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Chapter 217 Wanbaoge plastic beauty pill

Qianyuan world.

a real world of cultivating immortals.

there are monks and monsters here, but most of them are ordinary people.

this is a world where ordinary people and monks coexist.

ordinary people use gold, silver and copper coins, while monks use spirit stones.

'it is indeed a world of cultivating immortals.'

after wandering for half a day, Lu Ning finally got some understanding of the world.


at the same time, he also knew that the gate he went to before was only a small gate.

good guy, fortunately, it's just a small door. If you accidentally fall into a large door, it will be dangerous.

this can't help but strengthen his idea that he wants to agree.

'just don't know what strength that woman is.'

Lu Ning can't be sure of the strength of the woman he fought against.

he doesn't even know the identity of the other party.

but he feels that the other side is very strong.

if he does not use the electromagnetic gun, he is not sure to beat the other side.

'also quite big.'

Lu Ning's thoughts wandered for a moment.

in my mind, I can't help but think of the white.

he couldn't help smiling



Lu Ning enters the pavilion.

at this time, he not only changed his clothes, but also changed his appearance into a passer-by.

'excuse me, sir, what do you want to buy?'

just after Lu Ning came in, a beautiful teenage woman came to receive him.

this is a place where monks' treasures are sold. Only spirit stones are accepted, not gold and silver. Ordinary people are not allowed to enter.

ordinary people dare not come in at all.

those who will come in are monks or their servants.

'do you have any elixir for scars?' Lu Ning asked.

he is not interested in the magic tools used by the friar for the time being. After all, he will not use them if they are given to him.

he is only concerned about the scar on Chen Ruolan's face.

knowing that this world is a world of cultivating immortals, he guessed that there must be a magic pill that can cure scars.

'yes.' The woman nodded.

sure enough.

'this way, please.'

the woman took Lu Ning to the next booth, pointed to the pill bottle placed on it, and said: 'there are fragrant jade dew cream, Lingyi Tianxiang liquid, Xianzhi shuhun pill, plastic face pill, etc. I don't know which one you want, young master.'

'which one has the best effect.' Lu Ning asked.

for him, to use nature is the best.

'the most effective one is the plastic beauty pill, which can regenerate the skin and reshape the appearance.' The woman smiled.

'face remodeling?' Lu Ning was surprised.

is that exaggerated.

'it's not a real reshaping of appearance, it's just a better look on the basis of the original.' The woman explained with a smile.

this is the name of the medicine. The name is exaggerated.

Lu Ning nodded, which was almost the same.

'I don't know the price.'

'plastic beauty pill is made of such precious medicinal materials as bailing ginseng fruit, snow lotus seed, zuilong grass, Huiling red fruit, snake desire fruit, purple smoke fruit, anorexic flower, Zhuyu grass, etc. after nine, nine and eleven days of refining, the hardships are not well known to outsiders.

the plastic beauty pill in Marlboro is sold at the price of five top-grade spirit stones. If you buy ten in a bottle, you only need 49 top-grade spirit stones.' The woman replied.


this price really scared Lu Ning.

he does have five spirit stones in his pocket now, which were stolen from that disciple of Zixia sect.

but it's only five inferior spirit stones.

he listened to the gossip of those disciples. Ordinary disciples only give out one inferior spirit stone a month.

ten inferior spirit stones are equal to one intermediate spirit stone.

ten middle grade spirit stones are equal to one top grade spirit stone.

ten to one exchange rate.

this is equivalent to saying that if ordinary disciples want to buy a plastic face pill, they must either eat or drink it, and it will take decades to buy it.

one word - expensive.

in this world, once you reach the realm of golden elixir, you can reshape your appearance. Therefore, shaping YAN Dan is only attractive to people below the realm of golden elixir.

plastic beauty pill is called Chicken rib in the spiritual world.

those in a low state cannot afford it.

you don't need to buy high-level ones.

few disciples will spend the resources for cultivation on foreign objects.

perhaps only a very small number of disciples who know that they have no hope of golden elixirs will use their savings to buy plastic beauty elixirs.

'how much are the other cheapest pills for treating scars?'

'the cheapest is this kind of fragrant rain and dew cream. As long as it is a top-grade spirit stone, it can not only treat trauma but also leave scars.' The woman said.

I can't afford it. I can't afford it.

