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Chapter 268 Attack 2

Ding Ding.


Gu Beishen's defense suit was once again broken, and his chest was directly pierced by the other side's flying sword.

he suffered double damage to his mind and body. He fell directly to the ground and looked listless.

When Gu Beichen thought he was going to die, he heard a roar.

'no, apprentice!'

Witches and devils looked at Situ South and cried out sadly.

He knew that Situ Nan went to kill Lu Ning. After all, Lu Ning was a big water mass, which was too conspicuous.

At a glance, they saw that Lu Ning had only the initial strength of the golden pill, and naturally did not pay attention to it.

and Lu Ning wanted to escape immediately after seeing them.

the sorcerer thought it was all right.

who knows, situ Nan was killed by the opponent just after he fought with him.

this makes the witch show his teeth.

So he immediately turned around his flying sword, abandoned Gu Beichen and shot at Lu Ning's water mass.

Flying sword is flying in the sky, carrying great power.

Like witches and devils, Lu Ning had already aimed at him.

he saw that the two were in the same group, and even guessed that it was the relationship of the master. Since he had killed them, he naturally wanted to kill them all.

It is better to strike first, and it will hurt later.

This is Lu Ning's motto.

if you don't do it, you should do it quickly.

in the later period of Yuanying, the speed of the sword can reach six times the speed of sound.

Lu Ning, the electromagnetic gun has been upgraded for the second time, and the speed can reach seven times the sound speed.

The higher the level, the harder it is to improve.

although seven times the speed of sound is only twice as high as six times the speed of sound, its attack power is not comparable.


the wizard's flying sword and Lu Ning's electromagnetic gun attack each other almost at the same time.

at six times the speed of sound, Lu Ning can't escape.

at seven times the speed of sound, witches and devils can't escape either.


Lu Ning's water mass was pierced again, and he was shot in the head, which directly turned into a mass of water and burst.

Six times the sound speed, and the attack power is not insignificant.


Different from Lu Ning's head being blasted, when Lu Ning's electromagnetic gun shoots at the witch devil, a red light appears on his body surface.

then, a red umbrella emerged from the witch devil's head.

the red umbrella is floating above the Witch and devils, turning darkly.

The red umbrella shed red light and enveloped the witches and devils.

when Lu Ning's electromagnetic bombardment hit the witch devil, the witch devil was shot out with people and umbrellas.

flew for 100 meters before stopping.

This umbrella is called the red silk umbrella. It is a fifth level inferior magic tool.

The fifth order is equivalent to the state of OBE.

The witch devil also spent all his savings for so many years to buy such a fifth level inferior magic weapon.

the fifth level lower level magic weapon is the red umbrella, which can withstand the attack of the strong in the out of body realm.

The distracting powers are always in the same place. Usually, they rarely come out. The most people who can come out are Yuanying. The strong people in the out of body state rarely come out to walk, and most of them are immersed in cultivation.

Owning the red silk umbrella is also the late stage of Yuanying.

This is where the devil dares to stir up the wind and rain.


after stopping, the witch devil could not help taking a breath.

too strong.

Lu Ning's attack is too strong.

Although the attack did not break the French array barrier of his red umbrella, it has dimmed the brilliance of the red umbrella.

he was shocked.

I didn't expect that the real person at the beginning of Jindan would be such a strong person who dressed up as a pig and ate a tiger.

the sorcerer has a faint desire to retreat.

He could not understand Lu Ning's specific accomplishments.

But he guessed that Lu Ning was at least in the late stage of the first trimester, or even out of body!

His divine sense swept to Lu Ning and found that Lu Ning, whose head he had smashed, had been recovered.

This strange magic made him more uneasy.

'cannot be the enemy.'

the sorcerer made a quick decision and decided to leave.

he can live so long and is smarter than anyone.

It is easy to know what opponents can and cannot fight.

never stay when danger is found.

although his disciple had just been killed by Lu Ning, he hated him very much, but Lu Ning's strength was too strong, and he was not sure. It was unwise to be so hard, and he was very likely to leave his life behind.

however, Lu Ning did not hesitate at all when the sorcerers were still hesitating.


Lu Ning has opened up.

dozens of coins were suspended in the water mass, and the two electromagnetic guns had shot at the witches and devils in no particular order.

Now that we have done it, we will fight to the end.

with the water mass and the door of time and space, he has been invincible. Whoever loses will win. Let's fight again!

seven times the speed of sound electromagnetic gun, unparalleled power.

even if it is a kilometer distance, it is also an instant.

Dong Dong.

The Wugui's red umbrella once again bears two electromagnetic guns.

The energy wave explodes outside the red umbrella, and the powerful kinetic energy pushes back the witches and devils.

This makes the bright color of the red umbrella even darker.


Witches and devils no longer stay.

the present situation is unfavorable to him.

Not to mention that he is not sure to win Lu Ning, but the people who have waited for a long time in Tianshui City will come, and he will not be able to leave.

he glanced at situ Nan's corpse on the ground in the distance and felt a little angry. He wanted to take the body away, but now he has no time to take it away from Lu Ning's fierce attack.

'my good disciple, don't worry, Shifu will avenge you sooner or later!'

The sorcerer and devil put down their cruel words, and then the imperial envoy flew the red umbrella toward the distant mountains.

although he is an imperial envoy with a red umbrella, his speed is still very fast, which is far from being followed by Lu Ning, who is hiding in the water.


at this time, Lu Ning had really turned into a violent muzzle, and powerful electromagnetic guns were constantly fired from the water mass.

the electromagnetic gun is extremely powerful. It can directly penetrate the air and pierce the sky.

