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Chapter 274 Jin Lingmu's ability is remarkable

In the yard, only Lanqing and Lu Ning are left.

Lanqing looks at Lu Ning and stops.

Now that the outcome has been decided, it is useless to say anything.

After Lanqing left, Lu Ning immediately entered the training room and opened the Heaven and Earth Bag given by Zhou Taixuan.

Good guy.

As soon as it was opened, Lu Ning found that the universe bag had reached 50 square meters.

The two he refined before are only ten square meters.

It's generous.

There are only three things in the Qiankun Bag: a robe, a flying sword and a bottle of pills.

He pays more attention to vests and flying swords.

The vests and flying swords exude aura, which is not ordinary at first sight.

He immersed his divine sense into the two and immediately learned their basic information.

The vestment, named Gold Silk Cloud Clothes, is a sixth level top quality vestment. It can withstand attacks during and below the distraction period.

One word - strong.

The flying sword, named Jinyao, is also a sixth level top flying sword. The blade is not sharp when looking at it, but it is extremely cold when feeling. It has a round feeling like jade.

This sixth level flying sword is much heavier than the third level flying sword.

The third level flying sword is only 15 jin, and this flying sword is twice the third level flying sword, reaching 30 jin.

The difference between the quality of magic tools is not only the weight, but also the degree of mental loss.

The higher the level of magic tools, the greater the divine awareness consumed.

To be more popular, it means fuel consumption.

Don't be useless. Your divine sense will be exhausted. If the enemy doesn't have to fight, you will faint first.

This is why ordinary monks only use the same level of magic tools.

After reading the vestments and flying swords, Lu Ning picked up the bottle of pills, and his divine sense sank into it.

Pill, named Huanglong Pill, is a sixth order pill.

This pill is mild and can be used even when the golden pill is distracting. There are ten pills in total, each of which can be used as a golden pill for a hundred years of hard work.

I have to say that this pill is most suitable for the golden pill period.

Even if it breaks through to Yuanying, it still has great effect.

'Yes, very good.'

People should not be too greedy. Lu Ning is very satisfied that he can exchange so many treasures with Jinling Wood.


After seeing the three treasures, Lu Ning starts to refine the vests and flying swords.

The cassock can save your life. You need to refine it all. As for the flying sword, he thought for a while and planned to refine it as well.

It is too heavy without refining.

Although it is no problem to control the magnetic field by 30 kg, it is impossible to break through the sound speed. Only after refining can it be as light as nothing.

As for the problem of worrying about mental injury, the sixth level is already a state of distraction and power, and only the combination and above can damage the sixth level flying sword.

Who is not a strong person in such a realm.

They rarely walk around.

If you meet such a person, you don't have to fight, just run.

'It is unexpectedly such a loss of divine sense.'

Lu Ning was shocked when he just started refining the vestments.

He felt that his divine sense was like a funnel, which was swallowed by the vestments.

Now he only has the power of the golden pill. He used the golden pill to refine the sixth level magic weapon, and passed the third level. Rao is that he was prepared and scared.

It's really a sixth order magic tool. It's not easy to refine just by light.

'Nothing, take your time.'


Lu Ning returned to the earth, kneeling in the Five Elements Gathering Array.

He cultivates the vestments as he cultivates them.

This is a real close-up. I didn't even go to sleep with several wives at night.

Whether to sleep now has no effect on Lu Ning.

Cultivation is the best rest.

For nearly a month, Lu Ning spent the rest of his time immersed in cultivation, day and night, except that he occasionally went out to bask in the sun with a potted plant of Jinling wood.

Near the end of the month, Jin Lingmu's ability has begun to show.

The most intuitive change is that his cultivation speed has increased dramatically.

It is like adding another high-power engine, which has increased the speed by at least one fifth.

Especially for the absorption of spiritual power of wood attributes, it is several times faster than that of other attributes.

Blessed to the soul, Lu Ning also inherited Jin Lingmu's ability.

Driven by instinct, he took out a third level flying sword.

This is one from Gu Beichen.

He holds the flying sword in his hand, and a green light appears on his hands, which covers the whole flying sword.

In the shade of green light, the flying sword slowly broke up without any resistance, and then turned into a little metal liquid which was absorbed into Lu Ning's hands.

