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Chapter 266 Treasure hunt, ambush

Qianyuan boundary.

With the cultivation, Lu Ning's strength improves every day.

I have to say that this kind of cultivation that can feel progress is really addictive.

But near the end of the month, Lu Ning stopped practicing.

Because the ability of Toad Essence has almost evolved, he immediately found that he has the ability to sense treasures.

Treasure=Holy Stone.

Holy stone=defense magic weapon.

Defense magic weapon=life saving.

take a chance and turn a bicycle into a motorcycle.

'look carefully. I'll stay in the water all the time.'

Lu Ning made up his mind.

go find treasure!

naturally, there are dangers, but as long as he hides in the water, he will not worry about his life.

As for water, if there are bracelets, you can open the door of time and space at any time. I'm afraid there is no water.

Among other things, his life saving ability is first-class.

so I said to start and started.

Lu Ning opened the door of time and space and suddenly appeared in the cave under the lake outside the mountains.

the first thing to do is to see if toad essence has found any treasures.

The cave is dark, and the toad essence is not there.

there are no treasures.

'it seems that toad essence can't find any decent treasures in a short time.'

the main reason is that this area was searched by toad essence in the past.

Lu Ning didn't have much expectations.

He is another door of time and space, coming out of the cave.

He comes to the lake and controls the water in the lake to submerge himself.

Soon, a large water mass with a full diameter of 50 meters appeared on the lake.

Water is enough, regardless of size. If it is too big, it will be eye-catching, thus causing unnecessary trouble.

a water mass with a diameter of 50 meters flies in the air.

The sunlight passes through the water mass, making it crystal clear.

Lu Ning is in the middle of the water mass. His body is one meter away from the water mass and he can move freely in it.

The water mass is flying in the air of 100 meters, and Lu Ning in the water mass starts to send out his divine sense while flying.

towering mountains and endless forests.

this is a world full of vitality.

Lu Ning sighed in his heart: 'a world without pollution is good.'

With Lu Ning's divine sense, the ancient trees in the sky and the animals hiding in the forest began to appear in his sight.

'eh, I found a baby so soon.'

Lu Ning felt a breath of treasure just after flying a short distance.

But the smell of this treasure is weak.

Lu Ning's consciousness immediately looked over it.

more than ten kilometers away.

I saw a pangolin coming out of the soil.

but the funny thing is that the pangolin's head got into a small bottle and got stuck in it.

it shook the bottle clumsily, and even walked unsteadily. It looked funny.

the faint treasure smell comes from the small bottle stuck on the pangolin's head.

'it's really interesting.'

Lu Ning smiled.

He flies to the place where the pangolin is located.

When he flew to the place where the pangolin was, the pangolin seemed to notice that someone was coming and wanted to re-enter the soil.

Lu Ning was quick with his hands and eyes. He controlled the current and caught it at once.

Pangolins begin to struggle.

Lu Ning reached out and pulled out the small bottle stuck in his head.


Then he throws the pangolin back to the ground.

As soon as the pangolin lands, it does not turn its head back. It drills into the nearby jungle and digs, and soon disappears.

Lu Ning draws some water to wash the small bottle.

After a while, the dark green bottle will show its true appearance.

the small bottle radiates a faint wooden spirit.

Lu Ning checked it with divine sense and soon determined that it was a first-order magic tool.

'a little is better than nothing.'

He opened the door of time and space and directly threw the small bottle into his warehouse.

'not bad, not bad, it's a good start.'

Lu Ning was excited.

this ability is good.

Pick up the treasure as soon as you come out.

Although the first order magic tool is not worth much, if the first order is found, will the second order, third order or even fourth order, fifth order be far away.

He was very expectant.

Lu Ning controls the water mass to fly into the sky again.

He continued to set out and fly further.

it is still too close to the Tianshui area, even within the Tianshui area.

If you want to find the real treasure, I'm afraid you need to go deeper.


Tianshui City, outside the region.

here is an endless mountain range.

at this time, a streamer flew out of the area of Tianshui city. At a close distance, you can see that he is a monk who can fly so fast and at least has the strength of Jindan.

when immortal Jindan flew over a mountain range.

a fast golden flying sword suddenly shot from behind this immortal Jindan. The flying sword was very fast. It caught up with immortal Jindan and shot at his head.

Immortal Jindan didn't respond. His robe appeared in the defensive array and wanted to block the attack of the flying sword for him.


the power of flying sword is so powerful that the French array and his head are punctured together.

this golden elixir fell from the air without even screaming.

the corpse of immortal Jindan hit the ground hard, making the ground sink.

two male demons in black vestments came from the sky and landed beside the corpse.

one of the two male magicians is situ Nan, the magician who was seriously injured by Lu Ning.

The old one is naturally Situ Nan's master, Wu Gui.

the wizard coldly said, 'the third one.'

Since he learned that his baby apprentice was injured by a decent monk in Tianshui City, he immediately came to Tianshui City.

in their magic cultivation, they always pay attention to happy gratitude and revenge, revenge and revenge.

pay attention to a happy life.

The plan of Wu Guizi is to kill at least one Yuanying Zhenjun.

so that the decent monks in Tianshui city can know that their disciples are not easy to offend.

with a flying sword, situ Nan dug up the elixir field of the dead monk Jindan, dug out a golden elixir from it, and put it into the heaven and earth bag.

Whether it is the demon pill of a monster or the gold pill of a friar, there is no difference between them.

They are all great supplements.

Witch devil saw that Situ Nan had taken out the golden pill. With one move, the body of the golden pill immortal flew up and was also put into the universe bag by him.

The golden pill improved Situ Nan's strength, and the corpse refined medicine for him.

neither is wasted.

'Keep waiting. How can we do without killing a baby?'

'good master.'

the two hide again.

In less than a month, they had killed five Jindan Immortals.

This matter soon became very noisy.

gossip has spread that there are powerful third-order monsters here.

all bulk doors are hung with tasks.

it's a pity that all the Jindan immortals came. Faced with situ Nan's ambush, these Jindan immortals naturally have no return.

This event shocked the Tianshui Sect.

The Tianshui Sect immediately ordered the customers of the Scorching Sun Sect to kill monsters.

'it's just a small third-order monster. I don't want to kill it.'

Gu Beishen received the task with a confident face.

he has to do this kind of work that others can't do.

Gu Beishen immediately took his sword out of Tianshui City and quickly approached the area where the third-order monster was located.

The sky is full of ancient trees.

mountains tens of thousands of meters are everywhere.

When Gu Beichen gets close to the place where Situ Nan and the witches and devils ambush.

As soon as the eyes of the wizard and devil brightened, the divine sense immediately said: 'Here comes a real king, a baby!'

'Master, what's the strength of the opponent? Can it be your opponent?'

'The other party hasn't found me, but it's just the early stage of a baby. Don't worry, the other party's baby can't escape.'

Situ Nan licked the corners of his mouth after hearing the words of the witches and devils, and his face showed greed.

Yuanying is the Yuanying of Zhenjun. It's really the most delicious food he's ever eaten. It's countless times more delicious than any golden elixir or precious medicine.

it's almost irresistible.

every time I want to come, I have endless aftertaste.

but where is Yuanying Zhenjun so easy to kill? He has followed the master for so long, and he has eaten Yuanying once.

He even has a wish that he can kill more Yuanbao in the future. It is better to eat once a day, which is enough.

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