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Chapter 193 Gave birth to a good daughter and appealed to the space merchant for help

A few days later.

a rough man comes to the gate of Lu Zhai.

the man is dark and thin. He is dressed in black and plain clothes. He is a genuine peasant.

but he was soon stopped by the soldiers.

his body trembled and he looked scared.

especially when he saw the gun in the soldier's hand, he was very frightened.


Ming Hanqiao saw it and went to shout.

when the soldier saw that he was minghanqiao's father, he naturally stopped him.

Ming Hanqiao takes her father into the house.

the man was a little stiff, bent, and looked at everything here curiously from time to time.

Ming Hanqiao brings her father to Lu Ning.

'master, this is my father.' Minghanqiao introduced.

'Dad, this is my master.'

Ming Hanqiao is standing next to Lu Ning.

'good Lord Lu. Thank you for your meal.' Minghanqiao's father bent over in front of Lu Ning with a very respectful attitude.

'don't be too polite. You gave birth to a good daughter.' Lu Ning said with a smile.

'yes, yes.'

minghanqiao nodded repeatedly in favor of her father.

after a while, Lao Bai came in and took minghanqiao and her father away.

from now on, Ming Hanqiao and her father will become a waiter in Lu Ning's shop.

salary: ten dollars a month.

among Wang Shudong's several outstanding architecture majors, Lu Ning has only opened 15 oceans. Minghanqiao's father now opens 10 oceans, which is almost equivalent to the salary of an ordinary college student. It can be regarded as Lu Ning's preferential treatment.

you can't give too much money. For ordinary people, giving too much money is a disaster rather than a blessing.


Luji store.

'in the future, you will be a waiter here. According to master Lu's instructions, I will give you ten dollars a month.' After Lao Bai brought him here, he said to him.

ten oceans!

when she heard ten dollars, minghanqiao's father immediately widened his eyes.

he originally thought that he would be thankful if he had five oceans, but unexpectedly he had ten.

'thank you, Mr. Lu. Thank you, Mr. Lu.'

he thanked me repeatedly.

old Bai nodded and explained to the shopkeeper: 'this is minghanqiao, Mr. Lu's personal servant girl. Her father has specially arranged for him to come here. If there is anything you can do for him, even if he eats free food, it's OK. Do you know?'

'I understand I understand.' The shopkeeper glanced at minghanqiao's father over there and nodded seriously.

he has a waiter here now. One waiter is enough, but now he has another one. Besides, he is also the father of Master Lu's servant girl. He is mature and knows what to do.

Lao Bai nodded, spoke to minghanqiao's father and left.

minghanqiao's father was arranged to work as a waiter in the Luji store, which was quickly spread.

everyone envies me.

one night.

land residence.

Lu Ning is not here today.

several sisters get together.

'my father also sent a letter to ask me to ask for a job for him.'

'so is my father.'

'my family also wrote.'

Li Hongxiu, Yu Chunyan and Shi pinger said one after another.

the people in their family are not fools.

seeing a few people get better, they are not treated as servant girls at all in Lu Ning's family. They are dressed the same as the landlords' aunts. They originally wanted to turn to Lu Ning, but now seeing that minghanqiao's father has been arranged by Lu Ning, they naturally do not want to lag behind.

several families have secretly inquired about it. Minghanqiao's father is now ten dollars a month!

such a lot of money can come faster than money for setting up stalls and planting land.

especially Yu Chunyan's father, who is a gambler and still owes others a lot of money.

those who are in debt also know that Yu Chunyan is living very well at the Lu's house. They encourage Yu Chunyan and her father to hurry up and ask Lu Ning to arrange a good job for him.

when several people discuss.

Lu Ning has arrived at Earth Star.


earth star.

since Pan daze knew that he was exposed, he was extremely afraid.

he knows the fate of the mutant. If he is caught, he will not be broken up.

he thought of the nearest alien on the Internet, the space businessman.

the cosmonaut's affairs have made a great deal of noise. Naturally, he has read the news.

originally, he just looked at it as a bustle. He didn't expect that one day, he would really contact each other.

the accounts of the cosmonaut are open and aboveboard on the Internet, and he can find them as soon as he checks them.

'help! Help! Cosmonaut, I'm a mutator. I beg your help. I'm being chased now. If you can save me, I agree even if you take me away.'

Pan daze sent several messages in a row, but the messages fell into stone and there was no response at all.

'I'm in...

' I'm going to the nearest nuclear explosion city. I don't know how long I can hold on. I must come and pick me up. '

'I regret it. I promise you that you will not do anything illegal in the future. Please come and save me.'

after pan daze sent these messages, he resolutely threw his mobile phone into the water and started running.

but I'm sorry.

