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Chapter 269 Six gold pills, cultivate

Qianyuan boundary.

On his way back, Gu Beichen met three Tianshui City monks who came to rescue him.

one of them made Gu Beishen's eyes shrink.

he recognized the other party. The other party's name was Luo Chen. He was a direct disciple of Tianshui sect and possessed the strength of the exit period.

Luo Chen and Gu Beichen look similar, both in their twenties.

the other two monks are 50-60 years old.

Gu Beichen stopped immediately.

he saluted several people and said: 'my junior, Gu Beishen, I'd like to meet some seniors.'

Luo Chen asked: 'It doesn't mean that he met Devil Xiu, Devil Xiu.'

after receiving Gu Beishen's message, Tianshui sect immediately sent him and two younger martial brothers out. He was the exit of the body and the two younger martial brothers were Yuan Ying's later stage. He was the main task this time.

I didn't expect to meet Gu Beishen on the way now. Seeing that the other party is intact and that there is no magic cultivation, I suddenly feel strange.

Gu Beichen replied, 'I have just been attacked by a powerful fiend with the realm of Yuanying. I was seriously injured, but fortunately a passing elder saved me.

As for that fiend, he has been beaten away by the elder.'

Gu Beishen tells Luo Chen the story.

At the end, he said: 'Later, I recognized the strong Yuan Ying who attacked me. He seemed to be the devil. His disciple Situ Nan had died in the hands of Elder Han.'

after listening to Gu Beishen's words, Luo Chen murmured: 'witch devil, it's really him.'

Since the disciples of Tianshui Sect injured Situ Nan, they knew that the wizard of Situ Nan would come.

these evil practices will be rewarded. Luo Chen knows their character well.

A few days ago, they found the trail of witches and devils coming to the Heavenly Waters. Unexpectedly, this time the other party did so openly.

as for the name Han Jue mentioned by Gu Beishen, he has never heard of it.

Luo Chen said: 'You can wait with me. After you go back, you will engrave the image into the jade slips and give it to me.'


a few people guard the sword and leave here.


Zixia Sect.

Training room.

Lu Ning sat cross legged. Then he opened the door of time and space and took out the stolen bag from inside.

The owner of Qiankun Bag is dead, so Lu Ning will not be excluded from checking.

Lu Ning put his divine consciousness into the bag of heaven and earth. Good guy, there is a lot of jewels in it. It really blinds him.

In particular, the five golden pills made Lu Ning overjoyed.

Lu Ning made a move and the five golden pills flew into his hands.

he touched five gold elixirs, each of which was the size of a glass bead, shining golden yellow.

Lu Ning sighed: 'Five golden pills represent the lives of five golden pills. You are not wronged.'

The golden pill is the whole essence of a golden pill Immortal, and it is extremely precious for any monk.

it's cheaper now, Lu Ning.

in addition to the five gold elixirs, there are ten third-order flying swords. Among the ten flying swords, five are inferior and five are intermediate.

there are more than 200 top-grade Lingshi, more than 300 middle grade Lingshi and more than 500 lower grade Lingshi.

there are a lot of colorful metal ores.

there is also a small pile of jade elixirs.

'not bad.'

getting so many things out of thin air is like falling pies from the sky, which makes Lu Ning very happy.

In addition to these, there are two information jade slips and an empty universe bag.

'there is even a bag of heaven and earth.'

Large bag covers small bag.

Lu Ning took out the Qiankun Bag to see if there were any treasures in it.

Divine awareness, really.

is a piece of rotten black wood.

'what's this? What's its use?'

Lu Ning took a piece of black rotten wood 20 cm long and looked through it. He could not see what it was, nor could he detect its supernatural features.

But guess that the other party can put it into a universe bag alone, which should have another effect.

'It's good to get two bags at once.'

Lu Ning is smiling with two Heaven and earth bags in his hands.

in the past, he wanted to buy a heaven and earth bag, but he never had any money. Unexpectedly, now he starts with two.

seems to have become an explosive household in an instant.

'Sure enough, killing people and stealing goods is the fastest way to get here. No wonder all the Devil Xius like to do such things.'

after being happy, Lu Ning slowly calmed down.

The reason why the other party has so many things must be that they were robbed by murderers.

the five golden elixirs are proof.

I don't know how many people the other party has killed.

it's really heaven's retribution. In the past, the other party killed and robbed others. Now it's Lu Ning who killed and robbed the other party.

Cause and effect cycle.

Two jade slips are also good things.

one of them is a map, which records the area traveled by the opposite party, and even some miraculous drugs.

the second jade slip records a skill called the true destiny array.

Life Array, majoring in magic and array.

in the Qianyuan realm, there are three major cultivation systems, one is Kendo, the other is magic, and the third is body cultivation.

three refinements of sword technique.

Three holy places, each of which focuses on one.

