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Chapter 294 1 VS 4

Tianshui Sect.

In a pavilion.

Five people are sitting in the pavilion, which is a five person group headed by Zhou Shenghao.

It is also the strongest five members of the new generation of Tianshui Sect.

They just witnessed the whole process of Lu Ning's fight with Lin Lingyun.

'I have some strength to defeat Younger Martial Sister Lingyun.'

'But it is ridiculous to want to be known as the first golden pill of Tianshui City with this strength.'

Just when everyone was talking and laughing, I heard Lu Ning shouting outside.

'I heard that Zhou Shenghao and Zhou Daoyou of Tianshui Sect were honored as the first person of Tianshui Sect's golden pill. I wonder if you can teach me.'

Although the sound is not loud, it is clearly transmitted to each of them.

The four were surprised and couldn't help looking at Zhou Shenghao.

Zhou Shenghao's mouth slightly disdained: 'Now you want to challenge me, hum.'

'That is, if you want to skip us, challenge Elder Martial Brother Zhou first, and defeat me first.'

'I'll meet him for a while.'

One of the men suddenly stood up, and the imperial sword flew to Lu Ning outside Tianshui Sect.

'I will go too.'

'And me.'

All four people get up and leave with their swords.

Four streamers fly out of Tianshui Sect.

After a while, the four fell not far from Lu Ning.

Seeing the four people who fell behind, Lu Ning looked at them and compared them with his memory. He soon knew their identities.

These four people are all outstanding young people of Tianshui Sect, and each of them has the power to complete the golden pill.

I have to say that these four people are very strong.

Lu Ning looked at the four and said directly, 'I want to challenge Zhou Shenghao, not you.'

Unfortunately, Lu Ning doesn't like them now.

It is not better to directly challenge the strongest, once and for all, without playing from bottom to top.

However, the four people disagreed with Lu Ning's idea.

Who are the four of them? Each of them is extremely confident. Where can Lu Ning go wild.

'Immortal Lu, although you are praised as the first golden pill of Tianshui City by our leader, we don't recognize your name. If you want to challenge Elder Martial Brother Zhou, you can defeat us first.'

'Yes, you still need to take steps to challenge Elder Martial Brother Zhou and cultivate Taoism before you defeat us, so you can see your strength clearly.'

Although the four people said well, they looked disdainful and didn't pay attention to Lu Ning at all.

In the final analysis, Lu Ning is just a worshipping elder from Zixia Sect, a small sect.

If it is described in terms of the earth, it is equivalent to Lu Ning's students from a small mountain village.

Even if the teacher says that the student is more powerful than you, the students in big cities will not be convinced.

Even in my heart, I still disdain that where a student from a small mountain village can be fierce, he must be cheating.


Seeing this scene, people who watched it secretly felt very interesting.

Lu Ning has risen too fast and has no outstanding achievements. It is normal to be targeted.

Even the patriarch and several elders in Tianshui Sect are happy to see this scene.

'It is time for them to know that there are people outside the world, and there is heaven outside the world, so that they will not think that they are invincible in the world if they get the holy land.'

'The appearance of Lu Ning is a good thing, and it is also good to dampen their morale.'

Zhou Taixuan communicated with several elders secretly.

Lu Ning listened patiently to the words of several people.

After they finished, Lu Ning looked at the four and said firmly: 'You four, let's go together.'



The four people in front of Lu Ning were shocked.

The crowd was shocked.

They heard me right.

Lu Ning asked them to go together.


Four people were directly angry and laughed.

'It seems that you can never challenge Elder Martial Brother Zhou.'

'Since this is your requirement, we will meet you.'

'It's too arrogant!'

'Let us teach you well. In the practice world, if you are a dragon, you will hold it for me. If you are a tiger, you will lie down for me. If you are not strong enough, don't talk big, otherwise you will lose your reputation!'

For Lu Ning's extremely arrogant tone, the four were extremely angry.

Lu Ning's words are a shame to them.

I can't bear it.

Five people quickly pull away.

The distance is also ten kilometers.


Zhou Shenghao, who watched secretly, suddenly felt that Lu Ning was interesting.

Dare to challenge four people one by one. Although he speaks arrogantly, he suddenly feels that Lu Ning must have some confidence to say so.

Because if one of them can defeat four of them, he can do it.

For a moment, he looked forward to it.

Several elders also commented: 'Lu Ning, finally, is not so low-key.'

'He hid too deeply.'

In addition to the people of Tianshui Sect watching the competition.

The jade slips in the outside world immediately flew around the Water City like a meteor shower.

'Come on, come on. Lu Ning wants to challenge the disciples of Tianshui Sect, and he will defeat four with one!'