Lu Ning felt helpless.

you can't rob.

he looked into the attic, but there was a man who was vaguely emitting his aura.

is a master.

Lu Ning has a keen sense. The other side gives him a feeling stronger than the woman of Zixia sect and the demigod in the magical world.

in this world, the strong walk everywhere.

keep a low profile.

'I don't know if you receive anything here.' Lu Ning asked.

'received.' The woman smiled and nodded.

I have to say that this woman's service attitude is very good.

it is not only pleasant to look at, but also pleasant to talk about.

'let me see. Do you accept this kind of thing? How much do you charge for it?'

Lu Ning takes out a magic core from the magic world.

this is an earth yellow high-level magic core, which Lu Ning forced down from a magic wand.

it seems that this magic wand was used by an orc holy sacrifice.

'this ~ what is this?'

after the woman took it, she could not understand it.

she can feel that this is not the gem of the ordinary mortal world.

she is also a monk, and she can feel that there is an energy flowing inside.

but it was the first time she saw this thing, and she could not distinguish it for a moment.

'please wait a moment.'


the woman nodded and went into the inner room with the earth yellow magic core.


at this time, an old man is sitting in front of a small table in the room. He is reading tea with a leisurely manner.

'Ji Lao, please help me to see what this is.'

the woman carefully handed the magic core to the old man.

this is the chronicle of their Marlborough. Their strength has reached the late stage of the golden elixir.

he is knowledgeable and well-informed. He is a treasure appraiser of Marlborough.

Ji Lao took the magic core and looked at it curiously. 'It's interesting.'

his divine consciousness has penetrated into the devil's core, and naturally he has discovered the special energy in it.

this is a kind of heaven and earth Reiki, but it is different from this world Reiki.

it's a bit like the complicated spiritual power in the demon pill of monsters.

'how about Ji Lao?' The woman asked curiously.

Ji Lao touched his beard and said with a smile, 'I've seen so many treasures. It's the first time I've seen such a thing.'

'Ji Lao, what is this? Is it useful to us?'

'it's a little like the demon pill of monsters. It's full of mixed spiritual power. If it's useful, maybe you can try to refine it.'

'is that ok?'

'how many such things are there in the other party's hand.' Asked Ji.

'I don't know.'

'take this one first and send it back to zongmen for a look. If it can be used, continue to take it. If it can't be used, it will be a lesson.'

'you said that Ji Lao, how many spirit stones do we accept?'

Ji Lao sensed the energy intensity inside, pondered for a while, and said, 'a top-grade spirit stone.'

'good chronicle.'

the woman took the magic core and went out again.

the price of a top-grade spirit stone is already high.

in the outside world, there are also mortals who exchange gold and silver with monks for spirit stones.

a top-grade spirit stone is a wealth that ordinary people can not earn in their lives.

'a top-grade spirit stone, OK, I agree.'

hearing that a top-grade spirit stone could be exchanged, Lu Ning agreed to the transaction without saying anything.

'I still have it.'

he wanted to exchange it again, but the woman politely said: 'sorry, young master, we don't know the specific effect of this crystal like thing you brought, so we only accept this one for the time being.

when this crystal is brought back to the sect, if it is useful, we will naturally accept it again in the future.' The woman explained.


'this is a top-grade spirit stone. Please keep it.' The woman handed Lu Ning a top-grade spirit stone.

the top grade spirit stone is only two fingers in size, oval in shape, and weighs about 50g, almost as heavy as an egg. Lingshi is white green, with smooth surface and incomparable warmth.

Lu Ning fell in love with him at once.

if this kind of precious jade is put on the earth, it will sell for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, and I'm afraid everyone will buy it.

it is worthy of being a top-grade Lingshi.

in addition to looking good, he can also feel that there is a special energy contained in this top-grade spirit stone.

I think it should be the spirit of the world.

'if it is put on the earth, it can be used as an heirloom.' Lu Ning couldn't put it down and kept playing with the spirit stone in his hand.

Lu Ning's appearance, however, made the woman who received her feel a little funny.

she knew at a glance that Lu Ning had never seen the top-grade Lingshi before. It made him happy.

'Sir, are you going to buy anything else?' Asked the woman.

Lu Ning shook his head and left here.

although one spirit stone is enough to buy fragrant jade dew cream, he wants to give the best to Chen Ruolan. He plans to buy the best plastic beauty pill directly after collecting five top-grade spirit stones.

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