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Chapter 203 Real virtual world

the second day.

when Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun came to the laboratory as usual, they were shocked by what they saw.

I saw that the original brain Nu Wa in the disk had spread to the quantum computer, like a huge sarcoma, tightly wrapping the quantum computer.

the sarcoma moves slowly, one by one, looking very strange.

'Nu Wa.'

'Nu Wa, what the hell is going on?'

no matter how Yan Xuejun and Lu Ning called Nu Wa, Nu Wa did not respond.

Yan Xuejun curiously touched Nu Wa's body, that is, the brain on the plate like a sarcoma.

in an instant, an electric current rushed into his body. Yan Xuejun suddenly became dizzy, and then closed his eyes and remained motionless.

'what's the matter?'

Lu Ning shouted to him, but there was no response.

he looks at Yan Xuejun and touches Nu Wa's hand. He knows that the problem must be Nu Wa.

he did not push Yan Xuejun away rashly, fearing that if he pushed Yan Xuejun away rashly, it would affect him.

Lu Ning also went to Nuwa's body and reached out to touch it.

a current also jumped into his body.

Lu Ning only felt his head sink and he was extremely sleepy. Then he felt that his consciousness was being pulled out of the body, as if his soul were out of the body.

this feeling is like a lucid dream he once had.

he could have resisted this force, but after thinking for a while, he did not resist, but let this force pull him out.

as a creature he copied, Nuwa believed that Nuwa would not hurt him.

Lu Ning's consciousness suddenly became dark.

when he opened his eyes again, he had arrived in a room.

is a pink room.

in addition to Yan Xuejun, there is a beautiful girl in the room.

'Big Daddy!'

when the girl saw Lu Ning, she rushed at her.

Lu Ning did not resist. He recognized that this was Nu Wa's voice.

he held Nu Wa, rubbed her head, and asked, 'what's going on here, Nu Wa?'

'Dad, I'm sorry to have brought you in.' Nu Wa quickly apologized.

Nu Wa began to explain.

in fact, she doesn't know what happened.

it's still in the clouds.

only know that when you wake up, you can pull people into the world in your mind.

Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun understood.

'it seems that this is the deep part of Nu Wa's brain.' Yan Xuejun said.

'Nu Wa, do you know how to send us out?' Lu Ning asked.

Nu Wa shook her head and said, 'I don't know.'

since Nu Wa doesn't know how to get out, Lu Ning is not in a hurry.

he and Yan Xuejun started to walk around here.

where I am now is Nu Wa's room, which is pink and very cute.

'big dad, second dad, do you think I look good?' Nu Wa walked around in front of Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun and was very happy.

this is her ideal appearance.

'good looking.'

Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun nodded.

Nu Wa's face is exquisitely carved, and her figure is also concave and convex, but it's faint. You can see Lu Ning's appearance from Nu Wa's face.

Lu Ning felt his body and clothes and found that there was no difference between them and the real world.

this is not equivalent to a real virtual world.

'by the way, Nu Wa, you said that you also brought other people in. How did you bring them in?' Lu Ning asked.

Nu Wa immediately said about Duan Hanming.

'it seems to be due to the identity chip.' Yan Xuejun analyzed.

Lu Ning also nodded.

the identity chip can connect people's brains. Nu Wa connects with each other's brains through a quantum computer, and then forcibly associates them.

think of some horror.

does this mean that when all citizens are equipped with identity chips in the future, Nuwa will pull whoever she wants.

a virtual network can be completely established.

however, this is simply an unexpected joy.

unexpectedly, the real virtual network that Lu Ning was thinking about was completed by Nu Wa in this way.

'Nu Wa, can you create scenes at will?' Lu Ning looked at Nu Wa and asked.

'Daddy, I can.'

'Dad, what scene do you want me to create?'

Nu Wa, who has integrated a whole super quantum computer, is now very confident in herself and can completely simulate any scene.

Lu Ning thought for a moment and said, 'do you know the martial arts TV series' Fengyun '?'

'I know.'

Nu Wa nodded.

the quantum computer has already loaded most of the earth's data.

'you try to create a world in the wind and cloud.'

'good daddy.'

as soon as Nu Wa's voice fell, the external environment began to change dramatically.

the sun, moon and stars, green mountains and waters, cultural buildings, flowers, birds, fish and insects began to appear one by one.

like the creation of the world, tens of thousands of years, even hundreds of millions of years, have passed in front of Lu Ning.

great changes have taken place over time.

slowly, Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun can even feel the air flow here.

'my good daughter, you are already equivalent to the real Nu Wa!' Yan Xuejun had already been shocked and inexplicable, and he sighed incomparably in his heart.

this is a real world.

at least he can't see the difference with the outside world.

'big dad, second dad, this is the virtual Storm World generated by me through the analysis of Fengyun, Fengyun TV series and China's history, plus the calculation of quantum computers.'

'in this short time, I have done countless calculations.' Nu Wa looked proud.

looking at this stormy world that is completely different from the real world, Lu Ning nodded.

it's simply fantastic.

he praised: 'Nuwa, you have really become a super artificial intelligence by combining with quantum computers. My father is very happy for you.'

hearing Lu Ning's praise, Nu Wa smiled happily and said, 'it's all the credit of the big father and the second father.'

when the three were going to walk around the world at will.

suddenly, Nu Wa cried out in pain.

'Nu Wa, what's wrong with you!' Yan Xuejun asked nervously.


just when Nu Wa created the stormy world, the outside world suddenly lost power and became dark.

although quantum computers can perform calculations, each calculation needs the support of powerful power.

the calculation just now has drained all the nearby power, instantly causing overload and burning the wire.

fortunately, this power outage only involved the laboratory, and did not affect the daily electricity of ordinary people.

after the power failure, Lu Ning and Yan Xuejun opened their eyes.

the two men took their hands off Nu Wa's body, and then they noticed the outside world.

under Yan Xuejun's operation, the power was restored soon.

'Nu Wa.' Yan Xuejun tried to shout.

'second father, I'm here.'

'are you all right?'

'I'm fine.'

Nu Wa also knew the problem and said, 'if you create and calculate a virtual world in the future, take your time, it won't happen.'

it was created too quickly, and the power required by quantum computers increased rapidly, which led to power failure.

if not stopped, quantum computers can even absorb the power of an entire city.

'Nu Wa, is the Fengyun world you just created still alive?' Lu Ning asked.

'big dad, the world of wind and cloud is still there. If it has been created successfully, it will always exist in my brain.' Nu Wa replied.

Nu Wa began to explain.

now her brain is fully integrated with the quantum computer, and her brain is like a hard disk, which can store and run the virtual world at will.

'whether running the world of wind and cloud will affect you.'

'no, I have a large brain capacity. The Fengyun world has no influence on me at all. It only needs external power supply at the beginning of calculation. Once it is created, it will develop itself in the future.'

'self development?'

is it really like the real world.

'Nu Wa, can you intervene?'

'yes, Dad, I can even let everything in it pause completely. But once the rules in it are calculated and created, it will also have its own rules. I can't change them easily. If I change them at will, it will destroy the internal cycle.'

'yes.' Lu Ning nodded to show his understanding.

this is equivalent to a machine, such as an aircraft. Once it is designed, you can't disassemble the parts at will, otherwise the whole aircraft will be scrapped.

a self harmonious and perfect system has been formed.

this reminds Lu Ning of the magical world and blue star.

perhaps blue star has also formed this perfect internal circulation system, so magic can't be added. If it is added hard, it may destroy its own operation.

this is the rule.

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