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Chapter 275 Copy Zhou Taixuan

Lu Ning opens the door of time and space to the magic world.

It was just a small test, but now it is a full test.

He was barefooted and began to run on the endless grass.


The sonic boom sounded again, the surrounding air was shocked, and the ground was dusty.

However, as Lu Ning stimulates the wind breaking function of his second level magic suit and uses the wind control technique at the same time, he feels like a fish in water. His whole body is completely integrated into the wind, and the sound explosion stops suddenly.

The ability to blend harmoniously with the wind is the heady part of magic.

It can't be said that there is no wind resistance at all, but it is very little. But Rao is so, Lu Ning's speed has increased sharply again.

The skill of controlling wind makes Lu Ning as light as a swallow.

With the support of strong body, let him gallop in the sky, and the speed can be kept at the speed of sound.

The only disadvantage may be very physical exertion.

After another hearty experiment, Lu Ning became more skilled in controlling his body.

It also gave him a clear understanding of the strength of his body.

This is a breakthrough in the quality of the body on the premise of only absorbing a third level excellent flying sword.

Although this has the merits he has accumulated before, we can still see that Jin Lingmu's ability is against the weather.

'Continue to absorb!'

There is nothing to say. Lu Ning just wants to become stronger quickly.

He has a lot of Level 3 flying swords in his universe bag.

Lu Ning opened the door of time and space, left the magic world, and returned to the earth's own villa.

He crossed his knees in the spirit gathering array of the five elements, holding a third level flying sword.


The misty green light envelops the third level top quality flying sword.

In a short time, the third level excellent flying sword was turned into a metal liquid and absorbed into his body.

Half an hour later, the metal liquid circulates all over the body and has been completely absorbed by him.


Lu Ning didn't stop. After absorbing a third level flying sword, he took out another and began to absorb it.

In about an hour and a half, he had absorbed all three of the best flying swords.

He felt that his body was a little stronger and was emitting strong power all the time.

This feeling fascinated him.

Lu Ning is holding the third level flying sword that she first exchanged with Chang Er, and hesitates to absorb it.

'It's all right. I'll keep it for the time being.'

After all, we should keep some.

The sixth level flying sword Jinyao doesn't know how long it will take to be refined. It can't be used for the moment.

The fourth level of the Earth Star is also being refined.

And now he has multiple identities, which can be easily exposed with only one flying sword.

Lu Ning opened the Qiankun Bag he got from Situ Nan and saw that there were many kinds of ores and metals in it.

'Since the flying sword cannot absorb, try to absorb these metals and ores.'

He poured out all the metals and minerals in the Qiankun Bag, held two pieces in his hands, and immersed himself in absorption again.

Jin Lingmu's ability did not disappoint him.

No matter what metal or ore is, it will be melted into a pool of liquid in a moment when it is covered by the misty green light.

There are many kinds of metals and ores, many of which are more than ten pieces.

However, it is faster to absorb these metals and ores than to absorb flying swords.

Within a few minutes, all these ores and metals were absorbed.

Lu Ning looked at the back of his hand and found that the hair on the back of his hand had changed color

He immediately checked his whole body with divine sense.

It was found that not only the back of the hand, but also the hair of the whole body, all showed a touch of golden light.

Golden down.

Even the dark green hair was stained with a golden luster.

In addition to the fluff and hair, his skin also showed a trace of bronze.

If his skin was like a white jade before, it is now like a white jade with a trace of copper and gold light.

In addition to a more determined face, the whole person also became more energetic.

Even an ordinary person can see Lu Ning's unusual appearance at a glance.

'Try the current skin defense.'

The body feedback gave him a strong feeling. Lu Ning wanted to see how hard his skin was now.

He took out the third level excellent metal flying sword and rowed directly to his arm.

With a gentle stroke, the arm has no trace.

Lu Ning is not afraid of getting hurt.

With a heavy stroke, a white mark suddenly appeared on the skin of the arm.

It's still unbroken.

'Good, come again.'

Lu Ning pointed at his arm and struck hard.


The sound of gold and iron was heard.

Look at the skin on his arm. Although there is a red mark, it is still not broken.


Hit hard for several times in succession, and the force is heavier than that.

At last, I used half of my strength, but still could not cut the skin.

Lu Ning's body is comparable to the best flying sword by absorbing and fusing four best flying swords and dozens of various metals and ores.

'Try the sixth step.'

Lu Ning takes out the sixth level flying sword.

Just a gentle chop.


The skin of Lu Ning's arm was cut open, and a trace of blood flowed out.

The wound soon scarred and then slowly healed.

Only one minute later, Lu Ning had not yet used her healing power, and the wound had healed, leaving only a scar.


Lu Ning gently cast the magic, and the green light fell on the wound.

In the twinkling of an eye, the wound was completely recovered, and there was not even a scar left.

'The sixth level flying sword is still too strong.'

Today's body cannot resist the sixth level flying sword.

Lu Ning estimates that his current physical strength is still at the third level, and it is unknown how many products he has at the third level.

'Keep practicing.'

'Continue refining.'

Lu Ning crossed his knees again and was immersed in cultivation and refinement again.

Grain filling

Now he wants resources and treasures.

The top priority is to refine the sixth level robe, so that it is safer to go out.


Sunrise and sunset.

In the lower room of the villa, Lu Ning held the robe and remained closed.

At the moment when the evolution of Jin Lingmu's ability was completed, Lu Ning's ability to absorb aura was slightly enhanced.

This time, not only the aura of wood attribute is enhanced, but also the aura of metal attribute.

