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Chapter 248 One hundred and fifty years old, later golden elixir and gift of elixir

Zixia sect.

in Lanqing yard.

Lu Ning and Lanqing sit opposite each other, with two cups of steaming tea on the table.

Lu Ning took a sip of Xiaoming, only to feel that the fragrance in his mouth overflowed, and said: 'good tea.'

hearing Lu Ning's praise, Lanqing smiled. This tea is a thousand year old spirit tea from their Zixia sect's medicine field. It naturally tastes good.

she seldom takes it out to entertain guests.

Lanqing said: 'Mr. Lu, you are now the elder of Zixia sect. If you want to ask for some miraculous medicines, I will not refuse.'

'the medicine field is in the next mountain range. Now it is under the care of my father, my mother and some disciples. Just now, I have nothing to do, so I'll go with you and introduce you to my father and mother.'

Lu Ning said: 'there is a lord laborer.'

after agreeing, Lanqing didn't hurry to leave, but talked with Lu Ning about his competition with Ma Guirong.

she is interested in the details of the competition between Lu Ning and Ma Guirong.

Lu Ning naturally answered Lan Qing's questions one by one.

after Lan Qing asked, he said with an expectant face, 'now Tianshui city is saying that you will break through Yuanying's true monarch, Mr. Lu. Don't you think you should be true?'

Lu Ning shook his head: 'when you can't be true, how can Yuan Ying really make such a breakthrough?'

when Lanqing heard Lu Ning's answer, her eyes showed a bit of loss, and she nodded and said, 'so do I.'

in the practice world, building a foundation to the golden elixir is a barrier.

after the breakthrough, there will be essential differences.

this hurdle may last for a few years at a short time, but it cannot be broken in a lifetime at a long time.

but this is still only a small one.

as long as there are people with spiritual roots and talents, building a foundation to break through the golden elixir will come naturally.

but the golden pill broke through Yuan Ying.

this is a big barrier.

the real natural moat.

will distinguish ordinary monks from masters in the spiritual world.

just like the difference between ordinary people and elites.

if Jindan immortal is one in a million, then Yuanying Zhenjun is one in a million.

even in Tianshui City, Yuanying Zhenjun can count.

therefore, Lu Ning said that she did not break through Yuanying, which she took for granted.

Lanqing quickly changed the topic and talked to Lu Ning about the sect gate in Tianshui city that made friends with Zixia sect.

then she said: 'Zhong Yuanyuan, the patriarch of the jade daughter sect, heard that you hurt Ma Guirong badly. She wants to make friends with you. How do you like it, Mr. Lu?'

Master Zhong Yuanyuan of the Yunv sect?

I want to make friends with him.

Lu Ning had an accident.

he asked: 'I don't know what the spiritual root is and what the cultivation is?'

this is what Lu Ning cares about.

Lanqing replied: 'Zhong Yuanyuan has the best mu Linggen, which is rare in Tianshui city. He is only 150 years old and has reached the later stage of Jindan. His future achievements are limitless.'

speaking of Zhong Yuanyuan's talent, Lanqing is also ashamed.

this is also the reason why she wants to make friends with each other.

one hundred and fifty years old.

Lu Ning was a little surprised at this age.

is too big.

is this limitless?

he suddenly realized that he did not know the age of the suzerain Lan Qing.

Lu Ning was curious and asked: 'how old are you, Lord?'

after that, he looked at Lanqing again.

from the appearance, Lanqing is almost the same as a woman in her twenties. She doesn't look old at all, but rather exudes an incomparable youthful atmosphere.

and because she is stable, she gives people a sense of maturity.

the two feelings do not contradict each other.

Lanqing replied: 'I'm exactly 300 years old this year.'

she didn't hide her age. Many people in the family knew it.

in the later stage of the golden elixir at the age of 300, it can only be said that it is in a proper way.

this age is the later stage of the golden elixir. Naturally, it can not be compared with the geniuses and demons in the Qianyuan kingdom.

Lu Ning nodded.

he is almost the same age as his wife Catherine.

if I were an ordinary human, I would have died of old age.

it is worthy of the world of cultivating immortals.

'how old are you now, Mr. Lu?'

Lanqing is also curious about Lu Ning's age, because Lu Ning's face is very young.

Lu Ning replied with a smile: 'coincidentally, I have just turned 500 this year.'

this is naturally his nonsense.

how can he tell his age.

but he doesn't want to be younger than the other side. Although Lanqing is the leader of the clan, in his heart, the other side is a younger sister.

