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Chapter 308 The First Ji Yanhu in Star City

Star City.

Star River City is one of the nine cities of the human race, located in the border area of Tianshui City.

Like Tianshui City, the main gate in the Star City is called the Star Clan.

However, unlike Tianshui City, the leader of the Star River City cultivates physical training, supplemented by law practice.

In the Milky Way, the monks here wear very different clothes from those in Tianshui City because of their physical training.

Most of the body-building friars walking on the road are bare arms and heads. Even if they wear clothes, they are loose, and even if they have hair, they are short.

Long hair is not conducive to their play.

Body training friars, all of them are tough and fierce.

The magic tools they used were not mainly flying swords, but mostly hammers, iron bars and even axes.

The atmosphere of Star City is fierce. Some physical training friars will fight in the street if they don't agree with each other. Most of them don't wear vests and pay attention to the pleasure of fist to flesh.

This day, when Shi Xinghe, the leader of the Xinghe Sect, looked at the jade slips about Lu Ning from Tianshui City, he smiled, 'Tianshui City is the first gold pill. It's interesting to fight against Yuanying with the golden pill.'

Not everyone can do that.

It can be compared with the top demons.

Just then, a burly man came in from outside.

He first saluted Shi Xinghe, and then said in a low voice, 'I don't know what the Lord wants from me.'

'Flaming tiger, Tianshui City has a first gold pill, do you know?'

'Master, you said Lu Ning.'


'I know him. Now he is known as the first gold elixir of Tianshui City. I heard that he fought against Yuanying with the realm of gold elixir. A Yuanying Zhenjun has died in his hands. Now he is a little famous.'

Shi Xinghe nodded slightly and then said: 'Ten years later, you will officially enter the Holy Land. Then you will find that every disciple of the Holy Land is a demon. That Lu Ning will also enter the Holy Land ten years later. If you have any interest, go and fight with him first.'

Hearing this, the flaming tiger looked wildly: 'Haha, Lord, even if you don't tell me, I have this plan. He is the first gold pill of Tianshui City, isn't I? We will come to compete with them in the Star City to see who's the best gold pill!'

'Then you can go and try your best. If you win, you will not disgrace your reputation, and it will also bring shame to our Star City. But if you lose, you should not be discouraged. There are many evils in the world, and you will get used to it when you arrive at the Holy Land.'

'Don't worry, Lord, I won't lose!'

Ji Yanhu exudes invincible confidence.

After Ji Yanhu left, Shi Xinghe murmured: 'Zhou Taixuan, we have fought for so many years without winning or losing. This time, let the younger generation compete again.'

Although Lu Ning is strong enough to fight against Yuanying with the golden pill, he also has confidence in Ji Yanhu.

Ji Yanhu is not simple. He has never been defeated since he trained, and he also has the strength to fight against Yuanying.

His strength, even if placed in the Holy Land, will not be a silent nobody.

For a moment, Shi Xinghe also looked forward to the competition between the two.


Ji Family.

'Dad, the patriarch asked me to challenge Lu Ning of Tianshui City.'

Ji Yanhu told his father Ji Tianyang about it as soon as he came back.

'Son, this is a good thing. Dad has been thinking for you for a long time. Before you enter the Holy Land, you'd better beat all the other eight big cities and enter the Holy Land with great prestige, which is good for you.'

Ji Tianyang is also a burly man, more mature than Ji Yanhu, and his eyes are more profound.

His son is invincible. He planned to let Ji Yanhu defeat the younger generation in other eight cities in the last ten years.

The Qian and Yuan Dynasties also paid attention to luck.

If his son can defeat the strongest golden pill of the other eight cities, he will certainly win their fortune, which will make his cultivation smooth in the future.

'Dad, I plan to start tomorrow.'

'OK, I will let the three elders go with you.'

Although Ji Yanhu is strong in the Golden Elixir realm and can even fight against Yuanying, he still needs protection when he goes out. If such a demon level son is attacked and dies, this will be the biggest loss of his Ji family.

So every time Ji Yanhu goes out, he is accompanied by at least three distracted people.

Tianshui City.

Zhou Taixuan received the jade slips from Shi Xinghe this day.

It's natural that Ji Yanhu wants to challenge Lu Ning.

'Shi Xinghe is still so aggressive, and it is not enough to fight with me for so many years. But this time, you may find the wrong person. If you want to challenge Lu Ning, Shi Xinghe, and your Ji Yanhu from Star City, you may be beaten into a sick tiger.'

Zhou Taixuan will not stop him. He is happy to see the other side challenge Lu Ning.

Although Lu Ning has performed very well, he always feels that there are many secrets hidden in Lu Ning.