It is like a nine day divine thunder. There is no match.

several electromagnetic cannon holes pierce the void, like straight white lines that wrap the witches and devils.


But unfortunately, only one electromagnetic gun shot the witch's red umbrella, and the rest were lost.

The fallen electromagnetic cannons fall into the distant mountains, shattering the ancient trees and rocks in the sky, one giant tree after another, and the rocks collapse. Nothing can resist it.

it is like one powerful missile after another, which destroys ancient trees and rocks with amazing momentum.

the witch devil is very cunning. Instead of walking in a straight line, he flies left and right.

After a while, the other party disappeared in Lu Ning's sight.

'thanks to your fast running.'

Lu Ning stops his hands.

He felt sorry that he didn't leave the other party.

However, Lu Ning also knows that the opponent is at least a master of Yuanying, and it's good to be beaten away by him.

but he didn't lose. Lu Ning looked at the corpses on the ground and the flying sword in the water.

this is his booty.

At this time, Gu Beichen, who had fallen to the ground, slowly walked to the bottom of Lu Ning's water mass with his injured body.

'cough, thank you for saving my life.'

he respectfully hugged Lu Ning with a sincere face.

If Lu Ning suddenly appears, I'm afraid he has just died.

Lu Ning saved his life indirectly.

This scene makes Lu Ning feel very interesting.

Not long ago, the other side stood high in front of him, but now they should respectfully call him the elder.

it's hard to predict.

Lu Ning said rudely: 'Since you all said that I saved you, why don't you take out some treasures and give them to me, and we will end the cause and effect, and we will not owe each other, so it would be better.'

He just saw Gu Beichen's strength and details.

the big clock and defensive vests are all good goods.

Gu Beishen is the leader of a clan. Lu Ning knows that this guy also has a collector's hobby. He must have many treasures in his heaven and earth bag.

in addition, Lu Ning's impression of Gu Beishen is not very good, so it's natural that we don't need to be close to him.


'Master, to be honest, I only have this broken flying sword.'

Gu Beishen raises his flying sword. There are still some gaps on the flying sword, which was broken in the fight just now.

the gap is slowly healing.

'The other two fourth level magic tools were damaged in the process of fighting just now. I'm afraid there is nothing good to show you.'

Gu Beishen is telling the truth.

he himself has only Yuan Ying realm. Only because he is a suzerain can he buy three fourth level magic weapons.

Three fourth-order magic weapons, two of which were damaged, leaving only the last fourth-order flying sword.

His flying sword is the last fourth level flying sword on his body, and it is connected with his mind, so it is impossible to send it.

in addition to these three fourth order items, although he still has a collection, they are all third-order magic tools.

Lu Ning said: 'nothing. I'm not a greedy person. If I have four levels, I'll give them four levels. If I don't have four levels, I can give them three levels.'

The third level is OK. He doesn't mind.

Even if it is the third level, it can sell hundreds of top quality Lingshi.

with a wave of Gu Beishen's hand, four third-class flying swords flew out of his heaven and earth bag. The flying swords flew to Lu Ning.

Gu Beishen respectfully said: 'this is the fourth level flying sword. It's the best thing I can take out for the time being except for the fourth level flying sword. There were originally five, but I used one a few days ago. Please take it.'

Lu Ning pretended to be profound and said, 'well, that's good.'

When he waved, he summoned all four flying swords to his own water mass.

Lu Ning snickered in his heart. I also got your flying sword.

It's really predestined.

Gu Beishen really gave him a dowry.

Lu Ning's impression of Gu Beishen has slightly changed. He did not expect that the other party would be willing to offer all four flying swords.

He thought that it would be good if the other party could come up with one.

for the sake of the other party, Lu Ning waved his hand at Gu Beishen and cast a healing spell: 'recover.'

The dense green light envelops Gu Beichen.

Gu Beichen's originally pierced chest slowly recovers.

Even the wound of his original god has recovered a lot.

Gu Beishen was overjoyed and hurried to thank him: 'thank you for your help, sir. Could you tell me your name, sir?'

'my name is Han Jue.'

Lu Ning chose a name to deceive people.

'I'm Beishen, the patron of the lierizong sect in Tianshui city. I'd like to ask you for your help today.'

Gu Beichen expressed his gratitude again.

He didn't pay attention to the fact that Lu Ning asked him to give him a flying sword.

Instead, Lu Ning is open-minded.

the monastic world pays attention to cause and effect. This time he was saved by Lu Ning. He really owes a big cause and effect.

Lu Ning downplayed the cause and effect, which made him sincerely admire.

Lu Ning waved his hand and said impatiently, 'OK, I still have something to do. Please go back.'

'farewell, younger generation.'

Gu Beichen didn't dare to disturb again and arched his hand.

But instead of leaving immediately, he searched for the fallen fragments of the clock nearby and collected them.

After putting all the fragments into the Qiankun bag, he left now.

the big clock is a fourth-class middle level magic weapon. Although it is damaged, it can still be used as a material to be refined again.

seeing that Gu Beishen really left, Lu Ning immediately summoned the corpse of situ nan to the water mass with a move.

at a glance, he saw the bag of heaven and earth in the other side's waist.

'it's going to be big.'

Lu Ning looks excited.

Guangguang, a bag of heaven and earth, is worth more than 500 top-grade Lingshi.

It's nothing.

thinking of the corpse of this immortal Jindan and the treasures in the heaven and earth bag, Lu Ning's heart became extremely hot.

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