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Chapter 265 Don't take revenge in the East


in a pavilion.

at this time, there are three people sitting and standing in the pavilion.

Zhong Yuanyuan, Zhong Yuanyuan's sister, and Lu Ning.

'elder martial brother Lu, this is my younger sister Zhong Xiaowan. My younger sister is the same age as me. At the beginning of Jindan, elder martial brother Lu, if you don't mind, just call her younger martial sister.'

'Xiao Wan, this is Lu Ning, senior brother Lu, whom I told you before.'

Zhong Yuanyuan introduces each other.

in Zixia sect, Zhong Yuanyuan still called Lu Ning elder Lu.

now the second time we met, she changed her words and changed elder Lu to senior brother Lu. This naturally means closeness.

'sister Zhong.'

'brother Lu.'

Lu Ning and Zhong Xiaowan salute each other, which means they know each other.

he looked at Zhong Xiaowan carefully and found that the other side was beautiful, which was a rare beauty.

both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

I don't know how Zhong Yuanyuan suddenly introduced his sister to him.

Lu Ning asked: 'I don't know what's the matter with younger martial sister Zhong inviting me here this time.'

since the other party called him senior brother, he naturally called her junior sister to avoid embarrassment.

Zhong Yuanyuan replied with a smile: 'can't you ask elder martial brother Lu to come if you're ok?'

Lu Ning smiled and refused to comment.

next, Lu Ning and Zhong Yuanyuan chatted with each other, while Zhong Xiaowan next to them observed Lu Ning and occasionally interposed a word.

it's pleasant to be accompanied by two beautiful women in general.

Lu Ning and Yu Guang look at the waves in front of them, and an idea will come out involuntarily.

nature is about perspective.

however, he still had some determination and stubbornly extinguished the idea.

this is his respect for both of them.

since there was nothing important, Lu Ning didn't stay much and left early.

he has no spare time to accompany others.

after Lu Ning leaves.

Zhong Yuanyuan looks at his sister and asks, 'how are you? I'm satisfied.'

Zhong Xiaowan shook her head with disappointment in her eyes: 'elder sister, this senior brother Lu Ning looks too ordinary, and his personality is too straight. He is not my type. I am afraid he will fail your expectations.'

Zhong Yuanyuan said with a smile: 'it's OK. I can't force my sister to know this.'

she still hasn't said a word in her mind.

she looks at Lu Ning. She just looked at the two sisters. It seems that she doesn't like them. She's afraid that Lu Ning can't agree if she asks about the marriage.

practice stresses the relationship between law and wealth.

monks naturally have a great eye on the Taoist couples in practice.

her sister is just in the early stage of Jindan, and even Lu Ning doesn't like her.

the six senses of a monk are strong, whether they can be achieved or not, and whether they are suitable or not can be felt at a glance.

it's normal not to look at the upper eye, and Zhong Yuanyuan doesn't pay attention to it. Just look for it again.


Lu Ning returned to Zixia sect after leaving Yunv sect.

in the yard.

'eh, it's growing very well recently.'

Lu Ning looked at the small tree in the yard and found that the smaller the tree was, the more bright it was. The whole sapling was shining in the sun, which was incomparably handsome.

in addition to small trees, other ginseng grows well.

several small ginseng plants have grown larger.

this made him very satisfied.

Lu Ning also casts spells on small trees and ginseng, which are nourished by strong wood energy.

then, he entered the training room and began to meditate.

after experiencing the events of Youming's ancestors, Lu Ning once again felt a crisis of survival.

unless he doesn't come to Qianyuan kingdom in the future.

otherwise, anyone who is in the Qianyuan realm will have a certain chance of encountering danger.

the danger is not that if you don't look for it, it won't come.

this kind of thing is very mysterious, just like the king of hell makes you die in the third shift and will not drag you to the fifth shift.

if something is unlucky, it will choke at home.

and it is impossible for Lu Ning not to come to Qianyuan world.

this is a treasure house, and he can't bear to part with it.

therefore, for our own security, we should still attach importance to strength.

'elder Lu, the patriarch is asking for an audience outside.'

Lu Ning had just meditated and Zhang qianyun came to report.

Lu Ning stopped meditating and said, 'please come in.'

after a while, Lanqing comes to Lu Ning's yard and they sit opposite each other.

as soon as he sat down, Lanqing began to ask about Youming's ancestors.

a few days ago, Hua Guangsheng came back to report about Xiaoxi village, especially about the battle between Youming and Lu Ning.

she also knew the name of Youming Laozu, who was a master in the later period of Yuanying of the demon sect. However, it was said that he had fallen more than a thousand years ago. Unexpectedly, he gave up his life again.

I didn't expect it to appear in her Zixia sect.

fortunately, the other party has been beaten away by Lu Ning, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

Lan Qing said with concern: 'the other side is a master in the later stage of yuanyingjing. If you fight with the other side, I don't know if you will be hurt.'

Lu Ning replied: 'although the other side used to be the realm of Yuan Ying, when he fought with me, his strength was gone. It was a pity that I killed his body without leaving his yuan Shen.'

Lu Ning thought of the situation at that time, and still feels very sorry.

the existence of a Yuanying Zhenjun was unexpectedly escaped by him, which can not be said to be a small hidden danger.

Lan Qing immediately praised: 'although the other side's strength is not one in ten because of the reason of losing, it is not something that ordinary Jindan immortal can deal with. It is very rare that you can kill his body, Mr. Lu.'

she was still very surprised.

Yuan Ying Zhen Jun, even if Yuan Ying Zhen Jun is reborn again, it is not something that ordinary immortal Jindan can repel.

it seems that Lu Ning is more powerful than she imagined.

'the suzerain flattered me.'

Lanqing continued: 'I have reported this matter to the Tianshui sect. I hope they can find the original God of the Youming ancestor and kill him.'

but she also knew in her heart that it was unlikely.

who can become the true king of Yuan Ying? Who is not a demon like mind? Moreover, if you take away some mountain spirits and wild monsters, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's as difficult as climbing to heaven.

Lanqing chatted with Lu Ning for a while. After confirming that Lu Ning was ok, he got up and left.

after Lanqing left, Lu Ning entered the training room again to practice.

the four spirits of gold, earth, fire and wood are constantly absorbed by Lu Ning.

as soon as these auras enter his elixir field, they quickly turn into auras and are absorbed by the golden elixir.

the energy in the Dantian is more and more abundant.


in a valley with rich spirit.

in the middle of the valley, there is a burly man with his knees crossed.

he absorbed all the auras around the valley.

purple glow emerged from him.

his eyes suddenly opened, and the purple light flashed in his eyes.

his face showed indifference and murmured: 'Lan Yuanjiang, you killed my father and destroyed our land. If you don't kill me, my heart will not be complete!'

this person's name is Dongfang mo.

originally, he was a righteous monk, but since his father was killed by LAN Yuanjiang, the patriarch of Zixia sect, and the family fell apart, he has fallen into the devil's way.

he vowed to kill lanyuanjiang to avenge his father.

but at that time he was still weak and could not even get the golden elixir.

Lanyuan River, a thousand years ago, was not only the realm of Yuan Ying, but also the patriarch of Zixia sect. How could he be his opponent.

after a thousand years of cultivation, he finally reached the realm of Yuanying.

it's time to avenge!

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