'Hurry up, Lu Ning will fight with Zhou Shenghao!'

In the jade slips, information spreads quickly in Tianshui City.

After a while, the elders, disciples, and some casual practices of the major sects in Tianshui City all rushed to the temple.

Gu Ji

Lan Qing of Zixiazong and a group of elders are also among them.

They did not expect that Lu Ning did not accept Lin Lingyun's challenge at the sect gate, but came to Tianshui City to accept her challenge. After fighting with her, she even challenged the outstanding young people of Tianshui Sect.

Even now we have to fight against four.

This is a big event even in Tianshui City.

When Lanqing people arrived, they saw Lu Ning in the sky and the four people who surrounded Lu Ning in the distance.

'Will Elder Lu win?'

'I don't know.'

The five people in the air have handed over their hands before they can talk.

Colorful spells and flying swords are issued from the hands of four people.

The magic is huge, shaking a region.

The clouds in the sky are all shaken away.

It seems that the four are going to beat Lu Ning in one blow.

Then, in the face of the four people's magic, Lu Ning did not retreat but moved forward, just like a wolf entering a sheepfold, crushing all the attacks of several people in an invincible manner.

The flying sword is banned, and the attack is resisted by the water mass and the vestments.

Lu Ning pierced the four people's shields with a fourth level flying sword.

Then use the technique of ban to ban all four people.

The attack was as fast as lightning and destroyed everything. The four people had just reacted and had been banned by Lu Ning.

The dust has been settled in the room where the rabbit rises and falls.



The people who saw this scene were almost shocked.

Lan Qing and a group of elders who were worried just now have not let go of their worries, so they win.

Win so quickly and neatly.

This is too strong.

They all know each other and can be said to be the most powerful gold elixir in Tianshui City.

Now we are defeated by Lu Ning. There is no room for resistance.

Lan Qing and all the elders trembled with excitement.

Those who have the same idea as them also include the crowd.

They are even more shocked than Lanqing.

Lanqing at least knew that Lu Ning was strong, and that Lu Ning had killed a baby.

But the people around didn't know.

The psychological contrast formed by this undoubtedly has a strong impact.


Inside the pavilion.

Zhou Shenghao gets up from his seat.

His face suddenly became dignified.

'How strong!'

In his eyes, Lu Ning suddenly changed from a sheep to a tiger, which scared him a lot.

His heart began to waver slightly.

So strong, can he defeat Lu Ning.

The strength of the four Zhao Younger Martial Brothers, Zhou Shenghao, is very clear. Although they are weaker than him, they are not his opponents, but even if he works together with the four, he cannot be as easy as Lu Ning.

The scene of Lu Ning fighting with four people just now is like an adult chasing four children with a stick.

One person, one stick.

Not the enemy of unity at all.

Is he really a golden pill.

It's different from Zhou Shenghao.

Zhou Taixuan and some elders smiled when they saw this scene.

Some elders even laughed: 'Ha ha, good, good. Now they finally know the difference between themselves and the peerless evil. They should be honest when they enter the holy land.'

'These children just need cleaning up.'

They often have a headache for these people.

It is better than their realm to deal with them, and they are not satisfied at all.

Only when we can defeat them in the same realm can we convince them.

Zhou Shenghao was able to lead a few people, also because he was better than others.

Outside Tianshui City.

In the mountain forest.

Lu Ning put the four people on the ground, and he fell in front of them.

After Lu Ning's ban, the four of them were completely unable to move and even speak.

Lu Ning looked at the four and asked, 'You four can admit defeat.'

When asking, wave to untie the ban on their heads.

'We admit defeat.'

The four people bowed their heads and dared not look at Lu Ning.

It's really a shame.

They used to laugh at Lu Ning, but now it's them who lose face in front of everyone.

There are many monks around.

They wish they could find a crack in the ground.

Lu Ning smiled and waved to unlock the ban on several people.

As soon as the ban is lifted, the four people immediately use the flying sword to return to Tianshui Sect in a panic.

Back in the Tianshui Sect, the four fell in front of Zhou Shenghao. They looked at me and I looked at you, and found each other's faces red with rage.

'Senior Brother Zhou, you must teach him a lesson for us.'

'Yes, this time we really lost face.'

'I didn't expect Lu Ning to be so strong.'

'Senior Brother Zhou, are you sure about him?'

The four people were angry and worried, and looked at Zhou Shenghao expectantly.

Zhou Shenghao was not sure, but now he was looked at by four people, and his face showed confidence: 'Don't worry, I will defeat Lu Ning, and give you this tone.'

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