Exactly. This time, we may be able to get a glimpse of Lu Ning's strength.

The most important thing is that after fighting for so long, he also wants to win Shi Xinghe once.

Even if it is to let Lu Ning win instead of him.


Lu Ning is kneeling in the mountains, absorbing all the spiritual power within 10000 square kilometers.

Yes, Lu Ning's divine sense has been improved again, and it is still in the process of continuous crazy improvement.

Gu Jiu

used to cover more than 500 kilometers of divine sense, but now it can cover 10000 square kilometers.

This is naturally due to the Jade Emperor Ginseng.

The Jade Emperor Ginseng has a powerful role in promoting divine sense.

This is the main reason why Lu Ning copied him.

Before, his body was more and more powerful, but his divine sense was relatively weak. Naturally, he could not let himself have such a big disadvantage.

So the Jade Emperor Ginseng became his target.

Sure enough, this is only one month, and his divine sense has made rapid progress and has broken through the 10000 square kilometers barrier.

This makes his cultivation speed soar again.

In addition to the explosion of divine awareness, the cultivation of physical training also ushered in a major breakthrough.

Lu Ning has tested with the forging tools in the Huaxia spaceship, and his strength has reached a terrible 1800 tons. If he guesses correctly, such strength has exceeded the powerful physical strength in the distraction period.

At that time, when he was competing with Elder Lin in the later period of distraction, the strength of the other side might be more than 1000 tons, but it was definitely less than 1800 tons.

This made Lu Ning's self information burst, and he wanted to directly find a distraction period to have a competition.

The physical strength reached such a terrible state thanks to the precious metal materials stored in the spaceship.

Today, all metals in the warehouse have been exhausted by Lu Ning.

The time will also come to February 30, 2028.

The ability of Yuhuang Ginseng has basically evolved, and Lu Ning's guess comes true.

In addition to the continuous breakthrough of divine sense, his body, formally turned into a big medicine, has begun to show the characteristics of Tang Monk.

today's Lu Ning, even a mouthful of saliva is a precious elixir essence.

not to mention the real essence given to several wives during double cultivation.

As a result, the accomplishments of all women have been improved by leaps and bounds, and they have reached the late stage of Qi training one by one.

Lin Meiqi and Chen Ruolan, who were the first to cultivate, broke through the realm of foundation building.

You know, the long ones have only been practicing for ten months, and the short ones have only been practicing for three months. If people in the Qianyuan world knew this, they would not take Lu Ning to make medicine every day.

He must be drained.

'Sure enough, copying the panacea is the most correct choice.'

It can not only enable them to possess the characteristics of the miraculous medicine, but also act as the miraculous medicine, allowing them to practice for a long time.

This made Lu Ning see the picture of people rising together.

He used to be careful that the more people there were, the less spiritual stones they needed. Now he no longer has such worries.

in addition to the women around him, Lu Ning still makes some essence of Datura. He will distribute the essence to his aunt, Yan Wanbao and others, and sometimes to Xie Weilong and Xiaoying.

Thanks to Lu Ning, even Xie Weilong, who has no spiritual roots, has doubled his strength.

Small ones are also more watery.

Not to mention my aunt and Yan Wanbao, their cultivation is also very smooth, so they don't have to worry about it.

'Then go to Tianshui Sect to copy the eighth level elixir.'

The new month is coming, and Lu Ning has another idea of other miraculous medicines of Tianshui Sect.

Although there are no other ninth level miraculous drugs, there are only eight levels left, but each kind of miraculous drug has its special attributes.

Just like Jade Emperor Ginseng, its main function is to improve divine sense, and its secondary function is to improve magic power.

Other miraculous drugs, some of which mainly improve magic power, and minor improve divine sense.

Some of them can wash Holy Roots, which can improve the level of Holy Roots.

Some can be treated.

What's more, it can help people break through the shackles of the state.

It can be said that it is not powerful.


Tianshui Sect.

When Lu Ning saw Zhou Taixuan, he showed his intention again.

After promising, Zhou Taixuan said something about Ji Yanhu of Xinghe Zong.

'What, you want to challenge me.'

Lu Ning was surprised. Unexpectedly, the next city wanted to challenge him.

Then he was happy.

His first thought is that the other side is not looking for abuse.

Seeing Lu Ning's dismay, Zhou Taixuan asked, 'Why, don't you want to?'

Lu Ning smiled and said, 'I just feel that some children are bullied.'

This made Zhou Taixuan laugh: 'Ha ha, Lu Ning, I find more and more interesting.'

From Lu Ning's words, he heard that he was extremely confident.

Very good.

What he wants is such a powerful confidence.

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