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Chapter 282 Controlling things, Lu Ning Shangtian Shuizong

After the handover, Lu Ning left the US base and returned to his home.

He didn't take Xiaohei and Xiaojin to the Qianyuan World immediately. After all, he had to say hello to Lanqing first.

Qianyuan World.

Lu Ning finds Lan Qing and tells her that she wants to keep two spirit beasts in the clan.

'It's just a small matter. Elder Lu, you can bring your two spirit beasts in at any time.'

Lanqing didn't tangle with Lu Ning's spirit beast, but immediately said to him: 'Elder Lu, the Tianshui Sect sent you a jade slip a few days ago, asking you to go to the Tianshui Sect immediately. You just went out these days, and I have been waiting for you. If you are free now, go to the Tianshui Sect quickly, so that they won't blame you.'

Tianshui Sect is the first major sect in Tianshui City. Lanqing is afraid that Lu Ning's late arrival will upset the big shots.

The Tianshui Sect will find things for themselves. Lu Ning is already prepared. He nodded and said, 'OK, I will go right away after I have arranged two spirit beasts.'

'I will inform the disciples of the Spirit Beast Garden and ask them to cooperate with Elder Lu.'

'Thank you.'

Next, Lu Ning went out on purpose and released Xiao Hei and Xiao Jin from the deserted place.

Then Yukong used his magic to take the two beasts into Zixia Sect.

It is worth mentioning that the magic he used is called Yu Wu Shu.

It is also called material control.

It is simply to wrap objects with spiritual power and force them to control.

All five elements can be spiritually powerful.

This is also the simplest magic in the Qianyuan world. Even those who have no magic can use it as long as they have magic power.

This kind of object control technique is very similar to Lu Ning's so-called mental power on the earth. The higher the realm, the stronger the magic power, and the larger the objects that can be controlled.

The legendary mountain shifting and sea reclamation was born out of this kind of object control technique.

The advantage is that you can control everything.

The disadvantage is that the speed is slow.


Spiritual Beast Garden.

Several disciples have been waiting there.

Several people saw Lu Ning falling down with Xiaohei and Xiaojin. First, they were surprised at the size of Xiaohei and Xiaojin. Then they hurriedly saluted, 'Elder Lu.'

'Well, these are the two spirit beasts I want to keep in captivity. This huge snake is named Xiaohei, and this golden eagle is named Xiaojin. They are both very gentle. You can feed them as usual.'


Lu Ning also told Xiao Hei and Xiao Jin: 'You will live here in the future. It is full of spirit, and the mountains are dense. Besides, these disciples will feed you every day. You can stay here with peace of mind.

Don't worry, I will come to see you regularly. '

Xiaohei and Xiaojin nodded to Lu Ning and rubbed their heads against his body.

Although they don't know where this place is, they feel very comfortable when they arrive here, and they naturally like this place.

One disciple said: 'Elder Lu, each spirit beast has its own area. I have arranged their area for your two spirit beasts. Please let me take them.'

Lu Ning nodded, 'OK, go ahead.' He turned to Xiaohei and Xiaojin and said, 'Follow him.'

Several disciples took Xiaohei and Xiaojin into the mountain forest.

Lu Ning didn't leave immediately, but used divine sense to check.

After knowing the specific location of Xiaohei and Xiaojin in the mountain forest, he left the spirit beast garden.



Tianshui Sect.

In the main hall.

Lu Ning stood at the bottom, with the leader and elders of Tianshui Sect sitting on both sides.

'Younger generation Lu Ning, pay a visit to Lord Zhou and all the elders.'

He saluted the crowd.

There are also ten elders in Tianshui Sect. Lu Ning looks at the ten elders and compares their appearance with their own state strength.

With Lu Ning's current state of mind, we can't see the strength of everyone here, but we feel that everyone is unpredictable.

And standing in front of the crowd, he felt a sense of crisis.

The spider jumped wildly.

He knew that although he was strong, everyone in the hall had the ability to kill him.


In front of them, Lu Ning showed the humility of the younger generation.

Think of yourself as an ordinary Jindan Immortal.

The ten elders did not speak. They looked at Lu Ning curiously.

Their divine sense wantonly scanned Lu Ning's whole body.

Zhou Taixuan also allowed them to behave.

Even he himself checked Lu Ning with divine sense.

Later, the elders looked at each other and shook their heads with a wry smile.

'I don't see anything special.'

'Can't see through, can't see through.'

They were dumbfounded.

Although they are all great at distraction, they can't understand the difference between Lu Ning and other Jindan Immortals.

At this time, Zhou Taixuan said, 'Lu Ning, do you know a friar named Han Jue?'

Han Jue?

