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Chapter 301 Show power

In the yard.

Lu Ning sits on the stone chair and holds Yan Hongmei in his arms. He begins to confess to Yan Hongmei about cultivation, just like what he said to Chen Ruolan.

Finally, Lu Ning said, 'This time, my husband finally found a way to take you to practice together.'

He touched Yan Hongmei's face and said softly: 'As long as your wife is successful in training, you can be not afraid of ordinary guns in the future.'

'It's so powerful.'

Yan Hongmei was very surprised.

Not only surprised at Lu Ning's identity, but also at his ability to withstand bullets.

She suddenly asked curiously: 'Husband, what kind of state are you now, can you stop bullets?'

Lu Ning replied with a smile: 'It is equivalent to the Yuanying realm. Ordinary bullets, even bombs, can no longer hurt me.'

This is Lu Ning's modesty. With his solidity comparable to that of the sixth level magic weapon, Blue Star has no attack to hurt him.

Hearing Lu Ning's answer, Yan Hongmei immediately widened her eyes, covered her mouth with her hands and looked incredulous.

'Husband, are you a fairy?'

Yan Hongmei suddenly remembered the rumors before.

There was a time ago when Lu Ning was secretly said to be a immortal disciple.

This is true.

Lu Ning squeezed Hong Mei's body, then smiled, 'Immortals? Your husband is far away from the immortals.'

'So, husband, are you really a disciple of immortals?'

'That's right.'

At this time, Sister Yan Hong asked about the Mills again.

She always felt that Lu Ning had ulterior motives in arranging several people around her.

And she also thinks that some people are strange, but she can't say where they are.

Lu Ning replied, 'You feel right. I really arranged them to protect you. Although they are not as good as me, they also have their own abilities.'

'Husband, what skills do they have?'

'For example, Mir, he can escape from the ground, which is the legendary art of earth escaping. He can even take others to escape with him. If you are in danger, he will take you away at the first time.'

'And Ava, her ability is invisibility. Even if she stands in front of you, you can't see her.'

'Elf's ability is to release toxins. Her body can release deadly toxins and kill countless enemies silently.'

'Bella's ability is to blend with trees, and she can hide in trees to escape from hunting.'

Lu Ningyue said that Yan Hongmei was more surprised.

Countless thoughts flashed in her mind.

Slowly, her eyes have been moist.

All passed.

Everything makes sense.

It turned out that the person in the dark was not others, but her husband.

It turns out that Lu Ning only wanted to protect her.

She was in tears.

Yan Hongmei looked up at Lu Ning and sobbed: 'Husband, thank you...'

Lu Ning wiped her tears and smiled: 'My silly wife.'

Feeling Lu Ning's gentleness, Yan Hongmei can no longer control herself and plunges her head into Lu Ning's arms.

Her body sobs and shakes from time to time, and it calms down slowly after a long time.

Lu Ning held her all the time and gently stroked her back.


Lu Ning thought silently.

In silence, he has given Yan Hongmei the perfect water root.

Yan Hongmei didn't notice when she was crying.

After crying, Yan Hongmei looks up and kisses Lu Ning, becoming very enthusiastic and active.

Lu Ning and Yan Hongmei kissed for a while and then carried her into the room.


The next day.

Yan Hongmei said curiously that she wanted to see the real skills of Mills.

She is so old that she has never seen the so-called immortal magic.

Lu Ning naturally satisfies her little wish.

So he let Mir, Ava, Elf and Bella enter the back yard, and others were not allowed to enter.

Four people in a line.

Yan Hongmei holds Lu Ning's arm and looks at the four people curiously.

Lu Ning looked at the four and said, 'My wife wants to see the real skills of the four of you, so please show them a little.'

Gu Ya

'Let me come first.'

Mill took the lead.


He smiled at Yan Hongmei, and then in front of everyone, the whole person began to sink to the ground.

First the legs, then the waist, and finally the head.

After a while, Mir disappeared in front of everyone, and the ground was intact.

'Wow, really, it's amazing.'

Yan Hongmei was shocked and walked back and forth on the ground where Mir sank.

If she didn't see it with her own eyes, she wouldn't believe it even if someone told her.

'I'm here.'

'I'm here.'

'I'm here again.'

Mir hides around in the backyard, appearing on their left and right.

They will suddenly appear at Ava's feet, causing everyone to laugh.

After so long evolution, Mir's ability to escape from the ground has made great progress and is much faster than before.

After Mier's performance, Ava is next.

She said to Yan Hongmei, 'I'm going to disappear.'

As soon as she finished speaking, her body gradually became transparent, and then disappeared.

Yan Hongmei waved her hand curiously at her original position, looked around again, and still could not find Ava's person.

Suddenly, Yan Hongmei felt that she had been slapped on the shoulder. When she turned her head, she could see no one but the wall in the distance.

'I'm right here.'

Ava's voice came from her face.

Yan Hongmei slowly extended her hand, and sure enough, she touched Ava's body.

Ava also reappeared in front of Yan Hongmei.

'It's amazing.'

Yan Hongmei has beautiful eyes.

This really impacted her three views.

The legendary things became true, which shocked her deeply.

It's Elf's turn next, but Elf's ability is a toxin, so it's not easy to use it.

But in order to see the power of the poison, Yan Hongmei still drops a drop of venom on the ground.


The bricks on the ground are corroded by a small hole in an instant.


Yan Hongmei's face changed.

She remembered that so many people had been poisoned in the battlefield at that time, and she couldn't help looking at Alf with fear.

Feeling the change of Yan Hongmei's expression, Elf smiled awkwardly.

Her ability is really a little unpleasant.

Bella was the last to play.

There is just a big tree in the courtyard.

Bella walked to the tree, smiled at Yan Hongmei and said, 'Look at it.'

She walked straight towards the tree, the surface of the tree rippled, and the next second, she entered the tree.

The big tree is still the original one, and no change can be seen from the outside.


Yan Hongmei touched the surface of the tree, walked around again, and still couldn't find Bella.

Bella came out again soon with a smile.

Four people stand in a row again.

Yan Hongmei holds Lu Ning in her arms, looks at the four people, and says, 'Although my husband is responsible, I still want to thank you for helping me at that time.'

After saying that, she nodded to the four to show her gratitude.

She never thought that the people who play soy sauce beside her would have such great ability.

If she wanted to come now, she would have died without them at that time.

Mill said, 'You are welcome, sister-in-law. This is what we should do.'

Ava also said: 'Yes, brother Ning saved us. We are also very happy that we can do something for brother Ning.'

Now they are all calling Lu Ning as Brother Ning instead of calling Lu Ning as their master or their name.

This shows both closeness and respect.

Do as the Romans do.

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