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Chapter 216 Smashed the patriarch's daughter

Seeing such a sad Nu Wa, Lu Ning began to reflect.

'maybe I took it for granted.'

artificial intelligence is not a matter of one country, but of the whole earth.

even if one's own country agrees, if it is put on the whole earth, it will certainly be like what Nu Wa said.

just experienced the magic world.

Lu Ning naturally knows that people of different races must have different hearts.

how can people on earth tolerate the existence of Nu Wa, especially Nu Wa is still so powerful.

'Nuwa, daddy promised you that we would hide from anyone in the future, OK?'

Lu Ning smiled and touched Nu Wa's head.

after making this decision, he felt more relaxed.

'thank you, Dad!'

Nu Wa came out of Lu Ning's arms happily.

she began to dance on the green grass.

dancing with her, the endless grassland is full of colorful flowers.

the grassland becomes a sea of flowers.

extremely beautiful.

'Nu Wa, how many people have implanted identity chips in China now.' Lu Ning suddenly asked.

since he decided not to expose Nu Wa, he had a bigger plan in mind.

'big dad, China's current population is about 1.4 billion, and there are about 500 million people who have been implanted with chips.' Nu Wa replied.

500 million.

this is already a large number.

'Nuwa, my father wants you to create another underground existence in the stormy world.'

'hell? A hell like the traditional eighteen hell in China?' Nu Wa asked.

she felt a little strange. She didn't know what Lu Ning wanted to do to create a hell.

'yes, it must have Chinese characteristics, such as a bull's head and a horse's face, a judge named Yan Wang, and a kid. Can it be done?'

'yes, Dad.'

why did Lu Ning do this.

nature is to make people feel awed.

he will use this underworld to drag some people into the eighteen layers of hell, just like juyani who was dragged in by him before.

some people are allowed to go unpunished in the country because there is no evidence.

some people just have low morality, but they do not touch the law.

these people will become Lu Ning's targets.

he will use this method to frighten these people and make them completely change their minds.

'bad people should go to hell, and good people should go to heaven.'

after arranging Nu Wa to slowly create the underworld, Lu Ning came out of the virtual world.

although the real and virtual worlds are not intended to be open to ordinary people.

but we can't go back on our cooperation with other countries.

only changed.

the old version of Fengyun world has been changed into an ordinary game, but the image quality is a little higher than that of other countries.

I can no longer immerse myself in consciousness.


a few days later, Xiang Xiaobao's wife, details cloud, called Lu Ning.

'thank you, Lu Ning. The security guard has gone. I don't need this money. I'll give it back to you.'

Lu Ning hesitated after listening.

in fact, he doesn't like to take back the money he sent.

but he knows that sometimes people will feel uneasy when they accept your things.

especially for such a large amount of money without any reason, the simple rural people always feel that they owe others a lot.

if the money is easy to return but the favor is difficult to return, it is better to return it directly.

'if you need any help, you can call me at any time.'

'OK, thank you very much.' After the chat, details cloud hung up.

soon, the 150000 yuan was transferred to Lu Ning's wechat.

seeing the money on his mobile phone, Lu Ning shook his head and sighed lightly, 'it was hard to send the money out once, but it was returned.'

the current 150000 yuan is really not much for him.

he checked his bank card and found that there were several hundred million more cash.

Lu Ning intends to buy gold again.


Qianyuan world.

this is a real world of cultivating immortals.

with great energy, you can cast clouds and rain, and move mountains and fill the sea.

Zixia sect.

the patriarch of Zixia sect, his surname is LAN and his name is Qing. He is not only elegant, but also a strong man who has reached the realm of Jindan.

outside, he is extremely overbearing and shows his male courage.

but nobody knows. He has a secret.

no one knows this secret except the dead parents.

back hill, the courtyard where the suzerain lived.

there is a hot spring in the courtyard.

at this time, Lanqing slowly takes off his clothes. What is surprising is that his skin is delicate and his figure is uneven, which is not consistent with his slightly rough male face.

but soon, his appearance began to change, from male to female.

the skin is like ice and snow, and the charm is like a virgin.

what a beautiful woman.


Lanqing slipped into the hot spring and closed her eyes.

only at this moment can it truly belong to her.

this is her secret garden, where she doesn't need to pretend to be a man.

Yes, in the eyes of outsiders, the patriarch of Zixia sect is actually a woman.

it's not her fault, because only the patriarch passes on male rather than female.

his father was the last suzerain, and he wanted his blood to inherit the suzerain's throne, but he gave birth to several children who were all daughters.

in the end, he had no choice but to let Lanqing disguise herself as a man.

I trained Lanqing as a man from an early age.

it's more about her skill of changing face.

finally, Lan Qing succeeded to the suzerain's throne in order to live up to his expectations.

Lanqing bathes in the hot spring and stretches herself to her heart's content.

after washing, she went to pick up the clothes as usual.

but she suddenly froze in place and opened her eyes wide.

Lu Ning also widened his eyes and glanced up and down.

'misunderstanding, I just passed by.'

Lu Ning just came here and saw this scene. He was also a little confused.

but the other party is beautiful and has a good figure.

the scenery is very good.


