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Chapter 270 Fairy root golden spirit wood

When Lu Ning was practicing, the small tree in his yard committed crimes again.

But if you often walk by the river, you can't get your shoes wet.

Under the care of several elders, the small tree was finally exposed.

'This little tree did it.'

Lanqing and a group of elders came to the Luning yard and surrounded the small trees.

Looking at the glittering golden light and bright trees, all the people present were shocked.

Unexpectedly, the thief who stole weapons would be a tree.

This is beyond everyone's imagination.

An elder said, 'What kind of tree is this? It's so strange. Why have you never seen it?'

'Yes, I haven't.'

'What a strange tree.'

For the first time, they saw a tree that would swallow weapons.

Lian Lanqing also hasn't seen him.

Unfortunately, Lu Ning is not here at this time, so we can't ask Lu Ning.

She knew very well that there was no such small tree in the yard before.

In addition to this small tree, dozens of ginseng trees are planted in Lu Ning's yard, which must be Lu Ning's work.

Thinking that his father knew more about miraculous drugs, Lanqing invited his father LAN Yuanjiang.

'Eh, these ginseng were planted by Lu Ning? They have grown so big so fast.'

As soon as Lanyuan River entered Lu Ning's yard, he was first attracted by a large area of ginseng seedlings.

There are nearly 100 ginseng plants in such a large area.

Especially the next three, which are very large, seem to be at least a hundred years old.

He leaned forward and touched the leaves of one of the ginseng plants. He immediately frowned: 'it seems that these are the three ginseng plants I gave elder Lu before.

But how? '

Lan Yuanjiang can't figure it out.

At that time, what he gave Lu Ning was still tender seedlings that had just sprouted, but the three plants in front of him were at least 100 years old.

If you look at it, even those dozens of Lingshen are at least ten years old.

How did this happen.

Seeing Lan Yuanjiang's face was different, Lanqing couldn't help asking, 'Father, what's wrong?'

LAN Yuanjiang glanced at his daughter and shook his head. 'It's all right.'

He did not dare to make a judgment for the time being, so he did not intend to tell his daughter. He would wait until Lu Ning came back and asked clearly.

'Father, take a quick look at this little tree. Its roots can move and drag away the weapons we live in. It seems that it has swallowed us all.'

'Let me see.'

Lanyuanjiang walked to the small tree and began to check it.

The other elders were also curious to watch. They waited for Lan Yuanjiang's judgment, but did not speak.

LAN Yuanjiang touched the leaves and roots of the small tree from time to time.

'Father, what is it? What is it?'

LAN Yuanjiang said to the crowd, 'if I'm not mistaken, this tree should be the legendary Jinling wood.'


Everyone looked puzzled, as if they had never heard the name of this tree.

Lan Yuanjiang explained: 'It is said that the so-called golden spirit wood is not a spirit plant owned by the mortal world, but a fairy root dropped from the celestial world. This kind of fairy tree has the dual attributes of gold and wood, and you can see that this golden spirit wood can independently absorb and swallow various magic weapons or metal minerals.

Jinling wood has this characteristic and is an excellent refining material.

It is said that the golden spirit wood has one to nine levels, just like the level of our magic tools. It is said that there are nine levels above it, which is the level of the ten level immortal tools.

Even if not refined, Jinlingmu is equivalent to a magic tool of the same level, which can be said to be a treasure in the cultivation world. '


Hearing Lan Yuanjiang's explanation, everyone at the scene looked at each other and took a breath.

Even if it is not refined, it is equivalent to a magic weapon of the same level.

Isn't this a living magic weapon.

A magic tool that can be produced.

Does it mean that even if one of its branches is broken, the golden spirit wood can be used as a flying sword when it grows up.

The magic tools that can grow continuously.

It is still possible to grow to the level of Ninth level magic tools or even tenth level immortals.

For a moment, everyone looked at this little golden root and it was very hot.

Lanqing suddenly asked, 'father, you can see how many steps this Jinling wood is.'

LAN Yuanjiang replied, 'there are two levels.'

Second, it is equivalent to building foundation.

That is to say, even if the branch of this small tree is broken now, it is also a second-order flying sword.

'This... this is really a treasure!'

An elder exclaimed.

If this golden spirit tree grows to the third, fourth, or even ninth level, then they can't have a ninth level magic tool.

It's exciting to think about it.

These elders of zixiazong are very poor and have little savings.

Some elders still use Level 3 medium flying swords.

If this Jinling wood grows up in the future, they may also have a fourth level flying sword.

For a while, all the people present were looking forward to it.

Lanqing saw the desire in the eyes of several elders and immediately said: 'This golden spirit wood should be planted by Elder Lu. It belongs to Elder Lu. No matter what grade it will grow into, it is also the property of Elder Lu. I hope you understand this truth.'

