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Chapter 261 Copy toad essence, change of small tree

You Yuanliang took Lu Ning to his hill.

several female disciples brought lingguo liquor and cakes.

you Yuanliang first poured a glass of wine for Lu Ning, and then poured himself another. He picked up the glass and said, 'I'm very happy that elder martial brother Zhang can come to see me today. I respect you, younger martial brother.'

'younger martial brother you are welcome.'

Lu Ning also raised his glass.

two people drink together.

after a glass of wine, the relationship between the two became slightly closer.

you Yuanliang starts talking about situ Nan.

'if elder martial brother Zhang doesn't dislike me, you can stay here all the time. The aura here is OK. Elder martial brother Zhang can rest assured to practice.'

'thank you for your kindness, younger martial brother you, but I'm a casual practitioner. I don't have a fixed residence. I like to walk around.'

Lu Ning politely refused his invitation.

they talked about spiritual matters.

Lu Ning said at this time: 'in fact, in addition to meeting younger martial brother you, I also want to meet the elders of your Tianshui sect. If I can, I want to meet your patriarch.'

'Oh, I don't know what's the matter with elder martial brother Zhang and the patriarch of our sect?'

this surprised you Yuanliang.

Lu Ning replied: 'I just want to see you because of my admiration.'

he didn't say anything about testing spells. It would be rude and flawed to say that.

after all, he is only a gold Pill on the surface, and the elders of Tianshui sect are not distracted. Little gold pill wants to find distracted powers to test magic.

this is too much.

you Yuanliang nodded: 'so it is.'

it's a normal phenomenon in the spiritual world to want to meet senior masters.

Lu Ning asked: 'I wonder if younger martial brother you can recommend me.'

'senior brother saved my life. It's just a small matter. I'll try my best.'

you Yuanliang did not refuse Lu Ning's request.

'but elder martial brother Zhang, several elders and patriarchs of my family may not meet you. Please be prepared.'

'this is nature.'

after this matter was finalized, Lu Ning stayed at the small mountain of you Yuanliang for the time being and did not leave.

in a few days, you Yuanliang ran errands for Lu Ning.

the three elders with the best spiritual roots all paid a visit to Lu Ning.

Unfortunately, two have gone out and one is in retreat.

as for the suzerain, you Yuanliang was sent out without even seeing the suzerain's face.

'I'm really sorry, younger martial brother, my ability is limited.'

after returning, you Yuanliang was full of apologies.

he is only a disciple of three generations. Although he has a golden pill, his identity is still slight in Tianshui sect.

it's normal not to be taken seriously.

just couldn't help Lu Ning, which made him feel a little embarrassed.

Lu Ning said: 'no problem.'

seeing that you Yuanliang has put his heart into it, he will not force the other side any more.

it seems that big people are not so easy to see.

the elders and suzerain of Tianshui sect are those who have already stood at the top of the Qianyuan realm.

it's just like ordinary civilians want to see big stars or officials. Without a certain background, they can't see them at all.

just, I can only think of another way.

since I can't see Lu Ning, I won't stay any longer, so I leave Tianshui sect.

although the patriarchs and elders of two medium-sized sects also have the best spiritual roots, after this experience, Lu Ning knows that it is a waste of effort.

he is just a small golden pill, and it is impossible for those distracted minds to meet such a small person as him.

'it's better to copy the ability of toad sperm first.'

Lu Ning thought.

toad essence has the ability to find treasure. With this ability, he can find treasure in his spare time.

if you have a treasure, you can sell it to exchange for spirit stone.

there are many functions of the spirit stone. It is needless to say that when you buy the flying sword pill and the heaven and earth bag.

the most important thing is that when there are many Lingshi, you can also use Lingshi to arrange a gathering array.

there is a huge difference between the Reiki of Zixia sect and Tianshui sect, which is because there are spiritual veins under the two sects.

if you can arrange a soul gathering array, its spiritual power will surpass the spiritual Qi of the spiritual pulse.

at that time, the cultivation efficiency can be improved.

it is too extravagant for practitioners in the Qianyuan kingdom to cultivate with spirit stones. Only disciples of ordinary schools or cultivation shrines dare to do so.

Lu Ning would like to experience this feeling in the future.


Lu Ning returned to the magical world and went to the dungeon.

toad Jing is still imprisoned in the dungeon.

Chang'er is responsible for supervision outside the cell.


when Chang'er saw Lu Ning, he immediately got up from the chair beside him and smiled.

Lu Ning looks at the toad essence in the prison and sees that the toad essence is drooping and the mucus on her body is almost dry.