The Holy Land of the Qianyuan Period specializes in kendo.

Purple Mansion Holy Land majors in magic.

virtual palace holy land is my main body.

Among the three holy places, Qianyuan Holy Land is the strongest.

therefore, today, the world of Qianyuan is dominated by kendo.

in the minds of monks, it is also the strongest in kendo.

The Tianshui City where Lu Ning lives is under the jurisdiction of the Holy Land of Qianyuan.

This is also why Lu Ning met so many people, most of whom are good at swordsmanship.

even if there is a practice spell, it is only used as a supplement.

'that's right. In the future, I can improve my swordsmanship and body skills for three times.'

Naturally, he would not like to take the edge with the sword like people in this world.

He needs to develop at the same time without weaknesses.

For Bielai, it is extremely difficult to practice in the three systems, but Lu Ning has the ability to replicate, so it is not easy.

This 'True Life Formation' is either that the other party is unwilling to practice. After all, one's energy is limited, and it is impossible to have both fish and bear's paw.

Either Fang Zheng plans to practice, but he kills him before he can practice.

it can be said that it is cheaper for him.

Lu Ning did not practice the true destiny array for the time being. He put the things back into the heaven and earth bag, and then refined both the heaven and earth bags.

'The body should be treated first.'

Lu Ning opened the door of time and space, left the Qianyuan world and went directly to the crater of Dixing volcano.

destroy the corpse and trace. It is naturally safer here.

then, he took out situ Nan's headless body from the gate of time and space.

planed the opponent's elixir field with a flying sword, and Lu Ning immediately dug out a golden elixir.

'it seems that the golden elixir is an illusory existence. Somehow, the golden elixir in this world, like the demon elixir, is real.'

Lu Ning washed the golden elixir in his hands with water. Looking at the golden elixir, he felt a little strange.

but he didn't think too much. He threw the gold pill into his bag and kicked situ Nan's body into the crater.

The body falls, smashes into the magma, and soon is engulfed by boiling magma.

'There are six golden pills. It's time to practice.'

As the concentrated essence of the Golden Elixir Immortal, the energy contained in the Golden Elixir is very rich. If properly absorbed, a Golden Elixir can help people break through a small state.

Devil cultivation pays attention to radical cultivation methods, so the golden pill is very attractive to Devil cultivation.

This is also the reason why the Devil's Order took the initiative to attack decent friars.

but it is a taboo for decent people to practice with the monk's golden elixir.

This kind of magical cultivation is intolerable to decent sects.

Once found, it will be regarded as a devil's cultivation, which is not allowed by decent sects.

Lu Ning naturally knows the taboos, but can he give up the six gold pills.

of course not.

'I don't kill innocent people indiscriminately, but I won't kill my brains.'

He did not choose to go back to the training room of the Qianyuan World, where he practiced with gold pills. It was too risky.

he returned to the earth, came to his villa in the suburbs, and began to practice in seclusion.

The earth is devoid of magic and spirits, and the villas in the countryside are beautiful, which is very suitable for his cultivation.

villa basement.

Lu Ning arranged a spirit gathering array with five gold pills.


At the moment of array formation, the aura filled Lu Ning's five meter range.

The rich aura almost drowned him.

Lu Ning immediately crossed his knees to practice.

Five golden pills, which have exactly five attributes, are arranged by Lu Ning in the way of five elements, repeated and endless.

one big stream of spiritual power is continuously absorbed from the five golden elixirs.

five golden elixirs, like five springs, spit water out endlessly.

The original fog like Reiki will soon become Reiki drops.


With the appearance of a drop of water, it is like a chain reaction, and the aura becomes liquid. Within five meters, it immediately becomes a vast ocean of aura.

in the middle of the ocean, there is a funnel, which is Lu Ning's mouth and nose.

Lu Ning closed his eyes tightly, his mouth opened and closed, and his abdomen undulated. Every time he swallowed, he must have swallowed a large amount of Holy Liquid.

The golden pill in the stomach is fully powered, and whoever comes in will absorb and swallow all the spiritual liquid.

in addition to Lu Ning's throughput, the navel opens and penetrates the lower elixir field. The golden elixir in the elixir field also forms a suction vortex, and begins to absorb the external spiritual liquid crazily through the navel.

Two vortices are formed.

One is Lu Ning's mouth and nose.

One is the belly button.

in addition to these two huge whirlpools, Lu Ning's pores are all open, and a trace of spiritual liquid madly penetrates into his pores.

under the absorption of this full power, the five meter round spirit liquid was swallowed up by more than half of its volume.

is one ton.

however, under the operation of the five element soul gathering array, the empty liquid will be filled up again soon.

Cycle back and forth.

Lu Ning closed his eyes tightly and immersed himself in this happy cultivation.

He can feel that the golden pill in his elixir field is becoming more and more powerful.

rapid growth visible to the naked eye.

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