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Chapter 192 Identity chip and job hunting

Nuwa rebellious period.

Yes, after Lu Ning came to Yan Xuejun's laboratory and learned about it, he came to the conclusion.

the Internet is a big dye vat. In particular, the words of individual keyboard players are simply machine guns. Under such attacks, ordinary people can't escape completely.

cyber violence.

let Nu Wa's simple mind suffer damage.

in addition to online violence, there is also the problem of Nu Wa herself.

she has always regarded herself as a normal girl, but she even feels disgusted at the thought of her own identity.

she hates those outspoken people.

but I also hate myself.

this makes Nu Wa feel incomparable contradictions.

'why can't I be like a normal girl?'

'why am I so ugly.'

if she could shed tears, Nu Wa would already be in tears.

Yan Xuejun and Lu Ning should have been happy to see that Nu Wa is more and more like a person and has his own feelings and thinking.

but now seeing Nu Wa's contradiction and pain, they also feel sad.

Nuwa has been calling their father, and they have long regarded Nuwa as their daughter.

'Nuwa, don't worry, Dad, I will let you have a body similar to that of human beings as soon as possible. Believe dad, it won't take long.'

Lu Ning comforted.

he has decided in his mind to start research on bionic robots.

create a body for Nu Wa as soon as possible.

'thank you, daddy. Nu Wa knows she has been acting badly recently. I hope daddy doesn't hate Nu Wa.' Nu Wa said pitifully.

she is worried that Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun dislike her because of her willfulness.

after Lu Ning and Yan xuejun'an comforted each other for a while, Nu Wa's mood gradually stabilized.

at this time, Professor He Wu called.

'Lu Ning, the country wants to cooperate with us.'

does the country want to cooperate?

this surprised Lu Ning. He suddenly cooperated. What did he cooperate with.

'how to cooperate and in what respect?'

'is about brain computer interface.'

Professor He Wu explained that Lu Ning understood.

the original country wanted to cooperate with their brain computer interface technology, and then work together to develop a new intelligent chip on this basis.

this smart chip will record all the identity information of citizens and will be implanted into the human body as a new generation of identity card.

new generation citizen ID card.

there are many advantages.

first, you can input all the information of a person from small to large for easy viewing.

second, all kinds of bank cards and certificates are integrated, and one chip goes global.

third, it is defined as a function, and the track of action is traceable, which is conducive to reducing crime.

in addition to the three major functions, there are also some small functions, such as single people and married people, which can be distinguished from each other through the chip.

Lu Ning also admired the country's novel ideas after listening to them.

'yes.' Naturally, he agreed.

this involves the welfare of the whole people, and it uses their brain computer interface technology.

however, Professor He Wu soon raised a difficult problem.

'our current brain computer interface device is still too large. The state hopes that we can optimize it on this basis.'

'OK, give me seven days.' Lu Ning thought it was OK.

after agreeing, Lu Ning immediately put it into development.

the day after he promised.

Pan Liangjun has good news.


the other party's tone is very happy.

it seems that he won this power for Lu Ning.

that is to say, the state agrees that Lu Ning collects two storm mecha.

'great, thank the country for me.' Lu Ning was overjoyed.

this was a little unexpected.

I didn't expect that the country with this kind of big killer would agree to build two for him.

he was still thinking. If the country didn't agree, he would go to America or blue star to make it.

Lu Ning guessed that it might be related to his agreement on the identity of the latest generation of chips yesterday.

the country does not want him to be disappointed.

'however, this is your mecha, and you need to provide all the costs required for manufacturing.'

'this is nature.'

'and you said before that it was just a collection. You can't wear the mecha, let alone display it in public.'

'I need you to sign a non disclosure agreement at that time.'

Pan Liangjun said a lot of things that we must pay attention to.

at the end, he said: 'please provide the size as soon as possible.'


on that day, Lu Ning returned to Bluestar.

blue star.

the Northern Expedition army returned triumphantly a few days ago.

Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao naturally returned to Yuntai town.


after seeing Lu Ning, Yan Hongmei and Lu Ning made out that night.

Lu Ning's physical strength was excellent. He didn't stop his expedition until Yan Hongmei lay prostrate on his chest.

the next day, Lu Ning measured Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao.

'husband, do you want to make clothes for me and dad?'

Yan Hongmei is puzzled by Lu Ning's behavior.

it's better to leave this kind of thing to others instead of Lu Ning.

'husband, I am worried about the safety of you and your father-in-law. When the time comes, I will give you a big surprise.' Lu Ning pinched her nose and smiled.

after measuring the dimensions.

Lu Ning called Mir, AVA and alf to learn about the war.

with an excited face, Mir said that he took AVA and alf to poison and kill nearly 100000 enemy troops.

said that he was dancing excitedly.

however, Lu Ning frowned after listening: 'in the future, we should do less of this kind of thing. It will poison so many compatriots and hurt Tianhe.'

'moreover, there is no airtight wall in the world. Once the matter of killing the enemy with poison is exposed, it will certainly have a bad impact.'

Lu Ning, with a heavy complexion, admonished.

he did not blame the three.

the three men not only protected Yan Hongmei, but also won the battle for them, which is a good thing.

however, the use of poison will be reduced in the future. In particular, it will be used to kill our compatriots. We will not even have the opportunity to surrender to the enemy.

too hard.

'OK, we know.'

mill three nodded and agreed.

the same as Lu Ning's guess.

the news that the Northern Expedition army poisoned and killed nearly 100000 troops was soon spread.

