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Chapter 267 Attack

When Gu Beichen approached the witches and devils, they immediately launched a sneak attack.


the golden flying sword cuts through the sky and pierces the air. It is extremely powerful.

'There is an ambush!'

Gu Beichen's face changed.

although Gu Beishen is only in the early days of Yuanying, he is naturally not comparable to those golden elixirs.

When he found the flying sword attacking him, Gu Beichen immediately shot his own flying sword.

two flying swords collided in the air.


Gold and iron are ringing and sparks are splashing.

In the process of collision, Gu Beichen was significantly weaker.

the tip of his flying sword was punctured in an instant, and the flying sword was hit hard.

The golden flying sword destroyed everything and shot directly at his head.

real combat, life and death are only in a moment.

Wu Guizi is in the late stage of Yuanying, while Gu Beichen is in the early stage of Yuanying. The two flying swords are not in the same level, so there is no comparability.

'Not good!'

Gu Beishen is shocked. He wants to control his flying sword to turn around and resist, but it is too late. He can only watch the golden flying sword stab his head.

When the witch devil and Situ Nan who were hiding in the dark thought that Gu Beichen would die.

a big clock appears on his body and wraps him in it.

The big bell is generally of primitive copper color and emits a faint blue light.

this big clock is naturally Gu Beishen's defense magic weapon.

The golden flying sword shot on the clock.


a melodious bell resounds in the mountains.


Gu Beishen takes back his flying sword and leaves without saying anything.

Although he has been fighting with the other side for a short time, it can be seen from the attack just now that the strength of the other side is absolutely superior to him.

if you stay, you will die.

'It was not the third level monster who did evil, but was killed by this devil repair. You must go back and report to Tianshui Sect.'

several thoughts flashed through Gu Beichen's mind.

He has been flying for hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

but can the witch let him run.

naturally not.


Witches and devils remotely control the flying sword and constantly attack the clock.

The strength of Yuanying in his later years was extremely terrible, and every attack made the clock roar.

Gu Beichen can't run fast with the big clock in his hands, but he can't put the clock away. Once he puts the clock away, he can't take the other side's casual strike.

At this time, Gu Beichen seems to have become a turtle, which can only be slaughtered by others.

whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

The jade slips for help were shot by him.

the jade slips cut through the sky and flew toward the water city.

Poof, poof.

two sword lights interweave in the air, and several jade slips are shot down from the air and turned into powder.

But there is still a jade slip flying away.

seeing a jade slip slip slip away, situ Nan immediately asked, 'what should I do, master?'

it's OK for them to make a sneak attack. If the big people in Tianshui come out, they can't run away.

The wizard and devil were calm and said lightly: 'Don't worry, fight quickly, he won't last long. Tianshui City is far away from here. Your master and I can kill those people before they arrive.

You just wait to eat your baby.'

as he finished, the attack of flying sword suddenly accelerated.


Each blow is powerful and shocking.


After so many attacks, a crack began to appear on the surface of the clock.


seeing the crack in the big clock, Gu Beishen, who was hiding in the big clock, changed his face again.

His big clock is only a fourth level medium level magic weapon. After withstanding so many attacks from the other side, he can't bear it anymore.

Gu Beishen was also embarrassed, and immediately shouted: 'senior, I'm Gu Beishen, the patriarch of the lieri sect in Tianshui city. I have something to say.'

'As long as you are willing to let me go, I can promise you anything.'

seeing more and more cracks in the clock, he was extremely worried, and a cold sweat fell from his face.

at this moment, he had felt death that he had not felt for a long time.

Unfortunately, the Wugui didn't respond to Gu Beichen's request for mercy.

The only response is that the attack frequency of the flying sword does not decrease.

For a moment, Gu Beichen was very worried.


endless forests and 100000 mountains.

A big bronze bell is galloping in the air, and a flying sword is like a raindrop, constantly attacking the clock.

