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Chapter 247 The treasure of toad essence

Lu Ning opened the door of time and space and brought Chang'er and Toad essence to the magical world.

Lu Ning naturally interrogated toad Jing again.

he was curious about the ability of toad essence to find treasures.

if he can copy this ability, it does not mean that he can easily sense the treasure.

toad Jing replied: 'I don't know what's going on. It seems that I know it by birth. I can feel the breath of the nearby ownerless treasure gas in the dark.'

toad essence can't tell the reason for her own ability.

can only be attributed to natural ability in the end.

in the Qianyuan realm, there is a spirit, and there are many mountain spirits and wild monsters. It is not surprising that Lu Ning.

Lu Ning put the toad essence in a cage and said to Chang'er, 'the toad essence is under your care for the time being.'

Chang'er replied: 'good fairy.'

toad essence, that is, the ability to find treasure with this hand, is also no different from ordinary people in combat effectiveness.

after placing the toad essence, Lu Ning returned to the earth, came to his small warehouse, and began to check the treasures collected by the toad essence over the years.

a few pieces of natural gold, the small ones are only the size of eggs, and the large ones are as big as basketball. They weigh dozens of kilograms. They are worthy of being the Heavenly Kingdom of Qianyuan.

Lu Ning immediately absorbed it directly.

a few precious jades and Jadeites. He plans to throw them to Bluestar to sell. This product must sell for a good price.

there are five things with aura.

the first one is a half piece of non-standard spirit stone.

the second one is a red bead.

the third one is a jade tablet of clan identity, which reads 'Shenyao clan'.

the fourth one is an unknown plant seed.

the fifth one is a broken first-order flying sword.

Lu Ning shook his head and said: 'it's too shabby to pick up such a small thing for hundreds of years.'

he directly absorbed the half spirit stone of the sundry, and then he turned to pick up the red bead.

sensed a faint aura of fire coming from above, and Lu Ning said: 'this may be a pearl of fire.'

the spirit beads are different from the spirit stones. After the spirit Qi in the spirit beads is absorbed, they can recover on their own. It can be said that they have a small soul gathering array.

Lu Ning holds the fire spirit bead in his hand and begins to absorb the fire attribute spirit in it.

but after only a few minutes, the fire attribute Reiki in the Reiki bead disappeared.

'right here?'

the maximum quantity is only one middle grade spirit stone.

I can only say that a little is better than nothing.

I don't know how long it will take to recover.

Lu Ning decided to put it in Zixia sect and let it recover slowly.

the jade slips of the identity of the divine medicine sect are useless for the time being, and they are thrown into the warehouse by him.

then Lu Ning picked up the unknown seed.

the seeds radiate a trace of wood spirit.

Lu Ning, with the broken sword and seeds, returned to the Qianyuan realm first.

he went outside the yard, dug a hole at random, threw the seeds into the hole, buried the soil and poured some water.

he releases wood magic into the pit: 'sprout.'

a faint green light fell into the pit and wrapped the seeds.

visible to the naked eye, the seeds germinate and break through the soil.

a small sapling with several leaves takes shape quickly.

'continue to grow.'

Lu Ning releases wood magic again.

the young trees are moistened by the wood magic and grow rapidly, but when they grow to about half a meter, they stop moving.

even if Lu Ning continues to release wood magic, it will always maintain this height.

however, it can be clearly seen that its branches become thicker and its leaves become greener.

Lu Ning saw this scene and suddenly flashed: 'yes, since my wood magic can promote plants, I can try the magic medicine here!'

in the Qianyuan realm, the longer the year, the more precious and rare the elixir is.

the elixirs in many places have been picked up. Only in areas without reclamation and remote and dangerous places can there be precious medicines with a long life.

monks have more flesh and less meat, so zongmen generally have their own medicine fields.

if 100 years of ginseng is directly prodded into 1000 years by him, he will not make a lot of money.

have a lead!

very popular.

Lu Ning decided to try the medicine field in Zixia Zongli later.

after getting the seeds, Lu Ning picked up the last broken first-order flying sword.

'it's just a treasure.'

Lu Ning picked it up at random and threw it in the corner of the yard as a rag.

this flying sword reminds him of the previous competition. There are many powerful flying swords in the world. It is impossible to have no flying sword in the future.

Lu Ning thought: 'whenever you want to have your own flying sword.'

men have always been fond of weapons.

with a powerful weapon, you can also surprise and win at critical moments.

the key is that Lu Ning can defend his sword now. He doesn't have a good flying sword. When he flies his sword, he will be cut off by the local government. It's really embarrassing.

people on earth should not lose face.

Lu Ning has made up his mind to make a good flying sword as soon as possible.

Lan Qing, the leader of Zixia sect, owns a third-class flying sword.

Lu Ning said in his heart: 'some of the third-order flying swords don't match my strength. Anyway, I need the fourth order.'

naturally, the higher the grade of flying sword, the better. Otherwise, with the improvement of strength, it has to be changed all the time.

Unfortunately, the higher the flying sword, the more spirit stones you need.

recently, after several transactions and offerings, Lu Ning has 50 top-grade spirit stones in his hands.

but for the Qianyuan Kingdom, where a third-order flying sword requires more than 100 top-grade spirit stones, Lu Ning's 50 are naturally not enough.

Lu Ning thought, 'do you want to take a task?'

now his strength has soared and his self-confidence has exploded.

