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Chapter 253 Three eyes, take it in


Office of the president.

'Oh, Lu Ning, my friend, you have finally come. If you don't come, you may not see me.'

as soon as he appeared, President Petrie was excited.

at this time, his face was haggard, his eyes were full of blood, and his whole body was even thinner.

it can be seen how bad he is these days.

Lu Ning said: 'recently I have been busy with other things in the universe.'

Petrie immediately said: 'Lu Ning, we are friends. Now the situation on Earth Star is grim. Can you help me? As long as you can help me, I can organize other countries to send you 2000 tons of gold. Oh no, 3000 tons. How about 3000 tons?'

three thousand tons of gold really makes Lu Ning feel a little excited.

he doesn't need much for other things now, but the more gold, the better.

he asked: 'how do you want me to help you? What are your plans?'

'I hope you can kill or capture all the mutants on the earth star.'

Lu Ning shook his head and said: 'it's impossible and unrealistic.'

the earth star is so big that no matter how powerful he is, he can't do it.

especially some mutants who are good at hiding, he has no choice.

Lu Ning said: 'your planet is experiencing a frenzy of variation. Variation has become an irreversible trend. In the future, more and more species and humans will be mutated. It is not certain that all humans will find variation.'

Petrie asked: 'do you have any good suggestions?'

'I suggest you get along well with the mutants.'

Petrie immediately rejected: 'this is impossible.'

they have talked about this plan in various countries, but they all find it unworkable.

some countries have imposed a trial, but the direct result is that it violates public opinion and suffers strong protests from the people at home.

public opinion is the will of heaven.

some governments can not even pass the trial, so they can only revise it immediately.

this has also created a dilemma.

Lu Ning asked: 'are you secretly recruiting a team composed of mutants?'

he associated the scene in the Earth movie. Many countries openly opposed it, but secretly courted people with special abilities.

Petrie exclaimed: 'how can it be that no one dares to use them.'

'mutants bring too many disasters to ordinary people. Every one of them is a deadly attack weapon. No one dares to let them stay around. No one knows whether they will suddenly kill their companions.'

Petrie shook his head repeatedly, full of fear and rejection of the mutant.

just like mutants do not believe in humans, humans do not believe in mutants at all.

fire and water are incompatible.

there is no trust at all.

this is also the reason why many soldiers personally kill their teammates and civilians kill their relatives.

you believe me, I don't believe you.

maybe you believe it on the surface, but who knows if you believe it in your heart.

it's better to kill you first.

Lu Ning thought quickly.

soon, he came up with several strategic plans.

he said to Petrie: 'I have three suggestions here. First, from now on, no mutant should be killed.'

before Lu Ning finished, Petrie immediately interrupted: 'no, it's impossible.'

'listen to me first. Secondly, vacate a city to accommodate the mutants.'

Petrie replied: 'we can settle the mutants in a city, but it is difficult for us not to kill the mutants. You know, some mutants are heinous. They kill civilians recklessly. Our country can't sit idly by.'

Lu Ning nodded and said: 'therefore, the third point is to introduce a management bill on mutants, which will bring them into the bill and enjoy the same obligations and responsibilities as ordinary civilians. If they wantonly kill other people, they will naturally be punished by the corresponding laws.

mutants who do not harm ordinary people can be sent to the resettlement city.'

'well, I admit that the method you said is OK, but now the police forces in various countries are limited, and it is difficult to achieve results in a short time. Lu Ning, can you help us?'

'help can help, but gold can't be less.'

Petrie immediately promised: 'I will contact the heads of state of other countries immediately and give you the specific amount of gold as soon as possible. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed.'

'OK, after you discuss it, I will help you catch the mutants.'

