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Chapter 24 Chang Yonghao and Lin Meiqi

Eagle Totem club.

in the fight hall.

a strong man is fighting with four other people.

he punches fiercely and moves quickly with great momentum.

after a few punches, one person was hit without backhand force. A kick with a backleg made the people behind him stagger back.

his fist is like an iron fist, which is severely hit.

the whip leg is comparable to a solid steel plate. It kicks with an opponent. You kick each other and I kick each other. It depends on who is more fierce.

before a few rounds, his opponent was in pain and surrendered with his legs covered.

all four opponents fall to the ground.

his two fists collided with each other. It seemed that he was not satisfied.

his name is' Chang Yonghao ', and he is a professional boxer.

he has few rivals in the industry, and is a real general.

Chang Yonghao went in for a shower and came out naked.

a man in his forties walked up and asked, 'Yonghao, I asked Le Bowen privately. He said he didn't fight fake boxing. If the master's strength is true, are you sure?'

'seventh uncle, don't worry. Don't you know my strength? That master is just a nobody who spreads martial arts. You are too serious.'

in Chang Yonghao's eyes, the master is at best an amateur boxer, which is nothing to worry about.

he is the winning champion in the fight field. How can the opponent compare with him.

'have you seen his video? It looks very powerful.'

the man named seventh uncle also saw the video privately. In the video, the grandmaster and Le Bowen competed. Le Bowen was teased miserably.

it seems that the master is very strong.

'I only believe in my fist!'

Chang Yonghao comes to the sandbag and blows it up.

the sandbag shakes violently under one punch.

'well, since you are so confident, I will promise them to come to the door to challenge. They said that this time is equivalent to a challenge. You should pay attention to it.'

it is a publicity for their fight hall.

'kick? Oh, don't break your leg!'

Chang Yonghao mocks.

he kicked the sandbag with a whip and a leg, and the sandbag 'Peng!' It broke directly and opened a big hole horizontally. The sand, crushed stones and sawdust kept leaking out and scattered all over the floor.

one leg kicks through the sandbag, which shows how strong his strength is.

he has this confidence in his heart. His skills through strict training can not be defeated by any amateur boxer.


one day later.

'have you heard that the master will challenge changyonghao of our fight hall next time?'

'what! Challenge Chang Yonghao.'

people were shocked.

you know, Chang Yonghao is a professional boxer with strong strength. He also has the title of 'iron leg'.

once the iron leg comes out, who will compete.

53 wins and 38 times in 58 wars, 3 losses and 2 draws in KO.

won five levels of champion gold belt successively.

such achievements are well-known in the fight world, and they are real masters.

that great master is just an ordinary inheritor of traditional Wushu. How dare he challenge Chang Yonghao.

don't you want to live?

and not only a challenge.

the red sun has sent out an official video. This time, it is not a simple competition, but a door-to-door challenge.

there is something to see.

others may fight fake boxing, but Chang Yonghao certainly won't.

'that master's mask must be broken by changyonghao this time.'

for a while, everyone in the Eagle Totem club was ready to move and looked forward to it.

netizens on the Internet also got the news.

Lu Ning's fans began to leave messages under HongRi Tiktok and his Tiktok.

'master, I heard that you're going to challenge the school, but you should take it easy. Don't flash to your waist.'

'is it time for dinner?'

'beat out our momentum of spreading martial arts. I will go to the hospital to see you then.'

'let Chang Yonghao kneel down and call Dad!'

'is there any girlfriend you want me to take care of?'

although the grandmaster is strong, most netizens are not optimistic about him.

the Internet is busy for a while.



HongRi group.

'this is wangyulong from our publicity department. Manager Wang, you have just graduated. First, learn from him for a period of time.'

'Dad, don't worry. I will learn from manager Wang.'

'manager Wang, she will trouble you.'

Linbin, the boss of HongRi group, followed his daughter, linmeiqi.

Linbin is a middle-aged man in his forties. He is very calm.

his daughter, linmeiqi, has just graduated from college. She looks like a little girl and is a little strange.

