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Chapter 200 Personal mecha for wife and father-in-law


'the two mecha have been manufactured. For the sake of safety, we will deliver them to the designated place for you.' Pan Liangjun called.

'OK, please help me deliver this villa in Yunshan, which is located in the suburbs. I will send you the detailed address.'

after the phone call, Lu Ning sent pan Liangjun the detailed address.

Yunshan villa is a mountain villa that Lu Ning bought in the suburbs.

the villa is located between the mountains and forests, and there is a villa in Luning nearby.

beside the villa, there are beautiful mountains and rivers, and the scenery is pleasant.

the most important thing is concealment.

on the third day after the phone call, an armed convoy sent two mecha to Yunshan villa, which was very efficient.

the villa is divided into three floors, one basement and two upper floors.

Lu Ning asked them to put the two mecha in the basement.

'this is a non disclosure agreement. Please sign it.' Pan Liangjun brought out the agreement for Lu Ning to sign.

after signing, he told Lu Ning a few words and hurried away.

after all the armed convoys left, Lu Ning went to the basement alone.

the basement is similar to the decoration of the sports field, which is specially used for exercise.

it is filled with various sports equipment.

now, in addition to these equipment, two metal mecha are placed in the center.

'not bad.'

Lu Ning felt the armor of the mecha and was satisfied.

after taking so long, I finally got it.

he wanted to try the weight of the mecha, picked up the larger one at random and weighed it gently.

'it weighs almost a ton.'

so heavy, if there is no internal power, you can't even move.

it's time to surprise Yan Hongmei.

Lu Ning immediately opened the door of time and space and moved the two mecha to Bluestar.

he didn't move the mecha directly to the house. To avoid suspicion, he specially moved the mecha to the forest not far from the house.

when it is over, Lu Ning will call the soldiers to carry it.

'what is this?'

'two human shaped iron pimples of this size.'

when the soldiers who came to carry saw the two metal mecha, they were puzzled.

this is the first time they have seen such things.

several soldiers touch here and knock there curiously.

'not yet.' The captain urged.

twenty people carry a mecha. Even if the mecha is heavy, it can be lifted easily.

in a moment, the two mecha were carried to the gate of the house.

along the way, two strange shaped mecha attracted all the soldiers' curiosity, and the front of the land house was full of people.

they kept commenting on the two mechs.

'what the hell is this?'

'it's something similar to the stone lion. At first glance, it means western. Our regimental commander may want to place these two human shaped iron bumps at the door, which looks very imposing.'

'if it is placed at the door, it should be the same height to look good. Look at the two iron bumps now, one is high and the other is low.'

the door is noisy.

soon the mecha was also known by others in Lu Ning's house.

several women in the house and Lao Liu all ran out to see the mecha curiously.

several women are also curious about the novelty of mecha.

Look East and feel West.

as time goes on, more and more people come.

mayor Huang and all the squires in the town came.

most of them heard that Lu Ning's family had two western door gods and came to have a look.

'ouch, it's really an iron knot.' When mayor Huang saw the two mechs placed on both sides of the gate of the Lu residence, he was surprised.

several people were curious to touch it in the past. The tentacles were cold and very metallic.

'Master Lu is so powerful that he can get anything.'

several squires praised it.

they often take care of Lu Ning's shop. In Lu Ning's shop, they can often buy some strange things that they have never seen in other places.

in their minds, Lu Ning is very capable.

an Yanguang looks at the mecha outside for a few times and then enters the house.

'brother Ning, what are those two iron pimples outside? Everyone says they are door gods you bought from the west, but I don't look like them.'

an Yanguang asked.

he has met the market at least. There is no such door god in the West.

and the main thing is that the two human iron pimples are different in height. When they are door gods, they look incongruous.

'you'll know when your sister-in-law comes back tomorrow.'

Lu Ning didn't answer and deliberately sold a pass.

Yan Hongmei is usually in the military camp in the county. He has sent someone to notify her. I'm afraid she won't come back until tomorrow.

Lu Ning thought that when they saw how the mecha moved, they would be surprised.

at this time, Bluestar's technology was not very developed, and there was no concept of robots at all.

what's more, this kind of Single Soldier Combat mecha can be worn.

the next day.

early in the morning.

Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao are back.

at a glance, they saw the two mecha in front of the land house.