I feel that I don't have to worry about even the third-class monster, that is, the monster in the golden pill realm.

a third-class monster can sell 50 to 100 top-grade spirit stones, which is a huge profit.

with this feeling, Lu Ning began to come to the mission Hall of Zixia sect.

whether you accept the task or not, look around first.

'elder Lu.'

'elder Lu.'

all the disciples who saw Lu Ning saluted respectfully.


Lu Ning nodded faintly in response.

in the hall, various tasks are written, and you can get them at will.

the task is divided into level 1, level 2 and level 3.

there are tasks ranging from ordinary people to killing third-order monsters.

this is Lu Ning's first visit to the mission hall, which makes him quite novel.

'villagers of Yulong Snow Mountain are missing one after another. Go to investigate the cause.'

'there is a water monster in Longmen Village. Four villagers have been killed. Go to kill them.'

'it is suspected that there is a third-order monster in Yandang Mountain. Many disciples have been killed. Please go to drive them away or kill them.'

most of all tasks are under the jurisdiction of Zixia sect.

zixiazong is responsible for the safety within the jurisdiction, mainly within the jurisdiction.

but if you want to earn more spirit stones, you can take on some tasks to kill monsters outside your jurisdiction.

there are also tasks to be performed together with other sects, such as assisting Tianshui sect investigation.

any monster corpse that is hunted can exchange a certain spirit stone from zongmen.

seeing so many tasks makes Lu Ning itch.

in the end, he still gritted his teeth: 'just now, cultivation is important.'

he decided not to go.

it's near the end of the month, and Lanqing's ability is almost copied.

get the superior fire spirit root and the cultivation skill of the great Xuantian chapter from Lan Qing.

the 'great Xuantian chapter' obtained from Lan Qing is the same as that obtained from Zhai Yulou. The only difference is that he has more experience, such as more experience in array and weapon refining.

combining their experiences, Lu Ning is like an enlightened person, who is superior to the blue in an instant.

a new month is coming, and he can copy new objects.

Lu Ning thought: 'whether to copy the toad essence first or copy the spiritual roots of other attributes first.'

if a toad essence is copied, he can find treasures in his spare time, which is equivalent to other extra income.

copy other spiritual roots, then his cultivation speed will increase again.

'copy other spiritual roots first.'

after thinking for a long time, Lu Ning still considered copying Linggen first.

spiritual root represents cultivation speed.

cultivation is the main, while others are auxiliary.

as long as the cultivation is strong, I'm afraid there will be no spirit stone in the future.

'next, copy the elder.'

he has set the next target as the elder Zhu Xianglin, who has the highest level of water spirit.

after copying him, Lu Ning gathered the four great spiritual roots of gold, fire, earth and water.

'go to the drug field first to test.'

thinking about wood magic, Lu Ning goes to the medicine field of Zixia sect.

however, he remembered that the medicine field is the important place of Zixia sect, which is not accessible to ordinary people. It seems that there are arrays to protect it.

so he turned around and decided to go to the suzerain Lanqing first.

only with Lanqing's permission can you enter.


Lu Ning's defeat of Ma Guirong, the third elder of tianxuanzong, was quickly spread.

'my Dharma clothes can withstand the perfect strike of Jindan realm, but unexpectedly, they were broken by immortal Lu at once. Although he said that he was in the later stage of Jindan realm, I guess that he has been perfect in the later stage of Jindan realm, and may even be attacking Yuanying Zhenjun realm!'

MA Guirong felt humiliated when he was defeated by Lu Ning. He could only elevate Lu Ning's strength to show that he had lost unjustly.

if Immortal Jindan has mid-range combat power in the Qianyuan world, then Yuanying Zhenjun is the real pillar.

Zhenjun, wherever you go, there are high-end forces, and no one dares to underestimate them.

a monk who is about to break through the realm of golden elixir and become Yuanying Zhenjun makes some small sects in Tianshui City agitated.

especially those sects that made friends with Zixia sect.

the suzerain of the yunu sect immediately contacted Lanqing after learning about it.

Zhong Yuanyuan, the patriarch of the jade daughter sect, said, 'when did such a master come to your sect, he wouldn't introduce himself to me.'

Lanqing explained: 'that's what happened last month. Elder Lu is a low-key person. I want to introduce him to you later. I didn't expect his fame to spread so quickly.'

Lu Ning's competition with Ma Guirong, the third elder of tianxuanzong, was unexpected.

she knew that Lu Ning's strength was very strong, but she didn't expect that she could seriously injure Ma Guirong, who was also a late Jindan.

when she just learned, she was also shocked.

hearing the rumors that Lu Ning was about to break through Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, as the patriarch of Zixia sect, she naturally felt very happy.

I think I have a lot of face.

if Lu Ning breaks through to become the true king of Yuan Ying, he will become the face of their Zixia sect.

their Zixia sect will also have its own sea fixing needle.

the two chatted for a while with notes. Zhong Yuanyuan immediately said that he wanted to come to Zixia sect to meet Lu Ning.

Lanqing naturally has no opinion on this.

the yunu sect is stronger than the Zixia sect in strength and details.

the other clan has a Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, and Zhong Yuanyuan has the best mu Linggen. She has caught up with her since she was only a hundred years old, and her future achievements are limitless.

once accidentally helped Zhong Yuanyuan kill the third-order monster. Since then, Zhong Yuanyuan has always been very fond of Lanqing.

I confided in her openly and secretly.

but as a daughter, how can Lanqing promise to become a Taoist couple with her.

if she really agrees, her identity will be exposed, and then her Zixia sect will not be able to gain a foothold in Tianshui city.

however, although they have not become Taoist couples, they have always been good friends.

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