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Chapter 236 Lan Qing meets Lu Ning

outer city.

people come and go, and people's voices are boiling.

at a weapons booth.

Xie Weilong handed a inferior spirit stone to the stall owner in exchange for a precious knife.

touching the same precious knife as his original one, Xie Weilong felt happy.

without a knife in his hand, he always feels that something is missing.

he reached into his arms and touched the only inferior spirit stone left. His face became helpless again.

he wanted to buy talismans very much, but it was a pity that a low-grade spirit stone was not enough.

in the past, his two talismans were sold to him by a kind-hearted immortal who passed by.

suddenly, a voice sounded around Xie Weilong, 'Hey, you are a mortal.'

the visitor is Hua Guangsheng who passed by.

when Xie Weilong saw that it was Hua Guangsheng, he immediately hugged his fist and saluted: 'it's an immortal teacher.'

he was very fond of Hua Guangsheng. At that time, Hua Guangsheng gave him pills to save him.

Hua Guangsheng looked around and asked: 'I remember you followed elder martial brother Lu. Why are you alone?'

these days, I haven't seen Lu Ning contact him, and he has been thinking of me.

Xie Weilong replied: 'my fairy master often travels around. I'm just a mortal. It's not convenient to follow him.'

he himself knows that he is weak. Lu Ning takes him like a burden. He does not blame Lu Ning.

Lu Ning went out for many days. He had nothing to do in Xiaoxi village, so he went to the outer city to buy knives himself.

in this way, he can practice knife skills in the village.

Hua Guangsheng continued to ask several questions about Lu Ning, and Xie Weilong naturally answered them one by one.

Hua Guangsheng was surprised when he learned that Lu Ning had settled down in Xiaoxi village and accepted disciples there.

the first thing that came to his mind was that if his family knew about it, it would be misunderstood.

I think of Lu Ning, a casual repairman. I think I should remind him.

Hua Guangsheng said: 'since senior brother Lu Ning is still in Xiaoxi village, let's go and meet senior brother Lu Ning with you.'

he happened to take on a task and also wanted to invite Lu Ning to go with him.

Hua Guangsheng's imperial sword soon took Xie Weilong to Xiaoxi village.

as Hua Guangsheng, who only built the foundation, his own sword is flexible, but after taking one person with him, his speed obviously slowed down.

fortunately, they are not in a hurry and fly slowly in the sky.


Xiaoxi village.

Lu Ning, who had just crossed the earth, saw Hua Guangsheng descending from the sky with Xie Weilong.

when Hua Guangsheng was still in the air, he saw Lu Ning on the ground and immediately smiled.

after landing, he came forward and said happily, 'elder martial brother Lu, we meet again.'

Lu Ning glanced at Xie Weilong and Hua Guangsheng and said, 'it seems that you met by chance.'

Xie Weilong explained: 'yes, I just bought a knife and saw master Hua Xian.'

he waved his newly bought sword.

Hua Guangsheng glanced at Xie Weilong and suddenly said, 'please avoid me. I have something to talk with your immortal master.'


Xie Weilong knows how to be funny, arches his hand and leaves.

Lu Ning looked at Hua Guangsheng curiously, not knowing what he was going to say.

Hua Guangsheng approached Lu Ning and asked softly, 'senior brother Lu Ning, I heard that you not only settled in Xiaoxi village, but also accepted a mortal as a disciple. Do you know if this is the case?'

Lu Ning didn't know what he meant when he asked. He nodded and said, 'it's true. What's wrong?'

Hua Guangsheng said with some worry: 'senior brother Lu Ning, you know that this is the territory of our Zixia sect for hundreds of miles. If we learn about this, I'm afraid we will be dissatisfied and blame you.'

Lu Ning wondered: 'why?'

he just lives in seclusion here, and his disciples are ordinary mortals, which will also be blamed.

in the movies and TV shows, the monks can accept whoever they like as disciples.

is there anything special about this.

Hua Guangsheng immediately explained to Lu Ning.

in particular, it is about the jurisdiction rules of the sect and some taboos of accepting students.

after listening to his explanation, Lu Ning nodded and understood.

it seems that he is influenced by the earth and preconceived.

it seems that there are more roads in the world than he imagined.

Lu Ning said: 'don't worry. Two elders of your Zixia sect came a few days ago.'