Lu Ning only told them to come back, but didn't say anything about the mecha. All the two of them just looked at it curiously and went into the house.

'my husband.'

seeing Lu Ning's Yan Hongmei, she threw herself directly at Lu Ning in front of everyone.

it was not enough to hug her. She kissed Lu Ning on the face.

she really likes Lu Ning. Every time she sees Lu Ning, she is so happy that she can't control sticking to her.

'my son-in-law, why did you suddenly call us back?' Yan Wanbao asked.

'yes, husband, what's the matter? Let me guess first. Is it because of penicillin?' Yan Hongmei guessed.

in her mind, Lu Ning is an ordinary businessman, and penicillin is the only thing that can be involved with her.

she and her father guessed on the way that Lu Ning called them back to talk about penicillin.

'a few days ago, my husband measured you and your father-in-law and said that he would give you a big surprise. Now my husband will give you and your father-in-law this surprise.'

Lu Ning touched Yan Hongmei's face and said with a smile.

'what's the surprise?' Yan Hongmei asked happily.

'come on, wife and father-in-law, come out with me.'

Lu Ning leads Yan Hongmei out of the house.


when the guard saw Lu Ning, he saluted and said hello.

Lu Ning goes outside and brings them to the two mecha.

'here, this is my husband's surprise for you and my father-in-law.'

Lu Ning put his arm around Yan Hongmei's waist, pointed to the two mecha and said.

is this a surprise?

Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao look at each other and have some doubts.

they also reached out and touched it to confirm that the mecha was made of iron.

but what's the use of this.

when decoration?

good luck?

'I said my good son-in-law, what's the use of your two iron pimples.'

Yan Wanbao touched both the robots. Although he thought the two robots were very imposing, they could only be seen and not used. He wondered why Lu Ning gave them such things.


'husband, are these two human shaped iron pimples also useful?' Yan Hongmei also asked.

'your wife is smarter than you. These two mecha are of great use to you and your father-in-law.'

'look at me.'

Lu Ning loosened Yan Hongmei's waist, went to the two mecha and pressed the buttons on them one by one.


open the upper body of the two mecha slowly.

Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao were surprised to see that the mecha could still be opened.

'these are two pairs of humanoid individual combat aircraft. Our people can enter and control them. The external armor is invulnerable, which can ensure the safety of you and your father-in-law on the battlefield.' Lu Ning said to Yan Hongmei.

he began to introduce them in detail, especially the operation method.

after the introduction, Lu Ning let the two surprised people enter the mecha one by one.

Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao slide into the mecha with anxiety.


the upper body closes automatically.

the mecha is operated by a fool, which is very simple.

is equivalent to wearing a thick coat outside.

with the two people's control, the mecha's arms begin to move.

'how amazing!'

Yan Hongmei in the robot saw the outside through the glass. She found that she moved her arm slightly, and the arm of the outside robot also moved.

for a moment, her eyes were full of brilliant colors, and she only felt incomparable novelty.

the operation of the mecha is very simple.

Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao can control the robot to walk slowly on the ground.

Dong Dong.

they walk awkwardly.

this scene directly stunned the nearby soldiers.

unexpectedly, these two iron bumps can still pretend to be people. The key is that they can still walk.

but their surprise soon turned into shock.

Lu Ning suddenly grabbed the gun in one's hand and fired several shots at the mecha controlled by Yan Hongmei and Yan Wanbao.


Yan Hongmei in the mecha can only watch Lu Ning shoot and bullets hit the mecha one by one.

ding ding.

the bullets hit the surface of the armor, which could not break the defense at all, and were all bounced off by the armor.

this is not over. Lu Ning threw two more grenades.


two grenades exploded at the feet of two mecha.

Yan Hongmei in the mecha has subconsciously closed her eyes, and Yan Wanbao instinctively jumps away.

after the explosion, the mecha in Yan Hongmei's control area stood intact and nothing happened.

Yan Wanbao fell to the ground and then stood up clumsily.

the onlookers who had just watched from afar were shocked when they saw this scene. When they saw that the two sets of mecha were all right and could walk normally, their faces showed excited expressions.

'this is too powerful!'

'it's all right!'

in an instant, they understood the purpose of the two mecha.

this is simply a mobile fortress.

if this kind of iron knot can be worn on them, and then go to the battlefield to kill the enemy, just thinking about it will make people very excited.

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