'you can rest assured, chairman.'

wangyulong pats his chest to guarantee.


wangyulong took linmeiqi to the publicity department and introduced her identity to everyone.

'Hi, everyone.'

linmeiqi waved cheerfully to the people in the office.

there are more than a dozen people in the office. Everyone applauds.

the next few days.

as we get along with each other and get to know each other, we gradually find that Lin Meiqi is active and lively.

aimless every day, never paying attention to work.

just come to muddle along.

what they often do is to make up in the office with a lollipop in their mouth, and take self photos. From time to time, they also run outside and go out to play.

sometimes they bring stray cats to the company that they don't know where to pick up.

I haven't done anything, but I haven't been idle all day.

the impression is that there are some rebellious girls.

however, because of her special status, no one in the publicity department has any opinion.

in addition to doing nothing serious, Lin Meiqi is usually very good to her colleagues. From time to time, she brings food for everyone, buys a lot of things, and then forces others to eat what she doesn't like.

wangyulong has been busy with Lu Ning's next competition recently.

they discussed this competition for a long time.

at the beginning, netizens left a message saying that the master was a traditional martial arts, which only limited his play compared with fist, so they considered replacing boxing with free fighting.

free fighting can be used. Obviously, the audience prefers to watch it, and it is also more interesting.

a staff member later suggested that it is too common to fight on the Internet now because there is no highlight.

finally, the original boxing match was changed to door-to-door kicking.

what can attract traffic - gimmicks.

there are more gimmicks than ordinary duels.

it would be even better to add some video clips to the gimmicks, just like a simplified film.

this time, Lu Ning was challenged by a professional boxer and an expert in boxing. He had a great sense of expectation.

with the gimmick and the sense of expectation, there are some subtle plots.

he had to ask Lu Ning to discuss it.

in addition to the two attendants, Lin Meiqi was accompanied.



linmeiqi saw the so-called master in the coffee shop of Lu street.

she has seen several videos about masters. Although girls don't like fighting, after watching the videos, she has some impulse to learn boxing.

but most of them are curious about the masked master.

wonder what the other person looks like under the mask.

'this is linmeiqi, the daughter of the chairman of our company.'

'this is the master I told you about, and it is also an advertising project that our company is now vigorously sponsoring.'

wangyulong introduced them.

'hello.' Lu Ning nodded at her.

'Hello, what do you look like? Just show me you are wearing masks.'

as she said this, linmeiqi was so quick that she reached out to take off the mask on Lu Ning's face.

as soon as Lu Ning grabs it, Lu Ning grabs Qian Yu's hand.

naturally, linmeiqi refused to give up, and her other hand was stretched out again.

however, Lu Ning also got hold of it.

Lu Ning shook his head, indicating that he could not see.

'don't look, cheapskate, you hurt me.'

linmeiqi is a little angry.

sat down and drank a cup of coffee, then rubbed his hands.

her hands are very thin and white. At this time, the place just grasped by Lu Ning is slightly red.

'that's her character. Don't mind Lu Ning.'


'Hey, my father is the chairman of the red sun. If you don't show it to me, you won't be afraid that my father won't sponsor you.'

linmeiqi looks at Lu Ning with big eyes, as if she wants to see him through the mask.

'your father is not as mean as you.'

'hum, you're just a cheapskate.'

linmeiqi rubs the paper into a ball and throws it at Lu Ning.

Lu Ning stretched out two fingers, clamped the paper ball at will, and then threw it into the garbage can not far away.

this little gesture made Lin Meiqi's eyes wide open.

next, wangyulong and his two assistants began to discuss with Lu Ning about going to kick the school.

for example, some well-designed lines.

there are also some actions.

it seems like filming.

when several people discussed, linmeiqi was not idle. She was like a child. From time to time, she came behind Lu Ning and tried to take off his mask.

from time to time, he would ask, 'Hey, how old are you and what school did you graduate from?'

'you have white hair. Let me pull it out for you.'

'Wow, there is a snake under your feet!'

do what you think.

make several people laugh and cry.

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