'I'll meet the immortal when I'm young.'

when toad Jing saw Lu Ning, he immediately saluted Lu Ning and looked scared.

toad has been extremely worried about his future fate.

Lu Ning opens the cage and puts his hand on the forehead of toad Jing after entering.

when toad Jing saw Lu Ning's action, he dared not move.


after copying the ability of toad essence, Lu Ning said to Toad essence, 'come out.'

'immortal, are you going to release me?'

toad Jing couldn't believe it.

although he has not done anything bad, the monks of the human race will never tolerate the existence of these monsters. They are all quick after killing.

he didn't expect that Lu Ning would decide to release him.

Lu Ning will not really let him go.

'in the future, you will go out to look for treasures. Every once in a while, I will go to the original Lake Cave to find you.'

'good fairy.'

how dare toad Jing have any comments on this.

Lu Ning opens the door of time and space, and Toad spirit steps through the door of time and space. When he appears on the other side, he has returned to his original cave under the lake.

Toad's refined feelings are difficult to control, and he salutes towards the door of time and space. 'Thank you, immortal.'

the door of time and space slowly disappeared in front of him.

magic world.

outside the underground cage.

'immortal, Chang'er wants to follow you.'

Chang'er looked pitifully at Lu Ning.

she felt very lonely here.

she just wants to be with Lu Ning.

'you are too weak. It's useless to follow me.'

'fairy, Chang'er can do anything. Chang'er can bring you tea and water, pinch your shoulders and beat your back. Chang'er can also... Warm your bed. As long as you want to be a fairy, Chang'er can do anything'

Chang'er looks at Lu Ning affectionately, without hesitation.

Chang'er belongs to the demon, and every move is full of primitive temptation.

especially this unreserved provocation, even Lu Ning can't be indifferent.

Lu Ning said: 'OK, you can help Catherine well in this world. For the time being, you can't go anywhere.'

'good fairy.'

Chang Er's face suddenly became lost.

but she must not go against Lu Ning's wishes.

Lu Ning took Chang'er out of the dungeon and came to the outside world.

he asked Chang'er to go outside to relax himself, while he came to Catherine's room.


Catherine pounced on Lu Ning.

two people dry firewood.

Lu Ning's lust aroused by Chang'er is vented in Catherine.

Chang'er, who had left, came back quietly.

she stayed outside the room, eavesdropping on the loud voice inside, and soon her face became flushed.


Qian Yuan boundary.

at night.

a tree root quietly breaks through the earth, and then pulls a worn metal in the forest into the earth.

martial arts training ground.

there is no one here at night, except many weapons in the field.

these weapons are for new disciples to practice.

nobody was there at night. A few tree roots stretched out from under the weapon rack. The tree roots swept away all the weapons.

in this scene, no one knows.

the next day.

the young trees in Lu Ning's yard are more and more dazzling, especially the golden fluff on the leaves.

the weapons in the martial arts training ground were lost for no reason, which soon attracted the attention of the disciples of Zixia sect.

'report to the elder that all the weapons in a martial arts training ground have disappeared. I suspect that they are hidden by some disciples.'

this matter is reported to the elder.

the elder said: 'law enforcement disciples go to each disciple's room and search it one by one.'

the law enforcement disciples will be dispatched soon.

Unfortunately, after all the searches have been completed, no results have been obtained.

I can only guess that these swords have been stolen from my house.

'if anyone is found to have stolen the weapons of zongmen, he will be severely punished!'

but obviously, such warnings have no effect at all.

in the next few days, weapons will disappear for no reason.

zixiazong had ten martial arts training grounds. After ten days, all the weapons in the seven martial arts training grounds disappeared.

'you keep me as a guard. I'd like to see who is so brave!'

this angered the responsible elders and ordered them to take strict care of them.

at night.

a team of five people watch weapons in the training ground.

in the evening, several people felt sleepy.

several disciples are patrolling the martial arts training ground to see if there are suspicious people.

several disciples were practicing with their knees crossed and their eyes opened from time to time.

several people only looked at the movements outside the practice field, not the weapons.

under their eyes, several tree roots protruded again, and then quickly rolled up the weapons and went into the soil.

when it was dawn, several disciples found that the weapons had been stolen again.

'Damn, it can be stolen.'

'who did it!'

several disciples were filled with righteous indignation and anger.

the other side.

Lu Ning is in the yard.

the young saplings are bathed in the sun, and even the trunk shows a touch of golden light.

the whole small tree sways in the wind, and it is more vigorous and vigorous.

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