Lanqing looked at Lu Ning's face again and praised him: 'you're really good at maintenance, Mr. Lu.'

in the realm of golden elixir, 500 years old is over half the age.

at this time, some Jindan immortals with weak cultivation have begun to show their old state.

this is the case with most elders in Zixia sect.

Lu Ning is over half his age, but he still keeps such a young face, so Lanqing can't help praising him.

Lu Ning smiled and said, 'I'm flattered.'

he kept smiling in his heart.

I even thought that if Lanqing knew that he was only in his twenties, I didn't know how he would feel.

they talked for a while.

we enjoyed talking.


Lanqing gets up and prepares to take Lu Ning to the Yaotian mountain next door.

the medicine field is next to them. At such a close distance, neither of them has a sword. Instead, they fly in the air to resist the wind.

the art of controlling the wind, also known as the art of flying, is one of the simplest Arts in the Qianyuan kingdom.

with the powerful divine consciousness of the golden elixir realm, you can control the Reiki of all attributes in the world and fly.

it is as vast as Feng Xu guarding the wind, but it does not know where it ends. It is as floating as if it were an independent person, and it has become an immortal.

the only disadvantage is that the speed is a little slow.

so it is only used when it is elegant.

Yaotian mountain covers an extremely wide area, with several mountain tops distributed.

from afar, Lu Ning saw some disciples walking back and forth among the mountains, taking care of themselves.

Lanqing and Lu Ning slowly fall down.

'patriarch, elder Lu.'

Lan Qing and Lu Ning's arrival made all the disciples salute one by one.


Lan counts and nods. She takes out a special jade slip and takes Lu Ning through the array boundary.

as she walks, Lanqing begins to introduce her parents to Lu Ning.

Lanqing's father was injured before, so he lost all his strength. Fortunately, he left one life. Now he is almost like a mortal. Now he lives here in seclusion with Lanqing and her mother.

the Yaotian mountain range is picturesque. What's more, it is full of vitality and gives off the properties of various precious medicines.

if ordinary people stay here, even if they do nothing, they can prolong their lives.

in front of a simple hut, Lu Ning meets Lanqing's parents.

her father, named lanyuanjiang, is like an ordinary man in his fifties. His skin is dark and he looks no different.

her mother, Peng Qiaorong, looks even younger, only in her thirties, and has bright eyes.

just now he heard Lanqing say that although her father has lost his cultivation, her mother is a Jindan monk.

'father, mother.'

Lanqing comes forward, first greets them, and then begins to introduce Lu Ning to them.

Lu Ning naturally courteous to the two.

after getting to know each other, Lanqing mentioned the purpose of Lu Ning's coming here.

after hearing Lu Ning's intention, Lan Qing and her father LAN Yuanjiang pointed to the side at the foot of the mountain and said, 'if you want some miraculous drugs, that small medicine field is quite suitable.'

he is most familiar with the environment here.

he still manages several medicine fields.

today, although he has lost all his accomplishments, he still has vision and experience.

'let's go and have a look.'

Lanqing takes several people over.

at the foot of the mountain, there are several medicinal fields.

the medicine field is full of all kinds of miracles, and the nose can even smell the fragrance of all kinds of miracles.

the medicine field mentioned by lanyuanjiang is the smallest of several medicine fields, in which several miraculous drugs are loosely planted.

Lu Ning counted only five plants.

however, although the number was small, he could see at a glance the extraordinary features of the five miracles.

the woody smell of these five elixirs is obviously stronger than that of the elixirs in the nearby medicine field.

he also knew in his heart that as an elder of Zixia sect, he had a hard time opening his mouth. Naturally, they would not treat him with ordinary miraculous drugs.

is also intentional.

'this is Ziyun longhuangshen, this is Tianxin flower, this is xuelianjing, bailucao and yujihua.' Lanyuan River gave a full introduction.

'five miraculous drugs, each of which is five elements, complement each other.'

'I planted these five miracles three hundred years ago. Now they look like something.'

lanyuanjiang is very satisfied with these five miraculous drugs.

everyone has his hobby, and his hobby is a panacea.

in the past, what he liked to do most was to dig up some elixirs for himself every time he went out.

I bought it without the fragrance I dug myself.

especially if he finds some rare varieties of elixirs, it will make him happy all day.

in the future, he was very satisfied when he saw that the elixir he planted grew better day by day.

looking at these elixirs, he just looks at his own children.

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