There is still a person in the big clock, who is begging for mercy from time to time.

Lu Ning felt the power of the attack from afar.

At this time, Lu Ning has changed into something else, not his original appearance at the beginning, nor the appearance of ordinary passer-by Zhang Hengsheng, but a handsome young man.

Of course, there is still a gap between his appearance and his original appearance.

after coming out, he changed his appearance.

walking outside, strange faces are safer.

he has been out for several days, and he has also found some treasures, but they are all ordinary treasures of level 1 and level 2.

I didn't expect to encounter the fighting between two monks. It seems to be quite fierce.

'it's better not to get involved so as not to get involved.'

looking at the earth shaking scene over there, Lu Ning thinks it's better not to meddle.

He intentionally wants to sneak away.


At this moment, the big clock in the sky finally could not withstand the attack of continuous overturning and declared broken.


the big clock turned into several pieces and splashed around.

it is like dropping a missile.

Powerful energy sweeps around, destroying all trees within hundreds of meters.

Gu Beichen appears after the clock is broken.


Gu Beichen looks weak and immediately sprays a big mouthful of blood.

The clock had been refined by him long ago. At this time, the clock was destroyed and he had been slightly injured.

'Eh, it's him.'

Lu Ning was attracted by the huge momentum after the big clock was broken. He looked back and recognized Gu Beishen at that glance.

after Gu Beishen lost the bell, he immediately tried to escape with his sword.

But the flying sword of the witch devil catches up again.


The flying sword stabbed Gu Beichen, but was blocked by a golden light.

Gu Beichen wears a defensive suit.

this scene makes the witches and devils in the dark frown. Gu Beishen is like an iron turtle. He didn't expect to have such a good magic coat in addition to a big clock with amazing defense.

'There are many magic weapons. I'll see how long you can persist.'

the sorcerer controls the flying sword to continue to attack.


Gu Beichen took time to fight back with the imperial sword, but he didn't work hard except for the flying sword.

the other side.

Although Lu Ning sees that the other side is Gu Beichen, he is not related to the other side, and Lu Ning does not want to get involved.

the key is that he knows that Gu Beishen is Yuan Ying's strength.

the one who can beat the other party so badly must be Yuan Ying, even Yuan Ying.


Lu Ning controls the water mass and leaves quickly.

however, just then, a voice sounded.

'since you're here, don't leave.'

accompanied by a flying sword attack.

The flying sword leaps out of the jungle and stabs into the water mass.

naturally, it was situ Nan who made the move.

In his eyes, Lu Ning is just a passing Golden Elixir Immortal, or the early stage of the Golden Elixir.

this is just food delivered to the door. He will not let it go.


The flying sword passes through the water mass.

this Sword Pierced Lu Ning's chest

situ Nan smiled confidently.

But soon he couldn't laugh.

he looked at the vague figure in the water and found that the other party had not yet fallen from the air.


situ Nan approached cautiously and slowly.

in the water mass, the soles of Lu Ning's feet are connected with the water mass, his body rippling like water ripples, and his chest injury has recovered completely.

His right hand did not know when he had pinched a coin and pointed it at Situ Nan.


The speed of the electromagnetic gun is amazing, which turns into a streamer.

Where the streamer passes, the air forms a vacuum.


situ Nan's face just showed a flash of extreme shock, and he had been hit in the head by an electromagnetic gun.

it was like being hit by a monster. Situ Nan's headless body was thrown out.

After the explosion of Situ Nan's body, the residual power of the electromagnetic gun continued to penetrate countless ancient trees in the sky, and I did not know where to fly.

Lu Ning in the water mass showed a trace of indifference at the corners of his mouth: 'Just because I don't cause trouble doesn't mean I'm afraid of it. I'm really looking for death.'


After saying that, he raised his hand to catch the flying sword shot by the other side.

the flying sword has lost the power supply of the other party. It is already soft and he just takes it in his hand.

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