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Chapter 230 Accept apprentices

Qianyuan world, Xiaoxi village.

here are beautiful mountains and rivers and fertile land.

the villagers live a simple life with men farming and women weaving.

walking in Xiaoxi village, Lu Ning was attracted by the life like a paradise for a while.

'immortal teacher.'

'immortal teacher.'

all villagers who saw Lu Ning would stop and bow politely to Lu Ning.

Xie Weilong follows Lu Ning like a bodyguard.

when passing a large river, Lu Ning saw some villagers fishing here.

several children are playing by the river.

a woman carried a basket in her left hand and a six or seven year old girl in her right hand. When she saw Lu Ning, she quickly came to salute and said, 'I have seen a fairy teacher.'

the little girl is also a model, with milk in her milk: 'I have seen the immortal teacher.'

Lu Ning couldn't help laughing at the cute appearance of the little girl.


Lu Ning nodded with a smile.

the woman was pulling the little girl to leave, but she saw Lu Ning walking toward the water.

she stopped because of curiosity.

the children on the bank and the villagers fishing in the river all looked at Lu Ning.

Lu Ning walked slowly from the bank to the river, but he did not sink, but stood on the water.

he walked to the villagers in the river.

'I have met the immortal master.'

villagers in the river salute quickly.

Lu Ning glanced at them and waved his hand. In an instant, the water in the river surged like a monster inside.

the villagers looked at the river and were amazed.

is there a monster in the river?

the immortal master is killing demons.

at the bottom of the river, one fish is wrapped by the current. The fish originally swimming in the water are tightly bound by the current and can't break away.

Lu Ning waved again and saw a stream of water rushing out of the river, forming a chain.

the chain is full of fresh fish.

the fish made a circle in the air and then fell into the villagers' fishing boats one by one.

fish jump on the boat.

these fish are all big, and the smallest one is about the size of a palm.

this scene made the villagers cheer.

'thank you, master.'

all villagers quickly thanked me.

the children, women and Xie Weilong on the bank were also excited when they saw this scene.

immortal masters are powerful.

especially Xie Weilong, who is holding his fist and very excited.

after all this, Lu Ning stepped on the river again and slowly returned to the bank.

the little girl suddenly ran towards Lu Ning.

she raised her head and said to Lu Ning, 'master Xian, can you take me as an apprentice?'

the little girl's mother hurried to hold the little girl for fear that she might contradict Lu Ning.

but she is also looking forward to Lu Ning's taking her little girl as an apprentice, and is waiting for Lu Ning's answer with trepidation.

'Oh, why do you want to learn from me?'

Lu Ning felt funny and touched the little girl's head.

'I want to help my father catch fish in the future after learning the magic of the immortal master, so that my father won't have to work so hard.'

the little girl answered earnestly.

just now she saw Lu Ning's magic with her own eyes. In addition to being shocked, all she thought about was the scene of fishing for her father after learning the magic.

if they have this spell, they will not be so tired to fish in the village in the future.

'you really have a heart.'

'what's your name?'

Lu Ning squatted down, touched the little girl's face and asked.

it is very rare for such a young child to have such an idea.

in particular, she is not thinking about herself, but for the villagers of the whole village.

'my name is little Ying.'

the little girl grinned and replied.

children in the village usually only have nicknames when they were young, and even many people will always use nicknames when they grow up.

little yinging is now her name.

'OK, little yinging, when you grow up, I will take you as an apprentice.'

Lu Ning agreed.

such a loving little girl, when she learns the skills of the world, she can teach them.


just as Lu Ning promised, little Ying's mother pulled little Ying down on her knees.

'thank you, master Xian.'

little Ying's mother and little Ying just kowtow to Lu Ning.

the expressions of the two people are very sincere.

'master, you will be my master in the future.'

when Xiaoying got up, he immediately came to take Lu Ning's hand and was happy.

Lu Ning couldn't help laughing when he saw this.

that's it?

what he just said is the future.

when she grows up.

however, seeing little Ying and her mother look excited.


just accept it.

Lu Ning accepted the story of little whining and soon spread it in Xiaoxi village.

it's a great thing for ordinary people to worship monks as teachers.

not only means a heritage, but also means that the small village will have a backer. For Xiaoxi village, it is a blessing from heaven.

naturally, the ceremony of worshipping teachers cannot be simple.

under the leadership of the village head, gongs and drums are played and firecrackers are fired.

burn incense to pray for heaven.

in the witness of the whole village, Lu ningduan sat on a wooden chair, and little Ying offered Lu Ning a cup of tea.

'xiaoyinging has not been officially named yet. Please ask the immortal master to give it a name.' The village head respectfully tunnels aside.

the mother, father, and a group of villagers all stood down and looked at Lu Ning.

Lu Ning inquired. Little yinging's father, Tian and Tieniu, was an out and out mortal.

the father's surname is Tian, and naturally the daughter's surname is Tian.

'please call me Tian Xiaoying.'

since then, little whining has officially got its name.

the big name is Tian Xiaoying, and the small name is Ying.

after taking the name, this is not the end.

the village soon sent Lu Ning a house to build, which was built according to the highest standard.

will become the most luxurious building in the village.

in addition to the house, a temple was built for Lu Ning, in which Lu Ning's immortal memorial tablet was placed.

the longevity card is a memorial tablet that prays for happiness and longevity for the elderly and benefactors.

the longevity card is not a spirit card, but a memorial tablet set up for a living person to feel his kindness and pray for his happiness and longevity.

Lu Ning didn't think that he was just in a good mood. He planned to take a female apprentice casually, which caused such a big stir in the whole village.

naturally, he would not let the villagers do their work in vain.

'giving this money to the village head is hard money for the villagers.'

Lu Ning takes out several large yellow croakers and hands them to Xie Weilong.


Xie Weilong took the big yellow croaker and went to find the village head.

'how can this make, make, make? It's the honor of our village and a gift from heaven that the immortal master can accept Xiaoying. How can we still accept the money of the immortal master?'

the village head waved and refused to accept.

immortal master, that's a high immortal.

if they receive the money from the immortal master, they will lose their lives.

and the immortals take the little whining in their village as disciples, which is a big advantage for them.

in the future, there will be little whining in their village, and the whole village will have immortal inheritance, which is an honor that can be passed down all the time.

helpless Xie Weilong had no choice but to take the yellow croaker back and return it to Lu Ning to truthfully explain.

after receiving several big yellow croakers, Lu Ning sighed: 'what a simple villager.'

built a house for Lu Ning, built a temple, and erected a memorial tablet for longevity.

especially with the sticky little apprentice, Lu Ning has a sense of belonging to Xiaoxi village.

he began to walk around the village from time to time.

a villager accidentally fell from a cliff and was seriously injured. Lu Ning set the bone for him and cured him with wood magic.

some villagers were injured by beasts. Ordinary village doctors can't cure them. It was also Lu Ning's hand.

find the village doctor for minor illness and the living immortal Lu Ning for serious illness.

Yes, in the eyes of the villagers, Lu Ning is as great as a true legendary fairy.

is simply omnipotent.

with the passage of time, Lu Ning is more and more loved by the villagers.

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