'the Northern Expeditionary Army has lost all conscience by using such vicious methods!'

'it's not foreign enemies who killed us, but our compatriots. How dare they!'

'the cruelty of the means, the Northern Expedition army let people down!'

this impact is huge. The headlines on the front page of the newspaper all said the unjust acts of the Northern Expedition army, which made people spurn.

'first it was a spy, then it was highly toxic. What other conspiracies and tricks did the Northern Expedition army use?'

'never let him grow up.'

the three warlords secretly plotted to unite to wipe out the Northern Expedition army at one stroke.

although you can use spies and poisons, it's your ability in the northern expedition.

but you are not popular.

just this time we can hold the banner of righteousness and start a war with the northern expedition.

in fact, the three warlords are also afraid of spies and poisons. None of them may be an opponent of the Northern Expedition army.

it is better to unite and defeat the Northern Expedition first.

for a while, the wind and clouds were surging in the dark.


land residence.

'come here, this is a gift from my Lord. Each one.'

Lu Ning gave the Polaroid camera he had brought to the four servant girls.

Shi Ping'er said he wanted a camera before, but the camera was so troublesome that he was afraid that several people would not use it, so he bought Polaroid for several people.

fool type photographing function, one shot can produce photos.

this is no more fragrant than a camera.

'master, what is this?' Shi Ping'er asked with clapped hands.

'not the camera you want.'

'camera? It's very kind of you, master.' Shi pinger happily came over and kissed Lu Ning.

other people were all happy when they heard that it was a camera. They all followed and kissed Lu Ning.

'master, how can I use it?'

where have several people used Polaroid? Although polaroid is easy to use, several people still can't use it.

'come, master, I'll teach you.'

Lu Ning sits on a chair, holds Shi Ping'er in her arms, and teaches her how to operate.

after the introduction, he held up his camera and said to the other three servant girls: 'stand still in front of you three. Master, I'll take a picture for you.'

when Li Hongxiu, Ming Hanqiao and Yu Chunyan heard that Lu Ning wanted to take pictures of them, they immediately became stiff, leaned against each other and posed.

the three of them are now wearing the cheongsam customized by Lu Ning. Because it is winter, they have put on a coat.

the temperament of the three people is different. The only difference is their beautiful appearance and youthful spirit.

no makeup, no eyebrow tattooing, this is pure natural.


accompanied by Lu Ning pressing the Photo button, a color photo spits out in a short time.

'well, that's good.'

Lu Ning nodded and smiled, which was satisfactory.

what he wants is this natural taste.

'ah! How did the photos come out all of a sudden? They are still in color.'

Shi pinger looks at Lu Ning's mobile phone photo and suddenly exclaims.

she has seen other people's cameras, but those cameras not only have to be taken to the photo studio to be developed, but also are black and white even if they are developed.

how can it compare with that in Lu Ning's hand.

she fell in love with him all of a sudden.

'master, my camera is fine.'


'the picture is out? Let's have a look.' Li Hongxiu, Ming Hanqiao and Yu Chunyan immediately surrounded them.

when they saw the photos just taken, their faces were all very surprised.

in particular, the colorful and beautiful colors in the photos made several people very happy.

at one time, four people were talking around a photo, which was very lively.

Lu Ning patiently taught me one by one.

after a while, several people took photos with cameras.

three people went to take photos, and another minghanqiao was still sitting in Lu Ning's arms.

Lu Ning reached into her arms and touched her.

in today's era, I still wear a bra. There is no bra. It feels good to touch.

he asked with a smile while touching: 'Hanqiao, you don't take photos.'

minghanqiao was pinched by the touch and her face turned red. After thinking for a while, she summoned up her courage and said: 'master, you know, I'm from this county. Because I couldn't eat at home in the past, she sold me.'

Lu Ning nodded: 'yes, what's the matter?'

'yes, it's my father. My father has a good life since he learned that I've been bought by you. He sent someone to look for me.'

'here you are, asking for money?'

he thought that he should have nothing else to do except ask for money.

Lu Ning usually gives some pocket money to several people. Although it is not much, it is 20 yuan a month.

ordinary people now only get five or six dollars a month.

he gave more money than the average person's salary for one month.

if it is placed on the earth, it is equivalent to Lu Ning giving each of them more than 10000 pocket money every month.

Moreover, he also has several stores, where things can be used by several people.

Lu Ning has been very good to several people.

'my father didn't ask for money. He didn't dare. If he asked for money, he was afraid that you would blame him. My father just wanted to ask you for a job.' Minghanqiao explained softly.

she knows what her father thinks. After all, giving money can't last a lifetime, but if she has a job to do, she can support the whole family.

Lu Ning now has so many stores. If you give him a bite, he won't have to worry about eating for the rest of his life.

he can still distinguish between the rations for a while and the rations for a lifetime.

'how many people are there in your family now?'

'in addition to my father and mother, I have two younger brothers.'

after Lu Ning got to know about Minghan Qiaojia, he got to know something about Minghan Qiaojia.

her family lives in a remote village.

her grandparents and grandparents are all built here.

nowadays, women are not as good as men, which is why I will sell her.

if you don't sell it, the family will have nothing to eat.

'OK, I'll ask Lao Bai to arrange a job for your father. It's just a small matter.' Lu Ning touched her hair and agreed.

'thank you, sir.'

Ming Hanqiao was so happy that he pecked Lu Ning's face and took photos with the other three.

several people happily came over to take a group photo with Lu Ning alone, and then took two or three photos with each other.

the four got new toys and enjoyed themselves.

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