These metal liquids, wrapped in green light, came directly to Lu Ning's Xiadan Field.

It rotates noisily on the surface of the gold pill, and the two echo each other. After a while, these metal liquids are green in gold and gold in green.

Next, these liquids are transported to Lu Ning's whole body meridians.

The liquid is absorbed crazily by special tissues. After being absorbed by special tissues, it is finally absorbed by Lu Ning's flesh and blood.

No trace left.

After absorbing the flying sword, it took more than half an hour.

Gu Liao

Lu Ning opened his eyes, and the golden light in his eyes flashed away.

He took a deep breath, shook his fist, and smiled: 'This feeling is really great!'

It's like adrenaline being injected into his body. Now, he feels his body is full of inexhaustible power.

This is not an illusion, but a fact.

For the experiment, Lu Ning walked out of the villa.

He came to the balcony. There was a row of trees fifty meters away from the balcony.


Lu Ning sinks into the elixir field and punches at the trees fifty meters away.


The air wave explodes and the sonic boom is formed.

Like an air cannon, it can instantly hit trees more than 50 meters away.


Several trees more than half a meter thick are broken immediately.

The power of one punch is so terrible.

'So strong.'

Lu Ning looks at his fist and the broken trees on the opposite side, and his face is excited.

He took a few deep breaths, moved his body and wrists, and found that there was no discomfort.

The body is solid, just like steel.

'Very good, since that's the case...'

Lu Ning immediately jumped up from the balcony and jumped tens of meters into the sky.

Just when his body began to fall freely, Lu Ning suddenly kicked him aside.

This leg is extremely fast and has exceeded the speed of sound.


A white air wave blows at the foot, and the air is torn.

In the blink of an eye, a small sonic boom cloud appeared at the foot.

In Lu Ning's feeling, the emptiness, which had no place to borrow, seemed to suddenly become a reality.

He stepped on the ground and flew back into the sky.

This reverse thrust is extremely fast.


With this sonic boom reverse thrust, Lu Ning's body flashes in the air and moves sideways.

At the beginning, he was inexperienced, somewhat inflexible and rampaged.

But slowly, he becomes elegant, just like walking in the air, understating, stepping on the sonic boom, and floating away.

The sound of violent sonic boom is quite different from Lu Ning's elegance, forming a great sense of contrast.

With this supersonic kick, Lu Ning unexpectedly slowly reached 10000 meters high.

Seeing that she was about to fall, Lu Ning used flying skills to suspend herself in the clouds.

'This supersonic kick can only be regarded as a kind of physical skill, a powerful physical skill.'

Push force is generated through strong kicking to enable people to move freely in the air. This kind of body skill is beyond the limit of human physical ability.

Lu Ning controls his body and starts to fall towards the ground.

After a while, he fell to the ground.

But Lu Ning does not intend to stop.

He stirred up his blood and muscles and began to run wildly in the mountains.


One foot down, the ground is sunken and the earth rock is cracked.


Lu Ning's body suddenly exceeded the speed of sound, and appeared hundreds of meters away in the blink of an eye.

The body is extremely thick, as if running in the waves.

His whole body is full of human air waves. At first, they wrap him up. Gradually, the air waves can only follow his hips.


His speed is getting faster and faster, turning into a white light in the mountains and forests.

Yes, it is the real white light.

A white air wave swept through the mountains and forests with great momentum, just like a supersonic fighter.

But even running beyond the speed of sound can't prevent Lu Ning from checking the surrounding environment. His divine sense is extremely flexible and he can easily control this speed.

In the process of running, Lu Ning just gently extended his hand when passing a big tree.



Big trees can be easily cut, curled and torn.

Lu Ning's speed is also one ton, but the impact is not significant.

What really needs to be overcome is viscous air, just like water, which will form strong resistance all the time.

But when you are used to this resistance, consider yourself in the water.

You can swim freely in the water like a fish in the water, and your speed will not decrease.

Lu Ning runs heartily and releases himself.

He didn't stop until his second boots were worn out.

Lu Ning looked at the broken boots and murmured, 'The second class boots are still too bad.'

He took off his boots and was about to throw them away, but after thinking about it, he opened the Qiankun bag and put them in it.

Anyway, it's a second order, too wasteful.

It is uncertain that he can practice his hands in the future.

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