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Chapter 255 Get the third-class metal flying sword


Lu Ning's house, warehouse on the second floor.

the magic medicine sect jade slip thrown into the corner by Lu Ning suddenly showed a glimmer of light.

a spirit awakens from a deep sleep.

'what's the matter? Why can't you absorb the spirit of heaven and earth!'

the master of this yuan God is mu feibai, who is the patriarch of the Shenyao sect. Thousands of years ago, mu feibai was ambushed by a demon cultivation, and his body fell off, leaving only a broken yuan God to escape into the jade slips.

he was hurt too badly. He has been hiding in the jade slips for thousands of years to absorb the spirit and slowly recover.

originally, he would not wake up so early.

I was forced to wake up in advance only because I could not absorb Reiki.

his divine consciousness reaches out to the outside world and sweeps away the outside environment.

although mufei Bai Yuanshen has recovered somewhat, it is still too weak. Just this simple sweep has exhausted all his mental energy.

he saw the room on the second floor of Lu Ning, and also saw the scene within tens of kilometers outside.

'what the hell is this place!'

he was shocked.

strange environment, things you haven't seen, and most importantly, there is no spirit of heaven and earth.

mu feibai's heart was shaken, and some of it was difficult to accept.

if there is no weather aura, he will never recover, or even fall completely.


he was too excited. In addition, he had just forcibly checked with his divine consciousness. Mu feibai found that his original spirit was also faintly unstable.

after a while, Yujian immersed himself, and he fell into deep sleep again.


a river in Longmen Village

three disciples of Zixia sect are on the bank.

the villagers nearby pointed to the river and said in horror: 'here it is. I saw a water monster climb out of the bank with my own eyes that day.'

'an Niu in the village didn't believe it and dared to go fishing. He was captured by a water monster the next day.'

'five villagers have died.'

this river is not big enough. It flows slowly, narrow in the top and wide in the bottom. I don't know where it extends.

that night, three disciples of Zixia sect killed an ox and threw its body into the river to attract the water monster.

the smell of blood has a fatal attraction to water monsters. Water monsters who can only act instinctively will not resist the temptation, and then they will kill them.

this is the traditional way to deal with water monsters.

ding ding.

late at night, the bells tied to the rope began to jingle.

'net pulling!'

three disciples of Zixia sect joined forces, and a big net was pulled up by them in an instant.

in the net, in addition to the carcass of the cow, there is a water monster covered with green hair.

water monsters are almost as tall as people, with tusks and claws, and a pair of eyes still glow green even at night.

looks extremely penetrating.

as the net is pulled up, the water monster squeaks and struggles in the net.

several sword lights stab into the net, the water monster screams, and then slowly dies.

'how dare you appear in our Zixia sect? I really don't want to live.'

when several disciples were happy, they didn't notice that there was a dark shadow in the distance that was trying to catch up with them. They slowly immersed themselves in it, then turned back and swam back, and quickly swam downward.


end of the month.


Lu Ning was invited and was soon taken out of the room.

after the servant girl left, Gu Beishen's voice came from inside.

'elder Lu, please come in.'

the door opens automatically.

Lu Ning walks in and turns left. Like Ma Guirong, he sees the fragrant scene at a glance.

five succubus dressed in gauze serve Gu Beishen, and the body of each succubus is indistinct.

'I will enjoy it more than I do.'

Lu Ning said in his heart.

he saluted and said: 'meet Lord Gu. I don't know what it is that Lord Gu asked me to come.'

the other party doesn't know how much older than him, at least he is from the grandparents' generation, and now he is Yuanying Zhenjun. Lu Ning naturally needs to take the initiative to salute when he sees him.

this is the rule of the Qianyuan kingdom.

Gu Beichen didn't get up, but still lay leisurely on the bed. He glanced at Lu Ning, and while touching the delicate body beside him, he bragged: 'elder Lu, what do you think of my demons?'

Lu Ning replied: 'very good. Every one is the best in the world.'

Lu Ning's answer satisfied Gu Beishen, with a smile on his face.

Gu Beishen said directly: 'I heard that you have a three eyed demon in your hand. Today, I invited you to come here to let you give up that demon to me. What do you think of it, Mr. Lu?'