Lanqing's face was instantly cold. As soon as she pulled her clothes and wrapped them up at will, she pointed at Lu Ning.

the bracelet on her wrist immediately flew out and shot at Lu Ning quickly.

this bracelet is her magic weapon and has powerful attack power.

at this moment, she has only one idea in her mind, that is, to kill Lu Ning.

control objects!

seeing this scene, Lu Ning was immediately shocked.

the world is really extraordinary. As soon as I came here, I met a woman who can control objects.

in the face of the attacking bracelet, Lu Ning dodges and dodges.

then enter the stealth state instantaneously.

but to his surprise, the bracelet seemed to be equipped with a sensor. It turned around and continued to hit him in his direction.

can actually see through him!

Lu Ning did not know that Lan Qing had achieved the golden elixir. The realm of golden elixir possessed divine consciousness. Although his invisibility was fierce, there was no hiding under divine consciousness.

'I'm afraid you can't.'

Lu Ning swung his fist and hit the bracelet.


a dull voice sounds.

Lu Ning stepped back a little, but the bracelet was directly smashed by him.

'what a terrible force.'

Lan Qing opposite sees her bracelet flying and is shocked by Lu Ning's strength.

her bracelet, even with a random blow, also has the ability to open mountains and crack rocks. Unexpectedly, it was beaten back by Lu Ning.

but Lu Ning dares to break into their Zixia sect.

what's more, Lu Ning has seen her.

she can't let Lu Ning go.

a bracelet flew out of her left hand again, and the two bracelets attacked Lu Ning at the same time.



Lu Ning flies two bracelets with two fists, and then rushes toward Lanqing in an instant.


Lanqing directly soared into the air and dodged.

her face slowly changed back to a slightly male face, and even her figure became flat, but her face became more and more cold.

'how did the other become a man.' Lu Ning was surprised to find Lanqing's appearance changed into a man.

'I didn't expect that the other side could fly.'

and the flight speed is very fast.

'is this the world of cultivating immortals?' This made him calm down quickly, who had originally planned to be serious.

cannot stay long.

Lu Ning doesn't intend to continue fighting with the other side.

he went into the earth as a recluse.

Lu Ning intends to leave here first.

he walks in the earth.

but soon, he was blocked.

a transparent barrier blocked his way.

this barrier is the mountain protection array of Zixia sect, covering the whole sect.

'good guy, even in the earth.' This gave Lu Ning another shock.

it seems that the water in this world is very deep.

he did not dare to try whether he could break it, so as not to attract more people. But he remained invisible and drilled out of the soil.

after coming out, he began to observe the environment here in Zixia sect.

there are rows of palaces and pavilions everywhere.

carved beams and painted buildings, showing simplicity.

in front of the main hall square, some disciples gathered together or walked in twos and threes.

I also saw several people exchanging ideas with each other.

'it's a sect.'

this confirms his guess.

this must be the world of cultivating truth or immortality.

'I don't know how many masters are like that woman.'

Lu Ning became more cautious.

I didn't expect that this time I would travel through time and space and come directly to my family's house.

I also saw pictures that I shouldn't have seen and made an own end.

fortunately, the woman I met was not too strong. Otherwise, I'm afraid he had been slapped to death by the other party.

he remained invisible and continued to observe.

after a while, he came to a transparent barrier.

he found that all the disciples entering and leaving here would not be blocked by the barrier.

'it seems that there is something special for identity verification.'

when he saw each disciple coming in and out, a white light would appear on the other's neck or waist.

he randomly found a single ordinary disciple, knocked him unconscious, and then dragged him to the dark.

'should be the reason for this jade plate.'

Lu Ning untied a unique jade plaque from the disciple's waist, which was written in three vigorous characters of Zixia sect.

seems to be the name of this sect.

after searching, he immediately changed into the clothes of the other party, changed into the appearance of the other party, and left here openly.

the other side.


Lanqing smashes the bracelet several times against the ground.

see that Lu Ning's figure no longer comes out, but disappears.

'unexpectedly, he is a golden elixir monk with Turing roots.'

in Lanqing's eyes, Lu Ning is already a powerful alchemy monk with Turing roots.

not everyone can escape, only those who have the roots of the Earth Spirit can.

Yes, just possible.

if you want to escape from the earth, you should not only have a good root of the Earth Spirit, but also find and practice the skill of the root of the Earth Spirit.

she can't help being moved when she thinks of Lu Ning's strong physique.

'what is the purpose of the other party coming to Zixia sect?'

she doesn't understand.

she suddenly thought of being seen naked again.

'if I meet you again, I will kill you.' A touch of shame and anger appeared on Lan Qing's face.

before that, she had nothing on and stood in front of each other so naked.

she also saw that the other party looked at her up and down.


she spat softly at the thought of the picture.

just then, a strong male voice came.

'Lord, I heard you fighting here, but what happened?'

outside the back mountain, a man stood in front of a stone monument and bowed himself and shouted.

'someone sneaked in and was beaten away by me. Please send someone to search the gate to see if the other party has left. Remember to be careful. The other party is a golden elixir friar who has the root of Earth Spirit and is good at using evasion.' Lanqing's voice came from inside.

hearing that it was actually a Jindan friar with Turing roots, the man outside couldn't help showing his surprise.

it's even better to be touched by a golden elixir.


the man hurried away.

Zixia zongnei.

several teams led by elder Jindan began to search the gate.

after a while, they found the disciple knocked unconscious by Lu Ning.

'how dare you! You not only broke into Zixia sect, but also hurt my disciples!'

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