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Chapter 246 Catch toad essence

Ma Guirong looks listless. He has swallowed pills and crossed his knees to heal his wounds.

the electromagnetic gun is not so easy to connect.

even though Lu Ning released water, Ma Guirong was still seriously injured.

this is still slightly blocked by the array of vestments, otherwise, Ma Guirong will be even worse.

Lu Ning and others are not in a hurry and wait patiently.

after more than ten minutes, Ma Guirong slowly opened his eyes.

'this Lu Daoyou, you are so fierce. My robe can withstand the full force attack of Jindan. Unexpectedly, it was broken by you in an instant. I admire you. I admit defeat.'

'the Golden Toad belongs to you naturally. Goodbye.'

MA Guirong was picked up by his disciples. He looked pale and extremely weak.

that lightning fast blow cost him half his life. Now I think about it, I still have a lingering fear.


he didn't have the face to stay here. He finished speaking with Lu Ning, took back his flying sword, and left with the imperial sword of tianxuanzong's disciple.

Lu Ning made everyone happy.

Zhai Yulou is about to go into the water to find the Golden Toad, but he sees the Golden Toad swimming out on the lake.

is a Golden Toad.

'it's the Golden Toad for treasure hunting!'

several people were overjoyed. They didn't expect that the Golden Toad, which was not found by tianxuanzong's people just now, would come out by itself.

it seems that the Golden Toad also has spirituality. I know that I can't run. It's better to come out by myself to avoid injury.

the Golden Toad has a golden body and only black eyes.

Zhai Yulou grabs the Golden Toad and presents it to Lu Ning: 'elder Lu, if it wasn't for the elder, I'm afraid it would have been robbed by tianxuanzong's people. Please accept it.'

'please accept it, elder.'

the other two disciples are also respectful.

although these people are reluctant to part with each other, they sincerely want to let Lu Ning take the Golden Toad.

just now Lu Ning defeated the elder of tianxuanzong. It's really gratifying. They admire Lu Ning from the bottom of their hearts.

Lu Ning said: 'this is the Golden Toad you found. You don't have to send it to me. You can keep it alive.'

as the worshipping elder of Zixia sect, how can you steal the disciples' things? It's not the same as those of Tianxuan sect.

Lu Ning still can't pull down this face.

'these ~' people hesitated when they heard Lu Ning's words.

everyone, look at me, I look at you. As an elder, Lu Ning doesn't look down on this little thing.

Zhai Yulou took over the Golden Toad: 'thank you, elder Lu.'

'thank you, elder Lu.'

several people are happy.

they took the Golden Toad and stopped staying. They said to Lu Ning, 'I'll take leave of you, younger generation.'

'go.' Lu Ning waved his hand gently and looked indifferent.

after several people left, only Lu Ning and shang'er were left on the bank.

I went out to find toad essence this time. I didn't expect to encounter such a thing. Moreover, the Golden Toad for treasure hunting didn't fall into Lu Ning's hands, which was tantamount to a trip in vain.

Lu Ning looks at the environment here, especially the lake in front of him, and suddenly feels that the scenery here is also very good.

it's like going out for an outing.

at this time, Chang'er suddenly said: 'immortal, the toad essence should be around here. It seems that he raised the Golden Toad just now.'


hearing what Chang'er said, Lu Ning was puzzled.

how do you hear that? Toad essence is toad essence, and Golden Toad is Golden Toad, not the same thing.

it seems that he misunderstood.

'Qianyuan Tongjian' also does not record the names of all demons. Previously, Lu Ning had a preconceived idea that the toad spirit was the Golden Toad.

he didn't defend himself, but asked, 'do you know how to attract toad essence?'

his divine consciousness scanned the surrounding environment and found no toad essence.

however, he saw several caves under the lake. The caves were scattered in all directions, and they were all made of hard rocks. His divine consciousness could not be seen for a while.

if the other party hides it, it should be hidden in the cave.

Chang'er's face turned red, her eyes dodged, and she whispered: 'toad essence is extremely lecherous, and its nose is more clever than that of a dog. As long as I bathe in the lake tonight, it will definitely sneak out.'

she used to attract toad essence in this way, and this time she must be able to.