She wants to knock the elders on the spot, so that no one will become greedy and do something that should not be done.

'Nature, nature.'

The elders immediately woke up, nodded, and their emotions in their eyes immediately converged.

They know Lu Ning's strength, so they dare not covet this kind of treasure.

However, in their eyes, Lu Ning is friendly to people. In the future, as long as we have a good relationship with him, it should not be difficult to beg for a small section of Jinling wood after it grows.

The elders have been thinking carefully.

Lan Qing said: 'Since you know Jin Lingmu did it, let's break up. As for the loss of weapons, I will talk with Elder Lu.'

At this time, the elder Zhu Xianglin tentatively asked: 'it's just the loss of some common weapons. The patriarch should not let Mr. Lu compensate.'

He had planned to get close to Lu Ning again, so naturally he didn't want Lanqing to blame Lu Ning for this.

'Yes, these are just ordinary weapons. Even if they are better, they are only first-class magic weapons. They are not worth a few holy stones. Don't blame elder Lu.'

'That's right.'

The other elders also spoke for Lu Ning.

They were afraid that the relationship between the patriarch and Lu Ning would get stale. At that time, Lu Ning was angry and thought it was their fault. It would be uneconomical not to give them the gold Lingmu.

Lan Qing heard the implication of several elders and said: 'I have a sense of proportion about this, so you don't have to worry.'

She did not say that she was to blame or not to blame.

She is a leader of Zixia Sect. Do you want these elders to tell her how to do it.

Lanqing is still dignified.

As soon as she said this, several elders immediately stopped talking, talked with each other, and then left the yard one by one.

Lanqing's father was still looking at Lu Ning's ginseng, ignoring their conversation.

He was very curious about how Lu Ning took care of these holy ginseng seedlings and made them grow so fast in a short time.

After several elders left, he came over.

He looked at Lanqing and asked, 'what are you going to do about this?'

He has been the suzerain for thousands of years. Naturally, he has more experience than Lanqing. He intends to test Lanqing and see how she handles it.

Lanqing knew that her father intended to test her. After thinking about it, she said: 'I will talk with Elder Lu first, and then do my best to cultivate Jinling wood. Elder Lu is friendly. I believe he will not refuse to give us some branches of Jinling wood.

Even if it is only the fourth level golden wood, it can also help us to improve the strength of Zixia Sect. This is our chance. I think we should live in Zixia Sect. '

In her eyes, the most important thing is to persuade Lu Ning.

Although the time we spent together was short, she was confident enough to persuade Lu Ning.

After persuading Lu Ning, she will try her best to cultivate this Jinling root with all kinds of magic tools and minerals.

With the support of the whole clan, the golden spirit wood will grow into the fourth level golden spirit wood quickly. At that time, whether you refine it yourself or sell it to other clans, it will be a matter of great profit.

They will even be promoted to a medium-sized sect because of Jinlingmu.

Thinking so, Lanqing couldn't help feeling excited in her eyes.

However, after hearing Lan Qing's words, LAN Yuanjiang shook his head gently: 'you still think too naive.'

Lanqing looks at her father with puzzled eyes.

She didn't understand why her father said that, didn't she.

LAN Yuanjiang explained: 'although we are all famous and authentic in Tianshui City, there are people competing for places, and the birth of a rare treasure. Do you think our little Zixia sect can keep it?

If I still have the strength of Yuanying consummation, I may be able to keep jinlingmu for a while, but now we don't even have a monk in Yuanying's family, and it's impossible to keep jinlingmu. '

If you carry a heavy treasure, you will certainly cause trouble.

Their Zixia sect has no ability to protect jinlingmu.

Now, treasure is not a good thing for them, but a disaster.

Lanqing wakes up after hearing Lanyuanjiang's words. Now, as the patriarch of Zixia sect, she is bent on carrying forward Zixia sect and has no concern about the crisis behind it.

She was reminded by Lan Yuanjiang, and she was afraid.

In the past few years, under the premise that Yuan Ying was not in charge of the Zixia sect, everything went so smoothly because they did not compete for any treasures or participate in tasks that might have hidden dangers.

Although there was no big achievement, it was good that it was safe.

This is the greatest luck.

Lanqing was humbled and said, 'What my father said was that I was not thoughtful enough.'

'What do you mean, father?'

'You should discuss with elder Lu and ask him to give jinlingmu directly to Tianshui sect in exchange for some cultivation resources. This is the safest way. As long as elder Lu is not greedy, I think he will agree.'

Lanqing also agreed with his father, nodded and said, 'OK, after Elder Lu comes back, I will tell him.'

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