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Chapter 194 Deformability and orc attack


special key prisons.

Lu Ning soon met pan daze in prison clothes.

the two meet through thick bulletproof glass.

'cosmic merchant, please, take me away. Take me away. I can promise you anything you want me to do.'

when pan daze saw Lu Ning, he became very excited as if he had seen the straw.

he felt that it was better to go with Lu Ning than to stay here for 30 years.

for 30 years, it's very painful to think that every day is like a year for such a long time.

'do you agree to anything I ask you to do?' Lu Ning asked with interest.

'yes, yes, as long as you take me.'

'what if I let you die?' Lu Ning said suddenly.


Lu Ning's words left pan daze stunned.

even the senior officer accompanying him gave Lu Ning a look of surprise.

Pan daze looked at Lu Ning stupidly and suddenly realized that Lu Ning was not what he imagined.

maybe I also want to figure him out and study him.

Pan daze's expression was depressed, and he was extremely decadent all of a sudden.

the two did not talk for too long.

Pan daze was quickly taken away, while Lu Ning asked the senior officer accompanying him: 'are there other mutants in your country besides pan daze?'

the accompanying senior officer shook his head and said, 'No.'

when Lu Ning was disappointed, he continued: 'but there is a clue about the mutant, but now the clue has been broken.'

this made Lu Ning immediately interested and immediately asked, 'what ability does that mutant have?'

the senior officer began to talk about the mutant to Lu Ning.

it turned out that the mutant had the ability to blend into the water, so it was very difficult to catch him at the beginning.

now the other party is hiding directly in the sea. Trying to find the other party is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and the clue is interrupted.

'being able to blend into the water is not equivalent to the ability to escape from the water.'

Lu Ning is very interested.

if you get this ability, the critical moment is equivalent to adding one life in disguise.

no wonder the other party has not been caught so far.

it's a pity that even Shenzhou has no clue about the other side, and it's impossible for Lu Ning to find the other side.

but this also convinced him that there must be many hidden mutants on this planet.

only these mutants are good at hiding.

for Lu Ning, the earth star is a treasure, and it may open up some treasures from time to time.

after Lu Ning said goodbye to the senior officer, he immediately disappeared.

he wants to find pan daze.

just now he couldn't touch the other side, so he had to secretly copy the other side's ability.

Lu Ning kept invisible and walked toward the wall in front of him.


the wall swung open like a ripple of water, and Lu Ning's body immediately passed through the wall.

he walked boldly in key prisons.

walls and iron doors can't stop him at all. With the ability to escape from Mir, he can go all the way smoothly.

he quickly followed the smell to the prison room where pan daze was imprisoned.

'why! Why! Hateful cosmic merchant, you lied to me, you must die!'

Pan daze kept swearing in the room.

he was terrified when he thought that Lu Ning was going to arrest him for research.

fortunately, I was not saved by the cosmonaut.

otherwise he might be dead now.

Pan daze kept swearing, but he didn't know that there was another person in the room besides him.

Lu Ning frowned slightly when he heard the other side curse him.


he walked over and slapped him on the head.

with a bang, pan daze fell to the ground and went into a coma.

Lu Ning, who finished playing pan daze, has copied the opponent's ability.

he didn't stop, but he left the main gate magnanimously.

Lu Ning directly returned to the earth and began to upgrade the identity chip.

it only took two days. A new generation of identity chip has been developed by Lu Ning.

the identity chip is only the size of a mobile phone card. It is very thin, which is the smallest volume he can reduce in a short time.

if he is not in a hurry and spends another year, he is sure to continue to shrink on this basis.

after the development, he immediately sent the data to Professor He Wu.


on the other side.

magic world.

the orcs finally realized that it was wrong.

the orc king, who originally did not take this battle seriously, did not receive the news from the front for a long time.

wait and wait.

after receiving no message.

finally, he sent Griffin Knight again to check.

wait for the Griffin to go to portua and see where there are Orc armies and fighting scenes.

portua was intact, and he even saw a harmonious scene of human life in it.

the Griffin Knight returns immediately.

'no troops sent by us were found, and there was no sign of fighting in portua.'

Griffin Knight will report truthfully immediately.


ten thousand Orc kings don't believe it.

is it difficult that more than 10000 of his troops have been eaten.

since it is not eaten and it is impossible to disappear without any reason, the only explanation is that it is defeated and died.

'how can the Terran do this?' The orc king asked many Orc generals below.

'Your Royal Highness, unless there are still sword saints and Dharma saints in the human race, only the sword saints and Dharma saints can easily kill our 10000 troops, otherwise there can be no trace of fighting.'

there is an orc analysis below.

this remark immediately made other orcs nod.

they naturally know the power of sword saints and Dharma saints. If several sword saints and Dharma saints unite, it will be easy to destroy 10000 troops.

'the human race has such a powerful residual evil, we must destroy them!'

the orc king is furious.

after discussion, they will send troops to attack portua again.

must be eliminated.

this time they raised the imaginary enemy to the level of one sword saint and two Dharma saints.

in order to completely eliminate the remaining sins of the human race.

the orcs send 100000 troops, plus two sword saints, two holy high priests, and finally one golden bimon.

humans think that the orcs are stupid, but they are not stupid at all. Even if they kill chickens, they must use ox knives. This is the secret that they can defeat humans and rule this continent.

such a luxurious lineup is no worse than the previous wars.

even if there is one sword saint and two Dharma saints in human beings, they will be completely eliminated.

'we must not let the Terran rise again!'

under the command of the orc king, 100000 troops set out in a mighty manner.


when Lu Ning returned to the magical world.

'a griffin Knight came seven days ago!'

the Snake Girl aza said this to Lu Ning with a slightly flustered expression, saying that the more her tail swung.

'OK, I see.' Lu Ning nodded.

it seems that the orcs have finally reacted.

it's best to come. What he's afraid of is not coming.

Lu Ning shouted to Ender and Bourne: 'gather everyone at once and prepare to return to Taklimakan Desert.'

suddenly returned to the Taklimakan Desert, which puzzled both of them.

Ender asked: 'God, did the orcs fight again?'

'yes, and I'm afraid more orcs will come this time. To ensure your safety, it's safer to go back to Taklimakan Desert first.'

with Lu Ning's divine command, the whole city immediately mobilized.

in a moment, the vast and dark area stood at the gate of the city master's manor.


when everyone saw Lu Ning standing on the manor, they could not help but salute piously.

Lu Ning came down and opened the door of time and space in front of everyone.

everyone began to walk into the gate of time and space in an orderly manner. When they reappeared, they had arrived in the Taklimakan Desert.

the Taklimakan desert has become completely different from before this morning.

patches of green grass grow on the ground, and butterflies and insects are flying around.

the most important thing is that the temperature here has also dropped. It usually stays at more than 30 degrees during the day and does not drop to zero at night.

in the middle of the green grassland, there is also a basin with a small lake.

the scenery is pleasant.

before, not everyone returned to ertua city. Lu Ning still left some people here to look after the crops.

several people who were originally working in the fields looked at their companions who were suddenly sent over, and their faces showed surprise.

'Why are you all back?'

a companion immediately asked.

'God said that the orcs would fight again. I'm afraid we are in danger. Come and hide first.' Another explained.

the people who came here looked at the changed environment here and said happily: 'it's not hot at all here. Even if you don't go back, it's good to stay here all the time.'

'yes, yes, all this is God's credit.'

the other wiped the sweat on his forehead and looked at a field that had just grown fresh buds. His face was full of pride.

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