Pan daze was caught by the police on his way to the nuclear city.

'you can't arrest me. You can't arrest me. I have been protected by the cosmic merchant. If you arrest me, you will be enemies of the cosmic merchant.'

Pan daze is emotional and hysterical.

he felt that if he was caught back, he would be shot.

he knows what happens to those mutants.

at this moment, he was terrified.

however, no matter how he resisted, he was handcuffed and put in an explosion-proof vehicle.

etc. are taken to the city.

there was no accident. Pan daze was directly imprisoned in a special prison set up for mutants.

the prison here is extremely strong, just like a military fortress.

Pan daze did not see other mutants along the way.

the judge tried his crime directly through video.

'if the circumstances are extremely abominable, he shall be sentenced to 30 years of fixed-term imprisonment!'

with the judge's hammer down, pan daze's case came to an end.

Pan daze was relieved to hear that he only needed 30 years in prison.

fortunately, he was not executed directly.

he can't sleep well every night these days.

'you are lucky. If there were no cosmic merchant, you would not be imprisoned for 30 years.'

a policeman said to him.

euthanasia has always been the international practice for those who have mutated.

this uncontrollable time bomb is as dangerous even if it is closed.

'I want to meet the cosmonaut. Can you let me meet him?' Pan daze asked.

he thought that if he could see the cosmic merchant, he might be able to leave here directly.

'meet him? We also want to meet him. You can see him wherever you want.' The police ignored him.

from that day on, pan daze was under strict supervision.

is under monitoring all the time.

his limbs and neck were also collared.

life is no longer free.


after Lu Ning came to Earth Star, he checked his account at the first time.

information is everywhere.

he filters out useless information.


soon, he saw pan daze's message to him.

Pan daze introduced his name, age, birth address and current powers in detail.

'deformation capacity, interesting.'

Lu Ning was overjoyed.

this kind of ability is just his fantasy. I didn't expect it to be true.

is an unexpected joy.

this is the first mutant on earth to contact him actively.

just as Lu Ning was going to the nuclear bomb city where pan daze was going to flee, he soon saw the message sent to him by the great powers in the East.

'we caught a power with the ability of transformation, and the other party's name is Pan daze.'

well, it seems that there is no need to go.

the kingdom of China also explained pan daze's crimes to him.

they convey the idea that they want to trade, but if they want to hand over pan daze, it will take 30 years.

China is very principled, which is appreciated by Lu Ning.

'I want to meet pan daze.' Lu Ning immediately offered to meet.

his ability to copy, just touch it.

if the other party commits a crime, he should be punished. Lu Ning has no idea to take him away.

Lu Ning, as a cosmonaut, conveys his desire to see pan daze. There is naturally no reason for China to refuse such a simple request.


after Lu Ning discussed with them to meet tomorrow, Lu Ning first came to President Milligan's office.

President Petrie has been waiting for him for a long time.

there are also many pieces of information about the other party in the account number.

as soon as Lu Ning appeared, he complained: 'Oh, dear Mr. Lu Ning, the cosmonaut, do you think you can leave me a more detailed contact information?'

Petrie kept talking, which meant special treatment.

'don't worry. I'll give you enough time to think about it.' Lu Ning pulled up a chair and sat down at will as if he had come to his own home.

'it's been too long. We discussed it more than half a month ago.'

'what price do you plan to offer?' Lu Ning asked.

'are you sure your elixir can make people live longer?' Petrie asked back first.

'the prices given are different, and the medicines I sell are naturally different.'

next, the two begin to discuss the price.

Petrie naturally wants to lower the price, but Lu Ning can't do what they want.

'as far as your gold is concerned, I can only give you semi-finished elixir of longevity.'

although they gave a lot of gold, it was more than 20 million tons.

but what Lu Ning can give them is naturally only semi-finished elixir. After all, he does not have real elixir in his hand.

'semi finished elixir?' This puzzled Petrie.

how can there be semi-finished elixir.

but now the initiative is in Lu Ning's hands, and they are very passive.

'this is the information about the elixir. Please think it over and give me an answer.'

Lu Ning reached into the door of time and space and took out a stack of data.

the elixir is actually three kinds of scientific and technological means that are expected to live forever on the earth.

the first one: telomerase, which can protect telomeres and prolong life.

the second one: PCC1 was found in specific grape seed extracts, which can help prolong their life.

the third one: the latest generation of nano immune insects can also prolong life.

these three technologies are all against the weather. If we can continue to study them, each of them will be able to constantly break the inherent life limit of mankind.

however, these technologies are defective and incomplete, so they are called semi-finished elixirs.

longevity is not that easy.

even if he gets the lobster's ability, Lu Ning needs to spend his whole life verifying it.

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