Lu Ning felt a thump.

But he was ready and replied, 'Yes, he is my senior brother.'

'Oh, I don't know where you are from.'

'The master's name is Bai Mei, but he is a casual cultivator.'

Gu Chan

Zhou Taixuan looked at the elders and asked, 'Bai Mei? Has anyone of you ever heard of this name?'

'Never heard of it.'


Several elders shook their heads.

Zhou Taixuan continued to ask, 'What is your master's cultivation?'

'My master is a Mahayana state friar.'

Lu Ning's language is amazing.

Mahayana Friar!


After hearing Lu Ning's words, all the elders in the hall could not help taking a breath.

His face changed.

At first, they thought that Lu Ning had no master, and some people wanted to take Lu Ning as their apprentice.

Unexpectedly, the other side has not only a master, but also a Mahayana realm.

What are Mahayana friars.

That was the top figure in their Qianyuan world.

It is equivalent to the heaven of Qianyuan.

In the whole Qianyuan world, all Mahayana friars add up to only one hand.

Mahayana, the real invincible.

'It's strange. I don't remember a Mahayana monk named Baimei.'

'Yes, I haven't heard of it either.'

Some elders looked puzzled.

Mahayana friars, everyone is famous. They can't have never heard of them.

Lu Ning explained: 'My master has been cultivating for thousands of years, and he wants to live in seclusion. It seems that Bai Mei is not my master's real name, because my elder martial brother and I are just disciples of the master who accept them at will. After the master taught us for several years, we never saw him again.'

These are naturally lies of Lu Ning.

Elder martial brothers have come out. If there is no master, the loophole will be even bigger.

Moreover, revealing a real Mahayana master will also frighten some evil people.

People don't kill tigers, but tigers hurt people.

Being alone in the Qianyuan world, I have to guard against it.

Even Lu Ning planned it in his mind, pointing out that there was an undercover agent of the Demon Sect in the Tianshui Sect.

There is no absoluteness about what is decent and what is evil.

Just like Yue Buqun in the Jianghu.

Good people can become bad people, and bad people can also become good people.

Who can guarantee that the good people here will be good people in the future.

People are born of human beings, and demons are born of demons.

Even monsters can be good or bad.

In many cases, there is no difference between good and bad, only different positions, just like soldiers on the battlefield.

After several worlds, Lu Ning's hands have also been stained with so much blood. The pattern has already been opened. How can he not understand this truth.

It is necessary to be more vigilant.

Zhou Taixuan said to the crowd, 'Maybe some Mahayana senior picked it up by accident when he was wandering around.'

The other elders nodded.

This is very possible.

The higher the level of a friar, the more casual he is.

It is also possible to pick up an apprentice at the roadside.

At this time, an elder was puzzled: 'We all know the methods used by several Mahayana predecessors, but the method you used, although it can be seen that it is a powerful one, is very strange.'

This is what makes him suspicious.

Lu Ning said: 'Although Shifu accepted me, he didn't even tell me his real name. How could he teach us his skills? Maybe Shifu just taught us some common kung fu just because he felt sorry for me and his elder martial brother.

Maybe even my cheap master, who is just an ordinary monk, said that he was not sure. He insisted that he was a Mahayana because of his face.

Elder martial brother and I never believe that Shifu is a Mahayana state. '

What Lu Ning said was neither humble nor overbearing, even joking.

The people who said it couldn't help laughing.

Lu Ning deliberately said something ambiguous, and let them guess for themselves.

When everyone here thought about it, it was really possible.

Because there are many monks who like to travel around in mortal villages. They also claim to be celestial immortals to show their identity.

This is also the reason why ordinary people will call monks immortal or immortal when they see them.

It's all claimed by those face saving monks.

For ordinary mortals, a monk who goes to heaven and earth is indeed equivalent to a fairy.

However, in the eyes of these true practitioners, the path of cultivation can be described as a clear realm.

Even if the state is different, the strength is also different.

And how can there be immortals in the world? At most, there are only Mahayana friars.

Everyone no longer bothered about Master Lu Ning.

Instead, he praised: 'Your elder martial brother, Han Jue, made a small contribution by driving away the evil spirits outside Tianshui City a few days ago. This time it's your turn to stop Dongfang Mo from killing Zixia Sect. You two have done a good job.'

'Well, not bad.'

Lu Ning said: 'My elder martial brother and I follow the master's advice. Although we are dedicated to cultivating Taoism, we can never tolerate Devil Cultivation, especially when they are killing our decent sect. If we find out, we will stand out at the first time.'

Lu Ning's words made everyone nod.

I think this child is highly conscious.

The atmosphere in the hall was harmonious for a while.

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