Lu Ning hesitated slightly: 'I also like that succubus.'

Gu Beishen's smiling face was taken away and he was a little unhappy: 'why, can't you give me my face? I'm afraid I can't afford this price.'

after that, with a wave of his hand, five flying swords flew out of the bag.

gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Five gorgeous flying swords flew to Lu Ning like streamers. None of them turned smoothly.

Gu Beishen said overbearing: 'these five flying swords are all third-class products. You can choose one yourself, and then send the three eyed demon to me as soon as possible.'

what he said was extremely overbearing and there was no room for bargaining.

Lu Ning is just a golden elixir, and he doesn't take it seriously.

this is the current situation of the Qianyuan realm, where strength is paramount.

decent sects do not like killing, but because of their strength and status, they still have the privilege of giving orders to subordinates as if they were superiors.

it is impossible to refuse.

if you dare to refuse, it will be difficult to move in the Qianyuan realm.

unless you don't want to mix up, go to casual or magic cultivation.

as long as there is a slight conflict of interest and connection, it is bound by this big network.

this reminds Lu Ning of some enterprise systems on earth.

for those who have been in some enterprises for a long time, they listen to the leaders, and they don't talk about anything.

he will do whatever the leader says. He will move as soon as the leader says it. If the leader doesn't say it clearly, he will stop there. If the leader says he can't, he can't.

when the leader was angry with him, he said nothing. The leader scolded him hard, but he didn't take it to heart.

what he respects is the identity of a leader, not his personality.

two words to describe - suffocation.

this is also true in the Qianyuan realm.

in front of elders who are more powerful than themselves, you can't show your feelings too much and dare not contradict them.

although they live in different time and space, they have different rules, but they have the same survival rules.

Lu Ning said: 'it's not that I don't want to, but to be honest, that succubus seems to have some congenital defects. I'm afraid you don't like it, Lord Gu.'

Gu Beichen casually said: 'as long as it's a three eyed demon, you can just send it over. You don't have to deal with the rest.'

Lu Ning nodded: 'OK, I will send the three eyed demon to Lord Gu in a few days.'

after that, Lu Ning made a move. Among the five five five attribute third-class flying swords, the third-class metal flying sword flew into his hand.

he didn't be polite anymore. He took the flying sword and turned around and left.


with flying sword, Lu Ning returned to Zixia sect.

Zixia sect.

in the training room.

Lu Ning is holding a third-class flying sword and watching it fondly.

'very textural.'

the flying sword has a yellowish color and a smooth shape. The whole flying sword is more than one meter long and weighs about 15 kilograms.

flying sword is different from ordinary long sword. Its whole body is very streamlined.

the world of Qianyuan was dominated by flying swords, and the development of flying swords reached a very sophisticated level.

in order to reduce the resistance of flying swords and fly faster, each flying sword completely conforms to the wind dynamics in shape.

Lu Ning also has the refining of flying sword in his mind, which has great requirements for the shape of flying sword.

in addition to modeling requirements, various metals used for refining flying swords also have very high requirements.

flying sword is a sharp weapon that surpasses the speed of sound.

amazing hardness.

the main metals used to make it can not be found on the earth.

in particular, a metal that can repair itself is called virtual gold.

in the competition between Lu Ning and Zhong Yuanyuan, the first-class flying sword was broken several times, but it was repaired by itself in a short time. This is the effect of empty gold.

the first-order flying sword is still too weak to bear the full force of Jindan in the later period.

the third level is the most suitable golden elixir realm.

each realm corresponds to the flying sword of the same realm. If you use a flying sword that exceeds your own strength, you will not be able to give full play to your strength.

this is also the reason why Lanqing only used the best flying sword at the later stage of breaking through the golden pill.

Lu Ning smiled: 'I finally have my own flying sword. Although it's only level three, I can barely manage.'

the third-class flying sword, if you want to buy it, you need at least hundreds of top-grade spirit stones.

'no loss.'

Lu Ning wanted to laugh at the thought of his coquettish operation.

will he sell clothes to the other party? Of course not. What he does is clone another clothes.

methods are always more difficult than difficulties, and the technology of the earth is not vegetarian.

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