problem except that the action is affected when it is hit.' Wu Jinglong also expressed his feelings.

he just felt extremely excited about the series of tests.

in the tempest mecha, he is not afraid of those attacks at all. If it is on the battlefield, he is even confident that he can destroy one company of the other side face-to-face.

although Wu Jinglong said that he was in good health, what he said did not count. He was soon placed in the medical room for a series of examinations.

the test is divided into several days.

continuous testing for several days.

Lu Ning will not stay here all the time. He will leave after the test in the afternoon of the first day.

in the evening, he came to Lin Meiqi's house.

this place has now become the den of the three of them.

when Lu Ning came, Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi were already busy cooking delicious food in the kitchen.

roast steak, fried oysters, mixed pasta, etc.

the house is full of warmth.

in the kitchen.

Lu Ning comes to Chen Ruolan's back, gently hugs her from the back and gives her a kiss.

after kissing Chen Ruolan, he also came behind Lin Meiqi, hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss.

the two faces are smiling, and their mood is more pleasant.

'Lu Ning, take one piece first and see if it's tender enough.'

Chen Ruolan cuts off a piece of roast beef and passes it to Lu Ning with a fork.

Lu Ning opens his mouth, bites down the beef in one bite and chews it in large bites.

nodded as soon as he ate: 'yes, it's OK. It tastes good.'

Lu Ning's answer made Chen Ruolan smile.

seeing the two busy, Lu Ning didn't bother and walked out of the kitchen.

'if you have a wife like this, what can you expect from your husband?'

after a while, the two were busy, and the three gathered at the table.

pour a glass of wine.


three people clink glasses.

this evening, Lu Ning was very satisfied.

this is his ideal life.

he also carefully found that the skin of Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi had become much more delicate and smooth than before, which made him love it and couldn't stop.

accompany the two to go shopping and eat delicious food during the day, and immerse themselves in the beauty nest at night.

after enjoying it for a few days, Lu Ning received the news from the Academy of Sciences that the performance of the mecha had been tested.


this is the evaluation given by the president.

for many scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, except for being unable to fly, all the performances of the tempest mecha have completely exploded, so good that they doubt life.

this is definitely a cross era technology product.

Lu Ning took the opportunity to ask pan Liangjun to make two storm mecha.

and it is also customized.

'what do you make two storm racks for?' Pan Liangjun was a little embarrassed.

this is a very dangerous weapon. He has no such power.

'I only use it for collection.'


Pan Liangjun thinks that Lu Ning is lying.

but he has no evidence.

'let me ask for you at the top. I can't guarantee it.' Pan Liangjun replied.

although it is not clear what Lu Ning wants to do with the tempest mecha, as the designer of the tempest mecha, and previously developed the latest generation of overclocking helicopters for the country, Lu Ning has made great contributions. He can only ask the above meaning.

'OK.' Lu Ning replied.

as a very safe country, the main reason is that China has very strict control over firearms and other weapons.

Lu Ning is ready to be rejected.

after all, this kind of mecha is a big killer.

if it is accidentally obtained by ordinary people, it can cause a catastrophe.

'Lu Ning, come quickly. Nu Wa seems to have some problems these days.'

Yan Xuejun called.

a little anxious.

'OK, I'll go right now.'

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