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Chapter 198 Interesting deformability

Outside the manor.

Lu Ning called the core figures in the magic world.

including Ender at the beginning and Bourne, the old housekeeper.

swordsman pelo, Sophia, magician Toure.

there are also aza the Snake Girl and Martha the Swan girl.

now add Orc fox sword Saint Oguchi and golden bimon.

'as you can see, they are all orcs. One is the sword Saint Oguchi of the orcs, and the other is the golden bimon of the orcs.'

gold bimon's huge body made several people present feel incomparable fear from their hearts.

I saw several people's faces afraid.

Lu Ning couldn't help but then said, 'don't be afraid. They are prisoners now. I won't leave for the time being. If I find that they both have a little rebellious intention, I will kill them directly.'

after that, Lu Ning glanced at Oguchi and huangjinbi.

at this glance, Oguchi was scared.

'God, please forgive my previous sins. In the future, I will serve you wholeheartedly and follow your instructions.'

after hearing Lu Ning's words, Oguchi looked at Lu Ning's warning eyes and quickly knelt down on one knee to Lu Ning, seriously promising.

he saw with his own eyes the fate of those companions who came with him.

even the strength of the sword master is still like walking on thin ice in front of Lu Ning.

'get up.'

'gold bimon can have a name.' Lu Ning asked.

Oguchi slowly stood up and bowed back: 'yes, it's called raken.'

Huang jinbimeng also nodded to Lu Ning.

'since you are the sword master, you will be responsible for teaching them to cultivate in the future.'

'good God.'

'Oguchi will live in our manor first. If you have any cultivation matters, you can come to consult him at any time.'

'thank God.'

everyone saluted quickly to thank Lu Ning.

Huang Bi Meng is tall and naturally has no house to live in, but Lu Ning doesn't have to worry about it. He dug a hole in the mountain next to the manor as his nest.

the only troublesome problem is the eating problem of Huang Bimeng.

but now 100000 orcs have just been wiped out by Lu Ning, and the problem of eating will be solved soon.

this is very good. I'm not picky about food.

Lu Ning has not left for the time being. Although Oguchi and golden bimon are all his prisoners now, Lu Ning is still not sure about them.

therefore, Lu Ning stayed in the magic world for almost half of the next month.

while practicing magnetic control ability, I enjoy the fresh air here. My life is very leisurely.

at the end of the month, the deformability finally evolved.

Lu Ning will become Xiang Xiaobao, Chang Yonghao and even Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi.

'interesting and interesting.'

this deformation ability is just like the seventy-two of the monkey king.

but Lu Ning soon discovered this limitation.

can not become plants or animals except people.

and can only become a body shape that is not much different from oneself. It is impossible to become, for example, a child or a baby.

when deformed, the face shape and hair will change along with the deformation, but the clothes can't change.

it is impossible to change clothes at will in the blink of an eye like a deformed woman in the movie.

'it's good if you do magic tricks.' Lu Ning thought.

however, although it is very limited, this ability is already very adverse in the human world.

ordinary people can't tell the difference between the two.

because not only my face, but also my voice are the same.

'what is the third empowerment?'

as the third opened world, the magic world is also endowed once by the bracelet.

Lu Ning has no choice.

'it's not urgent now. Maybe new abilities will appear in the future. It's not too late to give them again.'

after some consideration, Lu Ning extended the grant again.

put it there anyway, and it won't be lost.

in the new January, he immediately copied the fox sword Saint Oguchi.

as the sword saint of the orcs, Oguchi's fighting power is the first under Lu Ning.

only by copying each other can Lu Ning truly trust each other.

next month, he will naturally copy the golden bimon.

both of them are now his front men.

with the defeat of the orcs and the appearance of Oguchi and golden bimon, portua has some capital to stand on.

Lu Ning can leave here at ease.

after calling for a few commands, Lu Ning left the magic world with ande.

blue star.

ender, who has just arrived in this world from the magical world, is at a loss.

this is a mountain forest.

Ender doesn't know what Lu Ning brought him to do.

'ender, you have come to a new world now. See if you can still sense magic elements here.'

'good God.'

after hearing this, Ender immediately closed his eyes and began to try to sense the magic elements in the air.

after a moment, Ender opened his eyes.

he shook his head and said: 'God, I can't feel any magical elements here. It's strange.'

this was the first time that he could not sense magic elements, which made him feel a little flustered.

'can your magic be released?'

'I'll try.'

Ender immediately recited the spell, and soon a small fireball was released from Ender's hand.

'God, yes, but the power seems to be much weaker.'

'and now I'm using the magic originally stored in my body. If the elements can't be supplemented, I'm afraid I can't release my magic if I release them several times.' Ender explained.

'OK, go back first.'

Lu Ning nodded, and then opened the door of time and space.

ande salutes Lu Ning, and then he steps into the door of time and space and disappears.

after seeing ander return to the magical world, Lu Ning closes the door of time and space.

the reason why ander was brought to Bluestar was naturally to verify his thoughts.


the magic world has its own unique rules. In the magic world, not only the laws of heaven and earth are different, but also everyone's body structure is different, and even his soul is completely different from other worlds.

this is also the reason why Lu Ning has been unable to replicate.

magic is too limited.

the ability that cannot be used in other worlds for a long time is like chicken ribs to Lu Ning.

'it is also possible that the grade of blue star is too low.'

as we all know, the larger a world is, the more rules it will contain.

the real big world should be like the sea, where all rivers flow and all laws belong to the same sect, and there can be multiple power systems at the same time.

that is to say, the higher the level of the world, the higher its feasibility.

there can be magic, magic, or high technology.

'it seems to be the problem of Bluestar.'

it's not that magic is not inclusive enough, but that the current blue star can't contain magic.

blue star is equivalent to the world without magic.

in this way, magic should be available in the world with higher levels in the future.

because that world can allow more different power systems to exist at the same time.


land residence.

'master ~ my father also sent a letter'

Lu Ning, who just returned, was surrounded by several young ladies.

everyone clamored to find a job for their father.

Yu Chunyan took the initiative to sit directly on Lu Ning's lap and hug him around the neck, wishing she was tired of Lu Ning's body: 'master, although my father sold me in the past, he was my father after all. He used to gamble and owed a lot of money to others. Now he begged me. Please help them, master.'

she was playing coquettish in Lu Ning's arms.

Lu Ning held Yu Chunyan in his arms and smiled: 'you guys.'

naturally, he didn't refuse these people.

these people are now his women.

and these are just trifles.

he remembered that the power grid of the power station had almost been completed. At that time, he would ask his father to read the electricity meters and collect the money.

is also an easy job.

'thank you, sir. You are the best.'

seeing Lu Ning's consent, Yu Chunyan and others immediately burst into joy.

at night.

Yu Chunyan, Li Hongxiu, Ming Hanqiao and Shi pinger all rushed into Lu Ning's room after taking a hot bath.

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