Lu Ning nodded: 'OK.'

this method is simple. He thinks he can try it.


a bright moon hangs in the sky.

the lake water reflects soft white light in the night.

in the lake, Chang'er is full of red fruits and bathes in the water.

snow white skin, full chest rippling in the lake.

she reached out her delicate hand and stroked her body with a charming look.

a faint fragrance began to emanate from her.

although the silk fragrance was light, it was soon smelled by Lu Ning, who was suspended beside shang'er.

Lu Ning kept invisible, looked down at Shang er's every move, and saw all the beautiful scenery.

Chang'er showed her figure in front of Lu Ning to her heart's content, without any reservation. She moaned from time to time, and her eyes were blurred.

a few minutes later.

the lake is surging, and an ugly toad emerges from the water and slowly approaches.

the toad essence is as big as a man, wearing the same clothes as a man, his hands and feet are still webbed, and the exposed parts are covered with mucus.

toad Jing swims towards Chang'er, and his eyes are full of lust.

toad Jing began to shout while swimming: 'little beauty, we've met again.'

as he swam farther and farther, the snow-white carcass was already looming in front of him.

toad essence only feels that it wants to burn itself with blood.

at this moment, he could not wait to eat CHIGUO's clothes.

he gave a strange cry and accelerated his speed.

'come on, come on ~'

Chang'er smiled and waved to him.

I saw that the toad essence was about to swim to Chang'er.


suddenly, a pair of big hands suddenly grasped his back neck and lifted him up at once.

toad Jing panicked and struggled desperately.

the strength on the back neck suddenly increased, and Lu Ning's voice came: 'if you don't want to die, finally give me some peace.'

toad Jing knew that he could not resist, and immediately shouted: 'spare my life! Spare my life!'

Lu Ning's ability to catch him silently is enough to show Lu Ning's strength.

he is just a little monster. Where is the opponent of the human monk.

he can only accept his fate and hope to escape.

Lu Ning grabbed toad essence and flew from the center of the lake to the bank.

at this time, the moon is dim, and the environment is somewhat unclear.

but the night had no effect on Lu Ning. He quickly saw the shape of toad spirit in front of him.

one word - ugly.

two words - ugly.

he shook the mucus in his hand and felt sick.

'heaven forgive me, heaven forgive me!'

toad Jing kneels in front of Lu Ning, constantly begging for mercy, and looks scared.

Lu Ning said: 'I'll ask you a question. Do you understand?'

'I understand, I understand.'

'you raised the Golden Toad for treasure hunting before.'


'in addition to which one, there are other ones.'

'no more.'

toad explained that he was worried about being found, so he had to let the Golden Toad out.

Lu Ning continued to ask: 'it's true that you have the ability to find treasures.'

'it's true.'

'how long have you lived and what treasures have you collected?'

'I have lived for more than three hundred years and collected some treasures, which I hid under the lake.'

Lu Ning waved his hand, and immediately a stream of water jumped out of the lake. Then it turned into a chain and put it around the neck of toad essence. The water at the other end jumped into his hands. He washed his hands first, then pulled the chain and said, 'lead the way.'

'a good fairy.'

the toad spirit didn't dare to think of running away. He jumped into the lake with a plop and then swam to the bottom of the lake.

he wanted to see if Lu Ning had kept up with him. When he looked back, he was shocked again.

he saw Lu Ning in the water as if he were in a state of no one. When the surrounding lakes met Lu Ning, they would automatically separate, which made him feel that Lu Ning had great powers.

toad Jing took Lu Ning to the cave under the lake. After seven turns, he finally came to a small cave.

lush vegetation even grows in the cave.

toad spirit took Lu Ning to the place where he hid his treasure. It was a small pit, and he could see gold and silver everywhere.

most of them are gold and silver, as well as jade and jadeite.

are things that ordinary people like.

Lu Ning's divine consciousness was swept away, and he immediately found that there were some things that contained Reiki.

Lu Ning told toad Jing, 'turn your face.'

'a good fairy.'

toad Jing turns her face away obediently.

Lu Ning did not take a close look at these things, and moved them all into his own time and space door.

after loading, he took the toad essence out of the lake again and came to the shore.

on the shore, Chang'er has been dressed again and waited patiently there.

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