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Chapter 260 Potential evil cultivation crisis

Qianyuan realm.


Lu Ning came to see Gu Beishen with the clone of shang'er.

the newly cloned dress is exactly the same as the real one. Although she wears a dress outside, it is still difficult to hide her proud figure.

'good, let's go down.'

Gu Beishen said a word and waved to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning turns around and leaves, leaving Chang'er clone standing alone.

the clone looked at the surrounding environment with a dull expression.

today's clone is as intelligent as a child. She has no nostalgia for Lu Ning's departure.

at this time, the door of the room opens.

'come in.'

Gu Beishen, who was lying on the bed, waved, and Chang'er's clone flew in.

Chang'er's clone flew directly to Gu Beishen's arms and was held by him.

he pinched the chin of Chang'er clone and looked at her carefully.

I looked at her three eyes more.

'not bad.'

Gu Beishen quickly took over.

Chang'er's clone did not resist his actions at all.

her eyes showed confused emotions, and she seemed to have no idea what she meant by everything in front of her.

after a while, Gu Beishen suddenly laughed: 'haha, I'm still a baby.'

at this moment, he was somewhat satisfied with Lu Ning.


after Lu Ning left the lierizong, he came to wanbaoge.

he naturally changed back to the face of Zhang Hengsheng.

'Oh, Mr. Zhang, you haven't been here for a long time. What do you want to buy today?'

Xiaocui is always warm to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning said: 'I want to buy a suit.'

Xiaocui looks at Lu Ning's clothes and cannot help laughing secretly.

indeed, as a Jindan immortal, Lu Ning's clothes are so shabby that he doesn't even have a robe.

has lost the identity of Jindan immortal.

'we still have some robes in Marlboro. This way, please.'

Xiaocui happily takes Lu Ning to the next room.

after a while, Lu Ning changed his clothes and came out.

vestments and boots.

gorgeous clothes.

are simple second-order.

he wants to buy a third-class robe and boots, but it's too expensive. The second-class one will be used reluctantly first.

the second-order vestment has the functions of avoiding water, dust and wind. It is soft and comfortable to wear.

it looks like silk, but ordinary swords are hard to hurt.

I don't know what kind of monster skin the boots are made of. They are very breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer. They are very comfortable to wear.

ordinary first-order vestments require a medium grade spirit stone.

this second-order robe and boots are the best in the second-order. They cost Lu Ning two top-grade spirit stones.

Lu Ning sighed in his heart: 'it's a pity that I still can't afford to buy heaven and earth bags.'

the heaven and earth bag is the standard configuration of every Jindan immortal. It is doubtful that a Jindan immortal has no heaven and earth bag.

however, one heaven and earth bag costs 500 top-grade spirit stones, which is extremely expensive.

fortunately, he is not the only one who can't afford to buy the golden elixir. I can only say that I will wait until later.

Lu Ning paid and was about to leave.

Xiaocui suddenly said: 'immortal Zhang, immortal you of Tianshui sect has come to see you again. Do you really want him not to see you? This is the jade slip he left for you. He also said it has something to do with magic cultivation.'

Xiaocui handed Lu Ning a jade slip.

Magic cultivation?

Lu Ning thought about the previous surprise attack.

he took the jade slips and said, 'I will consider it.' I walked out of the Marlborough.

back to Zixia sect, Lu Ning's divine consciousness probes into the jade slips and starts to check the information.

this is an information jade slip, in which you Yuanliang's image will soon appear.

'I met elder martial brother Zhang at Yuanliang downstream. Thank you for saving me. I have written down this great kindness, younger martial brother.'

at the beginning of the image, it is the words of gratitude from the other party.

and the other party called Lu Ning senior brother. He put his status low and his attitude was sincere.

the other side then said: 'I've always wanted to come to the door to thank you. I don't know why elder martial brother Zhang refused. Younger martial brother, I don't mean any harm. I just want to make friends with elder martial brother Zhang.'

Lu Ning saved his life and made him very fond of Lu Ning.

later, the other party said something about magic cultivation.

'the demon cultivator who was wounded by elder martial brother Zhang is named situ Nan. He is a disciple of the' Xinzong 'of the demon cultivation. Although situ Nan is only in the later stage of Jindan, his master is a true Yuan Ying.

I heard that his master has come to Tianshui city. I am really worried about elder martial brother Zhang's safety. If elder martial brother Zhang is inconvenient for me to visit, if you have free time, elder martial brother Zhang can come to Tianshui school to find me.'

in general, this is the good intention of the other party.

this golden elixir immortal named you Yuanliang is worthy of being a noble sect. He exudes the air of a humble gentleman.

Lu Ning couldn't help but feel good about it.

'we can make friends.'

he doesn't mind having more than one friend.

Magic cultivation 'xinxinzong', situ Nan, Yuan Yingzhen Jun.

Lu Ning quickly drew information about situ Nan and his master from his mind.

situ Nan was only in the late stage of Jindan, and Lu Ning was naturally fearless.

his master is named Jing Kaishan, and he is a master in the later period of Yuanying.

this is a little troublesome.

'if I can't afford it, I can't hide.'

Lu Ning guessed that the other party didn't know his real identity at all.

at that time, he sneaked in at such a distance.

even if the other party investigates, it will only find out his false identity as Zhang Hengsheng.

'I'd better use the identity of Zhang Hengsheng less recently to avoid being discovered.'

as Zhang Hengsheng, he only uses two places, one is to buy things at Marlborough and the other is to deal with Li Lingfeng, the son of Tianshui sect elder.

'Tianshui city should be relatively safe.'

but it does not rule out that the other party dares to kill here.

I heard that several gold pills were killed in the city last time.

although it is a city, it is no different from a country. There are mountains and rivers everywhere.

if you assassinate a person quietly, you will not be discovered.


the next day, Lu Ning came to Tianshui sect.

this month, he can copy new abilities again. He has targeted several elders of Tianshui sect.

you Yuanliang just wants to make friends with him.

he wanted to see if he could contact several elders, even the Lord of Tianshui sect, through the relationship with you Yuanliang.

Tianshui Zongshan gate.

Lu Ning said to the disciple on duty: 'please inform elder you Yuanliang that Zhang Hengsheng, the monk, has been invited by him.'

'OK, please wait a moment.'

the disciple replied respectfully, and then walked into the Mountain Gate alone.

after a while, the disciple who had just entered came out with you Yuanliang.

'elder martial brother Zhang, I'm polite.'

you Yuanliang walks up to Lu Ning with a smile on his face and immediately bows to Lu Ning.

'you're welcome, younger martial brother.'

Lu Ning also responded in a mock manner.

he acknowledged the friendly relationship between the two.

'senior brother, please'

you Yuanliang opens the boundary and takes Lu Ning in.

Tianshui sect, as the largest group in Tianshui City, has incomparable natural style.

it is far from being comparable to Zixia sect.

the fairy mountain appears in the ethereal divine light, the magnificent pavilions and pavilions are in the aura, and many graceful, light and gentle female disciples walk in these fairy houses.

xuanxiao dantai, Xianshan pavilions, Shenxiao jiangque.

the scenery is beautiful.

what is really comparable to fairyland.


Lu Ning couldn't help praising the beautiful scenery in front of him.

now his eyesight is excellent, and he can easily see the faces and figures of several female disciples over there.

I can't help using my perspective.

the scenery is more beautiful.

as soon as she came here, Lu Ning felt incomparable peace and tranquility in her heart. It seemed that there was a special force that could soothe people's hearts.



empty is color, and color is empty.

he took a final look at the direction of several female disciples and then withdrew his eyes.

the state of mind becomes stagnant.

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