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Chapter 238 The vow of heaven, the skill in hand

Lanqing did not immediately introduce Lu Ning to the elders of the sect, but took Lu Ning to the ancestral hall of Zixia sect.

here are all the ancestral tablets of Zixia sect since its founding. The environment is solemn and solemn.

Lanqing takes out a piece of leather paper made of unknown monster skins from the heaven and earth bag.

many words are written on the leather paper.

she handed the paper to Lu Ning and said: 'immortal Lu, please swear to heaven according to the above. This is the rule of entering the sect.'

Lu Ning takes a look.

nothing more than swearing not to betray Zixia sect, not to harm the same sect, not to kill innocent people indiscriminately, and so on.

swear by the heavenly way of the Qianyuan kingdom. If you break this oath, you will suffer misfortune and punishment.

this is the procedure that every sect in the Qianyuan realm must follow, and it is also the last insurance.

after all, some demons are very good at camouflage and lying, and we have to guard against it.


Lu Ning naturally has no opinion on this.

he didn't want to hurt anyone.

'I swear by the way of heaven that I will not betray the Zixia sect, harm my fellow disciples, or kill innocent people indiscriminately.'

when Lu Ning said that he would swear by the way of heaven, he instantly felt that he was shrouded in a mysterious force.

great terror and great fear.

in front of this force, he felt that he had no secrets at all and was as weak as an ant.

is the way of heaven in this world!

Lu Ning was terrified, and was extremely shocked.

the world has the way of heaven. I swear that I will really be watched by the way of heaven.

he immediately became a little nervous when he thought that he was not a person in this world.

but fortunately, this force does not seem to have any malice against him. After he has made an oath, this force will disappear.

he was also relieved.

Lanqing is very happy to see Lu Ning finish swearing.

the last trace of doubt in her heart also completely disappeared.

'Lu Zhenren, please.'

Lanqing takes the monster skin in Lu Ning's hand and leads to the outside.

next, I will take Lu Ning to meet the elders of Zixia sect.

'Dong Dong.'

three bells echo in Zixia sect.

soon, all the elders of Zixia sect entered the hall.

in the hall.

Lanqing and Lu Ning have already been waiting here.

elders of Zixia sect came in slowly.

when each of them saw Lu Ning beside Lanqing, they couldn't help but look at him.

Lu Ning looks at every elder who comes in and recognizes his face.

most elders are in their 70s and 80s, only three of them are middle-aged and old, and only one is as young as Lu Ning.

among these people, Lu Ning saw the elder and elder who had met once before.

it should be Zhu Xianglin and Gegen.

when they saw Lu Ning, they were surprised.

they didn't expect that their patriarch would invite Lu Ning into their sect.

however, after being surprised, they all nodded friendly to Lu Ning.

after all the ten elders arrive, Lanqing starts to introduce them.

she palmed Lu Ning and said: 'this is the new worship elder of our Zixia sect. His name is Lu Ning. He is a Jindan immortal in the later stage of Jindan.

I think some elders have met with Lu Chen. Yes, he is the new monk from Xiaoxi village. I hit it off with Lu Chen as soon as I met him. Lu Chen is kind and noble. It is because of this that I invited him to join our Zixia sect.

it is our honor.'

Lanqing has a smile on her face. She hasn't been so happy for a long time.

'yes, yes.'

'it is indeed the honor of Zixia sect.'

the elders smiled and agreed.

Lu Ning, judging from his appearance, must have made a breakthrough when he was young, and he is also a master in the later stage of Jindan.

except Lanqing, I am better than everyone present.

they are also very happy to have such strong companions join us.

Lanqing brings Lu Ning to other elders: 'elder Lu, let me introduce you.'

'this is the elder of Zixia sect, named Zhu Xianglin.'

Lu Ning took the initiative to say, 'I wish you a good old age. We'll meet again.'

Zhu Xianglin said with a smile on his face: 'elder Lu joined our Zixia sect, which is the blessing of our Zixia sect.'

Lan Qing continued to introduce, 'this is the second elder of Zixia sect, Ge Gen and Ge Changlao.

' Lu Changlao. '

' Ge Changlao. '

the two nodded.

next, Lanqing continued to introduce the other elders of Zixia sect to Lu Ning.

in front of Lu Ning, who was in the later stage of Jindan, no one dared to hold him up, and he had a good attitude towards Lu Ning.

in the cultivation of immortals, strength is the most important thing. Lu Ning's strength in the later stage of Jindan is still so young. Yuan Ying Zhen Jun is just around the corner. We must not offend him.