Lu Ning agreed.

now he has divine consciousness, which can cover a radius of more than ten kilometers. If he wants to find those mutants, he is no longer in the dark with his hands as before.

although it is not guaranteed that all the mutants will be found out, how many can be found.

and he also has selfishness. He wants to see if he can find the ability of mutants useful to him.

the evolution tide of the earth star is great news for him.

it's good to have gold in the account and the ability to copy new products.




once the new nano immune insect came out, it shocked the world.

'China began to rise.'

reports about China are overwhelming.

Hewu laboratory has once again become the focus of the world.

Professor He Wu and Professor Dong Sixuan have become models in the industry, and the state has awarded them both medals of honor.

in order to truly enable the people at the bottom of the society to afford nano immune insects, Lu Ning directly reduced the profit to the minimum.

has been booked by various countries before it is officially produced.

however, Lu Ning naturally focuses on his own country.

at present, China has 164 million diabetes patients.

the emergence of the latest nano immune insects will bring them dawn.


Lin Meiqi's home.

'husband, this game is very interesting. Would you like to play with us?'

Lu Ning, who comes back, sees Lin Meiqi and Chen Ruolan playing games together.

the game played is 'fantasy world' jointly developed by Lu Ning Company and the state.

Chen Ruolan said happily while playing: 'yes, husband, the picture quality in this mysterious world is simply excellent.'

as soon as they found this game, they often immersed themselves in the game when they had time.

Lu Ning smiled and nodded: 'OK, let's play together.'

nowadays, nearly 90% of domestic citizens have been implanted with identity chips.

when playing games, just turn on the computer and use the identity chip to control it.

whether lying or sitting, it can also be controlled, which is very convenient.

lifelike picture, let people put themselves in it.

Lu Ning accompanied them all day.

sleep with two girls in his arms at night.

the next day, he came to the United States.


American experimental base.

the lizard mutated again, and an eye grew out in the middle of its forehead.

one vertical eye.

it is like the third eye of Erlang God in mythology.

on the earth, only a few creatures still retain the third eye that is rapidly degenerating, such as frogs, lizards, lampreys, and so on.

can also be called top eye.

in the animals with parietal eyes, there is a transparent structure called pineal window, which has no lens, but allows light to pass through to facilitate the pineal gland to receive light. Some pineal windows have a condensing effect.

although modern birds do not have apical eyes, their pineal gland still has light sensitivity.

for example, in addition to the control of the biological clock, chickens still retain this photosensitive ability, and light has a stimulating effect on them.

Dr. hameson explained: 'through experiments, its eyes have the ability to penetrate, just like X-rays, and can easily see through walls and various metals.'

the appearance of this ability also makes them marvel.

is the biggest change that occurs after the lizard eats the blood of the Golden Dragon.

in the American country where hameson lives, there was a girl who had similar abilities before, and he also went to study at that time.

this time, the third eye of the lizard is stronger than the girl's ability. It seems that the blood of the Golden Dragon gave it more magical ability.

Lu Ning looked at the lizard behind the glass in surprise, especially the vertical eye. He said happily: 'this ability is very good.'

it's really good. If he can have this ability, the disadvantage that his divine consciousness can't penetrate metal and rock will be remedied.

this is undoubtedly good news for him.

Unfortunately, he is still evolving the ability of clock roundness, and he can only wait for next month to copy it.

hameson continued: 'the Golden Dragon and the demigod, their bodies are getting weaker and weaker. It seems that the so-called magic power is passing.'

'show me.'


when Lu Ning and harmeson arrived at the place where the golden dragon was imprisoned, Lu Ning saw the weak Golden Dragon at a glance.

the original huge body has been reduced to skin and bones.

when the Golden Dragon first came, it was on the verge of dying. It was relying on its strong constitution to slowly return blood.

but if you leave the magic world, without the absorption of magic elements, the magic elements in your body will continue to flow away.

for it, it is like a fish losing water, which is fatal.

nowadays, it relies on the strength of its flesh and blood to maintain its life.

it seems that my life will not be long.

hameson said: 'I'm afraid it will die soon.'