Hua Guangsheng looked surprised. 'What, who are the two elders?'

'one is Zhu Xianglin and the other is Ge Gen. they talked to me for a few moments and then left. I think it's OK to come.'

he thought that although there were some misunderstandings, since the two elders of Zixia sect had already come, the misunderstandings should have been resolved.

'it's the elder and the second elder!'

'didn't they embarrass senior brother Lu?'

'they are both quite friendly to me.'


Hua Guangsheng looks confused.

this is wrong.

the elder and the second elder are always hard to talk. In general, they will drive out senior brother Lu Ning in such a situation.

at this moment, a streamer came from the air and fell in front of them in a blink of an eye.

wearing a white robe, he outlined a long and straight body, eyebrows, swords and white jade carvings. As a whole, Tsinghua is noble, and his gestures show the unique dignity and coldness of the superior.

Hua Guangsheng, who looked like a man, was immediately shocked, and then hurried forward to salute: 'disciple Hua Guangsheng, meet the patriarch.'

the person who came was Lanqing, the patriarch of Zixia sect.

Lanqing has completely refined the best flying sword these days. Just after refining, he came right away.

Lu Ning was also surprised to see Lanqing.

his first reaction was, isn't this the person he fought when he first came to this world.

unexpectedly, the other party was the leader of Zixia sect.

the other party is clearly a woman, but he has changed into a man.

in the past, Lu Ning didn't understand why, but now after hearing Hua Guangsheng tell the identity of the other party, he already knows the reason.

the world is also a place where men are superior to women, and the other side is now the suzerain. I think that's why.

Lu Ning looks at each other with a smile on his face and says in his heart, 'what a master of Zixia sect who disguises herself as a man.'

he felt that he had spied on the other party's little secret and was immediately amused.

Lanqing glances at Hua Guangsheng, gives a faint 'um' and then quickly looks at Lu Ning.

a plain face without the breath of a monk.

but vaguely, she could feel a sense of threat from Lu Ning.

Lan Qing said to Lu Ning, 'you also heard what my disciples said. I'm Lan Qing, the leader of Zixia sect. Are you what our elders said about the sanxiu immortal Lu?'

Lu Ning nodded and said, 'it's me.'

Lan Qing looks at Xiang Hua Guangsheng and asks, 'Watson, do you know Mr. Lu?'

Hua Guangsheng was shocked when he heard Lanqing calling Lu Ning a real person. Hearing Lanqing's question, he quickly replied: 'Lord, senior brother Lu, oh no, immortal Lu once saved my life.'

he wiped his forehead and looked at Lu Ning. He dared not call Lu Ning senior brother at will.

their strength and status are far from each other.

during the foundation construction period, those who dare to call immortal Jindan as their elder martial brother, unless they are their own martial brothers. It is disrespectful to call them so outside.

Lanqing is curious. She takes a look at Lu Ning and then calls Hua Guangsheng aside: 'tell me about you and that immortal Lu.'


Hua Guangsheng naturally knows everything in front of his own suzerain.

he immediately said that he took the task, killed the green faced monster, met the succubus, and almost died.

during this period, he also mentioned Xie Weilong.

after hearing Hua Guangsheng's words, Lanqing nodded uncontrollably. She understood what was going on in her heart: 'so it is.'

the ins and outs of the matter have become clear.

Lan Qing said to Hua Guangsheng: 'you go back to your ancestral home first, and I have something to talk to Lu Zhenren.'


Hua Guangsheng walked up to Lu Ning and respectfully said, 'immortal Lu, my Lord said that he had something to talk to you. I'll take leave first.'

his face is respectful, and a trace of loss appears in his eyes.

unexpectedly, I finally got to know a senior brother I admire, who is actually a Jindan immortal. It seems that I can't be a friend.

he dare not go beyond it.

Lu Ning smiled when he saw that Hua Guangsheng's address and tone were all changed.

he patted Hua Guangsheng on the shoulder and said: 'younger martial brother Hua, I'm still your elder martial brother. Don't be too outsider.'

Lu Ning's words made Hua Guangsheng happy: 'good senior brother Lu!'

Hua Guangsheng left with his sword in a happy mood.

Lan Qing, who saw this scene beside him, can't help but make some changes to Lu Ning.

save people in the same path.

do not press people as Jindan immortal.

even Lanqing has to admire his character.

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