After the introduction of the elders in the hall, Lanqing took the lead, and the people followed behind.

the square outside is already full of disciples of Zixia sect.

Lanqing and Lu Ning, together with the elders, step onto the platform.

Lu Ning looked down and found that there were almost 500 disciples.

he saw Hua Guangsheng in the crowd. As a builder, Hua Guangsheng stood in the first row.

there are 15 people in the foundation construction below. It is not ruled out that there are still people doing tasks outside, but I think there will not be more than 20 people.

Lanqing has started to introduce: 'this is the worship elder newly invited by our sect, elder Lu Ning.'

'see elder Lu!'

all the disciples below salute.

Lu Ning nodded to them.

Lanqing continued: 'elder Lu is a disciple of Jindan in his later years. He temporarily serves as a priest in our sect.'

next is burning incense to pray for heaven, without too many cumbersome procedures.

after the elders had finished the incense, they dispersed one by one.

several people who want to make friends invite Lu Ning to have tea and talk about Tao when he is free, and Lu Ning smiles.

Lanqing personally took Lu Ning to get familiar with the various building uses of Zixia sect. Finally, she thoughtfully arranged a residence for Lu Ning. The place where she lived was next to her, which also had a single courtyard and a quiet and elegant environment.

she has always attached great importance to Lu Ning in her attitude.

in the yard.

Lanqing and Lu Ning sit opposite each other.

she took out a jade slip from the heaven and earth bag and handed it to Lu Ning: 'in this jade slip, it is recorded that the five elements of nature are determined.'

Lu Ning took the jade slips and said, 'thank you, Lord.'

I finally got a cultivation skill.

Lanqing said: 'I'm right next to you. If you need anything, please come to me.'

Lu Ning nodded and said: 'OK.'

Lanqing didn't bother much and got up and left here.

just after Lanqing left, two Qi disciples came in.

a man and a woman are both in their teens. They are both handsome, just like a pair of golden girls.

the two first saluted Lu Ning and said, 'see elder Lu.'

'disciple's name is Ling Guangyuan.'

'my name is Zhang qianyun.'

'we are both arranged to serve elder Lu in your daily life.'

the two bowed and were very respectful to Lu Ning.

after they finished speaking, they stopped talking and waited for Lu Ning's order with their heads bowed.

Lu Ning glanced at them and said, 'I'm going to shut up now. Don't let outsiders in.'

now that the innate five elements determination has been obtained, he naturally can't wait to try to cultivate.

the two replied: 'good elder Lu.'

after that, the two men withdrew from the yard.

after seeing the two people withdraw, Lu Ning gets up and walks into the room.

he lay in bed, put the jade slip on his forehead, and then closed his eyes.

Lu Ning's perception can be detached from the body, similar to spiritual power or psychic knowledge, after copying the ability of enchanting magic clothes.

but because of the just copied reason, his spiritual consciousness is like a newborn child, which is not only short in distance, but also too weak.

all his senses enter the jade slips.

at once, the knowledge about the innate five elements decision reached his brain bit by bit.

includes the original owner's perception of the five elements of nature.

in the end, there was also a sense of God without a lord who took his spiritual sense and swam through his body several times.

this is the operation route of 'congenital five decisions'.

if you are an ordinary person, the seeds of the innate five element decision have been born in your body at this time, and you can cultivate yourself.

but when Lu Ning opened his eyes, he suddenly found that he could not practice.

what's going on?

just now he felt that with the operation of the martial arts by the Lord less consciousness, there was Reiki entering his body.

but his body can't hold this aura at all.

as soon as it enters his body, the Reiki dissipates by itself.

'I have no spiritual roots!'

Lu Ning quickly guessed the reason.

a body without spiritual roots is like a big funnel. As much as you pour into it, it will flow out.


what's wrong with this.

Lu Ning frowned.

'it seems that we can only expect that the bracelet can copy other people's spiritual roots.'

without spiritual roots, Lu Ning can only rest on the bracelet.

he made up his mind to copy the disciples with spiritual roots after the ability of the succubus evolved.

if it cannot be copied, try to find another way.

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