Lu Ning nodded.

the situation is really bad.

he guessed that it must have something to do with the absence of magic on the earth.

the two continue to the laboratory where the orc demigod Cassia is imprisoned.

Cassia is bound to an iron bed in various ways, with an explosive device around her neck, and she is in a coma all the time.

his situation is also not optimistic. Like the golden dragon, his originally strong body is now like a mummy.

his breathing is weak and he will die at any time.

seems to be aware of someone coming, and he opens his eyes with difficulty.

when Cassia saw that Lu Ning was coming, her eyes showed a hint of begging: 'human demigod, give me a good time.'

his eyes have long lost their original high spirits, still less their superiority as Orc demigods.

now he is like an old man in his twilight years. He has no spirit but endless pain.

in the deep part of his eyes, there is still a trace of ambition to die.

seeing the other party's appearance, Lu Ning also felt some emotion. He said: 'if you are willing to submit to me, I can consider giving you a chance to be reborn.'

demigods are still too rare. They are already equivalent to the golden elixir of the Qianyuan kingdom. It's a pity to die.

if he keeps it, cassia can be regarded as the highest combat power in his hands.

Cassia hesitated for a moment, but there was still a trace of pride in his heart.

he is a demigod.

but soon, the corners of his mouth showed sarcasm.

'I am willing to submit to you.'

compared with death, what is surrender.

Lu Ning smiles at the corner of his mouth. He asks harmeson to take off the explosive collar on Cassia's neck and untie the shackles of his whole body.

then, he returned to the magical world with the Golden Dragon and cassia.


upon returning to the magical world, the Golden Dragon struggled to stand up.

his mood was a little excited, and he felt the magic element again.

circles of invisible magic elements began to be absorbed by it and quickly repaired its body.

Cassia was also trembling.

he stood upright, his hands open and his eyes closed. The rich magical water element wrapped him.

his face showed an expression of enjoyment.


Lu Ning wields two wooden healing spells on them.

it can be seen with naked eyes that the bodies of the two people expand more rapidly.

the skinny Golden Dragon has changed back into a behemoth.

like a mummified cassia, she also recovered her strong muscles.

one dragon, one man, brought back from the dead, radiant and energetic.


after Cassia recovers, she kneels down on one knee toward Lu Ning. He slightly lowers his head and shows respect.

after this incident, he could not resist any more.

'Ao ~'

the Golden Dragon's eyes show the light of human nature. It also crawls in front of Lu Ning and bows to the throne.

'I have a task for you now.'

'please God command.'

'I will take you to another world, where there are mutants. Your task is to capture these mutants and hand them over to the state.'

Lu Ning began to popularize Earth Star for one person and one dragon.

it is a big project to grasp the mutators of Earth Star, and Lu Ning alone will not be able to do it.

with the assistance of cassia and dragon, the efficiency will be much faster.

when their magic runs out, Lu Ning brings them back to the magical world.

'got it.'

'I understand.'

after the explanation, Lu Ning opened the door of time and space and appeared on the earth star with one person and one dragon.

earth star.

Office of the president.

Petrie saw Lu Ning's appearance and immediately said: 'we have discussed that if you can help us overcome this difficulty, we are willing to trade all the remaining gold with you.'

'how much.'

'ten thousand tons!'

'this is all the gold that all countries on earth star can gather.'

'OK, that's good. I brought a helper to help you.'

ten thousand tons of gold satisfy Lu Ning.

it seems that they are sincere.

Peter is puzzled: 'help me?'

Lu Ning takes Petrie out.

suddenly, a huge figure fell from the air.


the Dragon directly landed on the open space in front of the two people with cassia. The wings of the Dragon rolled up with a tremendous momentum.

Petrie's face was shocked: 'this ~ this is!'

he looked at cassia, who was wearing a suit of armor and holding a huge sword on the giant dragon, and was shocked and speechless.

is this...

Lu Ning said with a smile: 'yes, this is the legendary dragon knight.'

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