Jinling wood is the root of the dual attributes of gold and wood. It is also within Lu Ning's expectation to speed up the absorption of metal aura.

Although the absorption speed of metal aura is a little slower than that of wood aura, it is much faster than that of other auras.

'It's time to go to Tianshui Sect. This time, we should copy the power of the leader of Tianshui Sect!'

Lu Ning got up and immediately opened the door of time and space to the world of Qianyuan.

The leader of Tianshui Sect has the perfect water attribute root.

He has been longing for a long time.

There is nothing to hesitate about.

He left a time-space anchor near Tianshui Sect.

Open the door of time and space, and soon Lu Ning came to Tianshui Sect.

'Please wait a moment, Elder Lu.'

'Elder Lu, please follow me.'

The disciple reported that Lu Ning was taken in soon.

In a hall, Lu Ning saw Zhou Taixuan, the leader of Tianshui Sect.

There is only one person in the hall.

Lu Ning saluted and said, 'Young Lu Ning, pay a visit to Lord Zhou.'

Zhou Taixuan kept a smile on his face and said to Lu Ning, 'I didn't expect you to come so soon, and I was the first one to look for you.'


Zhou Taixuan wanted to say something, but he suddenly looked at Lu Ning in doubt.

He vaguely found that Lu Ning seemed to have something different, but he couldn't feel it for a moment.

I always think Lu Ning is different from what I saw last time.

His face looks much better.

However, he did not bother Lu Ning about his changes. He said, 'Come on, how do you want me to teach you magic?'

Lu Ning Shueda: 'This is a personal attack magic. I need to put my hand on Lord Zhou's arm.'

'Come on, let's go outside.'

Since it was necessary to cast, of course, he had to go outside. Zhou Taixuan started to go outside.

But Lu Ning stopped him.

'Lord Zhou, my magic is very simple and not violent. I can do it here.'

'Oh, really. In that case, I'll try your magic.'

Zhou Taixuan was also curious. He went to Lu Ning and stretched out his arm.

The distance between them was no more than half a meter, and they could clearly see each other's faces.

Lu Ning has now changed back to his normal appearance, but the look of his eyes still makes Zhou Taixuan feel extraordinary.

Zhou Taixuan was more extraordinary in Lu Ning's eyes.

The face shaved by the sabre seems to radiate a mysterious light all over the body, and is not angry.

This is a big man of fitness.

'I am offended.'

Lu Ning puts his hand on Zhou Taixuan's arm, and then launches the replication ability.

In order not to be suspected, he also released a small amount of electricity.


The short current rushed into Zhou Taixuan's body and disappeared in a flash.

While Zhou Taixuan was still savoring, Lu Ning had released his hand.

Lu Ning said, 'Lord Zhou, I have already cast.'

Zhou Taixuan was puzzled and asked, 'Are you sure you're ready?'


Zhou Taixuan sensed that there was no discomfort or magic residue in his body, and said, 'What kind of magic is it? It's so weak. What's your intention?'

At this moment, Zhou Taixuan was suspicious of Lu Ning's actual intention.

It made him feel a little alert.

There must be evil spirits. Lu Ning's behavior is too strange.

Lu Ning hurriedly said: 'In fact, I'm also trying. I just failed. If Lord Zhou wants to, please let me try again.'

Zhou Taixuan saw him in the dark.

The alarm bell in the heart is loud, and the crisis is self generated.

Zhou Taixuan, an old monster who did not know how long he had lived, was already as smart as a demon. Lu Ning's tricks could fool others, but it was difficult to fool him.

Although he didn't say anything at the moment, Lu Ning's sixth sense told him that he was in great danger at the moment.

Try again. This is the remedy Lu Ning came up with instantly.


Zhou Taixuan extended himself like an arm again.

Lu Ning reaches out and touches Zhou Taixuan's arm. In addition to a little current, his body begins to secrete datura toxin at the first time.

Toxin flows from sweat and attaches to the other person's arm.

A trace of toxin melted into the air and was inhaled by Zhou Taixuan.

It took Lu Ning a few seconds to let go.

A minute later, Zhou Taixuan's nose moved, and a smile appeared on his mouth: 'You unknown toxin can make people have illusion, and it is silent.

It may have some effect on ordinary Immortals of the Golden Elixir, even at the stage of Yuanying, but if you want to use it against the monks above Yuanying, you just do useless work. '

' If this is the only way, you don't need to try other elders. You can change other conditions. '

Lu Ning said: 'This is just one of my many methods. In Zongzhu Zhou's case, I use this method. If I change other elders, I will change another method. I want to try again, so I don't need to change other conditions.'

Don't let him try, that's no good. He won't agree.

He is bound to win some of the best Holy Roots.

Seeing Zhou Taixuan's expression, it seemed that he no longer doubted, which relieved Lu Ning.

It suddenly occurred to him that he had copied Zhou Taixuan's ability.

At the thought of this, he couldn't help feeling a little flurry in his heart.

Zhou Taixuan looked at Lu Ning and suddenly asked, 'Do you want to attack the distracted state with the golden pill state?'

Lu Ning wanted to test the four of them in his little golden pill realm, as if he wanted to test the means of killing the distracted realm with the golden pill realm.

This is absolutely amazing.

Ambition is not small.

But in his eyes, this is naturally impossible.

Lu Ning didn't want to be doubted, so he nodded and said, 'Exactly.'

Zhou Taixuan smiled and said, 'The younger generation is awesome.'

Although it is impossible, since it is Lu Ning's personal pursuit, he cannot say anything.

It's just a waste of good opportunities.

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